History and Electronic Artefacts

Historians are used to handling paper and parchment record in archives. These are actual pieces of correspondence which passed between historical actors. They are alsorelatively stable artefacts which can be preserved easily.


Author: Edward Higgs

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198236336

Category: History

Page: 345

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We are now entering a world of electronic communications where an increasing amount of contemporary information is created and retained only in electronic form. How will such unstable flows of information be preserved for future historians? Will the future have a past? Will the history of ourcontemporary world be lost to our descendants?History and Electronic Artefacts is the first publication to examine the implications of this revolution for historical research. Historians are used to handling paper and parchment record in archives. These are actual pieces of correspondence which passed between historical actors. They are alsorelatively stable artefacts which can be preserved easily. Two factors introduced by the electronic revolution threaten the existence of paper archives: the dissociation between information content and the media by which it is transmitted ruptures the solidity of the archival object. The ability tostore electronic information anywhere and access it remotely via networks could make the central paper archive redundant.Experts from the fields of information management and technology, data archiving, library science, as well as historians, consider the issues raised in depth. The authors also place a unique emphasis on European developments.

History in the Digital Age

See: S. Brand, 'Escaping the digital dark age', Library Journal, 124: 2 (1999), 46–
48; S. Ross, 'The expanding world of electronic information and the past's future',
in E. Higgs (ed.), History and Electronic Artefacts (Oxford: Clarendon Press, ...


Author: Toni Weller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780415666961

Category: History

Page: 212

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The digital age is affecting all aspects of historical study, but much of the existing literature about history in the digital age can be alienating to the traditional historian who does not necessarily value or wish to embrace digital resources. History in the Digital Age takes a more conceptual look at how the digital age is affecting the field of history for both scholars and students. The printed copy, the traditional archive, and analogue research remain key constitute parts for most historians and for many will remain precious and esteemed over digital copies, but there is a real need for historians and students of history to seriously consider some of the conceptual and methodological challenges facing the field of historical enquiry as we enter the twenty-first century. Including international contributors from a variety of disciplines - History, English, Information Studies and Archivists – this book does not seek either to applaud or condemn digital technologies, but takes a more conceptual view of how the field of history is being changed by the digital age. Essential reading for all historians.

Historical Social Research

German Unification and Electronic Records , in : Edward Higgs ( Hrsg . ) : History
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digitaler Datenbestände aus der DDR nach der Wiedervereinigung , in : Udo ...




ISBN: UVA:X006098700

Category: Social history


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The Contemporary History Handbook

Edward Higgs and Seamus Ross ( eds ) , Historians and Electronic Artefacts (
forthcoming ) . National Historical Publications and Records Commission ,
Research Issues in Electronic Records ( 1991 ) . Seamus Ross , ' Introduction :
historians ...


Author: Brian Brivati


ISBN: STANFORD:36105019483275

Category: History

Page: 488

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This guide should be useful to those studying and researching modern history. International and up to date, it covers sources and controversies in the subject area and includes a section of useful addresses. The volume is divided into three main sections which together comprise a reference work for contemporary historians.


History and Electronic Artefacts . Reviewed by Newton E. Key . 29 : 1 107-11
Hinton , Laura . The Perverse Gaze of Sympathy : Sado - Masochistic Sentiments
from Clarissa to Rescue 911. Reviewed by Daryl Ogden 30 : 2 231-39 Hoeveler ...




ISBN: NWU:35556033680539

Category: Historiography


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Media History

The Pursuit of Media History . Media , Culture & Society 16 ( 4 ) ... Audio - Visual
History : the Development of a New Field of Research . Historical Journal of Film ,
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Author: Niels Brügger

Publisher: Aarhus Universitetsforlag

ISBN: UOM:39015055464336

Category: History

Page: 196

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Based on the Aarhus seminar, this book provided a reflection on the theoretical and methodological problems inherent in the writing of media histories & looks at published histories that provide models of empirical research within various media.


to address the issues of human communicative practices and the artefacts
themselves as material and social products . The explosion of interest over the
past two decades in the history of the book suggested that the time might be right
for a similar effort to develop an ... Digital formats , easily communicated through
electronic networks , are also caught in faster cycles of innovation and change .




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Library Information Science Abstracts

Electronic publishing - Information industry : 3587 Online databases : 3719
Online information retrieval : 3705 Health ... 3132 History and electronic artefacts
Book review abstracts : 2989 Hof Technical University Germany - Technological ...




ISBN: UOM:39015079654821

Category: Information science


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History and electronic artefacts , ed . by Edward Higgs . Oxford : Clarendon Press
, 1998. o 19 823633 6. O 19 823634 4 ( pbk ) . This impressive volume is a new
version of a collection of essays originally published in a limited print run under ...




