Friendship Interpreting Christian Love

Thomas brought together the particularism that characterized classical friendship, with the universalism of the Gospel love-command. In so doing he 'developed a rich notion of loving the other person, by filling that notion with content ...


Author: Liz Carmichael

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The love of friendship has, at the least, established its place as a necessary model of love in Christian tradition. This study shows the deep roots it has in Christian thought, among both ancient and modern writers, and is intended to facilitate further reflection on and exploration of its creative potential now and for the future.

Friendship Love and Brotherhood in Medieval Northern Europe c 1000 1200

every political context, tasks had to be entrusted to friends. Whoever abused the trust of friendship risked the general good because friendship was a cornerstone in socio-political life. If fides is betrayed, everything falls.


Author: Lars Hermanson

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In this book Lars Hermanson discusses how religious beliefs and norms steered attitudes to friendship and love, and how these ways of thinking also affected people’s social identity and political action behaviour in medieval Northern Europe, c. 1000-1200.

Friendship Love and Trust in Renaissance Florence

his godless reputation , of the eucharistic ( as John Najemy observed ) , he wrote to his friend Vettori : When evening ... In his letters and his sonnets , friendship and love — erotic , intellectual and spiritual — for women and men ...


Author: Dale Kent

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Kent explores the meaning of love and friendship as they were represented in the fifteenth century, particularly the relationship between heavenly and human friendship.

Friendship love in Adolescence

I even prayed God: "O Lord, give me a sincere, faithful friend". ... be a friend of Andrew, although him himself I rather disliked or, rather, I was indifferent to him. ... I remember that well 280 FRIENDSHIP-LOVE IN ADOLESCENCE.


Author: N. M. Iovetz-Tereshchenko


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Revolutionary Love Friendship Love Revenge

Revolutionary Love: An inspirational romantic novel Once there was an intelligent boy Anand. He had a best friend Ritesh. They were soul of each other. Fortunately Anand fall in love with an adorable girl Natasha.


Author: Deepak Gupta


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Friendship Love and Truth

the slap - dash gallant about me ( I was tolerably good - looking — at least my best friends always told me so ) , or the ground being occupied before me , I was always unsuccessful . “ At length an opportunity was offered me to try my ...




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Love and Friendship in Plato and Aristotle

the secondary kinds as kinds of friendship is to see their definitions as derivable from the definition of first friendship ... It is not crucial, but still indicative, that one can 'love' (philein) things as well as people (1236a10-12, ...


Author: A. W. Price

Publisher: Clarendon Press

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This book fully explores for the first time an idea common to Plato and Aristotle, which unites their treatments - otherwise very different - of love and friendship. The idea is that although persons are separate, their lives need not be. One person's life may overflow into another's, and as such, helping another person is a way of serving oneself. The author shows how their view of love and friendship, within not only personal relationships, but also the household and even the city-state, promises to resolve the old dichotomy between egoism and altruism. - ;Friendship and desire in the Lysis; Love in the Symposium; Love in the Phaedrus; Perfect friendship in Aristotle; Aristotle on the varieties of friendship; The household; The City; Epilogue; Appendices; Homogeneity and beauty in the Symposium; Psychoanalysis looks at the Phaedrus ; Plato's sexual morality; Aristotle on erotic love; List of modern works cited. -


more a person unable to cope with society's demands than one grieving at the loss of a friend. ... This phase gives way to a period in which friendship is still in conflict with love, but love triumphs with little difficulty.




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Essays in English and American language and literature.

The Psychology of Individualism

Hypothesis 10 Those persons most characterized by individualistic psychological qualities will be more likely than others to provide evidence of having close , mutually supportive , and satisfying friendship and romantic love ...


Author: Alan S. Waterman

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