Enchanted Wishes

A colouring book for all ages, featuring 25 different illustrations, in cute, whimsical, ethereal and emotive images of fairies, angels and fantasy.


Author: Colourbelle Art

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1511815728


Page: 52

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A colouring book for all ages, featuring 25 different illustrations, in cute, whimsical, ethereal and emotive images of fairies, angels and fantasy.

The Enchanted Castle

Reproduction of the original: The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit


Author: E. Nesbit

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783734048036

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

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Reproduction of the original: The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit

The Buddhism of Tibet

Now , this country owed its prosperity to an enchanted wish - granting gem , which was kept in the custody of the king , and by virtue of which the stores in his treasury , notwithstanding the enormous amounts which were daily given ...


Author: Laurence Austine Waddell


ISBN: STANFORD:36105011975443

Category: Buddha (The concept)

Page: 598

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The Buddhism of Tibet Or Lamaism

Now, this country owed its prosperity to an enchanted wish-granting gem/ which was kept in the custody of the king, and by virtue of which the stores in his treasury, notwithstanding the enormous amounts which were daily given away by ...


Author: Laurence Austine Waddell

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 9781602061378

Category: Buddhism

Page: 624

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Enchanted in the Land of Enchantment

Wishes I wish you work that is fulfilling , Giving your best , able and willing . I wish you time to relax , to play , A pleasant fun time in every day . I wish you agility and health , A major part of total wealth . I wish you joy and ...


Author: D. C. Maplesden

Publisher: Lomaland Books

ISBN: 1930371055

Category: Poetry

Page: 116

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Thoughts and comments on animals, people and miscellaneous conditions.

Reflections in the Mirror

Froggy had a divine hope and destiny to wish for a dream princess. Mother Nature knew that “Her Froggy” was indeed so ... princess their mutual fate was woven now as one. Mother Nature's enchanted wish for “Her Froggy” and “His Princess”


Author: Gary Bateman

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781665582209

Category: Poetry

Page: 618

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Reflections in the Mirror is Gary Bateman’s second book of poetry. This marvelously conceived and captivating new book is a literary collection of selected poetry spanning the years of 2014 to 2019. In this book, Mr. Bateman presents to the reader a very interesting and an eclectic selection of diverse types of poetry and themes. His literary focus and approach are designed to highlight the importance and relevance of poetry in today’s world, and to give the reader a true feeling for and an appreciation of the sense of enchantment and fascination that poetry engenders as the reader is exposed to a vast spectrum of ideas, concepts, fantasy, myths, and realities. Mr. Bateman believes in the dynamic nature and symbolic power of poetry to capture the imagination, emotions, and passions of the reader as he or she enters into a reflective state of thought, a heightened sense of intellectual curiosity, and a deeper realization of the complexities and challenges facing the mortal world of mankind, and what lies beyond mankind’s mortal reach in the greater cosmic world of the spiritual and the unknown.

Melodies of Mood and Tense

... rodAs was to ancient wizards givenWere ours to pierce the fragrant sod Which holds thy secret , that upriven , Would prove far sweeter than the spells That charmed young lovers to their tryst Beside enchanted wishing - wells ?


Author: Charles H. A. Esling


ISBN: NYPL:33433082209820

Category: American poetry

Page: 295

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Rise of the Gryphon

“Please come back to us,” Nicole said as ifissuing an enchanted wish. “Going to do my best.” Walking over to the foyer, Evalle lifted the tote of lug nuts from where she'd dropped the bag. Nicole took the tote.


Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451672015

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

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In the fourth novel of the bestselling Belador paranormal series, Evalle Kincaid must turn her back on the Beladors to protect those she loves, and the world, from annihilation. An Alterant who fights trolls, demons, and other deadly creatures, Evalle is an outcast among the Beladors. But now she can change all that—and finally get answers about her origins. In her attempt to take down the Belador traitor and bring home a captured friend, she infiltrates the dangerous Medb coven, where she discovers exactly what an Alterant really is—and the news is not good for the Beladors. Meanwhile, Evalle’s best friends Tzader and Quinn face unthinkable choices, as relationships with the women they love grow twisted. Evalle’s relationship with the Skinwalker Storm becomes even more complicated when the witch doctor he’s been hunting begins to stalk Evalle. With death breathing down her neck, Evalle is forced to embrace her destiny . . . but at what price?

Wayside Wells Or Thoughts from Deepdale

I am comfortable where I am , and any amount of good company on my book - shelves there . I do not require the enchanted wishing - cap of the “ Arabian Nights ” to transport me to the cities and minds of olden story .


