Freedom on the Fatal Shore

In fact convicts were used more heavily in the interior than on the coast. Landholders in the older settled ... The convict stockmen had to be given horses and allowed all the freedoms which this brought. More daring still, most of the ...


Author: John Bradley Hirst

Publisher: Black Inc.

ISBN: 9781863952071

Category: Australia

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Freedom on the Fatal Shorebrings together John Hirst's two books on the early history of New South Wales. Both are classic accounts which have had a profound effect on the understanding of our history. They also have long been unavailable, either new or second-hand. This combined edition includes a new foreword by Hirst. These are works that bring to vivid life the early days of convict Australia. They change our sense of how a colony that was also intended to be a prison actually worked, and how Australian democracy came into being, despite the opposition of the most powerful. Hirst overturns the standard picture, arguing- "This was not a society that had to become free; its freedoms were well established from the earliest times." "Colonial Australia was a more 'normal' place than one might imagine from the folkloric picture of society governed by the lash and the triangle, composed of groaning white slaves tyrannised by ruthless masters. The book that best conveys this and has rightly become a landmark in recent studies of the System is J. B. Hirst's Convict Society and its Enemies." - Robert Hughes, The Fatal Shore"Anyone with an interest in Australian political culture will find The Strange Birth of Colonial Democracyinvaluable." - Professor Colin Hughes, former Chief Electoral Commissioner for the Commonwealth.

Freedom s Distant Shores

This sustenance of hope was the heart of religion as she understood it.90 Conclusions We have seen how C&C was founded to defend Western liberal freedoms— both democracy and a suitably regulated free market—against the threat of Nazism, ...


Author: R. Drew Smith

Publisher: Baylor University Press

ISBN: 9781932792379

Category: Religion

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This volume examines relations between U.S. Protestants and Africa since the end of colonial rule. It draws attention to shifting ecclesiastical and socio-political priorities, especially the decreased momentum of social justice advocacy and the growing missionary influence of churches emphasizing spiritual revival and personal prosperity. The book provides a thought-provoking assessment of U.S. Protestant involvements with Africa, and it proposes forms of engagement that build upon ecclesiastical dynamism within American and African contexts.

The Distant Shores of Freedom

... of arrival at the 'distant shores of freedom': arrival as forever deferred and not really a spatial category at all, that freedom from re-education camp and communism is only partial in contexts of new un-freedoms related to race, ...


Author: Subarno Chattarji

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9789389611939

Category: Literary Criticism

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The Distant Shores of Freedom analyses literary works in English written by Vietnamese refugees in the US. Fiction and memoirs by Vietnamese Americans recover stories and memories that are often different from mainstream American ones and that difference enables readers to think of the US war in Vietnam from perspectives that are missing in mainstream representations. Dwelling not only on the war and its aftermaths, Vietnamese American writings also ponder over the existential issues of exile; the idea of home; the pain of marginality and racism; the question of community formation within the US; and the complexity of diasporic lives. Subarno Chattarji raises critical questions such as who gets to speak and write, and to what ends and purposes? Who reads Vietnamese American writings and how can we account for these publications in the US over a period of time? What can and cannot be written or spoken? What is remembered and what is silenced? What traumas and memories are articulated? These questions point towards a larger context of diaspora studies as well as 'the rituals of cultural memory' that complicate our understanding of the Vietnam War and its aftermaths.


William S. McFeely, Sapelos People: A Long Walk into Freedom (New York: W. W. Norton, 1994), 86. 2. ... Russell Duncan, Freedoms Shore: Tunis Campbell and the Georgia Freedmen (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1986), 33–34. 7.


Author: Buddy Sullivan

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820350165

Category: Nature

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Sapelo, a state-protected barrier island off the Georgia coast, is one of the state’s greatest treasures. Presently owned almost exclusively by the state and managed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Sapelo features unique nature charac­teristics that have made it a locus for scientific research and ecological conservation. Beginning in 1949, when then Sapelo owner R. J. Reynolds Jr. founded the Sapelo Island Research Foundation and funded the research of biologist Eugene Odum, UGA’s study of the island’s fragile wetlands helped foster the modern ecology movement. With this book, Buddy Sullivan covers the full range of the island’s history, including Native American inhabitants; Spanish missions; the antebellum plantation of the innovative Thomas Spalding; the African American settlement of the island after the Civil War; Sapelo’s two twentieth-century millionaire owners, Howard E. Coffin and R. J. Reynolds Jr., and the development of the University of Georgia Marine Institute; the state of Georgia acquisition; and the transition of Sapelo’s multiple African American communities into one. Sapelo Island’s history also offers insights into the unique cultural circumstances of the residents of the community of Hog Hammock. Sullivan provides in-depth examination of the important correlation between Sapelo’s culturally significant Geechee communities and the succession of private and state owners of the island. The book’s thematic approach is one of “people and place”: how prevailing environmental conditions influenced the way white and black owners used the land over generations, from agriculture in the past to island management in the present. Enhanced by a large selection of contemporary color photographs of the island as well as a selection of archival images and maps, Sapelo documents a unique island history.


Newton , was taking soundings in Diani ( ay bars and Romero ( ay , just outside ( ardenas , so close to shore that it grounded , but it floated off easily into the shallow water . It half past 11 the Wilmington spoke the Hudson and the ...







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Freedom Ships

CHAPTER 17 Bad Fruit Cape Medurado August 16, 1822 "I hope Brister is goin' to be there, " Elijah grumbled, holding tight to the sides of the wildly pitching canoe as it thrust out from shore through the boiling surf.


Author: Robert Carey

Publisher: AF-Am Links Press

ISBN: UOM:39015047547776

Category: History

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From the dusty archives and faded documents of our past, Freedom Ships brings to life the exciting drama of a bold effort to help black "freedmen" return to Africa to seek real freedom and found their own nation. These brave black pioneers dared to risk all dangers so their children could escape the inhuman bondage and overwhelming weight of prejudice in the slave era of America. Book jacket.

America s Battle for Cuba s Freedom

they followed the flying Spaniards to the westward along the shore line , sending shot after shot into their blazing hulls , tearing great holes in their steel sides and covering their decks with the blood of the killed and wounded .


Author: Gonzalo de Quesada


ISBN: MINN:31951002408379E

Category: Cuba

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Land and Freedom

He could think of no vast inherent difference between sea and land , except this : that all who worked on shore paid rent for land in many forms , directly and indirectly , in a million , million secret , subtle ways : but those who ...


Author: Joseph Dana Miller


ISBN: CORNELL:31924096474469

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The Sound of Freedom

1978 , 3-4 , NSWCDD Museum Historical Collection ; Inspector of Ordnance in Charge to Chief BUORD , Subject : Development of Ordnance Shore EstablishmentsNaval Proving Ground , " 15 January 1921 , 8 , National Archives and Records ...


Author: James P. Rife

Publisher: Department of the Navy

ISBN: UOM:39015067638364

Category: History

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Tells the story of the evolution of the Dahlgren Laboratory from a proof and test facility into a modern research and development center crucial to the technological evolution of the United States Navy.

The Freedom of the Seas Or The Right which Belongs to the Dutch to Take Part in the East Indian Trade

Neither can the shore become the private property of any one . The following qualification , however , must be made . If any part of these things is by nature susceptible of occupation , it may become the property of the one who ...


Author: Hugo Grotius

Publisher: New York: Oxford University Press

ISBN: UVA:35007000944995

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