Ike and Dick

In Ike and Dick, Jeffrey Frank rediscovers these two compelling figures with the sensitivity of a novelist and the discipline of a historian.


Author: Jeffrey Frank

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416588207

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon had a political and private relationship that lasted nearly twenty years, a tie that survived hurtful slights, tense misunderstandings, and the distance between them in age and temperament. Yet the two men brought out the best and worst in each other, and their association had important consequences for their respective presidencies. In Ike and Dick, Jeffrey Frank rediscovers these two compelling figures with the sensitivity of a novelist and the discipline of a historian. He offers a fresh view of the younger Nixon as a striving tactician, as well as the ever more perplexing person that he became. He portrays Eisenhower, the legendary soldier, as a cold, even vain man with a warm smile whose sound instincts about war and peace far outpaced his understanding of the changes occurring in his own country. Eisenhower and Nixon shared striking characteristics: high intelligence, cunning, and an aversion to confrontation, especially with each other. Ike and Dick, informed by dozens of interviews and deep archival research, traces the path of their relationship in a dangerous world of recurring crises as Nixon’s ambitions grew and Eisenhower was struck by a series of debilitating illnesses. And, as the 1968 election cycle approached and the war in Vietnam roiled the country, it shows why Eisenhower, mortally ill and despite his doubts, supported Nixon’s final attempt to win the White House, a change influenced by a family matter: his grandson David’s courtship of Nixon’s daughter Julie—teenagers in love who understood the political stakes of their union.

Ike and Dick


Author: Republican National Committee


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The General and the Politician

As historian and author John W. Malsberger writes in The General and the Politician: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and American Politics, no two political figures could have taken more different routes to the Presidency than did ...


Author: John W. Malsberger

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442232365

Category: History

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As historian and author John W. Malsberger writes in The General and the Politician: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon and American Politics, no two political figures could have taken more different routes to the Presidency than did America’s 34th and 37th Commanders in Chief. Thrown together largely for political convenience by a Republican party struggling to reinvent itself through years of post-Depression, Democratic dominance, Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon came to embody two radically different styles of leadership, simultaneously defining – for the American electorate – where American politics had been, and where they were headed. While debate has raged amongst historians over the level of hostility the two men were rumored to harbor for one another, there is – as Malsberger points out – a more accurate reading of their relationship available to us if we examine all the facts. Taken in a broader context, their relationship was much less a momentary collision of dissident styles and values than a genuine watershed moment in American politics, from which our current political spectrum and electorate can trace their roots. The General and the Politician thoroughly and accessibly details the intersection of two of 20th-Century America’s most powerful figures, and examines their tenuous but transformative relationship to reveal the origins of political discussions and debates that we’re still having today.

Nixon s Secrets

Jeffrey Frank, Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage, p. 2. Jeffrey Frank, Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage, p. 25. Frank Mankiewicz, Perfectly Clear: Nixon from Whittier to Watergate, p. 58.


