Hawker Hurricane

Directly descended from some of the fastest, most beautiful and most effective military aircraft of the 1930s, the Hawker Hurricane was the RAF's first monoplane fighter, and the hero of the Battle of Britain.


Author: Melvyn Hiscock

Publisher: Crowood Press UK

ISBN: 1861266308

Category: History

Page: 96

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Directly descended from some of the fastest, most beautiful and most effective military aircraft of the 1930s, the Hawker Hurricane was the RAF's first monoplane fighter, and the hero of the Battle of Britain. Melvyn Hiscock's photographic study takes us under the skin of the aircraft, to the very first principles of the design and construction of this beautiful fighter. Using archive and specially taken photographs, many shot behind the scenes at AJD Engineering - Hurricane restoration experts - the author shows in detail how the Hurricane is put together, revealing details rarely seen and providing an invaluable resource for the modeler and the aviation enthusiast.

Ten Squadrons of Hurricanes

... 1986) Hiscock, Melvyn, Hawker Hurricane Inside and Out (Crowood Press, 2003) Holmes, Tony, Hurricane Aces 1939-40 (Osprey, 1998) Howell, Edward, ...


Author: Adrian Stewart

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473848436

Category: History

Page: 248

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For many years the importance and contribution of the Hawker Hurricane was eclipsed by the Spitfire but statistically the Hurricane was superior in the majority of cases. Thanks to Tommy Sopwiths initiative and gamble the Hurricane was ready at the outbreak of the Second World War and in service throughout.As this superbly researched book reveals by examining the roles, actions and personalities of ten Hurricane squadrons, this iconic aircraft was not only exceptionally robust but astonishingly versatile. We track its performance from the Battle of France and Britain through the Middle East, Italy and on to Burma. It excelled as day and night interceptor, intruder and importantly as a rocket firing tank buster.The Hurricane inspired great loyalty among its pilots and their colourful personalities and thrilling experiences make this splendid book an informative and entertaining read.


... Here is the News: The BBC and the Second World War (2007) Hiscock, Melvyn, Hawker Hurricane: Inside and Out (2003) Holland, James, Fortress Malta (2003) ...


Author: Leo McKinstry

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781848543942

Category: History

Page: 384

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In the summer of 1940 the fate of Europe hung in the balance. Victory in the forthcoming air battle would mean national survival; defeat would establish German tyranny. The Luftwaffe greatly outnumbered the RAF, but during the Battle of Britain it was the RAF that emerged triumphant, thanks to two key fighter planes, the Spitfire and the Hurricane. The Hurricane made up over half of Fighter Command's front-line strength, and its revolutionary design transformed the RAF's capabilities. Leo McKinstry tells the story of the remarkable plane from its designers to the first-hand testimonies of those brave pilots who flew it; he takes in the full military and political background but always keeps the human stories to the fore - to restore the Hawker Hurricane to its rightful place in history.

Hawker Hurricane

and Sea Hurricane Martin Derry, Neil Robinson ... navigation lights – for which the recesses will first need to be cut out of the solid plastic wingtips.


Author: Martin Derry

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473827257

Category: History

Page: 96

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When Sidney Camm's masterpiece, the Hawker Hurricane, entered RAF service in late 1937 it quickly became one of the most important aircraft in Britain's military arsenal, especially in the first three years of the Second World War. This title covers the history of this iconic design, from the prototype and the initial production variants' entry in to RAF service, through its development and use, first as a day fighter, and then night fighter, intruder, fighter-bomber, catapult-launched and then carrier-based fighter, and eventually dedicated ground attack machine. ??The Hurricane served in every wartime theatre, from Norway and France, the Battle of Britain, the defence of Malta, to the campaigns in the Western Desert and the Mediterranean, on the Russian Front and in the Far East where it saw service until the end of hostilities.??Split into three primary sections, this volume offers a concise yet informative history of the Hurricane's development, operational career and design improvements, including many contemporary photographs with detailed captions; a 16-page colour illustration section featuring 48 separate aircraft (in profiles and 2-views); and finally a section prepared by that well-known and established doyen of model makers, Tony O'Toole, listing and illustrating the plastic model kits produced of the Hurricane in all scales. ??As with the other books in the Flight Craft series, whilst published primarily with the scale aircraft modeler in mind, it is hoped that those readers who might perhaps describe themselves as 'occasional' modelers Ð if indeed they model at all Ð may also find that this colourful and informative work offers something to provoke their interests too.

