FAO IBPGR Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Citrus Germplasm

The ever-incrrrreasing volume of germplasm exchanged internationally, coupled with recent rapid advances in biotechnology, has created a pressing need for crop-specific overviews of the existing kno.


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Collecting, conservation and utiklization of plant genetic resources and their global distribution are essential componentes of international crop improvement programmes. Inevitably, the movement of germplasm involves a risk of accidentally introducing plant quarantine pests*along with the host plant material; in particular, pathogens that are often symptomless, such as viruses, pose a special risk. In order to minimize this risk, effective testing (indexing) procedures are required toensure that distributed material is free of pests that are of quarantine concern. The ever-incrrrreasing volume of germplasm exchanged internationally, coupled with recent rapid advances in biotechnology, has created a pressing need for crop-specific overviews of the existing kno.

Studies on Graft transmissible Diseases of the Grapevine Vitis Vinifera L

A graft-transmissible disease showing red veins, red blotches and reddening of leaves, designated as grapevine redleaf disease (GRD), was observed in wine grape (Vitis vinifera L.) cultivars Merlot and Cabernet Franc.


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A SYBR Green-based reverse transcription-quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR) combined with melting curve analysis (MCA) was developed for specific and sensitive detection of Grapevine leafroll-associated viruses (GLRaV-1, -2, -3, and -4), GRLaV, Grapevine virus A, Grapevine virus B, GFLV and Tomato ringspot virus in grapevines. The assay was also used successfully for detection of GLRaV-3 in grape mealybugs and GRLaV in Virginia creeper leafhoppers. This method has the potential for practical applications to study epidemiology of grapevine viruses.


Discrimination of cachexia disease agents among citrus variants of hop stunt viroid . Ann . Appl . Biol . 135 , 481-487 . ... Transmission of citrus corky vein . Indian Phytopathol . ... Graft - transmissible diseases of citrus .


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Presents indispensable and up-to-date information on viroids and viroid diseases.

Integrated Pest Management

Citrus (Citrus spp.) as clonally propagated perennial crops are subject to many graft-transmissible diseases caused by viruses, viroids and systemic prokaiyotes. Some of these graft-transmissible diseases can be very destructive and ...


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This textbook presents theory and concepts in integrated pest management, complemented by two award-winning websites covering more practical aspects.

Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables

The important diseases of citrus are categorized as soil-borne, foliar, postharvest, insect-borne, and graft-transmissible. Some diseases are developed and/or intensified as a result of weather-related factors. Graft-transmissible ...


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Among the Horticultural Crops, Fruits and Vegetables (FV) are of primary - portance as the key source of essential components in an adequate and balanced human diet. FV have supported largely the daily food requirement of mankind since ages and even before man learned to grow cereal crops systematically. Over the years, growing FV has been the mainstay of rural economy and has emerged as an indispensable part of agriculture world over, offering farmers a wide range of crops in varied topography and climate. In certain parts of the world, FV are the major dietary staple. Apart from being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, this sector also contributes significantly in economy of the region or the nation. The increased income from per unit area of FV is far ahead and can not be compared with that of cereal crops. A recent survey by the Economist revealed that the world population has - creased by 90 % in the past 40 years while food production has increased only by 25 % per head. With an additional 1. 5 billion mouth to feed by 2020, farmers worldwide have to produce 39 % more. Looking at the load of the future food requirement, the global increased production of FV during last few years has absorbed the additional food requirement and accordingly the eating habits are also changing and shifting - wards more consumption of these commodities worldwide.

Desk Encyclopedia of Plant and Fungal Virology

Sudden Death of Citrus Geographical Distribution Citrus sudden death (CSD) has only been reported from the State of Sao ̃ Paulo in Brazil, ... (2004) Sudden death of citrus in Brazil: A graft-transmissible bud union disease.


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This volume consists of 85 chapters that highlight recent advances in our knowledge of the viruses that infect plants and fungi. It begins with general topics in plant virology including movement of viruses in plants, the transmission of plant viruses by vectors, and the development of virus-resistant transgenic plants. The second section presents an overview of the properties of a selection of 20 well-studied plant viruses, 23 plant virus genera and a few larger groups of plant viruses. The third section, which is abundantly illustrated, highlights the most economically important virus diseases of cereals, legumes, vegetable crops, fruit trees and ornamentals. The last section describes the major groups of viruses that infect fungi. The most comprehensive single-volume source providing an overview of virology issues related to plant and fungi Bridges the gap between basic undergraduate texts and specialized reviews Concise and general overviews of important topics within the field will help in preparation of lectures, writing reports, or drafting grant applications

Control of Plant Virus Diseases

viruses and graft transmissible diseases, many which will be expressed only if the trees is propagated on a ... In this review, the frequently encountered virus diseases of citrus will be briefly summarized with emphasis on their ...



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The first review series in virology and published since 1953, Advances in Virus Research covers a diverse range of in-depth reviews, providing a valuable overview of the field. The series of eclectic volumes are valuable resources to virologists, microbiologists, immunologists, molecular biologists, pathologists, and plant researchers. Volume 91 features articles on control of plant virus diseases. Contributions from leading authorities Comprehensive reviews for general and specialist use First and longest-running review series in virology

Citrus Nurseries and Planting Techniques

Virus and virus - like graft transmissible diseases of citrus . Group A : diseases only transmissible by graft and caused by viroids or virus organisms Budunion disorder of sweet orange on Rough lemon , blight , cachexia - xyloporosis ...


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