Human Activities and the Tropical Rainforest

This book is aimed at geographers (physical and human), social anthropologists, archaeologists, pedologists, foresters and tropical botanists and will be of value to graduates of various disciplines setting out to research the rainforest.


Author: Bernard K. Maloney

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401718004

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Arising initially from a conference, the papers published here have been integrated into book form to provide information on human activities and the tropical rainforest in the past and present, and on the possible future of the rainforest, in a unique way. Other books have considered some, but not all, of these themes; however, none has stressed the continuity of change over time and its possible outcome for the people of the forest as well as for the forest itself. Because of the approach taken, this book should appeal across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Indeed a prime aim has been to suggest that rainforest, because of its complexity and the complexity of people-rainforest relationships throughout time, deserves study from a broad perspective. This book poses more questions than answers about the rainforest and it is hoped that it will encourage readers to think about the rainforest in a wider way than hitherto. This book is aimed at geographers (physical and human), social anthropologists, archaeologists, pedologists, foresters and tropical botanists and will be of value to graduates of various disciplines setting out to research the rainforest.

The Forestry Chronicle

Book Reviews Human Activities and the Tropical Rain Forest - Past , Present and
Possible Future Bernard K. Maloney ... This book , which examines the
interrelationships between humans and tropical rainforests , is the product of a
one day ...




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Disturbance and Succession Resulting from Shifting Cultivation in an Upland Rainforest in Indonesian Borneo

1.1 Objectives The principal objective of this study is to elucidate key features of
anthropogenic disturbances which explain the effects of human activities on a
tropical rainforest . More specifically , empirical evidence is sought for ...


Author: Cynthia Mackie


ISBN: MINN:319510004299197

Category: Rain forest ecology

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Tropical Rainforest Use and Preservation

The initial project of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Program deals with the
" Ecological Effects of Increasing Human Activities on Tropical and Subtropical
Forest Ecosystems " . Among the FAO projects in this area is a comprehensive ...


Author: Lawrence S. Hamilton


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Category: Forest ecology

Page: 72

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Archiv F r Hydrobiologie

Herrera, R., Jordan, C. F., Medina, E. & Klinge, H. (1981): How human activities
dis- turb the nutrient cycles of a tropical rainforest in Amazonia. — Ambio 10: 109-
114. Irion, G. (1976): Mineralogisch-geochemische Untersuchungen an der ...




ISBN: UOM:39015001629982

Category: Aquatic biology


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Tropical Ecology and Physical Edaphology

Gómez - Pompa , A . , 1972 , The Tropical Rain Forest : A Non - Renewable
Resource , Science , 177 , 762 – 765 . ... Medina , E . , and Klinge , H . , 1981 ,
How human activities disturb the nutrient cycles of a tropical rainforest in
Amazonia .


Author: Rajesh Lal

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated

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Tropical ecology;ecological factors and soil physical properties;man as an ecological factor;towards improvement in tropical agriculture.


The southern part of Tropical rain forest habitat is prevalent throughthe continent ,
where the climate is more temper out the ... Old World is particularly true for the
comparison Human activity has affected naturally ocbetween Palearctic and ...



Publisher: Smithsonian

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"Provides a comprehensive manual for designing and implementing inventories of mammalian biodiversity anywhere in the world and for any group, from rodents to open-country grazers." -- Back cover.

Proceedings African Agricultural Development Conference

Areas with a tropical humid climate are usually covered by moist equatorial . or
tropical rain forest evergreens whose ... is the forest / savanna mosaic of varying
width , the result of human activities in an otherwise tropical rainforest area .




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Understanding Environmental Issues

The tropical rainforest habitat is being lost over great areas, and this loss is
leading to the extinction of an unknown (but high) number of species. • The
destruction of tropical rainforest is largely a result of human activity. From this
information ...