Hawker Hurricane Survivors

This aircraft was converted to an instructional airframe on 29 October 1944 and finally written off charge in 1947. The painted serial 'P5202' found inside ...


Author: Gordon Riley

Publisher: Grub Street Publishing

ISBN: 9781910690796

Category: History

Page: 224

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REVIEWS Anyone with an interest in the Hurricane and those who are about to build any of the recent excellent Hurricane kits will find this a fascinating addition to their bookshelf." — Model Airplane International "...heavily illustrated and well produced and will serve as an excellent guide not only for historians but also warbird enthusiasts." — Air Classics Magazine, Feb 2016

Hawker Hurricane Mk I V

Approximately 30 Hurricane fuselages are visible in this photo taken at ... the very day that the first production Hurricane Mk I L1547 was rolled out of ...


Author: Martyn Chorlton

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781780966038

Category: History

Page: 64

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At the outbreak of World War II, only 111 Squadron and a handful of others were equipped with the Hurricane. Thanks to sudden massive orders and a well-organized Hawker sub-contracting production to Gloster and General Aircraft, more squadrons rapidly became operational. Cutting their teeth during the Battle of France, it was during the Battle of Britain that the type excelled and came to form the backbone of Fighter Command. While the Hurricane was steadily overtaken by the Spitfire in the fighter defence role, it remained the fighter of choice in North Africa and the Far East. Despite a large number being shot down in these far-flung conflicts, many received hasty repairs and returned to the fray while more fragile designs were permanently grounded. The Hurricane may not have been the prettiest or, the best-performing aircraft but, as Francis Mason stated: 'The Royal Air Force was glad to get the Spitfire...it had to have the Hurricane!'

Hawker Hurricane

... there was a major raid that almost knocked it out altogether. ... Tragically, a WAAF shelter was hit directly, killing many of the women inside.


Author: Philip Birtles

Publisher: Fonthill Media


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The Hurricane Pocket Manual

Given the affection in which the Hurricane was held by its pilots, perhaps the last word is best left to someone who really knew the aircraft inside out.


Author: Martin Robson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472834270

Category: History

Page: 144

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The Hawker Hurricane was a British single-seat fighter aircraft that was designed and predominantly built by Hawker Aircraft Ltd for the RAF. Although overshadowed by the Spitfire, during the Battle of Britain the Hurricane accounted for 60% of the RAF's air victories in the battle, and served in all the major theatres of the Second World War. The 1930s design evolved through several versions and adaptations, resulting in a series of aircraft that acted as interceptor-fighters, fighter-bombers (also called 'Hurribombers'), and ground support aircraft. Further versions known as the Sea Hurricane had modifications that enabled operation from ships. Some were converted as catapult-launched convoy escorts, known as 'Hurricats'. More than 14,583 Hurricanes were built by the end of 1944 (including at least 800 converted to Sea Hurricanes and some 1,400 built in Canada. The book collates a variety of pamphlets and manuals on the plane that were produced throughout the war for the benefit of pilots and others associated with the aircraft.


... last annual , all cyls 79/80 airplane 9 inside and out , Daytona orange ... ND - 03110BW47Aa0 HAWKER HURRICANE , genuine orig . aircraft , we can ...


Author: Causey Enterprises, LLC

Publisher: Causey Enterprises, LLC




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The Boy on an Eagle

Then out of the darkening sky appeared a lone RAF Hawker Hurricane with guns ... Behind the Hurricane came two more RAF fighter aircraft, surely sent by the ...


