Einstein s Tunnel

He would have focused on two things—the probability factor regarding travel to the future, and Einstein's curious allusion to 'tunneling.' That's a term that wasn't widely understood in 1949. Einstein must have been telling Fuller that ...


Author: S. Perone

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It is a world turned upside down...a world created when a future time traveler re-directs the course of World War II. The United States has suffered six decades of oppressive fascist rule. Now, while a decimated band of expatriate American rebels fight to liberate their country, international dissension threatens a nuclear holocaust. Tony Shane--a rebel with a dangerous, incredible plan--has inherited wartime secrets that might free his country: a plan derived from Albert Einstein--whose cryptic legacy conceals an improbable time travel strategy. To unravel the secrets of "Einstein's tunnel," Shane persuades Sarah Stenstrom--a beautiful young scientist in a Nazi cyber-research laboratory--to join his cause. But their intimate relationship soon threatens the entire mission. Vito Mironi--a powerful mob boss within a corrupt Nazi regime--secretly supports the rebels. But the reality of Einstein's plan soon converts Mironi into Shane's most dangerous adversary. Joining Shane's desperate odyssey is a ruthless rebel assassin, Salome, with a burning personal agenda. But only Nathan Carothers--charismatic rebel leader--knows the true dark purpose underlying their mission. Confronted by surprising obstacles, Tony Shane traverses a perilous path--while racing a deadly doomsday clock--to fulfill the promise of "Einstein's Tunnel."

Einstein s Refrigerator

Beach formed a company called the Pneumatic Dispatch Company and proposed to tunnel two tubes , each four and one half feet in diameter and approximately one - half mile in length . These tubes were intended to carry packages under ...


Author: Steve Silverman

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Collects more than thirty true stories about amazing people, accidents, inventions, rulers, weapons, and tragedies.

Time Travel in Einstein s Universe

ball sitting in the mountain valley before the tunneling . The uncertainty principle tells us , however , that we would never find a bowling ball sitting perfectly at rest at the bottom of a mountain valley . We would expect to see the ...


Author: J. Richard Gott

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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A leading astrophysicist takes time travel science fiction to science fact, speculating on the real possibility that temporal navigation might be within the grasp of humanity. Reprint.

Einstein s Greatest Mistake

The vision of energy and mass as interlinked — of a tunnel connecting the city of M with the city of E — was at the heart of the final paper in Einstein's 1905 series. The question that he had to answer before he could publish this ...


Author: David Bodanis

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Widely considered the greatest genius of all time, Albert Einstein revolutionised our understanding of the cosmos with his general theory of relativity and helped to lead us into the atomic age. Yet in the final decades of his life he was also ignored by most working scientists, his ideas opposed by even his closest friends. This stunning downfall can be traced to Einstein's earliest successes and to personal qualities that were at first his best assets. Einstein's imagination and self-confidence served him well as he sought to reveal the universe's structure, but when it came to newer revelations in the field of quantum mechanics, these same traits undermined his quest for the ultimate truth. David Bodanis traces the arc of Einstein's intellectual development across his professional and personal life, showing how Einstein's confidence in his own powers of intuition proved to be both his greatest strength and his ultimate undoing. He was a fallible genius. An intimate and enlightening biography of the celebrated physicist, Einstein's Greatest Mistake reveals how much we owe Einstein today - and how much more he might have achieved if not for his all-too-human flaws.

Albert Einstein s Vision

however , he discovered that there was a “ mirror image ” tunnel on the other end of the gravitational radius . The question immediately arose : where does the tunnel lead ? To Einstein the only answer seemed to be “ to another universe ...


Author: Barry Parker


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Acclaimed science writer Parker completes his trilogy on Einstein with this new work which introduces a wealth of new material and shows the incredibly wide-ranging influence of Einstein's many discoveries.

The Case of Einstein s Violin

“ Then why is he so interested in Einstein ? ... Gilberto swept his hands in a circle to suggest the tunnel beneath us . ... The tunnel goes through limestone rock and natural caverns almost to the border of Slovenia .


Author: William L. Sullivan


ISBN: 0967783089

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When Ana Smyth inherits Albert Einstein's violin case and sells it on eBay, she suddenly finds herself dodging international spies. A tip that her long-dead father may be alive sends her racing through Europe to discover her family's past--and a lost formula for quantum gravity.

A Risk based Dynamic Decision Support System for Tunnel Construction

Einstein , H. H. , and Baecher , G. B. ( 1992 ) . “ Tunnel and mining engineering . ” Techniques for Determining Probabilities of Geologic Events and Processes , International Association for Mathematical Geology Studies , Oxford ...


Author: Veerasak Likhitruangsilp


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New Scientist

Einstein came up with the ultimate speed limitnothing moves faster than FASTER THAN THE light . ... where the size of the wave at any violate Einstein's theothe tunnel diode , and in particular place is related to the likeliries .




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Einstein A to Z

example , Einstein had a reserved , lifelong friendship with fellow physicist Marie Curie . ... in space might lead to shortcut tunnels that could join otherwise vastly remote areas — something like a tunnel that creates a shortcut from ...


Author: Karen C. Fox

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The first accessible, handy reference to Einstein’s world Albert Einstein was the twentieth century’s most celebrated scientist–a man who developed the theory of relativity, revolutionized physics, and became an iconic genius in the popular imagination. Now, in the first book of its kind, Einstein A to Z provides a vibrant overview of Time magazine’s Man of the Century and his remarkable achievements, with over one hundred lively, informative essays that explain and celebrate his life, his work, and his cultural influence. From absentmindedness to Zionism, each entry features a fascinating account of one aspect of Einstein’s world, from lucid explanations of his work to insights into his personal life, predilections, and interests. Einstein A to Z offers a unique glimpse into the mind of the shabbily dressed man who would become so engrossed in his ideas that he often neglected to sleep or eat; the father who never met his first child and proposed marriage to one of his stepdaughters; the avowed pacifist who was torn between pride in his German heritage and disgust at the country’s militaristic ideology. Both students and devoted fans of this titan of science will find the journey enlightening, engaging, and just plain fun.