Herbal Prescriptions for Health and Healing

Today, it is a popular alternative to conventional medicine. "Herbal Prescriptions for Health and Healing is an indispensable guide that will introduce you to 20 of the most frequently used herbs.


Author: Donald J. Brown

Publisher: Prima Lifestyles

ISBN: 076152410X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 442

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For centuries herbal medicine has offered safe, inexpensive, and effective ways to treat a wide variety of health conditions. Today, it is a popular alternative to conventional medicine. "Herbal Prescriptions for Health and Healing is an indispensable guide that will introduce you to 20 of the most frequently used herbs. Whether you're a novice or an experienced herb user, you'll find many helpful tips for a wide variety of ailments, including: Arthritis High blood pressure Colds and flus Diabetes Memory loss And many more!

Herbal Medicine

Using herbs can actively help our self-healing process and strengthen out overall good health. This practical guide covers all aspects of herbal medicine - from its history on how to prepare remedies for common ailments.


Author: Vicki Pitman

Publisher: Element Books, Limited

ISBN: 1852305916

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More and more of us are turning to safe and gentle herbal remedies to maintain our well-being. Not only are herbs effective medicines but herbal medicine's holistic approach to healing encourages us to develop an understanding of our bodies and their constitutional predisposition. Using herbs can actively help our self-healing process and strengthen out overall good health. This practical guide covers all aspects of herbal medicine - from its history on how to prepare remedies for common ailments.

Herbal Prescriptions for Health and Healing

Today, it is a popular alternative to conventional medicine. HerbalPrescriptions for Health and Healing is an indispensable guide that will introduce you to 20 of the most frequently used herbs. Whether you're a novice or an experienced ...


Author: Donald J. Brown

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 9780940985582

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 442

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This book is an indispensable guide that will introduce you to 20 of the most frequently used herbs.

The Politics of Healing

Histories of Alternative Medicine in Twentieth-century North America Robert D. Johnston. Changed Science ? ( Cambridge , Mass .: Harvard University Press , 1999 ) ... Kathi Keville with Peter Korn , Herbs for Health and Healing : A Drug ...


Author: Robert D. Johnston

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415933390

Category: Medical

Page: 388

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Maurice Ravel: A Research and Information Guide is an annotated bibliography concerning both the nature of primary sources related to the composer and the scope and significance of the secondary sources which deal with him, his compositions, and his influence as a composer and theorist.

Integrative Oncology

Healing Touch 209 , 299 , 341 breast cancer patients 425-6 current trial 215-16 see also energy medicine health ... related physical fitness 173–4 herbal treatments contaminants 32-3 hypothetical clinical trial 104–5 herb - drug ...


Author: Matthew P. Mumber

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0415374154

Category: Medical

Page: 544

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Integrative Oncology explores a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to cancer care that addresses all individuals involved in the process, and can include the use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies alongside conventional modalities such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy. The number of integrative care programs is increasing worldwide and this book forms a foundation text for all who want to learn more about this growing field. This guide provides a thoughtful and generous perspective on integrative care, an outstanding overview of the exciting clinical opportunities these techniques can offer, and a guide to the new territories that all oncologists and CAM practitioners need to explore and understand.

Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine

By drawing on ethnobotany to better understand alternative models of health, illness and healing, historians can create respect and appreciation for other medical systems throughout space and time. This, in turn, encourages innovation ...


Author: Susan Francia

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781441143570

Category: History

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Why has the history of Western herbal medicine received such little research coverage in any systematic and authoritative way, even though it has figured large in both lay and learned healthcare of the past? What methods and sources are most appropriate for the study of medicinal herbs and herbal practices of the past? This collection provides historians with a coherent guide to a variety of sources in relation to medicinal plants that they have thus far lacked. Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine encourages a serious re-assessment of research in the history of herbal medicine and provides examples of appropriate methodologies and critical examinations of relevant sources. In this innovative collection, historians and researchers from a range of disciplines come together to share material on the identification and use of medicinal plants, the activities of people involved with herbal medicine and the investigation of past herbal therapeutic beliefs and practice. Classical and medieval scholars, social and literary historians, archaeologists and ethnobotanists all contribute to this exploration of the history of Western herbal medicine.