ISBN: NWU:35556033677980

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Digital Culture

( http : / / www . rlg . org / ArchTFI ) Wettengel , M . ( 1998 ) German unification
and electronic records , the example of the Kaderdatenspeicher . In History and
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Arts ...


Author: National Preservation Office

Publisher: London : National Preservation Office, The British Library

ISBN: UOM:39015049555553

Category: Computer software

Page: 85

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A synthesis of JISC/NPO studies on the preservation of electronic materials.

Life Death and Statistics

Elizabeth Fee and Roy M . Acheson ( eds ) , A history of education in public
health . ... Riley , James C . , ' Disease without death : new sources for a history of
sickness ' , Journal of Interdisciplinary History , 17 ... History and electronic
artefacts ...


Author: Edward Higgs

Publisher: University of Hertfordshire Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105112997361

Category: History

Page: 258

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A treasure trove of statistical information and historical background, this sourcebook is the complete history of the General Register Office—the key institution in the production of demographic data in England and Wales in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Details are provided on how the office became responsible for the British and Welsh civil registration system and the taking of censuses every ten years—from which it produced statistics on population, birth rates, mortality, and causes of death. This resource places the office’s work in an intellectual, institutional, and political framework.

Digital Futures

Wettengel , M . ( 1998 ) German unification and electronic records . In Higgs , E . (
ed . ) History and electronic artefacts , Clarendon Press . Wheatley , P . ( 2000 )
Migration : а CAMİLEON discussion paper , available at http : / / 129 . 11 . 152 .


Author: Marilyn Deegan

Publisher: Library Assn Pub Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015054392173

Category: Computers

Page: 276

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The rise of the Internet and the rapid expansion of electronic communication media, information gathering, storage and transmission have presented fresh challenges to those responsible for preserving the cultural memory of society. This book looks at how librarians and information professionals can locate the electronic resources most relevant to the needs of their users, integrate these resources into the infrastructure of their institutions, manage the necessary technology and anticipate future trends in the digital age. It is targeted at the needs of libraries and information organizations of all types: educational, public and corporate.

The Future of Memory

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Author: Giulio Blasi

Publisher: Brepols Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105112435602

Category: History

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Information Retrieval Library Automation

Who will be authorized to use the digital resource and under what conditions ? ...
History and Electronic Artefacts originated in a 1993 conference in London
sponsored by the British Academy and the International Association for History
and ...




ISBN: NWU:35556030905319

Category: Information storage and retrieval systems


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Preserving Digital Information

Requirements for the Digital Research Library . ” College and Research Libraries
56 : 4 ( July 1995 ) , 331–339 . Granstrom , Claes , “ Swedish Society and
Electronic Data . ” In History and Electronic Artefacts , edited by Edward Higgs .
Oxford ...


Author: Gregory S. Hunter

Publisher: Neal Schuman Pub

ISBN: STANFORD:36105028486293

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 169

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Provides strategies designed to help people capture and preserve digital information in a variety of ways.


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Contingent Digital Objects : The Inter - PARES Project ' , D Lib Magazine , Vol . 6 ,
no .




ISBN: UOM:39015068967861

Category: Archives


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The Culture of European History in the 21st Century

European Experts ' Meeting on Electronic Records ; 1997 . Higgs , E .; Machine -
Readable Records , Archives and Historical Memory , History and Computing ;
4.3 / 1992 . Higgs , E. ( Ed . ) ; History and Electronic Artefacts ; 1998 . Information


Author: Susanne Kolb

Publisher: Nicolaische Verlagsbuchhandlung Beuermann GmbH

ISBN: STANFORD:36105210258989

Category: Europe

Page: 280

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Exposing Electronics

This is a book for museum professionals and museology students: for serious historians who want to look beyond their usual documentary sources.


Author: Bernard S. Finn

Publisher: NMSI Trading Ltd

ISBN: 1900747480

Category: Electronic apparatus and appliances

Page: 199

View: 304

This is a book for museum professionals and museology students: for serious historians who want to look beyond their usual documentary sources. It is also for anyone who is intrigued by the electronic devices that are woven into our culture (such as J A Fleming's valve, Earl Bakken's pacemaker or the supercomputers of Seymour Cray) and who sense that they have something to say about their own history. Whilst it is clear that all artefacts have the power to provoke thought, inspire action and arouse passions (as the ability of museum exhibitions to stimulate controversy shows), less well recognised or understood is the value of objects for historical research. In this volume, curators and other historians examine electronic artefacts preserved in collections around the world, demonstrating the manifold ways in which they can be employed in the study of the history of science and technology -- for example by motivating a line of research or by providing hard evidence toward the resolution of a hitherto insoluble problem. In addition, there is a section devoted to the process by which electrical items are collected and the museums in which many of them are preserved. The 'Artefacts' series is sponsored by the Science Museum in London, UK, the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, USA, with help from professional historians in other museums and elsewhere.