Author: Roger Stone

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781629146034

Category: History

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Learn the inside scoop on Watergate, the Ford Pardon, and the 18 ½ minute Gap. Roger Stone, The New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Killed Kennedy—the Case Against LBJ, gives the inside scoop on Nixon’s rise and fall in Watergate in his new book Nixon’s Secrets. Stone charts Nixon’s rise from election to Congress in 1946 to the White House in 1968 after his razor-thin loss to John Kennedy in 1960, his disastrous campaign for Governor of California in 1962 and the greatest comeback in American Presidential history. “Just as the assassination of JFK prevents a balanced analysis of Kennedy and his times, the myth of Watergate prevents a reappraisal of our 37th President.” said Stone who’s book on LBJ was the second biggest selling book during the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s murder. Stone reveals how the Kennedy’s wiretapped Nixon’s hotel room the night before the Nixon-Kennedy debate, and stole Nixon's medical records from his psychiatrist’s office. Stone lays out how Kennedy running mate Lyndon Johnson stole Texas from JFK through vote fraud while Mayor Richard Daley stole Illinois, and how JFK actually lost the popular vote. Stone looks at the Nixon Presidency: the desegregation of the public schools, the progressive social programs, Nixon's struggle to end the war in Vietnam, the historic SALT arms reduction agreement with Russia, the saving of Israel in the Six Days War, the opening to China, and the disastrous decision to take America off the Gold standard. “The mainstream media’s interpretation of the facts surrounding the Watergate episode are a fantastic and grotesque distortion of historical truth,” said Stone. “Cursory examination of the facts in Watergate will reveal that the actions which caused the fall of Nixon cannot be reduced to the simplistic account summarized by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of the Washington Post.” The author outlines how White House Counsel John Dean, planned, pushed and covered-up the Watergate break-in , then sought to avoid responsibility for it. Stone examines the bungled Watergate break-in to determine what exactly Nixon’s agents were looking for and how the CIA infiltrated the burglar team and sabotaged the break-in to gain leverage over Nixon. Find out why Nixon demanded the CIA turn over the records of the Bay of Pigs and Kennedy Assassination. Learn how a cabal of military and intelligence hard-liners spied on and undermined Nixon to stop his pro-peace détente foreign policy, his withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, his arms limitation agreement with the Soviets, and his opening to Red China. Discover how Vice President Spiro Agnew was setup to move him out of the line of presidential succession. Stone makes the compelling case that General Alexander Haig orchestrated Nixon’s removal from office in a coup d’état and brokered the deal for his pardon. Finally the public will learn what is on the 18 ½ minute gap in the White House Tapes. Stone, a Washington Insider for forty years, outlines why FBI Man Mark Felt is not deep throat, why there is no deep throat, and why Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein lie about it even today. Stone reveals how Nixon used the dark secrets he knew to avoid prosecution by blackmailing Gerald Ford for a full, free and unconditional pardon. Nixon’s secret would not only destroy his presidency—it would save him from prison and allow him to launch his final comeback—advising President Bill Clinton on Foreign Affairs despite Hillary’s attempts to block him and her being fired from the 1974 House Impeachment Committee for lying and violating Nixon’s rights.

Ike the Soldier

From his childhood in Kansas to West Point, World War I, and Europe where he led the Allied Forces to a hard-won victory in World War II, Ike the Soldier goes behind the historic battles and into the heart and mind of Ike Eisenhower.


Author: Merle Miller

Publisher: Rosetta Books

ISBN: 9780795351303

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From the bestselling author of Plain Speaking and Lyndon comes this “vivid and consistently absorbing record of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s military career” (Kirkus Reviews). Bringing together thousands of hours of interviews with the men and women who were closest to him, Merle Miller has constructed a revealing and personal biography of the man who would become the supreme commander. From his childhood in Kansas to West Point, World War I, and Europe where he led the Allied Forces to a hard-won victory in World War II, Ike the Soldier goes behind the historic battles and into the heart and mind of Ike Eisenhower. Miller has crafted the defining biography on the life of the thirty-fourth president, bringing more depth to the man many thought they knew. His strained relationships with his father, brothers, and son are brought into focus; as well as his love affair with his wife Mamie, and his relationship with Kay Summersby—his driver turned companion and confidante during WWII. “An informed and balanced tribute to a world-class leader whose remarkable character gains greater luster with the passage of time.” —Kirkus Reviews “This is a highly enjoyable look at Ike’s personal and official relationships with the people most important to him during the first 55 years of his life, including family, Army and Allied colleagues and heads of state.” —Publishers Weekly


Jeffrey Frank's Ike and Dick : Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage takes us behind the scenes over the course of those two decades in an interwoven portrait of these two seminal figures of the age . It's a tale of one of the 20th ...




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The President and the Apprentice

Unless you were an extreme Richard Nixon loyalist, Ike came before Dick. Eisenhower led the Republican national ticket twice, and he governed from the top. Although he listened intently to political advice, he never had political ...