Menopause Osteoporosis

Linda Rector page has been working in the field sites nutrition and herbal medicine both professionally and as a ... Today , she is the editor - in - chief of a national monthly , natural health newsletter , The Natural Healing Report .


Author: Linda Rector-Page

Publisher: Healthy Healing, Inc.

ISBN: 1884334903

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 64

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Linda Page has been saying it for years: Good food is good medicine. Now, in her new revolutionary cookbook set, she presents the latest information about the problems with today's food supply and shows how to use food as medicine, for healing, and for wellness.

Colds and Flu and You

I inda Rector - Page has been working in the fields of nutrition and herbal medicine both professionally and as a ... of the alternative healing world has been the cornerstone of success for her reference work Healthy Healing now in its ...


Author: Linda R. Page

Publisher: Healthy Healing, Inc.

ISBN: 1884334474

Category: Cold (Disease)

Page: 30

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Colds and flu respond to different treatments. This book includes a symptom chart, natural therapies and a section devoted to information about building your immune response. Diets and healing programmes for Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Bacterial Pneumonia, Viral Pneumonia, Sinusitis.

Medicine Health and Being Human

... by presenting healing practices in the AfroBrazilian religion Candomblé, based on my ethnographic research with a Candomblé community in Northeast Brazil. ... local pagan healing methods including magic and herbal medicine.


Author: Lesa Scholl

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351402132

Category: Social Science

Page: 276

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Medicine, Health and Being Human begins a conversation to explore how the medical has defined us: that is, the ways in which perspectives of medicine and health have affected cultural understandings of what it means to be human. With chapters that span from the early modern period through to the contemporary world, and are drawn from a range of disciplines, this volume holds that incremental historical and cultural influences have brought about an understanding of humanity in which the medical is ingrained, consciously or unconsciously, usually as a mode of legitimisation. Divided into three parts, the book follows a narrative path from the integrity of the human soul, through to the integrity of the material human body, then finally brought together through engaging with end-of-life responses. Part 1 examines the move from spirituality to psychiatry in terms of the way medical science has influenced cultural understandings of the mind. Part 2 interrogates the role that medicine has played in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in constructing and deconstructing the self and other, including the fusion of visual objectivity and the scientific gaze in constructing perceptions of humanity. Part 3 looks at the limits of medicine when the integrity of one body breaks down. It contends with the ultimate question of the extent to which humanity is confined within the integrity of the human body, and how medicine and the humanities work together toward responding to the finality of death. This is a valuable contribution for all those interested in the medical humanities, history of medicine, history of ideas and the social approaches to health and illness.

Herbal Defense

Amid a rising tide of increasingly ruthless “superbug” outbreaks, in a world where our health professionals themselves admit that disease appears to be outrunning the effectiveness of our standard medicines, fear is running high.


Author: Robyn Landis

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780759520851

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 576

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With Herbal Defense, bestselling fitness author Royn Landis teams up with master herbalist Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, to offer a guide to herbal remedies for everyday ailments.

The Estrogen Alternative

Donald J. Brown , Herbal Prescriptions for Better Health ( Rocklin , CA : Prima , 1996 ) , 181 , 182 , and D. Propping ... Barbara Joseph , M.D. , My Healing from Breast Cancer ( New Canaan , CT : Keats Publishing Inc. , 1996 ) , 222 .


Author: Raquel Martin

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 1594770336

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 330

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Provides up-to-date information on natural alternatives to synthetic hormone replacement therapy, including new studies on using natural progesterone to combat a multitude of illnesses such as hormone deficiency, PMS, fibromyalgia, depression, miscarriages, and infertility. Original.

Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally

Journal of the Canadian Medical Association 81 (1959): 235–38. Hoffman, David. ... Connecticut State Medical Journal 17, no. 7 (1953): 584–89. Kroeger, Hanna. Heal Your ... Mowrey, Daniel B. The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine.


Author: Raquel Martin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594778742

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 272

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A comprehensive self-help program designed to prevent and reverse degenerative inflammatory diseases without drugs and their unwelcome side effects. • The program in this book is designed to help millions who suffer from chronic arthritis pain to heal, rather than to just medicate their symptoms. • Takes a holistic approach to finding the causes of arthritis pain and offers a self-help treatment program designed to heal the body from the inside out by incorporating medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements, exercise, diet, and chiropractic care. • Raquel Martin is the author of the bestselling book The Estrogen Alternative. Each year thousands of people struggling with the debilitating effects of arthritis hear their doctors say that they will just have to learn to live with the pain. After experiencing this firsthand, Raquel Martin was determined to find a better way. Together with Dr. Karen Romano, Martin developed a comprehensive self-help program designed to prevent and reverse degenerative inflammatory disease without drugs and their unwelcome or dangerous side effects. The authors show readers how to address the causes rather than medicate the symptoms of arthritis by implementing holistic lifestyle changes--from medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements, and natural hormone therapy to whole foods, exercise, and chiropractic care. Thoroughly researched and clearly presented, Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally guides readers through the labyrinth of recent medical studies related to the effects and treatment of this disease. In addition, it discusses the exclusion of alternative therapies from most insurance coverage and provides advice on the action consumers can take to address this. Part practical medical resource, part encouraging guide, Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally will inspire all readers to take charge of all aspects of their health.

The Male Herbal

Herbal medicine is in fact an empirically proven science: the experiencebased science of humans healing humans with plants. Certainly, a discriminating skepticism is healthy and wise, but, at the same time, I enthusiastically and ...


Author: James Green

Publisher: Crossing Press

ISBN: 9780307779458

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

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In this long-awaited second edition of THE MALE HERBAL, James Green gives men and boys the tools they need to create or maintain physical and emotional health through a customized herbal program. By following Green's newly developed constitutional model and referencing the comprehensive alphabetical herbal listings, men can create an herbal program attuned to their unique body type, lifestyle, and health needs. Featuring life-changing information about common plants, herbal alternatives to Viagra, medicinal uses of herbs for male-specific issues, and nearly thirty recipes for teas, tinctures, salves, and tonics, this updated guide emphasizes prevention and health with sensitivity and wisdom.

Cooking for Healthy Healing

She read voraciously about herbal healing . Good friends shopped for herbs and she began to formulate the many compounds which would eventually save her life , revitalize her health and restore beautiful new hair and skin .


Author: Linda Page

Publisher: Healthy Healing, Inc.

ISBN: 1884334822

Category: Cooking

Page: 548

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Linda Page has been saying it for years: Good food is good medicine. Now, in her new revolutionary cookbook set, she presents the latest information about the problems with today's food supply and shows how to use food as medicine, for healing, and for wellness.

Rosemary Gladstar s Herbal Healing for Men

Healing Arts Press, 2007. ———. Pine Pollen: Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium. SurThrival, 2011. ———. Vital Man, Natural Health Care for Men at Midlife. Avery/Penguin Putnam, 2003. De Luca, Diana. Botanica Erotica: Arousing Body, ...


Author: Rosemary Gladstar

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781612124780

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 710

Best-selling author Rosemary Gladstar, long known for her outstanding recipes, now customizes her expertise for men. Dozens of delicious and simple formulas address men’s most common health concerns — including sexual vitality, prostate well-being, and heart health. An A-to-Z compendium of these ailments details how to effectively treat them using a variety of safe and easy natural remedies. In-depth profiles of 29 herbs explain how men will benefit from each and suggest uses and accessible preparation tips. This handy guidebook for men — and the women who love them — provides a helpful introduction to this crucial, but often-overlooked, aspect of natural wellness.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Made Easy

Chinese medicine is one of the leaders of healing in the new upcoming millennium. ... I hold the concept that Chinese medicine promotes good health and well being and that one's body is dependent of the maximum production, ...


