Gender Ethnicity and Market Forces

Observations of Ethnic Chinese in Korea Sheena Choi. GENDER, ETHNICITY AND MARKET FORCES AND CHOICES Observations of Ethnic Chinese in Korea SHEENA CHOI Published in 2001 by Routledge A member of die Taylor.


Author: Sheena Choi

Publisher: Routledge

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First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Labor Specialization Ethnicity and Metropolitan Labor Markets

... Multiethnic Labor Market." Social Forces 81:281-314. ... "Niches, Labour Market Segregation, Ethnicity and Gender. ... "Self-Employment Concentration and Earnings among Mexican Immigrants in the U.S." Social Forces 77(3):1021-1047.


Author: Kimberly J. Turner


ISBN: WISC:89098969330


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Gender Race and Nation

International market forces and financial transactions are increasingly disrupting nation - state economies . • The power of transnational agencies , such as the World Bank ( WB ) and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) ...


Author: Vanaja Dhruvarajan

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0802084737

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Dhruvarajan and Vickers call into question feminism's presumed universality of gender analysis, and bring to the foreground the voices of marginalized women in Western society, and of women outside of the western world.

Feminist Theory Reader

18 Avoiding these usual dichotomies, the essays in this volume see intimate labor as work situated in the labor market—both formal and informal—and subject to market forces and ideological views on gender, ethnicity, ...


Author: Carole McCann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000170542

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The fifth edition of the Feminist Theory Reader assembles readings that present key aspects of the conversations within intersectional US and transnational feminisms and continues to challenge readers to rethink the ways in which gender and its multiple intersections are configured by complex, overlapping, and asymmetrical global–local configurations of power. The feminist theoretical debates in this anthology are anchored by five foundational concepts—gender, difference, women’s experiences, the personal is political, and especially intersectionality—which are integral to contemporary feminist critiques. The anthology continues to center the voices of transnational feminist scholars with new essays giving it a sharper focus on the materiality of gender injustices, racisms, ableisms, colonialisms, and especially global capitalisms. Theoretical discussions of translation politics, cross-border solidarity building, ecofeminism, reproductive justice, #MeToo, indigenous feminisms, and disability studies have been incorporated throughout the volume. With the new essays and the addition of a new editor, the Feminist Theory Reader has been brought fully up-to-date and will continue to be a touchstone for women’s and gender studies students, as well as academics in the field, for many years to come.

Knowledge Values and Educational Policy

For example, recent gender/race research conducted by Callander and Wright (2000) has moved beyond a concern with 'girls' and 'women' to an engagement with ... instead concerned with the role of market forces in regulating education.


Author: Harry Daniels

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136604577

Category: Education

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Knowledge, Values and Educational Policy focuses on what schools are for and what should be taught in them, how learning is possible across boundaries, and issues of diversity and equity. Policies and practices relating to schools are also considered. Within this volume, internationally renowned contributors address a number of fundamental questions designed to take the reader to the heart of current debates around curriculum, knowledge transfer, equity and social justice, and system reform, such as: What are schools and what are they for? What knowledge should schools teach? How are learners different from each other and how are groups of learners different from one another, in terms of social class, gender, ethnicity, and disability? What influence does educational policy have on improving schools? What influence does research have on our understanding of education and schooling? To encourage reflection, many of the chapters also include questions for debate and a guide to further reading. Read alongside its companion volume, Educational Theories, Cultures and Learning, readers will be encouraged to consider and think about on some of the key issues facing education and educationists today.

Intimate Labors

... the labor market—both formal and informal— and subject to market forces and ideological views on gender, ethnicity, race, ... force participation, family formation, the expansion of sex work into new industries, and development of ...


Author: Rhacel Salazar Parreñas

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804777278

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What do home health aides, call center operators, prostitutes, sperm donors, nail manicurists, and housecleaners have in common? Around the world, they make their livings through touch, closeness, and personal care. Their labors, both paid and unpaid, sustain the day-to-day work that we require to survive. This book takes a close look at carework, domestic work, and sex work in everyday life and illuminates the juncture where money and intimacy meet. Intimate labor is presented as a comprehensive category of investigation into gender, race, class, and other power relations in the context of global economic transformations. In chronicling the history of intimate labor in light of the rise and devolution of welfare states, women's workforce participation, family formation, the expansion of sex work into new industries, and the development of institutions for dependent people, this wide-ranging reader advances debates over the relationship between care and economy.

Identity and Schooling Among the Naxi

Gender , ethnicity , market forces , and college choices : Observations of ethnic Chinese in Korea . New York : Routledge . Clothey , R. ( 2005 ) . China's policies for minority nationalities in higher education : Negotiating national ...