Author: Irwin F. Gellman

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300181050

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More than half a century after Eisenhower left office, the history of his presidency is so clouded by myth, partisanship, and outright fraud that most people have little understanding of how Ike's administration worked or what it accomplished. We know—or think we know—that Eisenhower distrusted his vice president, Richard Nixon, and kept him at arm's length; that he did little to advance civil rights; that he sat by as Joseph McCarthy's reckless anticommunist campaign threatened to wreck his administration; and that he planned the disastrous 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. None of this is true. The President and the Apprentice reveals a different Eisenhower, and a different Nixon. Ike trusted and relied on Nixon, sending him on many sensitive overseas missions. Eisenhower, not Truman, desegregated the military. Eisenhower and Nixon, not Lyndon Johnson, pushed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 through the Senate. Eisenhower was determined to bring down McCarthy and did so. Nixon never, contrary to recent accounts, saw a psychotherapist; but while Ike was recovering from his heart attack in 1955, Nixon was overworked, overanxious, overmedicated, and at the limits of his ability to function.

Just Plain Dick

A behind-the-scenes, 60th anniversary commemoration of the 37th President's famous "Checkers" speech demonstrates how it salvaged a psychologically troubled Nixon's position on Eisenhower's Republican ticket, set the tone for the 1952 ...


Author: Kevin Mattson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781608198122

Category: History

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A behind-the-scenes, 60th anniversary commemoration of the 37th President's famous "Checkers" speech demonstrates how it salvaged a psychologically troubled Nixon's position on Eisenhower's Republican ticket, set the tone for the 1952 campaign and reflected period politics and culture. By the author of "What the Heck Are You Up To, Mr. President?"

They re Calling You Home

He agrees , even if he does give me a perplexed , almost irritated look . Ike escorts us all into the living room , and I'm glad Kate stands near me as the family becomes stuck in that old quiet dysfunction . Mom and Dick agree to have ...


Author: Doug Crandell

Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press

ISBN: 9781501758010

Category: Fiction

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Doug Crandell is a maestro in multiple genres: the author of critically-acclaimed true crime books, devilishly charming memoirs, and tragicomic works of fiction about small-town life that are leavened in equal measure with poignancy and humor. Enter They're Calling You Home, Crandell's latest novel. This is the story of Gabriel Burke, a writer who is alienated from everyone he loves for exposing a discomforting family secret in a bestselling memoir. Divorced from his wife, estranged from his daughter, and loathed by his alcoholic brother, Burke must confront all of them when he returns to his hometown in Smallwood, Indiana to chronicle the story of a gruesome mass murder there. Thus begins this intricately woven tale of redemption and forgiveness, of men paying the wages of masculinity, of sons coming to grips with the sins of their fathers, and of one writer grappling with the burdens of journalistic integrity. Throughout this deftly crafted work, secrets present a hall of mirrors through which Burke must constantly navigate: the secret of his father's sex crimes, the furtive steps his family takes to deny them, and the surreptitious efforts of State and local officials as they try and cover up the murder case he's investigating. Part road trip, part who-dunnit, part voyage of self discovery, Crandell's moving novel is ultimately the story of a journey in which the only possible destination is its starting point—home.

American Material Culture

There were " I Like Ike " women's blouses and dresses , Republican umbrellas , “ Ike and Dick ” sunglasses , and to complete every well - dressed Republican woman's wardrobe , nylon stockings proclaiming to the world on both calves ...


Author: Edith Mayo

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Pres

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The use of objects as source materials for scholarship has been increasingly legitimazed by the growth of American Studies programs which are now in the forefront in their work with objects. The use of the museum as a primary resource is currently being given a position of increasing importance in American Studies scholarship.

Pat and Dick

But then Pat changed her mind after Dick returned home on April 9, in a healthier state of mind, ... As fond as Pat and Dick were of ike, they could not yet feel totally safe that he was unequivocally on their side. in August 1956, ...


Author: Will Swift

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451676945

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A nuanced study of the partnership between the 37th President and his wife argues that the couple endured political and intimate disappointments throughout their 53-year marriage but ultimately shared genuine affection and compromises, in an account based on recently released wartime letters and close associate interviews.

A World Turned Upside Down

Dwight , Charles Stevens [ Ike ] ( 1834–1921 ) , of Winnsboro ( Clifton Plantation ) Son of Isaac M. Dwight and Martha M. Porcher ; brother of Moultrie , Dick , and Dora Dwight ; and husband of Maria Louise Gaillard .


