Ensembles for Cello

Prepared and edited by Rick Mooney, a well-known Suzuki teacher, teacher-trainer and member of the Suzuki Cello Committee, these books contain harmony parts to go with many of the pieces in the Suzuki Cello School, Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Author: Rick Mooney

Publisher: SUZUKI

ISBN: 0874872995

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Prepared and edited by Rick Mooney, a well-known Suzuki teacher, teacher-trainer and member of the Suzuki Cello Committee, these books contain harmony parts to go with many of the pieces in the Suzuki Cello School, Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4. All of these pieces have been arranged to resemble, as much as possible, the existing piano accompaniments. These ensembles enable a cello teacher (who does not play or have access to a piano) to play harmony parts with students to prepare them for the time when a piano and pianist are available. These parts also provide additional challenges for the more advanced player during a group lesson. Volume 3 contents are: Berceuse (trio) (F. Schubert) * Gavotte (J.B. Lully) * Minuet from Sei Quintetti per Archi, No. 11, Op. 11, No. 5 (duet) (L. Boccherini) * Minuet from Sei Quintetti per Archi, No. 11, Op. 11, No. 5 (quintet) (L. Boccherini) * Scherzo (duet) (C. Webster) * Scherzo (quartet) (C. Webster) * Minuet in G, Wo0 No. 2 (trio) (L. van Beethoven) * Gavotte in G Minor, Gavotte en Rondeau from Suite in G Minor for Klavier, BWV 822 (J.S. Bach) * Minuet No. 3, BWV Anh. II 114/ Anh. III 183/ Anh. II 115 (J.S. Bach) * Humoresque, Op. 101, No. 7 for piano (A. Dvor?k) * La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie) * Allegro Moderato from Sonata I in G, BWV 1027 for Viola da Gamba (duet) (J.S. Bach) * Allegro Moderato from Sonata I in G, BWV 1027 for Viola da Gamba (trio) (J.S. Bach).

The Suzuki Approach

Solos for Young Violinists , Volume 4 CD sold separately Barber , Barbara . Solos for Young Violinists , Volume 5 CD ... Musical Improvisation for Children ( with CD ) ENSEMBLE MATERIAL Baker Susan . ... Ensembles for Cello , Volume 1 64.


Author: Louise Behrend

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457405032

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In 1971 Louise Behrend collected a significant number of articles written about the Suzuki approach. These articles were published as a ten-part series in Allegro, the monthly newspaper of the New York Musicians' Union. The purpose was to clear up many widely held misconceptions about the Suzuki ideas and to encourage more fine players and teachers to explore Suzuki teaching. Now published in book form, this pioneering information becomes accessible to a much wider audience.

Four Rudimental Solos for Snare Drum

Alan Keown. R Suzuki ENSEMBLES FOR CELLO Volume 4 Second and Third Cello Parts for Suzuki Cello School Volume 4 Arranged by Rick Mooney Suzuki ENSEMBLES FOR CELLO Volume 4 Second and Third Cello. CELLO PARTS | VOL . 4 Front Cover.


Author: Alan Keown

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457430053

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Four Rudimental Solos for Snare Drum is a collection of intermediate solos written in a variety of styles and meter changes. Titles in the collection include: Like a Big Dog, G.L.S., Throwin' Down and Mach V.

Thumb position for cello

ISBN 0-87487-764-4 9 " 780874 " 877649 Other Publications by Rick Mooney : Thumb Suzuki Position Double Stops jor Cello forl Cello Suzuki Thumb Position for Cello Ensembles for Cello Volume 2 Cello Ensemble Accompaniments to Suzuki ...


Author: Rick Mooney

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 0874877644

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As with the other books in his ...for Cello series, Rick Mooney has made the learning of a specific technique easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Book 2 continues where Book 1 left off and includes classical music, folk tunes, and original pieces by Rick Mooney such as "Around the Gypsy Campfire," "Harry the Hirsute Housefly," "Petite Partita" and much more. As in Book 1, all of the pieces have been arranged as duets, with a second cello part for the teacher (or other students in a group class) to play.

Gyorgy Ligeti

3: Cello Concerto; Violin Concerto; Clocks and Clouds; Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedűvel Siegfried Palm, FrankPeterZimmermann, Asko Ensemble and Schoenberg Ensemble conducted by Reinbert de Leeuw (2002) Teldec 8573–87631–2 Vol. 4: Ballad ...


