Entangled Narratives

Lars-Christer Hydén argues in this book that to do so will involve re-imagining what dementia really is and what it can mean to the afflicted and their loved ones.


Author: Lars-Christer Hydén

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199391592

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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As people are living longer on average than ever before, the number of those with dementia will increase. Because many will live a considerable time at home with their diagnosis, we need to know more about the ways people can adapt to and learn to live with dementia in their everyday lives. Lars-Christer Hydén argues in this book that to do so will involve re-imagining what dementia really is and what it can mean to the afflicted and their loved ones. One of the most important everyday opportunities for sharing experiences is the simple act of storytelling. But when someone close to you gradually loses the ability to tell stories and cherish the shared history you have together, this is seen as a threat to the relationship, to the feeling of belonging together, and to the identity of the person diagnosed. Therefore, learning about how people with dementia can participate in storytelling along with their families and friends helps to sustain those relationships and identities. In Entangled Narratives, Hydén not only emphasizes the possibilities that are inherent in collaborative storytelling, but instructs professionals and otherwise healthy relatives to learn how to effectively listen and, ultimately, re-imagine their patients and loved ones as collaborative meaning-makers in their lives.

The Foreign Quarterly Review

This narrative , as we have said , is one of the most amusing in the book , but it is
by no means amusing to the old baron ... His entangled narratives , once drunk in
with such eagerness by the old baron , who is particularly captivated by his ...




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The Entangled Eye

2 I will , therefore , discuss the images imagined while reading as though they
were being seen . The term narrative eye differs from narrative perspective , or
point of view , which describe locations of narrative consciousness , in that it must
be ...


Author: Assistant Professor of English James Krasner

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:49015002281237

Category: English fiction

Page: 191

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Because evolutionary nature can be seen only through the product of evolution - the human eye - the observer must always be aware of the physical limitations inherent in the act of perception. Krasner's study is an exploration of how Charles Darwin's representational techniques, intended to emphasize the spatial and temporal limitations besetting the human observer without diminishing the grand scheme of evolutionary nature, transformed his opulently "entangled" nature into a formless, psychologically interior landscape. Evolutionary nature's abundance and variety required Darwin and the turn-of-the-century British nature writers who followed him to portray the world as though seen through a physiologically limited, human eye. Investigating the shift from Victorian to modernist sensibilities in the context of evolutionary biology and perceptual theory, Krasner shows that, while profoundly attentive to landscape and biology, nature writers chose a mode of representing nature based on visual perception that led them toward a more abstract and psychological portrayal of natural landscapes. Using the visual perception theories of Berkeley, Hamilton, Brewster, Koffka, and James, Krasner investigates the ways in which Thomas Hardy, Joseph Conrad, and D.H. Lawrence, as well as other naturalists and nature writers, came to portray nature as the locus of optical illusion and visual failure. Narrative portrayals of nature become narrative portrayals of the perception of nature in which the physiological limitations of the human eye determine the structure of the representation. Bringing together literary, scientific, and popular texts, Krasner establishes the extent of Darwin's impact on theEnglish literary tradition.

Repositioning the Missionary

... and its associated narratives . I have done this with an eye to , or an ear for ( or
whatever other part of the human anatomy it takes ) extracting novel forms of
analyses and content of knowledges that are implicit in these entangled
narratives .


Author: Vicente M. Diaz



Category: Chamorro (Micronesian people)

Page: 590

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The World of Nabokov s Stories

In Dostoevskij , the narrative space functions at best as minimalist theatrical sets ,
background for entangled narratives , and at worst does not function at all in the
poetics of the text . 14 In Nabokov , narrative space is mapped with such ...


Author: Maxim Shrayer


ISBN: UOM:39015045979377

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 396

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Drawing on Nabokov's unpublished manuscripts and letters, Shrayer analyzes the paradigms of Nabokov's poetics and tests them in studies of major stories such as "Spring in Fialta" and "Cloud, Castle, Lake." He investigates Nabokov's dialogue with Chekhov and his rivalry with Bunin over such issues as the use of narrative closure and the nature of love. This in-depth analysis places Nabokov's short fiction in the main line of his bilingual and bicultural writing career. Through references to all of Nabokov's stories, as well as to many novels and discursive writings, from the early emigre works of the 1920s to the late American works of the 1970s, Shrayer delineates the principal historical and cultural contexts that shaped Nabokov's development. Most importantly, he reveals the metaphysical, ethical, and aesthetic concerns that shaped one of the most significant bodies of modern fiction.

Making and Unmaking the Asylum

As this book has argued , there is no unitary , linear history of leprosy but two
entangled narratives . The first is a story of high modernist governance and social
control of leprosy in Singapore and Malaysia . This history begins with the
passing ...


Author: Kah Seng Loh


ISBN: STANFORD:36105115341120

Category: Leprosy

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Chambers s narrative series of standard reading books

[ Spell and urite ] reflected , unseemly , ornament , entangled , pursuers . A stag
one summer day came to a pool to quench his thirst , and as he stood drinking ,
he saw his form reflected in the water . What beauty and strength , ' cried he , ' are


Author: Chambers W. and R., ltd


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Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition

These were not the only difficulties they had to encounter : the path was to be cut
for miles through thickets of brushwood and fallen timber ; steep precipices were
to be ascended , with slippery sides and entangled with roots of every variety of ...


