I Hate You Fuller James

Advance Praise for I Hate You, Fuller James “Fun, refreshing, totally relatable!” —Lynn Rush, NYT & USA Today bestselling author “I actually really love you, Fuller James. A lot.” —Alex Evansley, author of Love Scene, Take Two “Funny ...


Author: Kelly Anne Blount

Publisher: Entangled: Crush

ISBN: 9781640638440

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 279

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I hate you, Fuller James. I hate your floppy hair and your lopsided grin and those laughing blue eyes that always seem to be laughing at me. I hate that you’re the most popular guy in school and I’m still the girl who sneezed and spit out her retainer on someone at a middle school dance. It’s just such a cliché. I hate that I’m being forced to tutor you in English and keep it a secret from everyone. Because otherwise it might put our basketball team’s chances at winning State in jeopardy, and even though I hate you, I love basketball. I hate that it seems like you’re keeping a secret from me...and that the more time we spend together, the less I feel like I’m on solid ground. Because I’m starting to realize there’s so much more to you than meets the eye. Underneath it all, you’re real. But what I hate most is that I really don’t hate you at all.

Announcing Trouble

FULLER. JAMES. a novel by Kelly Anne Blount I hate you, Fuller James. I hate that you're the most popular guy in school. I hate that I'm having to tutor you and keep it a secret. Because otherwise it might jeopardize our basketball ...


Author: Amy Fellner Dominy

Publisher: Entangled: Crush

ISBN: 9781640638433

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 306

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I may know everything there is to know about baseball, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Or like him. Garrett Reeves: sidelined player and the embodiment of everything I’ve learned to hate about baseball. He’s gorgeous, he’s cocky, he’s laser-focused on getting back in the game, no matter the cost. When he convinces me to call games alongside him, our chemistry heats up the booth. We’re good together, whether I want to admit it or not. I’m finding that I like baseball again, but even worse, I’m liking Garrett. A lot. But when he has to decide between our future and a new shot at his dreams, I know baseball will win out every time. Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book has tons of hilarious banter, lots of sexual tension, and a hero who will throw a wild pitch right at your heart.

How to Quit Your Crush

... Forty-Two Chapter Forty-Three Preview of Announcing Trouble Acknowledgments About the Author Discover more of Entangled Teen Crush's books... I Hate You, Fuller James The Love Playbook Stuck with You This book is a work of fiction.


Author: Amy Fellner Dominy

Publisher: Entangled: Crush

ISBN: 9781682816004

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 150

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Mai Senn knows Anthony Adams is no good for her - no matter how hard she might crush on him. She’s valedictorian; he’s a surf bum. She’s got plans, he’s got his art. Complete opposites in every way. Vinegar and baking soda, they once joked. A chemical reaction that bubbled. Yeah, they bubbled. Maybe still do. Good thing Anthony’s got the perfect plan: two weeks to prove just how not good they are together. Whoever can come up with the worst date—something the other will seriously hate, proving how incompatible they truly are—wins. Like taking a snake-phobe to the Reptile House at the zoo (his idea). Or a cooking class where they don’t even get to eat the food (her idea). It’s all about the competition, and it’s meant to help them finally crush their crushes. But it wasn’t supposed to be so hot. Or so fun. And when Mai’s future becomes at stake, will she be able to do the right thing and quit Anthony forever?

Chaos Theory

... Discover the Twin River High series GUTTER GIRL PROJECT PERSONALITY Also by Lynn Rush and Kelly Anne Blount... IN THE PENALTY BOX Also by Kelly Anne Blount I HATE YOU , FULLER JAMES Discover more of Entangled Teen Crush's books.


Author: Kelly Anne Blount

Publisher: Entangled: Crush

ISBN: 9781649371751

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 303

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Corey Chaos, teen YouTube sensation, just needs a break from his hectic schedule. Ever since his musical talent was "discovered" by the right person at the right time, his life has been a steady stream of interviews, screaming fans, TV shows, screaming fans, Instagram lives, and did he mention the screaming fans? He'd give anything to be a normal teen again, even for five minutes. So, when his agent suggests staying at his pool house for a month to get away from the stress, Corey is on the next plane to snowy Twin River, Wisconsin. As soon as he gets there, though, his agent's gorgeous teen daughter, Victoria, asks for his help—and Corey can't bring himself to say no to her. Not after the video of her boyfriend dumping her in the school cafeteria went viral with its own hashtag, #LunchDump. Ouch. That's not the way you want to get a million views. No one, especially a sweet girl like Victoria, deserves to be treated that way. But then she tells him about her big plan to get revenge on her ex. And Corey's certain his starring role has chaos written all over it.

In the Penalty Box

... River High series, by Kelly Anne Blount and Lynn Rush I Hate You, Fuller James, by Kelly Anne Blount Eyes on Me, by Rachel Harris Off the Ice, by Julie Cross The Bookworm Crush, by Lisa Brown Roberts This book is a work of fiction.


