I Can be Safe

Books in the series: Don't Call Me Special -- a first look at disability I Can Be Safe -- a first look at safety I Miss You -- a first look at death Is It Right to Fight? -- a first look at anger My Amazing Body -- a first look at health ...


Author: Pat Thomas

Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing

ISBN: 0764124609

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Educates readers about safety, including the value of fear as a warning of danger, the need to beware of people whose behavior creates discomfort, and the importance of learning how to stay safe.

Be Safe on the Bus

They're just really pushing you , physically pushing you to the limits of how fast
you can move gear and get things set up . ” When asked if he's happy with his
career , he admits , “ Sometimes I'm absolutely thrilled with it , and other times I
hate ...


Author: Kathy Smith

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 0823959007

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 24

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Presents information about school bus safety to teach the "b" sound.

Be Food Safe

Cook Be food safe . Cook . Print Advertising The Cook ad can be reproduced in
color or black and white . 1 : 55P USE a food thermometer you can't tell food is
cooked safely by how it looks . Radio Script STIR rotate the dish , and cover food




ISBN: MINN:31951D02714501E

Category: Food contamination


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We Can t Be Friends

you didn't know you could say no. But now, you can see how icky that thing is.
Just take it off. Burn it. ... Who can help you get safe, if you're not safe right now,
and help you feel safe if the abuse was in the past. Asking for help isn't easy. It
can ...


Author: Cyndy Etler

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781492635772

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 304

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The companion to The Dead Inside, "[An] unnerving and heartrending memoir" (Publishers Weekly) This is the story of my return to high school. This is the true story of how I didn't die. High school sucks for a lot of people. High school extra sucks when you believe, deep in your soul, that every kid in the school is out to get you. I wasn't popular before I got locked up in Straight Inc., the notorious "tough love" program for troubled teens. So it's not like I was walking around thinking everyone liked me. But when you're psychologically beaten for sixteen months, you start to absorb the lessons. The lessons in Straight were: You are evil. Your peers are evil. Everything is evil except Straight, Inc. Before long, you're a true believer. And when you're finally released, sent back into the world, you crave safety. Crave being back in the warehouse. And if you can't be there, you'd rather be dead.

The Safe Keeper s Secret

And I thought—if you wanted to leave Tambleham and move someplace
altogether new, I could arrange for you to get this job as housekeeper.” Jillian
stared ... My father will be very angry—” “I think you'll be safe in Robert's house.” “
And how ...


Author: Sharon Shinn

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101563977

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 240

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"The most promising and original writer of fantasy to come along since Robin McKinley."—Peter S. Beagle, best-selling author of The Last Unicorm Damiana is safe-keeper in the small village of Tambleham. Neighbors and strangers alike come one by one, in secret, to tell her things they dare not share with anyone else, knowing that Damiana will keep then to herself. One late night, a mysterious visitor from the city arrives with an unusual secret for the Safe-Keeper—a newborn baby. Damiana, who is expecting her own child, agrees to take the foundling. She names him Reed and raises him side by side with her daughter, Fiona. Ad the years pass and the two children grow into teenagers, they must come to terms with who they are—and who they may be.

The Woman s Guide to Staying Safe

It means that you can be very safe — if only you don ' t provide criminals with the
opportunity to victimize you . You can make a conscious decision not to be
victimized , and that decision gives you a lot of power . When you are in control of
your ...


Author: Cheryl Reimold

Publisher: Arco

ISBN: 0671556207

Category: Social Science

Page: 138

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Tells how to avoid burglaries, rape, robbery, and sexual harrassment at work, and gives practical advice on home security, self-defense, and first aid

Everybody s Magazine

After a " How often does a financier open his time it springs open , as if by magic .
If you safe ? ” Bradney asked . “ I can see ' Enry haven't enough to hold him up
with already lying there , entombed , for periods of unI don't see what else is to be




ISBN: UCAL:B3064982



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Sermons on Soul Winning

No , he is not safe . " Is the young man Absalom safe ? " No , David , he is not , for
the last time we saw him he was in a battle , and the people were dying all
around him , and therefore he is not safe . How can he be safe where others fall ?


Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon


ISBN: PSU:000002542607

Category: Baptists


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Love is No Luxury

In congested urban districts , safe places to play can be provided only through
common effort . Sanitation and health . A septic tank for my house does not insure
the safety of my family when I have close neighbors . I may be able to afford a ...