Author: Charles Wilkes


ISBN: BSB:BSB10366829


Page: 539

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Narrative of the Voyage of H M S Rattlesnake Commanded by the Late Captain Owen Stanley During the Years 1846 1850

It forms a dense thicket , into which it is impossible to penetrate without first
cutting it away , and a person once entangled in its long tendrils has much
difficulty in extricating himself , as they lay hold of everything they touch . On
entering the ...


Author: John MacGillivray


ISBN: BML:37001102608515



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A Narrative of the Causes which Led to the Separation of the Society of Friends in America and the Means that Were Employed to Effect it

And , mirabile dictu ! have we not melancholy evidence , that the society of
Friends in England , as well as a portion of them in America , are becoming
entangled in kindred alliances with them ! Thus for want of a continued attention
and fidelity ...


Author: William Davis (member of the Society of Friends.)



Category: Society of Friends

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Fixed Narratives and Entangled Categorizations Educational Problematizations in Times of Politicized and Stratified Migration

Abstract: Western European migration and citizenship regimes have undergone profound transformations over the past decades.


Author: Kenneth Horvath


ISBN: OCLC:1129925907



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Abstract: Western European migration and citizenship regimes have undergone profound transformations over the past decades. The massive politicization and stratification of migration are key features of these dynamics. Focusing on the case of Germany, this article investigates how these developments affect logics of educational practice. It is argued that teachers, faced with increasingly complex and uncertain situations, systematically draw on categories that combine political and educational logics. These "entangled categories" do hardly allow to unravel the complex configurations currently at stake at the intersection of migration and education. A secondary analysis of TIMSS-2015 data is performed to substantiate the article's core hypothesis: these forms of categorization have crystallized into patterns of educational problematization that couple perceptions of educational challenges, professional self-images, and didactic approaches. These fixed narratives disproportionally affect migra

Proverbs Songs Epic Narratives Folktales of East Asia

This uniform story - pattern can be used to identify and classify certain narratives
as belonging to one type despite the ... Entangled is the bundled X , ” which is
followed by another formulaic line , " Tri - Stars in ( or at ) Y , ” which in turn is ...


Author: Ping-Chiu Yen

Publisher: University Press of Amer

ISBN: IND:30000055649556

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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This book offers a comparative analysis of the Canadian and American health care systems, and it also explicates and criticizes both Norman Daniels' fair equality of opportunity argument for a right to health care and Allan Buchanon's enforced beneficence argument for a right to a decent minimum of health care. Cust advances an argument, based on David Gauthier's Morals by Agreement, that people have a right to a just minimum of health care. The significance of Cust's book is that the main argument is based on four important notions central to contemporary social, moral, and political theory: namely, the notions of liberty, equality, consent, and mutual advantage.

Freedom in Entangled Worlds

Rich and nuanced stories call for pushing beyond the narrative conventions of
ethnography and oral history . Papuan stories demand other realisms . Studies in
folklore and ethnology have a long tradition of exploring the internal logics of ...


Author: S. Eben Kirksey




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Missionary Stories

Narratives, Scenes, and Incidents William Moister ... and all who were clinging to
it were drowned , with the exception of Mrs . Jones , who in the descent became
entangled in the rigging , and held on , till providentially rescued by her husband


Author: William Moister


ISBN: IND:32000003011014

Category: Missions

Page: 296

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Partisan Review

But Studies on Hysteria reads easily , not unlike the naturalistic narrative
common in late nineteenth century fiction . ... As Freud came to understand
hysteria better , his case studies became increasingly complex and entangled
narratives .




ISBN: UOM:39076000393764

Category: Literature


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Moses Hess and Modern Jewish Identity

In this narrative , Hess ' s racial studies of the 1850s replace his epiphanic
encounter with a suffering other as the central ... of encounter , or spiritual
struggles , the entangled narratives in the text challenge Hess ' s repression of
discontinuity .


Author: Ken Koltun-Fromm

Publisher: Jewish Literature and Culture

ISBN: UOM:39015050797847

Category: History

Page: 180

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Jewish Literature and Culture--Alvin H. Rosenfeld, editorPublished with the generous support of the Koret Foundation

Indian Folklore Research Journal

These foundational structures are persuasive insofar as they can entangle
affective motivations with the foundational ... complex are constituted out of
stories – thickly sedimented , highly entangled narratives from everyday life —
that bind ...




ISBN: IND:30000092615826

Category: Folklore


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Scriptural Authority and Narrative Interpretation

In arguing that biblical narratives illumine a followable world , I am not denying
that there are other plausible readings of the narratives ... Because characters '
thoughts and feelings are rarely expressed , they remain layered and entangled .


Author: Garrett Green

Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing

ISBN: UOM:39015012970201

Category: Bible

Page: 208

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