Author: Richard Steinitz

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571261116

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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An illuminating study of the life and work of Gyrgy Ligeti, one of the best-loved and most original composers of our time. For 50 years Gyrgy Ligeti has pursued a boldly independent and uncompromising course, yet his music is widely loved and admired. Ever since Stanley Kubrick's (unsanctioned) use of his music on the soundtrack of 2001: A Space Odyssey, interest in Ligeti has extended far beyond the classical domain. He is the only living composer whose complete output, including juvenilia, is being systematically issued on CD. Published to coincide with the composer's eightieth birthday, Richard Steinitz's compelling new book is both an illuminating study of the music and its associative ideas - drawn from literature, theatre, the visual arts, fractal mathematics, ethnic cultures and other maverick composers - and of Ligeti the man. Ligeti has confided in Steinitz a mass of previously unknown biographical information. The result is an astonishing account of his early upbringing in Romania, of his terrifying yet surreal experiences in the war, and of his difficulties attempting to forge an identity as a young composer under repressive censorship in Communist Hungary, before his dramatic escape to the West in 1956. The story continues via Ligeti's association with the Western avant-garde and his increasingly masterful sequence of highly individual compositions, which Steinitz brings vividly to life through informative commentaries as well as through the composer's own words.

Position Pieces for Cello

ISBN 0-87487-762-8 9 " 780874 " 877625 " Other Publications by Rick Mooney Suzuki Volume 2 Cello Ensemble Accompaniments to Suzuki Cello School Volume 2 Thumb Ensembles for Cello Position Double Stops jor Cella Vol Cello Suzuki Thumb ...


Author: Rick Mooney

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457404982

Category: Music

Page: 64

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Position Pieces for Cello is designed to give students a logical and fun way to learn their way around the fingerboard. Each hand position is introduced with exercises called "Target Practice," "Geography Quiz," and "Names and Numbers." Following these exercises are tuneful cello duets which have been specifically composed to require students to play in that hand position. In this way, students gain a thorough knowledge of how to find the hand positions and, once there, which notes are possible to play. Using these pieces (with names like "I Was a Teenage Monster," "The Irish Tenor," and "I've Got the Blues, Baby"), position study on the cello has never been so much fun!

The Piano in Chamber Ensemble Third Edition

Vol.I: Hob.XV:1, 2, 34–38, 40, 41, Cl, fl. Vol.II: Hob. XV:5–14. Vol.III Flute Trios (flute or violin, cello, and piano): Hob.XV:15–17. Vol.IV: Hob.XV:18–26. Vol.V: Hob.XV:27–32. Preface in German, French, and English; ...


Author: Maurice Hinson

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253056740

Category: Music

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In this expanded and updated edition, The Piano in Chamber Ensemble: An Annotated Guide features over 3200 compositions, from duos to octets, by more than 1600 composers. Maurice Hinson and Wesley Roberts catalog published works for piano with two or more instruments with information on performance level, length, individual movements, overall style, and publisher. Divided into sections according to the number and types of instruments involved, The Piano in Chamber Ensemble then subdivides entries according to the actual scoring. Keyboard, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion players and teachers will find a wealth of chamber works from all periods in this invaluable guide.

Tchaikovsky s Complete Songs

LP Melodiya D016143-4 . Violin Ensemble and Cello Quartet of the Bolshoy Theater , cond . ... Memoirs , tributes , and repertoire in Obukhova ; in Record of Singing , vol . 4 . • LP Melodiya D 2008-09 . Songs 8 , 85 .


Author: Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253216761

Category: Music

Page: 349

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Tchaikovsky's beloved "romances," or song texts, in Russian, with transliterations, translations, and an accompanying CD

Cello and Double Bass Ensemble Music

4-5) E&E PUB 4vc Renyer, Erinn Christmas collection for CQ (Intermediate collection v.3) E&E PUB 4vc Renyer, Erinn Contemplative cello works for CQ pt. 1-3, (Intermediate collection v.5, 7, 10) E&E PUB 4vc Renyer, Erinn Danny boy, ...


Author: Nancy Price

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781329927155

Category: Art

Page: 350

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Bibliography of Cello and Double Bass Ensemble Music for Three or More Celli and/or Double Basses

Materials for Miscellaneous Instrumental Ensembles

Committee on Literature and Interpretation of Music for Instrumental Ensembles ... 12 Sonatas , Op . 1 , vol . 1 , edited by Woehl . International . Grade III . ... Grade III ; cello is grade IV in # 12. 2 violins , piano , cello ad lib ...