Author: Bradley W. Kuhns, Ph.D., O.M.D.

Publisher: Bradley Kuhns,Ph.D.,O.M.D.

ISBN: 9780983238089

Category: Medical

Page: 215

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A book for those wanting to study acupuncture and oriental medicine techniques. Acupuncture students, practicing acupuncturists,chiropractors, Western and Eastern medicine heath care providers may find this book a good volume to add to their reference library. For those that read and Dr. Kuhns procedures, techniques, approaches and strategies they'll be amazed at how their skills will improve.

Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism

The vital question remains: how can we achieve vibrant, lasting health and well-being? In my personal pilgrimage as a practitioner of herbal and nutritional medicine, I am increasingly aware that most people I encounter, regardless of ...


Author: Donald R. Yance

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781620551318

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 672

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A scientifically based herbal and nutritional program to master stress, improve energy, prevent degenerative disease, and age gracefully • Explains how adaptogenic herbs work at the cellular level to enhance energy production and subdue the pro-inflammatory state behind degenerative disease • Explores the author’s custom adaptogenic blends for the immune system, cardiovascular health, thyroid function, brain health, and cancer treatment support • Provides more than 60 monographs on herbs and nutritional compounds based on more than 25 years of clinical practice with thousands of patients Weaving together the ancient wisdom of herbalism and the most up-to-date scientific research on cancer, aging, and nutrition, renowned medical herbalist and clinical nutritionist Donald Yance reveals how to master stress, improve energy levels, prevent degenerative disease, and age gracefully with the elite herbs known as adaptogens. Yance’s holistic approach, called the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS), is based on extensive scientific research, more than 25 years of clinical practice, and excellent results with thousands of patients. It centers on four interconnected groups of health tools: botanical formulations, nutritional supplements, diet, and lifestyle. Defining three categories for adaptogenic herbs, he explains how formulations should combine herbs from each category to create a synergistic effect. He provides more than 60 monographs on herbs and nutritional compounds as well as custom combinations to revitalize the immune system, build cardiovascular health, protect brain function, manage weight, and support cancer treatment. He explains the interplay of endocrine health, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, thyroid function, and stress in the aging process and reveals how adaptogenic treatment begins at the cellular level with the mitochondria--the microscopic energy producers present in every living cell. Emphasizing spirituality, exercise, and diet in addition to herbal treatments and nutritional supplements, Yance’s complete lifestyle program explores how to enhance energy production in the body and subdue the proinflammatory state that lays the groundwork for nearly every degenerative disease, taking you from merely surviving to thriving.

The Enchantment of Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medication: a Clinical and Dispensary Handbook. ... In: H. Brice-Ytsma & F. Watkins (Eds.), Herbal Exchanges: in Celebration of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists 1864–2014 ... Henry VIII and the Art of Herbal Healing.


