How to Defeat Your Own Clone

How to Defeat Your Own Clone is the ultimate survival guide to what lies ahead. Just remember the first rule of engagement: Don’t ever let your clone read this book!


Author: Kyle Kurpinski

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 9780553907162

Category: Science

Page: 192

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Send in the clones! On second thought, maybe not. CAN IT READ MY MIND? WILL IT BE EVIL? HOW DO I STOP IT? Find out the answers to these and other burning questions in this funny, informative, and ingenious book from two bioengineering experts who show you how to survive—and thrive—in a new age of truly weird science. For decades, science fiction has been alerting us to the wonders and perils of our biotech future—from the prospects of gene therapy to the pitfalls of biological warfare. Now that future looms before us. Don’t panic! This book is all you need to prepare for the new world that awaits us, providing indispensable cautionary advice on topics such as • bioenhancements: They’re not just for cyborgs anymore. • DNA sequencing and fingerprinting: What’s scarier than the government having your DNA on file? Try having it posted on the Internet. • human cloning: Just like you, only stronger, smarter, and more attractive. In other words: more dangerous. Our future may be populated by designer babies, genetically enhanced supersoldiers, and one (or more!) of your genetic duplicates, but all is not lost. How to Defeat Your Own Clone is the ultimate survival guide to what lies ahead. Just remember the first rule of engagement: Don’t ever let your clone read this book!

Powering Up a Career in Biotechnology

How to Defeat Your Own Clone and Other Tips for Surviving the Biotech Revolution. New York, NY: Bantam Books, 2009. Lewis, Ricki. The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It. New York, NY: St. Martin's Griffin, 2013.


Author: Eric Minton

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781499460926

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 80

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The biotech industry is one of today’s most exciting and swiftly evolving fields. This informative guide explains the sorts of courses and extracurricular activities that are required or strongly encouraged when laying the foundation for a biotech career. The book explores the various areas of biotechnology—from bioinformatics, immunology, and microbiology to industrial biotechnology and biomedical and genetic engineering—and explains the specific educational and experiential requirements for each type of biotech job and its typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities. Also included are tips for professional development, advancement, and lifelong learning. A great resource for STEM-focused students!


This from a Trill who was ready to chuck her entire Starfleet career just a few days after meeting a guy named Doral in “Meridian. ... At the end of this episode Odo says that killing your own clone is still murder. That's funny.


Author: Phil Farrand

Publisher: Dell

ISBN: 9780307799258

Category: Social Science

Page: 400

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Every episode of the first four seasons of equipment oddities, weird science, strange but true observations, and nutty technical difficulties for discriminating fans of Deep Space Nine. Commanders Log, DS9: Star Date 46379.1: Bajor below. The cosmos above. Bloopers Everywhere! How long is the wormhole? In "Emissary," it is 70,000 light years. Four episodes later Sisko says it is 90,000. Better check the odometer, Sisko! Does the Space Station rotate? Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't! Look at the stars in the windows... Now that NextGen is history, the time has come to take a leap through hyperspace and land on Deep Space Nine. It's unexplored territory for nitpicking, the ultimate challenge for discriminating fans. This guide brings you the scoop on Deep Space Nine--the good, the bad, and the Ferengi. Author Phil Farrand (with a little help from his Trekker friends) has had his VCR in warp drive and surveyed every DS9 episode of the first four seasons for the glitches, gaffs, and goofs that neither the station's engineers nor the show's writers have solved. Sit yourself down with this guide in one hand, your remote control in the other, and see for yourself what the wormhole has wrought.

The Clone Apocalypse

“Fire a pulse weapon near an Explorer, and you'll shut her engines down and wreak havoc on the electrical system. ... Freeman “You're on your own, Harris,” and ended call. said, the As Freeman placed his phone back in his pocket, ...