Author: Lynn Rush

Publisher: Entangled: Teen

ISBN: 9781682815830

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 400

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Willow Figure skating was supposed to be my whole world. But one unlucky injury and now I’m down...but I’m definitely not out. I just need to rehab—a boatload of rehab—and who’d have thought I could do it on the boys’ hockey team? Of course, the infuriatingly hot captain of the team seems to think I’m nothing but sequins and twirls. What’s a girl to do but put him in his place? Game on. Brodie Hockey is my whole world. I’ve worked my tail off getting my team in a position to win the championships—hopefully in front of major college scouts, too—so what’s a guy to do when a figure skater ends up as our new goalie? Of course, the distractingly sexy skater thinks I’m nothing but a testosterone-laced competitive streak. And surely she’s only biding her time to heal, then she’s gone. Game over.

The Spy Master s Scheme

“My husband suggested we come here and ask if you knew of such a fellow.” “I do indeed. His name is Fuller. James Fuller.” He winked and smiled. When Matt and I gave him a blank look, he added, “In the old days, wool was cleaned and ...


Author: C.J. Archer

Publisher: C.J. Archer


Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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With knowledge of magic becoming more widespread in London, magicians find themselves highly sought after. Consumers want to buy their wares and so seek out magicians among their acquaintance. India’s rare magic is in demand from Matt’s family, the Collector’s Club, and other magicians who want her to extend their magic. But it’s wise to be wary of the attention. When the wool magician who helped India create a flying carpet spell disappears, his wife is worried for his life. India and Matt are worried for the country. If the person who stole the spell also kidnapped the wool magician, they could use flying carpets as vehicles of war. The closer they get to finding him, the more they realize they can’t trust anyone, not even the government. When it’s revealed that England’s spy master has plans for India’s talents, she refuses to cooperate. But Matt knows it’s not as simple as refusing. Every decision has a repercussion. And repercussions can be deadly.

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... w , m & O Louie Evertt James 190ct53 EU334870 I HAD A LONG TALK WITH MY SAVIOUR LAST NIGHT ; W & m Muriel Herrick Karolides arr Joseph Merrill © Muriel Herrick Karolides 50ct53 EU333174 , I HAVE , HAVE YOU ; w , m & © William Eaton ...


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The Greatest Feminist Classics in One Volume

“Don't talk to me,” said Carrie, “I hate you. I want you to go away from me. I am going to get out at the very next station.” She was in a tremble of excitement and opposition as she spoke. “All right,” he said, “but you'll hear me out, ...


Author: Jane Austen

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4064066308636

Category: Fiction

Page: 19509

View: 303

Musaicum Books presents to you this meticulously edited collection of feminist masterpieces - from fictional protagonists who influenced generations of young women to the real heroines of the past, their life stories and their legacy. Fiction: Camilla (Fanny Burney) Maria; Or, The Wrongs of Woman (Mary Wollstonecraft) Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) Jane Eyre (Charlotte Brontë) The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne) Lady Macbeth of the Mzinsk District (Nikolai Leskov) Hester (Margaret Oliphant) Life in the Iron Mills (Rebecca Davis) Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) The Portrait of a Lady (Henry James) Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy) Tess of the d'Urbervilles (Thomas Hardy) North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell) The Yellow Wallpaper (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) Herland (Charlotte Perkins Gilman) A Doll's House (Henrik Ibsen) Hedda Gabler (Henrik Ibsen) The Awakening (Kate Chopin) The Woman Who Did (Grant Allen) Miss Cayley's Adventures (Grant Allen) New Amazonia (Elizabeth Corbett) A Girl of the Limberlost (Gene Stratton-Porter) The Iron Woman (Margaret Deland) My Ántonia (Willa Cather) The House of Mirth (Edith Wharton) Summer (Edith Wharton) Sister Carrie (Theodore Dreiser) Sisters (Ada Cambridge) Hagar (Mary Johnston) Samantha on the Woman Question (Marietta Holley) The Precipice (Elia Wilkinson Peattie) To the Lighthouse (Virginia Woolf) Miss Lulu Bett (Zona Gale) Lady Chatterley's Lover (D. H. Lawrence) The Enchanted April (Elizabeth von Arnim) Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell) Emily of New Moon (Lucy Maud Montgomery) Memoirs: Madame Vigée Lebrun Jane Austen Caroline Herschel Mrs. Seacole Elizabeth Cady Stanton Emmeline Pankhurst Biographies: Lucretia Sappho Aspasia of Cyrus Portia Octavia Cleopatra Julia Domna Zenobia Valeria Hypatia Roswitha the Nun Marie de France Mechthild of Magdeburg Joan of Arc Catharine of Arragon Anne Boleyn Queen Elizabeth Mary, Queen of Scots Queen Anne Maria Theresa Marie Antoinette Madame de Stael Augustina Saragoza Charlotte Brontë Florence Nightingale Harriet Tubman