Author: Music Educators National Conference (U.S.). Committee on Literature and Interpretation of Music for Instrumental Ensembles


ISBN: UOM:39015020905009

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Orchestral Repertoire Complete Parts for Cello from the Classic Masterpieces Volume II

String - Cello Collection Alfred Music. Printed in USA AD289 : Printed in USA COMPLETE PARTS , VOLUME II K. STRING INSTRUMENTS VITALI , TOMMASO ANTONIO ( 1665 - 1717 ) ( K04316 ) Chaconne in G minor Cello and Piano VIVALDI , ANTONIO ...


Author: Alfred Music

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 145747090X

Category: Music


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Kalmus offers the complete parts to select masterworks for cello. Each volume includes major orchestral works that include standard audition repertoire and widely known difficult passages. These books are great for the student to practice and learn excerpts, or for the professional musician preparing for an audition. Volume Two includes the cello parts from such great works as: Vivaldi's Gloria * Mozart's Requiem * Handel's Zadok the Priest * Schubert's Mass in G.


4 FUGUES for piano is finished on 1st November. TIME (C.Maddox) for mixed ... FANFARE for 8 trumpets is finished on 17th November to a commission from the Armidale School Trumpet Ensemble*. ... LIBERAME for soprano, cello and piano.


Author: Stephen Pleskun

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493135370

Category: Music

Page: 952

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In this 4th and fi nal volume of a series that includes more than 800 composers and over 30,000 compositions Stephen traces the history and development of Classical music in Australia. From obscure and forgotten composers to those who attained an international reputation this volume reveals their output, unique experiences and travails. The foundation and demise of music ensembles, institutions, venues and festivals is part of the story and included in the narrative are performers, conductors, entrepreneurs, educators, administrators, instrument makers, musicologists, music critics and philanthropists. A concise yet comprehensive picture of Australian music making can be found in any given year.

More festive strings

I Can Read Music anote reading book for VIOLA students Volume 1 • Appropriate for young beginning note - readers • Level correlates with late Volume 1 through Volume 3 of the Suzuki violin , viola , and cello schools • Presents pitch ...


Author: Joanne Martin

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 0874879744

Category: Music

Page: 24

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More Festive Strings is a collection of well-known Christmas and Chanukah melodies arranged to meet the needs of individuals, groups and orchestras. In order to provide flexibility, the collection is available in a number of instrumentations, all of which are compatible with each other. Accessible keys have been used and shifting is kept to a minimum. Titles are: O Chanukah * Angels We Have Heard on High * We Three Kings * Silent Night in D Major * We Wish You a Merry Christmas * O Come All Ye Faithful * Dreydl * Silent Night in G Major * Good King Wenceslas * What Child Is This (Greensleeves).

The Late Baroque Era Vol 4 From The 1680s To 1740

Their technical demands, though certainly not small, allowed skilled amateurs to experience the joys of violin ensemble and solo music in a purity and refinement that established a concept of style. It was to endure well into the ...


Author: George J Buelow

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349113033

Category: Architecture

Page: 521

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Covers the development of musical life in the great centres of European music - Paris, Vienna, London and the courts of Italy and Germany. The contributions of Handel and Bach, and their lesser colleagues are set in their historical and sociological context.

Suzuki Violin School Volume 4

ISBN 0-87487-151-4 Suzuki & MORE . ... ( 0199 ) by Evelin Hermann ( 0606 ) ( 0589 ) ENSEMBLE Material Easy Baroque Duets for Violin TWENTY - SIX COMPOSERS TEACH THE VIOLINIST by William Starr William Starr ... Each trio has two Vol ume 3.


Author: Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457400839

Category: Music

Page: 32

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Titles: * Concerto No. 2, 3rd Movement (F. Seitz) * Concerto No. 5, 1st Movement (F. Seitz) * Concerto No. 5, 3rd Movement (F. Seitz) * Tonalization: Lullaby, Wiegenlied, Op. 98, No. 2 (F. Schubert) * Tonalization: Lullaby, Wiegenlied, Op. 49, No. 4 (J. Brahms) * Concerto in A Minor, Op. III, No. 6, F.I.N. 176 (1st Movement: Allegro) (A. Vivaldi) * Concerto in A Minor, Op. III, No. 6, F.I.N. 176 (3rd Movement: Allegro) (A. Vivaldi) * Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins, Violin II, BWV 1043 (1st Movement: Vivace) (J.S. Bach) * Trill Study * Position Game

Ottoman Empire and European Theatre

The viola, cello and doublebass entered Ottoman court music only in the nineteenth century, due to the sultans' appreciation of European music. All the above bowed instruments were used in a variety of music forms, ensembles, ...


