Carnival Games: the Perfect Crimes

An Alert for Law Enforcement and Would-Be Victims


Author: Richard Margittay

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465332367

Category: True Crime

Page: 345

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This book, written primarily as a training guide for law enforcement personnel, demonstrates how easily police officers can get sucked in by professional con artists. Secondly, the book was written to alert potential victims of the lack of police protection. Thought of by many as just "nickel and dime," the reality is that most midway games, which start with $2 or $5 per play, sometimes builds to more than $100 in losses. It was evident these openly brazen career criminals, who primarily target children these days, account for several million dollars annually in Michigan alone, while they proclaim that their good-natured fraud and gambling enterprises are not crimes at all, but merely "games of skill." For more information, please visit You may email the author at [email protected] You may visit,-we-tell-you-why-you-need-to-beware-of-some-carnival-games to view the WXYZ-TV exposure of rigged Carnival Games.

A Grifter's Song Vol. 2


Author: Gary Phillips,Colin Conway,Jim Wilsky

Publisher: Down & Out Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 204

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A Grifter’s Song, Created and Edited by Frank Zafiro. Long time grifters Sam and Rachel love two things: each other and the grift. On the run from the mob, the two lovers move from one con to the next, winning some and losing others, but always finding a way to survive. Episodes 4-6 of Season One begins with The Movie Makers by Gary Phillips. Sam and Rachel try to con an action movie star in Hollywood, posing as a producer and a self-help guru. But the Armenian mob gets involved, leaving us to wonder if Rachel and Sam will score, or end up on the cutting room floor? Colin Conway pens Episode 5, Lost in Middle America. When an old friend of Sam’s asks for help, the pair is hesitant to engage, especially since the man is a former pimp in Lima, Ohio. But the promise of riches in a safe deposit box convinces them both to assist ‘Bigs’ in his quest for revenge against a younger version of himself. Episode 6, Losing Streak, officially closes out Season One. Jim Wilsky paints a picture of Sam and Rachel on the tail end of a string of bad luck. Their desperation for a win drives them to do business with an arms dealer who is into more than just Saturday night specials. Episodes 1-3 of Season One are featured in A Grifter’s Song Vol. 1.



Author: David O. Arnold

Publisher: N.A


Category: Deviant behavior

Page: 171

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Author: Edwin Hardin Sutherland,Donald Ray Cressey

Publisher: N.A


Category: Crime

Page: 658

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Matchstick Men

A Novel About Grifters with Issues


Author: Eric Garcia

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0307488039

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 4828

NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE • A novel about grifters with issues, by the acclaimed cult author of Anonymous Rex and Casual Rex Roy and Frankie are matchstick men—con artists. Partners in elegant crimes for years, they know each other like brothers and have perfected the rules of the game. Roy is the careful one, saves every penny. Frankie is the adventurous one, hungry for a big score. He wants Roy to join him in running a tricky game, but Roy is distracted by the discovery that he is the father of a punky teenage daughter from a brief marriage that ended years ago. The kid wants to get to know her father. She also wants to learn the family business. Novelist Eric Garcia takes readers into the fast and funny world of grifters with issues. Matchstick Men is a dazzling literary con game that will keep readers guessing until the last page.

"It was Play Or Starve"

Acting in the Nineteenth Century American Popular Theatre


Author: John Hanners

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879725877

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 163

View: 1407

American popular entertainers in the nineteenth century faced physical hardships, prejudices, and cultural barriers. This book examines the fascinating world of these itinerant actors and their experiences with early showboats, frontier theater, minstrelsy, panorama exhibitions, and the circus. Admirable and not-so-admirable characters, who possessed equal amounts of pluck, courage, and naivet�, are contrasted popular cultural tastes