Author: Louis Palmer Towles

Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press

ISBN: 1570030472

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Through letters and journal entries rich in detail, this text follows the trials of the 19th-century Palmer family who dominated the southern banks of South Carolina's Santee River. The volume offers insights into plantation life; education; religion; and slave/master relations.

The Republicans

Jeffrey Frank, Ike and Dick: Portrait of a Strange Political Marriage (New York, 2013), 183–88, is excellent on the Adams case. Geoffrey Kabaservice, Rule and Ruin: The Downfall of Moderation and the Destruction of the Republican Party ...


Author: Lewis L. Gould

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199942930

Category: History

Page: 416

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Lewis L. Gould's 2003 history of the Republican Party was a fast-paced account of Republican fortunes. The Republicans won praise for its even-handed, incisive analysis of Republican history, drawing on Gould's deep knowledge of the evolution of national political history and acute feel for the interplay of personalities and ideology. In this revised and updated edition, Gould extends this history, adding a new chapter on the George W. Bush presidency, the election of 2008, and the response of the Grand Old Party to Barack Obama. His narrative covers such contemporary figures as Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and John McCain, as well as forgotten Republican leaders including James G. Blaine, Mark Hanna, Wendell Willkie, and Robert A. Taft. Contending that the historic Republican skepticism about the legitimacy of the Democratic Party has shaped American politics since the Civil War, Gould argues that the persistent flaw in the relations between the two parties has led the nation to the current crisis of stalemate and partisan bitterness. No other account of Republican history is as up-to-date, crammed with fascinating information, and ready to serve as an informed guide to today's partisan warfare. Lay readers and political junkies alike seeking the best book on Republican history will find what they are looking for in Gould's comprehensive volume.

Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

Dick has heard some anecdotes about a certain Victorian public figure , Reginald Angell - James , who , for some reason that history does not record , was generally called ' Ike ' . And in all the stories that Dick has heard about ...


Author: Ashwin Ram

Publisher: Routledge

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This volume features the complete text of all regular papers, posters, and summaries of symposia presented at the 16th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.

The Cherokee Strip

Dick West's reputation likewise has failed to survive , though in the nineties he was regarded as a highwayman who had reached the top of ... Yet the deputies and their small posses had quarry before them : Dick Yeager and Ike Black .


Author: Marquis James

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806135735

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"Here is the perpetual variety of small town Oklahoma characters, incidents, changes; the self-confidence of an American boyhood; in honest, winning revelation."–Kirkus Reviews

Spartan Sports Encyclopedia

1970-72 Larry Ike 1954-56 Ed Hobaugh Nick Bates Ron Perranoski Dick Kenney Robin Roberts Ron Perranoski . Brad Van Pelt Dick Raratz .86 ... 213.2 Home Runs 1984 Mike Eddington 1978 Kirk Gibson 1996 Matt Riggins 2002 Bob Malek 2002 Chris ...


Author: Jack Seibold

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1582612196

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The complete history of Michigan State's men's athletics program is detailed for the first time, with vignettes about seasons and celebrities and a complete review of scores and statistics.

Dick Fight Island Vol 2

Eight mighty island warriors battle to become king.


Author: Reibun Ike

Publisher: SuBLime

ISBN: 197472655X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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Eight mighty island warriors battle to become king. The deciding factor? The one who comes last, of course! Eight islands represented by their best warriors must battle it out in a tournament to decide their king. To win this battle of endurance, it’s not the last one standing but the last one coming that matters! Matthew is studying at a prestigious college, and his new roommate, Harto, is almost too much to take. Harto hails from the mysterious Yang Indah islands and grew up in a strange culture with practices involving, well…the butt. Matthew does his best to shield his new roommate from teasing before it devolves into actual sexual harassment, and Harto isn’t unmoved by Matthew’s kindness—in fact, just thinking of him can bring him to orgasm. But these new developments terrify him too. As his clan’s chosen warrior, he can’t risk growing weaker. Will he be forced to choose between his new love and the clan that raised him?