Author: Guy Waddell

Publisher: Aeon Books

ISBN: 9781912807314

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 331

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Through interviews with British herbalists, the importance of hidden experiences of meetings with plants is explored alongside how such 'enchantment' has influenced the narrative of their lives. Some herbalists have visible entryways into studying, such as personal experience of taking herbal medicine, a search for a new career or a love of nature. Other entryways are more hidden, with many noting 'crossings' and 'callings' with plants at a young age. This sensual ability of herbs raises questions about the agency of living plants and of herbal medicines, and about how the relationship between herbalists and plants may be reconceived. Meetings with plants and herbal medicines allow herbalists to draw easily from a diverse range of influences that others may see as incommensurable."This fascinating, original and challenging book convincingly explores modern-day herbalists understanding of their place in the complementary health world, against the backdrop of encroaching professionalisation, legitimacy and scientism. In his case study interviews with herbalists, Guy Waddell draws our attention to the enchanting power of plants and their agentic qualities. In his quest for greater understanding of their sensual power, the author rejects the conventional modernity/rationalisation thesis, seen both in the sensual- affective energy that herbalists draw upon and in the ontological implications of human/nonhuman crossings. This book is an excellent contribution to our understanding of Western herbal medicine and contemporary thought." - Dr Stuart McClean, PhD. Associate Professor in Public Health (Health and Wellbeing), University of the West of England"In the field of herbal medicine, few seem to know their history and the lessons it teaches us. In The Enchantment of Western Herbal Medicine, Dr Guy Waddell not only provides the reader with a detailed history of the trials and triumphs of British Phytotherapy, but also travels into uncharted territory looking at how herbalists come to find their passion for plants and the use of them to help heal others. This is a new area of research and exploring the entryways to practice though interviews and clinician narratives is both a fascinating undertaking and a unique way of understanding our own motivations and experiences as herbalists." - David Winston, RH(AHG), DSc (hc), author of Adaptogens; Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief"Both compelling and challenging, Guy Waddell's unique book is filled with the voices of herbalists and makes essential reading for anyone on their own journey into herbalism or those interested in human- plant relationships. Here is a much-needed roadmap for all who are exploring the diverse choices between ancient and modern, science and tradition, evidence and intuition, and human and nonhuman agency. My congratulations to the author for so brilliantly signposting the fundamental unity that resides at the heart of herbal practice." - Phil Deakin. President of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists

Rodale s 21st Century Herbal

Holistic healers use methods, such as massage therapy with herbal oils, that promote the wellness ofthe whole person. ... Holistic medicine is another term for an integrative approach to healing: The health-care professional treats the ...


Author: Michael Balick

Publisher: Rodale Books

ISBN: 9781609618056

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 512

View: 678

It turns out that Mother Nature is a brilliant chemist. Our ancestors have used indigenous herbs in daily life for thousands of years due to these plants' ability to heal and promote good health. Now modern science has identified the compounds that give herbs their medicinal qualities, scent, and flavor. The extraordinary diversity of herbal plants has the potential to improve our health and well-being, and we are wholeheartedly incorporating herbs, both fresh and dried, into our lifestyles—for well-being, healing, gardening, beauty, ceremony, and a richer, fuller life. Presented in three parts, Rodale's 21st-Century Herbal first explores the historical relationship between people and herbal plants and how it has evolved over time. In the second part, readers will delve into an A-to-Z encyclopedia of 180 of the most useful herbs from around the globe, not only familiar herbs like bilberry and nasturtium, but also cutting-edge herbs from other cultures, like red bush tea and maca, that are now available in the West. The final section highlights how herbs create a "fuller" life and features herbal cooking techniques, ways to use herbs for beauty and the bath, ideas for daily herbal use (such as green cleaning, fragrances, decor, smudging, and dyeing), gardening and growing how-tos (with illustrated garden designs), and advice for holistic herbal pet care.

Chakra Healing

Prana is a key element in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of health and longevity that emphasizes a whole-life approach to health and life extension, including physical and breathing exercises, diet, massage, herbal medicine, ...


Author: Betsy Rippentrop, Ph.D.

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781615649327

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 352

View: 443

Renew your life force with the chakras' seven energy centers Chakras--seven power sources corresponding to your nervous system--are capable of revitalizing your body and restoring your spirit--and they're all natural, so no need for any caffeine or sugar! This book will show you how to use these seven energy sources to instill a healthy balance and a happy life. You'll find clear information on what charkras do, simple practices to open and align your chakras, tips on using chakras to feel better in all aspects of your life, methods of measuring your chakras and their energy patterns, and even techniques to reveal any hidden chronic pain or anxiety you may have. Let the pages inside this book energize the power inside of you!