Author: Steve Hinchliffe

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 0470849983

Category: Science

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Understanding Environmental Issues asks 'What is meant by the term "environment"?', 'Why are environmental questions so pressing?' and 'How can we make sense of environmental issues?' The book begins with an investigation of an estuary and touches upon the issues of sea-level change, over-fishing, nuclear waste disposal, and management of biodiversity. Subsequent chapters take the topic of species extinction to introduce the concepts of time/space, values/power/action, and risk/uncertainty. Part of the OU-Wiley Environment Series


Maloney , B . K . 1985 : Man ' s impact on the rainforests of wet Malesia : the
palynological record , Journal of ... history of human activity and rainforest
development , in Maloney , B . K . ( eds ) , Human activities and the tropical
rainforest - past ...


Author: New Zealand Geographical Society. Conference


ISBN: STANFORD:36105111537341

Category: Geography


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Ecology and Resource Management in Tropics Forest grassland cropland and detrital systems

How Human Activities Disturb the Nutrient Cycles of a Tropical Rainforest in
Amazonia . Ambio . 10 : 109 - 114 . KINKEAD , G . 1981 . Trouble in D . K .
LUDWIG ' s Jungle . Fortune . April 20 : 103 — 117 . KLEINSCHMIDT , O . 1930 .


Author: International Society for Tropical Ecology


ISBN: UOM:39015010180860

Category: Botany


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PSSC Social Science Information

B . Assessment for development potentials in technology ( ADEPT ) The farming
unit as a system of human activity ... starts with the interaction among the tropical
rainforest , the predominant upland ecosystem , and human activities within that ...


Author: Philippine Social Science Council


ISBN: UOM:39015046464528

Category: Philippines


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Ecology in Practice Ecosystem management

... ( 1981 ) , How Human Activities Disturb the Nutrient Cycles of a Tropical
Rainforest in Amazonia , Ambio , 10 , 109 - 14 . ... Jordan , C . F . and E .
Escalante ( 1980 ) , Root Productivity in an Amazonian Rain Forest , Ecology , 61
, 14 - 8 .


Author: Francesco Di Castri


ISBN: 0907567789

Category: Conservation of natural resources

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Unknown Amazon

Other examples could be added to the evidence outlined above for an early
occupation of the tropical rainforest , such as ... In other words , the Amazonian
tropical rainforest as we know it is the cumulative result of continuous human
activity ...


Author: Colin McEwan


ISBN: UVA:X006126308

Category: Amazon River Valley

Page: 304

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Unknown Amazon offers a bold new approach towards understanding the antiquity and complexity of tropical forest civilisation in the Amazon Basin. It opens new perspectives on Amazonian Indian societies, both past and present.

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences




ISBN: UVA:X002782130

Category: Biology

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An encyclopedia covering the disciplines of zoology, botany, evolutionary science, medicine, physiology, human anatomy, cytology, and genetics.

Environmental Sustainability and Conservation in Nigeria

3 BIODIVERSITY LOSS IN NIGERIA Several authors have reported on the rapid
rate at which the tropical rainforest is been lost today due to various human
activities . In Nigeria , biodiversity is lost as a result of population pressure ,
habitat ...




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Bridging Wallace s Line

Evidence of human activity in lowland tropical rainforest is far less compelling ,
however , far less archaeological and palynological research has been
undertaken in such areas . In the Birds Head region of Papua at an altitude of
325 m asl ...


Author: A. P. Kershaw

Publisher: Catena

ISBN: UOM:39015054261501

Category: Australasia

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Environmental Science

PART ONE SENSES What Ecosystems Are and How They Work Tropical
rainforests — humid , warm , dense , full of ... give to natural units like the tropical
rainforest — are not just the backdrop for human activities , they are the basic
context of ...


Author: Bernard J. Nebel


ISBN: WISC:89055810667

Category: Environmental sciences

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The theme of this book is sustainability -- what humankind needs to do in order to establish a sustainable future. It is more than just a theme in a textbook, however. Every human being, every institution, every organization can make a difference in this quest for a sustainable future. Welcome to the study of environmental science. As you read this book, we encourage you to embrace the notion that you can make a difference. - Back cover.