Author: Robin H. Meakins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450262071

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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Just after World War I Bert Brown served his engineering apprenticeship at the Eastleigh Railway Works. Afterwards he and three friends joined Saunders refurbishing bombers For The RAF on the Isle of Wight. Later Bert moved to Supermarine to work with R. Mitchell to build the S6, S6A and S6B Schneider Trophy winning floatplanes. Then he went to Short Brothers at Rochester as Chief Inspector of Flying Boats until the war started. In 1940 Bert was sent to Cambridge as Chief Inspector to run a repair organisation called Sebro that was responsible for repairing and rebuilding the Stirling four-engine bombers. They ended up making airworthy over one thousand military aircraft for both the RAF and USAAF. Sebro was to prove how badly the RAF command had planned for war and aircraft repair. In some ways this is still one of the RAF's failures. Bert developed close relationships with the RAF pilots and his engineers that remained For The rest of their lives. His success was so great that the Germans tried to kill him and destroy Sebro on a number of occasions. Luckily they failed. This book is a tribute to Bert Meakins and all aeronautical engineers who have made and still make flying safer for all of us.

Great Wartime Escapes and Rescues

Within a few minutes, Werra was sitting inside the Hawker Hurricane as the mechanic explained the basics of the aircraft. Werra was ready to take off once ...


Author: David W. Mills

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440859168

Category: History

Page: 237

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Students, military historians, and casual readers will all find this compelling collection useful in learning about escape strategies, hostage situations, and rescue operations during times of conflict. • Provides readers with a global collection of wartime rescues and escapes • Offers a broad review of rescues and escapes from multiple conflicts across history • Includes engaging sidebars that augment the entries • Provides readers with an extensive resource list for further reading

Pearl Harbor

Behind it, a Hawker Hurricane was fifty yards off its tail, following every twisting turn of the desperate German pilot, cutting inside the turns to squeeze ...


Author: Newt Gingrich

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429921773

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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"A Thrilling Tale of the Attack That Marked America's Darkest Day" ---W.E.B. Griffin President Franklin D. Roosevelt's speech on December 8, 1941, lasted a mere six and half minutes. But his words and tone-in a monologue that would later be named the Infamy Speech-sent ripples into a nation and a world that continue even today. The historical implications that emerged from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor were unprecedented, launching America not only into the depths of a dangerous war, but forever altering the safety and comfort of everyday living. December 8th became a day of speaking out publicly and declaring war; of action, battle, plotting, and victories. This date's significance is resonant and profound as an indelible moment in American history. Fresh from their series on the American Civil War, bestselling authors Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen now launch a new epic adventure by applying their imaginations and knowledge to the "Date of Infamy"-the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor covers the full spectrum of characters and events from that historic moment, from national leaders and admirals to the views of ordinary citizens caught in the chaos of war. From the chambers of the Emperor of Japan to the American White House, from the decks of aircraft carriers to the playing fields of the Japanese Naval Academy, this powerful story stretches from the nightmare slaughter of China in the 1930s to the lonely office of Commander James Watson, an American cryptographer, who suspects the impending catastrophic attack. It is a story of intrigue, double-dealing, the horrific brutality of war, and the desperate efforts of men of reason on both sides to prevent a titanic struggle that becomes inevitable. Gingrich and Forstchen's now critically acclaimed approach, which they term "active history," examines how a change in but one decision might have profoundly altered American history. In Pearl Harbor, they pose the question of how the presence of but one more man within the Japanese attacking force could have transfigured the war. More than a retelling, the book also serves as a potent warning, valid still today as an example of what happens when communications and understanding breaks down, and a nation is ill-prepared for the onslaught that might ensue. A compelling, meticulously researched saga, Pearl Harbor is also a novel of valor about those who took part in this cataclysmic moment in world history. It inaugurates a dramatic new Pacific War series that begins with the terrifying account of the day that started it all.

Flying to the Limit

HAWKER HURRICANE The Hurricane entered service with No. ... pull out of his dive inside the Messerschmitt, but as he did so he had a tendency to black out, ...


Author: Peter Caygill

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781844152261

Category: History

Page: 214

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Describes the design and testing of British fighter planes during World War II.

Aviation News

... ( Postlethwaite ) £ 17.95 Hawker Hurricane Inside and Out - modeller ref £ 12.95 Hawker ... 17.95 Hurricanes over the Sands Pt.1 ( Lavigne / Edwards ) .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105113525468

Category: Aeronautics


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Letter from a Stranger

Firemen were trying to put out fires that were still blazing, ... however, wasn't allowing them to proceed unmolested, and hundreds of Hawker Hurricane and ...


