Ghostly County Durham

Illustrated with sixty photographs, together with access details for each location, this book is sure to appeal all those interested in finding out more about the area's haunted heritage.


Author: Rob Kirkup

Publisher: History Press (SC)

ISBN: 0750951249

Category: Folklore

Page: 128

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From reports of haunted castles, hotels, public houses, and even a prisoner of war camp, to heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, poltergeists and related supernatural phenomena, Ghostly County Durham investigates over twenty of the most haunted locations in the area today. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources, this selection includes a club-footed monk at Finchdale Priory, the Singing Lady Cauldron Snout, as well as a collection of spectres that call Durham Castle home -- including a shadowy figure which haunts the Black Staircase. Illustrated with sixty photographs, together with access details for each location, this book is sure to appeal all those interested in finding out more about the area's haunted heritage.

Paranormal County Durham

A fabulous collection of ghostly hauntings in Durham.


Author: Darren Ritson

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445629964

Category: History

Page: 128

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County Durham is an area of outstanding beauty that is primarily recognised for its lead mining and farming industries. With rolling hills, quaint countryside villages and a historic city as its capital, County Durham is a stunning region to behold and it is truly haunted. Join the North East's foremost ghost hunter, Darren W. Ritson on this spine-chilling tour.

Real Ghost Stories

A Revised Reprint of the Christmas and New Year's Numbers of the "Review of
Reviews" 1891-2 William Thomas Stead ... of this kind , but after some years had
gone , I was taking a quiet cup of tea with an old friend in the county of Durham ...


Author: William Thomas Stead

Publisher: London : G. Richards

ISBN: STANFORD:36105046660101

Category: Ghost stories

Page: 344

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Haunting Without Ghosts

Spectral Realism in Colombian Literature, Film, and Art Juliana Martínez. Keller
... Ghostly Landscapes: Film, Photography, and the Aesthetics of Haunting in
Contemporary Spanish Culture. Toronto, ON: ... Durham, NC: Duke University


Author: Juliana Martínez

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9781477321713

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

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For half a century, cultural production in Colombia has labored under the weight of magical realism—above all, the works of Gabriel García Márquez—where ghosts told stories about the country’s violent past and warned against a similarly gruesome future. Decades later, the story of violence in Colombia is no less horrific, but the critical resources of magical realism are depleted. In their wake comes "spectral realism." Juliana Martínez argues that recent Colombian novelists, filmmakers, and artists—from Evelio Rosero and William Vega to Beatriz González and Erika Diettes—share a formal and thematic concern with the spectral but shift the focus from what the ghost is toward what the specter does. These works do not speak of ghosts. Instead, they use the specter to destabilize reality by challenging the authority of human vision and historical chronology. By introducing the spectral into their work, these artists decommodify well-worn modes of representing violence and create a critical space from which to seek justice for the dead and disappeared. A Colombia-based study, Haunting without Ghosts brings powerful insight to the politics and ethics of spectral aesthetics, relevant for a variety of sociohistorical contexts.

Ghosts of the Triangle

Historic Haunts of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill Richard Jackson, William
Jackson. Park , the buildings of days gone by remain , along with the beautiful
preserved areas and parks , such as the Eno River , Stagville Preservation
Center ...


Author: Richard Jackson

Publisher: History Press (SC)

ISBN: PSU:000067211012

Category: History

Page: 94

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The Research Triangle is a place of renowned progress and technology, but its three cities also boast a long and rich heritage, complete with many important historic sites where the past lingers a little too closely. From the otherworldly music at the Carolina Inn to the sound of laughter echoing in the old morgue at Watts Hospital to the image of men swinging from ropes in Hannah's Creek Swamp, the ghosts of the Triangle continue to make their presence known throughout the region. Join local brothers Richard and William Jackson as they trace the history behind these spine-tingling tales.

The Mummy of Birchen Bower and Other True Ghosts

I never attempted to have the ghost exorcised . " A family in the mining village of
Thornley , County Durham , were haunted intermittently by a " black ghost " for no
less than sixteen years . Their worrying secret was disclosed when , in 1963 ...


Author: Harry Ludlam


ISBN: IND:39000005636282

Category: Ghost stories

Page: 159

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Shakespeare s Ghosts Live

2002. “Reading ghosts: early modern interpretations of apparitions.” In Early
Modern Ghosts, edited by John Newton and Jo Bath. Centre for Seventeenth-
Century Studies, University of Durham. 2002, 57-69. Newton, John, ed., with Jo
Bath, ed ...


Author: Annekatrin Puhle

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443879552

Category: Religion

Page: 370

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Shakespeare has been one of the most-cited authors since his plays were performed, and yet little attention has been paid to his views on psychic phenomena. It took another 300 years of paranormal experiences before scholars at Cambridge University helped to found the Society for Psychical Research, which brought scientific scrutiny to the area, and the UK is now a world leader in university research on this topic. This book throws new light on many historical case reports from Shakespeare’s time onwards. It identifies the core experiences that transcend time and give clues to an understanding of psychic phenomena. The book highlights Shakespeare’s insights, showing how these relate to, and even amplify, the conclusions of later and on-going research. In our time of disconnectedness from nature, the book discusses neglected human experiences which represent an important part of life and which do, in fact, occur to most of us. In doing so, the book raises awareness against the emptiness of a zombie-like existence in today’s society and offers a new approach to life and death, and their deeper meaning.

Ghosts of the North

There are those who deserve a special mention , namely : Mrs Louise Brindley of
Scarborough ; the Rev C . J . Butler of ... MA , of London SW7 ; Mr George
Richardson of Stanley , County Durham ; Miss Dorothy B . Waters of Bolton ; and
Mrs ...