Author: Alexander Lamont


ISBN: OXFORD:600072898

Category: Christian life

Page: 374

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The Enchanted Tarot

The Dream This woman is a genie who grants wishes and desires. Appearing out of a ray of pure violet light, she brings fulfillment and satisfaction. The nine shining hearts surround her protectively in balanced perfection.


Author: Amy Zerner


ISBN: 9781631063718

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

View: 876

Learn to give a tarot reading that will offer guidance for your day, or predict events for your entire year with the wisdom of The Enchanted Tarot. Since it was first published in 1992, the beautiful Enchanted Tarot deck has become a firm favorite with tarot readers around the world. Whether you’re new to the cards, or a more advanced reader, this elegant collection has something for you. Experience the reassuring accuracy of the cards, and the extraordinary images created by award-winning artist Amy Zerner. These miniature works of visionary art weave a richly detailed fantasy world that is impossible to resist. The accompanying book by Monte Farber offers you guidance derived from your dream and waking states of mind and your resulting state of enchantment. Used regularly, The Enchanted Tarot will give you access to the wisdom of your Higher Self, offer you guidance for every day, and illuminate your life. So, whether you want to do an instant tarot reading to help with daily decision-making, or use it for a full forecast of your year, The Enchanted Tarot can help. Complete with 78 stunningly beautiful tarot cards (3.3" x 6.5"), a 208-page book, and a beautiful tarot bag, the 25th anniversary edition of The Enchanted Tarot is a beautiful keepsake for tarot lovers everywhere.

Re Enchanted

[29] As Charles Taylor argues in A Secular Age, secularization in the twentieth century has become synonymous with maturation, treating enchantment and religious belief as regressive wishes that only infantile, escapist thinkers or ...


Author: Maria Sachiko Cecire

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9781452959436

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 328

View: 744

From The Hobbit to Harry Potter, how fantasy harnesses the cultural power of magic, medievalism, and childhood to re-enchant the modern world Why are so many people drawn to fantasy set in medieval, British-looking lands? This question has immediate significance for millions around the world: from fans of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones to those who avoid fantasy because of the racist, sexist, and escapist tendencies they have found there. Drawing on the history and power of children’s fantasy literature, Re-Enchanted argues that magic, medievalism, and childhood hold the paradoxical ability to re-enchant modern life. Focusing on works by authors such as J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Susan Cooper, Philip Pullman, J. K. Rowling, and Nnedi Okorafor, Re-Enchanted uncovers a new genealogy for medievalist fantasy—one that reveals the genre to be as important to the history of English studies and literary modernism as it is to shaping beliefs across geographies and generations. Maria Sachiko Cecire follows children’s fantasy as it transforms over the twentieth and twenty-first centuries—including the rise of diverse counternarratives and fantasy’s move into “high-brow” literary fiction. Grounded in a combination of archival scholarship and literary and cultural analysis, Re-Enchanted argues that medievalist fantasy has become a psychologized landscape for contemporary explorations of what it means to grow up, live well, and belong. The influential “Oxford School” of children’s fantasy connects to key issues throughout this book, from the legacies of empire and racial exclusion in children’s literature to what Christmas magic tells us about the roles of childhood and enchantment in Anglo-American culture. Re-Enchanted engages with critical debates around what constitutes high and low culture during moments of crisis in the humanities, political and affective uses of childhood and the mythological past, the anxieties of modernity, and the social impact of racially charged origin stories.

The Enchanted Ring a Princess s Adventure

All you have to do is hold the ring over your toys and say, 'I wish—I wish—I wish—the toys will all get up and play with me.' That will invoke the Faerie enchantment of the ring.” “Can I try it out now?” asked the Princess, slipping the ...


Author: Steven M. Overton

Publisher: Martin Richmond

ISBN: 9780983334309

Category: Princesses

Page: 85

View: 173

Readers Theatre

be careful what you wish for . It's easy to waste wishes , but if you choose wisely , you're made for life . Choose wisely , Martin , ( Fading out . ) ... It's an enchanted wishing ring . Margaret : I don't believe it .