Author: Michael Hüttler

Publisher: Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag

ISBN: 9783990121900

Category: Art

Page: 328

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The book series “Ottomania” researches cultural transfers between the Ottoman Empire and Europe, with the performing arts as its focus. In Ottoman Empire and European Theatre, vol. IV: Seraglios in Theatre, Music and Literature, the series continues to explore one of the most popular subjects of eighteenth-century art: the seraglio and its harem. This volume provides a deeper understanding of the seraglio's various manifestations in the artworks, music and theatre of the Austrian/ Habsburg and central European regions, including interconnections with Italy and France, from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries. The studies examine descriptions of the seraglio by European diplomats, the seraglio's visual traces in European artworks, and depictions of the seraglio in eighteenth-century Austrian Singspiele. They also consider seraglios from the Ottoman point of view and investigate the music of the seraglio in eighteenth-century opera.

The Cello Suites

... Ensemble baroque de Limoges (Naïve) Bach Cantatas, vol. 1 (including Brich dem Hungrigen dein Brot, BVw 39), John Eliot Gardiner / Monteverdi Choir / English Baroque Soloists (SDG). Sylvius Leopold Weiss: Sonatas for Lute, vol. 4 ...


Author: Eric Siblin

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 0802197973

Category: Music

Page: 336

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An award-winning journey through Johann Sebastian Bach’s six cello suites and the brilliant musician who revealed their lasting genius. One fateful evening, journalist and pop-music critic Eric Siblin attended a recital of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suites—an experience that set him on an epic quest to uncover the mysterious history of the entrancing compositions and their miraculous reemergence nearly two hundred years later. In pursuit of his musicological obsession, Siblin would unravel three centuries of intrigue, politics, and passion. Winner of the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction and the McAuslan First Book Prize, The Cello Suites weaves together three dramatic narratives: the disappearance of Bach’s manuscript in the eighteenth century, Pablo Casals’s discovery and popularization of the music in Spain in the late nineteenth century, and Siblin’s infatuation with the suites in the present day. The search led Siblin to Barcelona, where Casals, just thirteen and in possession of his first cello, roamed the backstreets with his father in search of sheet music and found Bach’s lost suites tucked in a dark corner of a store. Casals played them every day for twelve years before finally performing them in public. Siblin sheds new light on the mysteries that continue to haunt this music more than 250 years after its composer’s death: Why did Bach compose the suites for the cello, then considered a lowly instrument? What happened to the original manuscript? A seamless blend of biography and music history, The Cello Suites is a true-life journey of discovery, fueled by the power of these musical masterpieces. “The ironies of artistic genius and public taste are subtly explored in this winding, entertaining tale of a musical masterpiece.” —Publishers Weekly “Siblin’s writing is most inspired when describing the life of Casals, showing a genuine affection for the cellist, who . . . used his instrument and the suites as weapons of protest and pleas for peace.” —Booklist, starred review

Six Sonatas

STRING INSTRUMENTS VITALI , TOMMASO ANTONIO ( 1665 - 1717 ) ( K04316 ) Chaconne in G minor Cello and Piano VIVALDI , ANTONIO ... J.J.F. ( 1783 - 1860 ) ( K04413 ) 113 Studies — Vol . I Nos . 1-34 ( K04416 ) 113 Studies — Vol . IV Nos .


Author: Johann Sebastian Bach

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457469952

Category: Music

Page: 140

View: 106

A new complete collection including six sonatas for viola and piano by Bach. Separate parts are included.

Twelve Miniatures

STRING INSTRUMENTS VITALI , TOMMASO ANTONIO ( 1665 - 1717 ) ( K04316 ) Chaconne in G minor Cello and Piano VIVALDI , ANTONIO ... J.J.F. ( 1783 - 1860 ) ( K04413 ) 113 Studies — Vol . 1 Nos . 1-34 ( K04416 ) 113 Studies — Vol . IV Nos .


Author: César Cui

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 1457470721

Category: Music

Page: 64

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Cui composed character pieces that are appropriate for lessons or recitals.