Author: Steven L. Kent

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698157842

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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Earth, A.D. 2519. The clone soldiers of the Enlisted Man’s Empire, formerly members of the Unified Authority’s powerful military, believe they have finally secured their freedom. They may not live to learn how wrong they are… After launching an unsuccessful invasion of Washington, D.C., the Unified Authority is on the verge of defeat. Then the clones intercept a message detailing the U.A.’s last ditch plan for survival: a super weapon, a virus designed to attack the clones’ internal architecture. Only one clone was created without the fatal flaw—Wayson Harris, an outlaw model with independent thoughts and an addiction to violence. As his empire collapses and his comrades die around him, Harris begins a one-man war against the government that created, betrayed and ultimately destroyed his brothers. Fighting the war becomes more difficult, however, as the rush from the constant combat has reached its peak—and is driving Harris slowly insane…

The Clone Republic

“I would never have allowed you in my simulations lab if I'd thought you were like Lector. ... “I've never seen anybody move so fast in a fight. ... I think Liberators make their own choices, just like everybody else.


Author: Steven L. Kent

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440623042

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 521

Earth, 2508 A.D. Humans have spread across the six arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Unified Authority controls Earth’s colonies with an iron fist and a powerful military—a military made up almost entirely of clones… Private first-class Wayson Harris was raised in a U.A. orphanage among thousands of clones born and bred to be the ultimate soldiers. But Harris isn’t like the other Marines: he has a mind of his own. He figures he’s paying for that independent streak when his first assignment out of boot camp is the smallest Marine outpost in the whole U.A. When a rogue general surfaces, the remote desert world Harris thought was a dead-end posting becomes anything but. Fighting off the general’s raid gains Harris a promotion. But it also brings him to the attention of some unfriendly U.A. leaders. They have their own plans for the military—plans Harris disrupts by his very existence. For in an army of clones, the one unforgivable sin is to be different…

Spirit Cultivation

Wuying parried the attack with ease, before launching her own with another dagger. He tried to dodge it but his ... like this than with your own body. If I tried to fight together with the clone it would be even harder to concentrate.


Author: Piokilek

Publisher: WWW.WEBNOVEL.COM (Cloudary Holdings Limited)


Category: Fiction

Page: 1116

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Liu Xuefeng was a normal boy who had it all planned: get to the same university as his best friend Tianshi and win her love, spending the rest of his life with her. Too bad, even though she liked him too, her rich parents opposed their relationship. The school trip to the mountains was supposed to deepen their relationship, but... An accident broke them apart. He saved her from falling down the cliff but ended up falling to his death himself and ended up reincarnating into a Cultivation World, full of dangers and mysteries. He didn't know though that Tianshi died as well and followed after him, entering the same world. Will the two meet again and share their love without any restrictions? Or will he succumb to the world's temptations, thinking he will never meet her again? .......................... This is my first book ever written so please excuse the poor writing. I'm slowly editing it but it takes time. Once you reach later chapters, the quality gets much better. Book 2 of SC called Against Heaven's Will is the continuation of this book so make sure to check it out after you finish this one. Support Author -> Author's Insta -> Discord channel ->

Star Trek and Philosophy

Killing Your Own Clone Is Still Murder”: Genetics, Ethics, and Khaaaaan! JASON T. EBERL Stardate: 45470.1: The Enterprise makes contact with Moab IV, whose inhabitants are human colonists who left Earth over two hundred years ago to ...


Author: Jason T. Eberl

Publisher: Open Court Publishing

ISBN: 9780812696493

Category: Philosophy

Page: 287

View: 164

"Essays address philosophical aspects of the five television series and ten feature films that make up the Star Trek fictional universe"--Provided by publisher.

The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy

Another philosopher who's emphasized the need for us to acknowledge our mutual dependency and responsibility for our development as ... see Jason T. Eberl, “'Killing Your Own Clone Is Still Murder': Genetics, Ethics, and KHAAAAAN!


Author: Kevin S. Decker

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119146018

Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

View: 945

Reunites the editors of Star Trek and Philosophy with Starfleet’s finest experts for 31 new, highly logical essays Features a complete examination of the Star Trek universe, from the original series to the most recent films directed by J.J. Abrams, Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) Introduces important concepts in philosophy through the vast array of provocative issues raised by the series, such as the ethics of the Prime Directive, Star Trek’s philosophy of peace, Data and Voyager’s Doctor as persons, moral relativism and the Federation’s quest for liberation, the effect of alternate universes on reality and identity, the Borg as transhumanists, Federation Trekonomics, Star Trek’s secular society, and much, much more…! An enterprising and enlightening voyage into deep space that will appeal to hardcore fans and science fiction enthusiasts alike Publishing in time to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the original TV series