Author: Shirlee Sloyer

Publisher: National Council of Teachers

ISBN: UOM:49015000886029

Category: Drama in education

Page: 133

View: 304

Comprehensive instructions for selecting, staging, directing, and evaluating a program of readers theatre is provided for teachers of the elementary school grades. A step-by-step guide using a wide variety of detailed examples is presented in the first section of the booklet. Various chapters in this section discuss (1) readers theatre's unique contribution to the language arts curriculum; (2) material selection, including what to look for in terms of story, plot, character, and dialogue and where to find it in picture storybooks, fairy tales, fables, realistic stories, and plays; (3) guidelines for compiling and adapting material; (4) classroom activities designed to activate interest in readers theatre and to develop an understanding of adapting and staging literary material; and (5) procedures and forms for evaluating student progress. The second section presents a detailed description of a model readers theatre program that was used by a fifth grade class in Woodmere, New York, and two model scripts. An annotated bibliography and photographs are also included. (JL)

The Enchanted Castle

Four English children find a wonderful world of magic through an enchanted wishing ring.


Author: Edith Nesbit

Publisher: William Morrow

ISBN: 0068854366

Category: Children's stories, English

Page: 292

View: 343

Four English children find a wonderful world of magic through an enchanted wishing ring.

The Watershed Collection

... the witches ' fires flare tonight on this coincidence and the Good Fairy rustles on winds from the Barrens bearing enchanted wishes for your son , your daughter , these new voices raised in the old house of metaphysics .


Author: Joan Finnigan

Publisher: Kingston, Ont. : Quarry Press

ISBN: UOM:39015017685689

Category: Poetry

Page: 205

View: 768

Living Together

18 , 1965 ) Friends , dearly beloved in other cities , bearing children on my daughter's birthday , the witches ' fires flare tonight on this coincidence and the Good Fairy rustles on winds from the Barrens bearing enchanted wishes for ...


Author: Joan Finnigan

Publisher: Fredericton, N.B. : Fiddlehead Poetry Books

ISBN: UOM:39015030141736

Category: Canadian poetry

Page: 114

View: 966

The Enchanted Screen

Eventually, her dedication to thebeast lifts an enchantment, andthe beast istransformed intoa handsome prince. 2) A childless couple (generally aristocrats) wishes for a child no matter what species it may be. Their wish is granted by a ...


Author: Jack Zipes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135853945

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 456

View: 336

The Enchanted Screen: The Unknown History of Fairy-Tale Films offers readers a long overdue, comprehensive look at the rich history of fairy tales and their influence on film, complete with the inclusion of an extensive filmography compiled by the author. With this book, Jack Zipes not only looks at the extensive, illustrious life of fairy tales and cinema, but he also reminds us that, decades before Walt Disney made his mark on the genre, fairy tales were central to the birth of cinema as a medium, as they offered cheap, copyright-free material that could easily engage audiences not only though their familiarity but also through their dazzling special effects. Since the story of fairy tales on film stretches far beyond Disney, this book, therefore, discusses a broad range of films silent, English and non-English, animation, live-action, puppetry, woodcut, montage (Jim Henson), cartoon, and digital. Zipes, thus, gives his readers an in depth look into the special relationship between fairy tales and cinema, and guides us through this vast array of films by tracing the adaptations of major fairy tales like "Little Red Riding Hood," "Cinderella," "Snow White," "Peter Pan," and many more, from their earliest cinematic appearances to today. Full of insight into some of our most beloved films and stories, and boldly illustrated with numerous film stills, The Enchanted Screen, is essential reading for film buffs and fans of the fairy tale alike.

Disney s Beauty and the Beast

"Something's missing from the castle, and it's not just the Beast's Christmas spirit! It's the Yule log- a special part of Belle's Christmas tradition- and Belle and her friends are determined to find it!--Cover.


Author: Catherine McCafferty

Publisher: Golden Books

ISBN: 0307757544

Category: Juvenile Fiction


View: 690

"Something's missing from the castle, and it's not just the Beast's Christmas spirit! It's the Yule log- a special part of Belle's Christmas tradition- and Belle and her friends are determined to find it!--Cover.

How to Plan an Elegant Second Wedding

... Introductions of Diva's Divine Wedding Party Jumping the Broom Ceremony Champagne Toast of Enchanted Wishes The Garter , In Search of the Next Prince Creative Place Cards Place cards don't have to be cards THE CREATIVE TOUCH 225.


Author: Julie Weingarden Dubin

Publisher: Three Rivers Press

ISBN: 0761515003

Category: Reference

Page: 280

View: 447

A comprehensive guide to planning a wedding for couples on their second marriage answers frequently asked questions about etiquette, propriety, and planning, discussing such topics as the gift registry, costs, where the children of the bride and groom fit in, who pays the second time around, and more. Original. 10,000 first printing.