Author: Marjory Louise Bracher


ISBN: MINN:31951001524683K

Category: Families

Page: 119

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On the Safe Side

Teach Your Child to be Safe, Strong, and Street-smart Paula Statman ... were
being stalked by a “phantom kidnapper" who drove a gold Volkswagen "beetle"
and who, according to unreliable sources, would snatch up unsuspecting


Author: Paula Statman

Publisher: Perennial

ISBN: CORNELL:31924073982435

Category: Medical

Page: 245

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A guide for parents shows how to protect children from molestation, abduction, and abuse without making them fearful by teaching them to use caution and good judgment, emphasizing self-esteem, and discussing issues in simple, matter-of-fact language. Original.


Then , from the ap - propriate ignition curves , the allowable inductance and
capacitance for that voltage and current level can be de - termined . An
intrinsically safe circuit can be designed for any specific gaseous environment ,
but for ...




ISBN: UOM:39015029612416

Category: Electronics


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June issues, 1941-44 and Nov. issue, 1945, include a buyers' guide section.

The Linacre Quarterly

On the other hand , I can support morally therapeutic gene transfers on somatic
cells , when and as long as these scientific techniques can be shown to be safe
and effective . In addition , I would also argue on Christian theological grounds
that ...




ISBN: IND:30000085253320

Category: Medicine


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Technological Savior Or Threat

PROPONENTS OF RU - 486 OPPONENTS OF RU - 486 Surgical abortion can be
safe , but RU - 486 abortions are inherently safer ( no risk of infection ) . RU - 486
abortions are not safe and cannot be made safe . Conventional abortions can ...


Author: Heather L. Hartley


ISBN: WISC:89049004591


Page: 172

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Veterinary Forum

Since narcotic agents can be reversed with the agent naloxone ( generic
available ) , this makes them especially safe and practical . Atropine or similar
agents should always be given with the use of narcotic agents . However ,
narcotic agents ...




ISBN: CORNELL:31924057054607

Category: Veterinary medicine


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Wake Vortex Separation Standards

Consequently , a " safe " hazard probability can be determined by looking at the
hazard probabilities for the pre 1994 separation standards ( Tables 1 and 3 ) .
Tables 10 and 11 show the vortex hazard probabilities at minimum separation ...


Author: David Burnham


ISBN: NWU:35556025426545

Category: Airplanes

Page: 75

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Wake vortex separation standards are used to prevent hazardous wake vortex encounters. A 'safe' separation model can be used to assess the safety of proposed changes in the standards. A safe separation model can be derived from an encounter hazard model and a vortex decay model. This report presents subsequent developments and applications of such a model which was first developed in the early 1980s. A static encounter hazard model is coupled with a decay model based on sodar measurements of vortex decay. The separation standards and procedures used from 1976 to 1994 are assumed to be safe based on the absence of IFR accidents. Various versions of the model are used to assess how aircraft should be classified and to evaluate the safety of a possible four-class aircraft separation system. Recommendations are made for ways of improving the safe separation models.

The Science Teacher

Varying degrees of exposure can lead to paralysis , unconsciousness , or even
death . This column outlines the basic electrical dangers in an effort to show how
the study and use of electricity can be fun and safe . >>> DANGER <<< 770 Volt ...




ISBN: UOM:49015003175826

Category: Electronic journals


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SCC Library has 1964-cur.

The Eugenics Review

early safe days ” during which intercourse The rule ” fixed seven pre - menstrual
could take place immediately after menstrua- days as days as " safe " . The fifteen
preceding days tion has ceased ; she would also have in a are “ baby days ” .




ISBN: UOM:39015011509638

Category: Eugenics


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Annals of Real Estate Practice

You will observe it is a loan which will permit me to earn approximately so much
on my investment and which I can easily ... If the loan is of the type which that
particular loan source writes , I feel safe in saying it would be accepted without
much ...




ISBN: WISC:89095805834

Category: Real property


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Annals for 1924-1927 issued in 6 to 9 vols. covering the proceedings of the various divisions of the association at the annual conventions.

All India Reporter

It is not disputed on behalf of the and pulleys were safe by position , the
respondent respondent that the safety provided ... But what is contended is
provide guards or fencing to the overhead shafts that that safety , though absolute
, can be only ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105062575043

Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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The Laboratory Handbook of Materials Equipment and Technique

Scratches can alter volumetric quality , are more difficult to clean , increase the
surface area open to attack by chemicals ( that would otherwise be safe for short
exposures ) , and can prevent complete draining from a to deliver container .


Author: Gary S. Coyne


ISBN: MINN:31951D00297641M

Category: Science

Page: 468

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Using step-by-step procedures, this book details the preparation, storage, cleaning, care and maintenance for chemistry equipment. Common difficulties are covered, and techniques and procedures that make work in the laboratory more efficient, productive and safe are suggested.