Author: Louise Roberts

Publisher: Luminosity Publishing

ISBN: 9781910397909

Category: Fiction

Page: 57

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A letter from a stranger is meant to boost the morale of front-line troops. For one soldier romance blissfully awaits… At the outbreak of the Second World War, in Britain, women were encouraged to write letters to the men on the front line. For Jean White this would lead to a friendship with Bill Brooks, an anti-aircraft gunner with the Royal Artillery serving on the south coast of England at the height of the Blitz. As German aircraft drop their deadly payloads over London and devastate most of southern England, the relationship between Jean and Bill blossoms. Through their correspondence, at first and then when they finally meet. It’s as though the world has stood still. A quiet weekend away from London strengthens their bond and romance blissfully flourishes. As the war intensifies and Bill’s impending departure to foreign shores looms ever closer their future together seems insecure, until a few days before his departure when Bill proposes marriage. Will Jean accept the proposal or will doubt keep them apart?

Baling Out

The wreckage, with Tuck trapped inside, began plummeting towards the earth. ... of his Hawker Hurricane fighter in 1940, with 23 'kills' stencilled under ...


Author: Robert Jackson

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781783460342

Category: History

Page: 224

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To bale out of a stricken airplane is a pilot's or aircrew's final chance to escape death. It is a traumatic and hazardous exercise that is only practiced in extremis and is in itself full of danger with no guarantee of survival. Many struggled free of a flaming and spinning aircraft only to see their parachute alight above them, some were machine gunned to death by their opponents as they drifted to earth, some landed in mine-fields and were blown apart and many landed in forests and died suspended from the treetops. And yet many survived, some to fight again and some to become prisoners of war. This book relates the experiences of many airmen who survived to tell the tale, some quite remarkable because of pure good luck, some because of ingenuity and some through pure determination to survive at all costs.This book includes escapes from crippled German, British and US aircraft; stories of the first pilots to use parachutes in WW1; amazing escapes from aircraft in the inter-war years.

Achtung Schweinehund

Inside, black and white drawings. A trio of Hawker Hurricanes swooped down on a German convoy in northern France. 'We've caught Jerry with his pants down, ...


Author: Harry Pearson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349139739

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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This is a book about men and war. Not real conflict but war as it has filtered down to generations of boys and men through toys, comics, games and movies. Harry Pearson belongs to the great battalion of British men who grew up playing with toy soldiers - refighting World War II - and then stopped growing up. Inspired by the photos of the gallant pilot uncles that decorated the wall above his father's model-making table, by Sergeant Hurricane, Action Man and Escape from Colditz, dressed in Clarks' commando shoes and with the Airfix Army in support, he battled in the fields and on the beaches, in his head and on the sitting-room floor and across his bedroom ceiling. And thirty years later he still is. ACHTUNG SCHWEINEHUND! is a celebration of those glory days, a boy's own story of the urge to play, to conquer - and to adopt very bad German accents, shouting 'Donner und Blitzen' at every opportunity. This is a tale of obsession, glue and plastic kits. It is the story of one boy's imaginary war and where it led him.

Inside the Nazi War Machine

... in the rear and knocking out Allied aircraft still lined up on the ground. ... Air Force deployed on the Continent a few Hawker Hurricane fighters, ...


Author: Bevin Alexander

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101460917

Category: History

Page: 320

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"Inside the Nazi War Machine vividly recounts how Rommel, von Manstein and Guderian turned the Blitzkrieg into a fearsome weapon of war in France in 1940, and how Hitler botched his best opportunity to have defeated the BEF, and perhaps defeated Britain.”—Carlo D’Este, author of Patton: A Genius For War In 1940, as Hitler plotted to conquer Europe, only one nation posed a serious threat to the Third Reich's domination: France. The German command was wary of taking on the most powerful armed force on the continent. But three low-ranking generals—Eric von Manstein, Heinz Guderian, and Erwin Rommel—were about to change the face of modern warfare. By grouping tanks into juggernauts to slam through enemy lines, the blitzkrieg was born. With this aggressive, single-minded plan, the Nazis bypassed the supposedly impenetrable Maginot Line, charged into the heart of France, and alerted the world that the deadly might of Germany could no longer be ignored.