Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

Hydrogeology and engineering geology are scientific disciplines dealing with the interaction of groundwater and rock , the chemical and physicochemical properties of groundwater as complex solutions , and rocks as multi - phase systems ...


Author: A.M. Galperin et al.

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9054101393

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This text is concerned with the interaction of groundwater as a complex solution, with rock as a multi-phase system, taking into account the phenomena occurring in rock strata as a result of various engineering activities. Readers can find a wealth of information to enable them to assess rock properties, plan mining activities and forecast rock strata behaviour in the construction and operation of mines, as well as understand the application of technology to facilitate safer, more efficient, more economic and environmentally sensitive geological engineering.

The Engineering Geology and Hydrology of Karst Terrains

The Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology of Karst Terranes , Beck & Stephenson ( eds ) © 1997 Taylor & Francis . ISBN 90 54108673 Sinkholes in karst mining areas in China and some methods of prevention LI GONGYU & ZHOU KEGUANG Institute ...


Author: Barry F. Beck

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781000100105

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Engineers from around the world recount in this volume their successes and failures in attempting to deal with unique and quixotic landscapes.

Groundwater Engineering

Integrating information from several areas of engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, this book addresses the general field of groundwater from an engineering perspective.


Author: Yiqun Tang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789811006692

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Integrating information from several areas of engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering, this book addresses the general field of groundwater from an engineering perspective. It covers geological engineering as well as hydrogeological and environmental geological problems caused by groundwater engineering. It includes 10 chapters, i.e., basic groundwater theory, parameter calculation in hydrogeology, prevention of geological problem caused by groundwater, construction dewatering, wellpoint dewatering methods, dewatering wells and drilling, groundwater dewatering in foundation-pit engineering, groundwater engineering in bedrock areas, numerical simulation in groundwater engineering, groundwater corrosion on concrete and steel. Based on up-to-date literature, it describes recent developments and presents several case studies with examples and problems. It is an essential reference source for industrial and academic researchers working in the groundwater field and can also serve as lecture-based course material providing fundamental information and practical tools for both senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in fields of geology engineering, hydrogeology, geotechnical engineering or to conduct related research.

Environmental Hydrogeology Second Edition

Engineering Geologists, 39(2), 165–173, 1992. Lamont-Black, J. et al., Hydrogeological monitoring strategies for investing subsidence problems potentially attributable to gypsum karstification, in Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology of ...


Author: Philip E. LaMoreaux

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420055023

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Headlines continue to blare news of climate change, tangential catastrophic events, and dwindling energy resources. Written by respected practitioners, and geared to practitioners and students, Environmental Hydrogeology, Second Edition explores the role that hydrogeology can play in solving challenging environmental problems. New in the Second Edition: Coverage of groundwater recharging Exploration of geology of sink hole prone areas A case study of how salt-water springs were drawn down to manageable levels in the Red River Comprehensive Coverage from Trusted Experts The authors provide a complete introduction to the fast-growing and evolving field of environmental hydrogeology and its future. The second edition includes completely updated material and select new case studies. Matching the caliber of coverage found in the previous edition, the authors explore topics such as the geological aspects of disposal sites, surface water hydrogeology, groundwater hydrology and wells, environmental impacts and the hydrological system, and more. They also include types, sources, and properties of waste products, and propose waste management programs for groundwater protection. Explore Applications and Solutions Looming threats such as climate change, water pollution, acid rain, and air pollution extend beyond national boundaries and span the gaps between continents. An in-depth understanding of hydrogeology will be necessary to resolve these problems. Focusing on science rather than the regulations of any particular jurisdiction, the authors explore a variety of solutions and practical applications to issues such as groundwater recharging and protection.

Applied Geophysics in Hydrogeological and Engineering Practice

Table 3.1 Survey of geophysical methods and measured parameters with respect to their application in hydrogeology and engineering geology Application in Geophysical Measured parameter - - methods symbol (unit) Hydrogeology Engineering ...


Author: W.E. Kelly

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 008087035X

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Engineering geology and hydrogeology are applied sciences which utilize other applied sciences such as geophysics to solve practical problems. The book is written in the monograph format with seven chapters. The first chapter introduces the engineering and hydrogeological tasks to be discussed in the book. Relations between the physical, geomechanical and hydrogeological parameters are discussed in chapters three and five. Methods for field measurements and interpretation of field data are discussed in chapters four and six. Some special methods not routinely used in current practice are discussed in chapter seven. To illustrate and analyze the various applications, the authors have drawn from the extensive literature including many studies not previously described in english texts. Theoretical analyzes are supplemented by numerous examples. This book is addressed to university students of geology especially engineering geology and hydrogeology, geophysics and earth sciences, and post graduate, reseachers, and practising engineering geologists, geotechnical engineers, and hydrogeologists.

Sborn k geologick ch v d

SBORNfK CEOLOGICKfCH VlD JOURNAL OF GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES hydrogeologie, inienyrski geologie hydrogeology, engineering geology 11 V/dal Ustfedni ustav geologicky, Praha, v Academii, nakladatelstvi Ceskoslovenske akademie ved Praha 1974 ...




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