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“People's sense of identity is liquid,” Fallowell writes, “Russia itself is a liquid.”54 Although he is referring here to identity in general, he makes clear throughout his book that sexual identity in particular is more fluid there ...


Author: B. Baer

Publisher: Springer

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This book examines the unprecedented explosion of homosexual discourse in post-Soviet Russia and details how homosexuality has come to signify a surprising and often contradictory array of uniquely post-Soviet concerns.

International Journal of Fluid Mechanics Research

Fluid Mechanics Research will publish translations of important theoretical and experimental papers selected in the Ukraine , Russia and other former Soviet states , conference proceedings , and academic laboratory research reports and ...




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The American Bookbinder

water , and in this liquid put 18 ozs . of sandal wood , and boil up for one hour , and then stand the vessel away for a few days undisturbed before using , and to fit it for use filter the clear dye liquor from the dregs . The Russians ...




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The Oil Fields of Russia and the Russian Petroleum Industry

A Practical Handbook on the Exploration, Exploitation, and Management of Russian Oil Properties, Including Notes on the Origin of Petroleum in Russia, a Description of the Theory and Practice of Liquid Fuel Arthur Beeby-Thompson.


Author: Arthur Beeby-Thompson


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Russian Engineering Journal

It is assumed that the plunger in such an arrangement is held in contact with the cylinder solely by the frictional forces produced; principally, by the unbalanced radial forces of the pressure of the fluid in the clearance (on the ...




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The Liberation Movement in Russia 1900 1905

It was only a question of removing that wall of bureaucracy and court that separates the Tsar from Russia . ... of the ' Open Letter ' throws important light on the still fluid state of radical politics in Russia at that time .


Author: Shmuel Galai

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521526477

Category: History

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The story of Russian liberalism's failure to present an effective alternative to Tsarism and Bolshevism.

Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Flows

673–678 (in Russian). Chekanov W. W., "On measuring pressure in ferrofluid", Magn. Gidrodin., (1977), No. 4, pp. 16-20 (in Russian). Chukhrow A. Yu. , "Convection of magnetizable fluid in the coaxial gap", Magn. Gidrodin., (1979), No.


Author: E Blums

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814513678


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Control of heat and mass transfer processes by means of external force effects is one of the most important problems in modern applied physics. This book is devoted to the study of the magnetic field effect as it bears on transfer phenomena: heat and mass transfer. In conducting media, this influence is mainly due to the induced electric current and the interaction of the current with the magnetic field, whereas in magnetizable fluids, molecular or colloidal solution, transfer phenomena are directly affected by the field. When analysing heat and mass transfer in multiphase magnetizing media, only those phenomena which could be described in terms of conventional quasi-stationary approximation are considered. The effects assoicated with the non-equilibrium magnetization of the system and particle interaction receive special attention here. The problem studied here have been considered with a view to possible applications, particularly in biology and medicine. Contents:Thermodynamic Analysis of Transfer Phenomena in Electric and Magnetic FieldsHeat Transfer in a Laminar MHD-FlowFree MHD ConvectionConvective Mass Transfer in Magnetic FieldHeat and Mass Transfer in Magnetizable FluidsTurbulent Heat and Mass Transfer in Magnetic FieldMain Trends in ApplicationsProblems of Methodology for Experimental Studies on Heat and Mass Transfer Readership: Physicists, applied mathematicians and research engineers. Keywords:Magnetohydrodynamics;Heat Transfer;Mass Transfer;Boundary Layer;Thermomagnetic Convection;Magnetic Fluids;Magnetophoresis;Magnetodiffusion Convection;Thermomagnetophoresis;Blood Cell SeparationReview:“Appearance of books like the one discussed here is highly desirable and valuable for researchers, practical engineers and students who already work in MHD. It will also doubtless attract to this fascinating area many individuals for whom this book will be the first inspiring encounter with MHD.”Herman Branover for Int. J Heat Mass Transfer, (GB) “… an excellent collection and discussion of referenced works which should be of interest to researchers in this subject area … the authors have provided a genuine service by making their discussion of the Russian literature available in English.”Richard A Gardner Appl Mech Rev

History of Russia

By the Treaty of Pruth ( July 1711 ) Russia was forced to return Azov and Taganrog , gained in 1696 , but its Baltic ... Peter did not " keep his hands off ” Poland , the Russo - Turkish border remained fluid , Russia prevaricated over ...


Author: Sergeĭ Mikhaĭlovich Solovʹev


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The unabridged text of Istoriia Rossii s drevneishikh vremen (History of Russia From Earliest Times), first published in St. Petersburg, 1851-1879, in 29 volumes, translated in 50 volumes from the Moscow edition of 1959-1966. Each volume is edited and translated by a scholar expert in the time and topic of the volume. Introductory essays and annotation.-publisher.