Author: Haibo Yu

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0739132903

Category: Education

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Identity and Schooling among the Naxi examines the identity construction of Naxi students in Lijiang No.1 Senior Secondary School in China, focusing on the changing roles of school, community, and family in the identity construction of the students. Through participant observation, interviews, and student essays, Haibo Yu finds that Naxi students of the school retain a strong Naxi identity while also managing to fit into mainstream culture through a process she characterizes as "harmonious creative identity engagement." Three main forces affecting the identity construction of the Naxi students are highlighted: the state and the school, Naxi intellectuals, and socialization in the family and community. As an institution of the state, the school conveys national ideology and instills a sense of ethnic unity and an understanding of the culture of the Chinese nation. However, the school also takes an active role in ethnic identity construction of the Naxi students. At the same time, Naxi intellectuals, through their research publications and responses to state policies, preserve and revitalize Naxi culture. Socialization within the community and family allows the Naxi students to learn about their heritage. These factors result in both an asserted and assigned identity of the Naxi.

IJER Vol 10 N3

Gender, ethnicity, market forces, and college choices: Observation of ethnic Chinese in Korea. New York: Routledge. Feinberg, W, & Soltis, J. (1992). School and society (2nd ed.). New York: Teachers College Press. Gosling, P. (1983a).


Author: International Journal of Educational Reform

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781475816259

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The mission of the International Journal of Educational Reform (IJER) is to keep readers up-to-date with worldwide developments in education reform by providing scholarly information and practical analysis from recognized international authorities. As the only peer-reviewed scholarly publication that combines authors’ voices without regard for the political affiliations perspectives, or research methodologies, IJER provides readers with a balanced view of all sides of the political and educational mainstream. To this end, IJER includes, but is not limited to, inquiry based and opinion pieces on developments in such areas as policy, administration, curriculum, instruction, law, and research. IJER should thus be of interest to professional educators with decision-making roles and policymakers at all levels turn since it provides a broad-based conversation between and among policymakers, practitioners, and academicians about reform goals, objectives, and methods for success throughout the world. Readers can call on IJER to learn from an international group of reform implementers by discovering what they can do that has actually worked. IJER can also help readers to understand the pitfalls of current reforms in order to avoid making similar mistakes. Finally, it is the mission of IJER to help readers to learn about key issues in school reform from movers and shakers who help to study and shape the power base directing educational reform in the U.S. and the world.

At Home in the Chinese Diaspora

Choi, S. 2001c, Gender, Ethnicity, Market Forces on College Choices: Observations of Ethnic Chinese in Korea, Routledge, New York. Clark, D.N. 1983, 'The Ming Connection: Notes on Korea's Experience in the Chinese Tributary System'.


Author: K. Kuah-Pearce

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230591622

Category: Social Science

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This book explores how memories are used to re-establish a sense of belonging, analyzing the relationships between migrants' adjustment, assimilation and re-membering home. It considers memories as social expressions as well as the tensions and conflicts in representing and renegotiating memories in literature and cinema.

Routledge Handbook of Race and Ethnicity in Asia

As Choi (2001) noted, this number is still relatively large given the small number of ethnic Chinese in Korea. 6. Permanent Residents' Voting Rights' ... Gender, Ethnicity, Market Forces, and College Choices. New York & London: Routledge.


Author: Michael Weiner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351246682

Category: Social Science

Page: 458

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The Routledge Handbook of Race and Ethnicity in Asia introduces theoretical approaches to the study of race, ethnicity and indigeneity in Asia beyond those commonly grounded in the Western experience. The volume’s twenty-eight chapters consider not only the relationship between ethnic or racial minorities and the state, but social relations within and between individual and transnational communities. These shape not only the contours of governance, but also the means by which knowledge of national identity, ‘self ’, and ‘other’ have been constructed and reconstructed over time. Divided into four sections, it provides holistic and comparative coverage of South, South East, and East Asia, as well as Australasia and Oceania; an area that extends from Pakistan in the West to Hawai’i in the East. Contributors to this handbook offer a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, opening a domain of scholarship wherein the relationship between phenotype and racism is less pronounced than European and North American approaches, which have often privileged the so-called ‘colour stigmata’, leading to further exclusions of particular ethnic, racial, and indigenous communities. This volume seeks to overcome racism and white ideologies embedded in theories of race and ethnicity in Asia, proving a valuable resource to both students and scholars of comparative racial and ethnic studies, international relations and human rights.