Author: Jack Hallam


ISBN: IND:39000005776518

Category: Ghosts

Page: 135

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Ghosts and Legends

The Lambton Worm , fairly typical of its genre , caused as much trouble in County
Durham as the Dun Cow in Warwickshire , satisfying its hunger by swallowing
children and its thirst by milking a dozen cows or so at a time . Sir John Lambton


Author: Roy Christian


ISBN: IND:39000005923094

Category: Legends

Page: 156

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A Dictionary of Ghosts


Author: Peter Haining

Publisher: Robert Hale Limited

ISBN: IND:30000079564807

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 271

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A Dictionary of Ghosts defines all the various types of apparitions and creatures of superstition known through the centuries. Recounting legends of famous hauntings, it introduces you to the many mediums, authorities, and victims associated with ghosts. Now you can learn about the domovoys, noisy Russian spirits who are willing to do household chores; Lord Byron's encounters with a phantom monk; and the Hairy Hands ghost who is said to strangle travellers—along with banshees, poltergeists, exorcisms, screaming skulls, UFOs, and all the other intriguing phenomena that have raised hair on the heads of believers and non-believers around the world.

Notes on the Folk lore of the Northern Counties of England and the Borders

The Willington Ghost - Maiden's Castle Kirkstall Abbey — The Sexhow Farmer
and Old Nannie - Mines Haunted - The Old Lady of Littledean - The Bowbrig
Ladies - Apparition in Fifeshire - Haunted Spots in Durham - In Yorkshire - Sir
Walter ...


Author: William Henderson


ISBN: OSU:32435064343056

Category: England

Page: 391

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The History and Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham

Comprising a Condensed Account of Its Natural, Civil, and Ecclesiastical History,
from the Earliest Period to the Present ... and ghosts and fearful respective ages
of the parties , and such other matters as spirits in the shape of white rabbits still ...


Author: William Fordyce


ISBN: UOM:39015068457517

Category: Durham (England : County)


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The Grey Ghost Book

YLTON CASTLE , in Durham , the ancient Hronghold als he powerful Borate the
contes com Hylton , has its well - authenticated ghostly inhabitant in the shape of
the “ Cauld ( or cold ) Lad , ” whose deeds form the theme of many a song and ...


Author: Jessie Adelaide Middleton


ISBN: UCR:31210002657284

Category: Ghosts

Page: 364

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Wandering Ghost

Oh ! That dreary school , with its eternal religious ceremonies , its freezing Mass
every morning , its periods of meditation , its ... of Henry Molyneux - the thirteen -
year - old matriculated at St. Cuthbert's College , Ushaw , County Durham .


Author: Jonathan Cott

Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015019669657

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 438

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Chronicles the life of one of the nineteenth century's most colorful literary figures, detailing Hearn's career as a newspaper reporter, his poetry of the New Orleans underclass, and his move to Japan

Ghosts and Legends of South Somerset

Charles J . , Leadgate , Co . Durham . * Long , Fortescue , F . R . G . S . , 13 ,
Wemyss Road , Blackheath , S . E . 3 . Long , George J . , Woodspring , 86 ,
Bloomfield Avenue , Bath . LOTTRELL , Alexr . , J . P . , Court House , East
Quantoxhead .


Author: George Frederick Munford


ISBN: PRNC:32101067301786

Category: Ghost stories

Page: 88

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Ghostly Cumbria

Illustrated with sixty photographs, together with access details for each location, this book will appeal to all those interested in finding out more about Cumbria's haunted heritage.


Author: Rob Kirkup

Publisher: History PressLtd

ISBN: 0752453122

Category: History

Page: 96

View: 397

From reports of haunted castles, stately halls, hotels, public houses, Roman forts, stone circles and even England's deepest lake, to heart-stopping accounts of apparitions, poltergeists and related supernatural phenomena, Ghostly Cumbria investigates twenty of the most haunted locations to be found in the area today. Drawing on historical and contemporary sources, this selection includes a Grey Lady said to walk the lanes at Levens Hall in Kendal; the ghost of Mary, Queen of Scots at Carlisle Castle; a despicable jester at Muncaster Castle; and several ghosts at the Kirkstone Pass Inn at Ambleside, including a young boy killed by a coach outside the building, a young woman who died whilst travelling along the road during a snow storm, and a seventeenth-century coachman who lurks around the bar. Illustrated with forty photographs, together with access details for each location, this book will appeal to all those interested in finding out more about Cumbria's haunted heritage.

Synopsis of Dr Farrar s Theological Lectures at Durham

-Illustration of Mariology in Art . Article XVI . I. This was followed in the Forty - two
Articles by one on the blasphemy against Holy Ghost . - Analyse ; - viz . , Main
thought ; subordinate allusion to the blasphemy . - Allusion to indefectible grace ...


Author: Adam Storey Farrar


ISBN: BL:A0022020393

Category: Theology

Page: 75

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Ghost Signs

When this amendment to male bovine decorum occurred is hard to say , though
the modesty fence appears on a Bull Durham signboard copyrighted in 1909 .
The tobacco is also at the etymological root of at least one twentieth - century
idiom ...


Author: William Stage

Publisher: Floppinfish Publishing Company

ISBN: IND:30000009140801

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 109

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The paragraph Psalter arranged for the use of choirs by B F Westcott

Brooke Foss Westcott (bp. of Durham). 6 But the Godhead of the Father , of the
Son , and of the Holy Ghost , is áll | one : the Glory equal , * the Majesty có - e -
Iternal . 7 Such as the Father is , * súch is the Son : and such is the Holy Ghost .


Author: Brooke Foss Westcott (bp. of Durham)


ISBN: OXFORD:600089268

Category: Bible

Page: 197

View: 259