Images Meanings and Connections

8 The Inner Figure: Synchronistic Images of the Soul by Cedrus Monte Introduction The Inner Figure is a process that involves making a figure of clay and other materials which forms itself around a numinous, or archetypal experience.


Author: Susan R. Bach

Publisher: Daimon

ISBN: 9783856305864

Category: Psychology

Page: 187

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The title of this book reflects the main themes from 50 years of Susan Bach's analytical work with spontaneous pictures and in her blue room. In working with spontaneous pictures and drawings, she perceived the expression of deep connections between psyche and soma and learned that it knows within us when either healing or death is imminent. Talking with Susan Bach about her work was inspiring and humbling and, drinking coffee as only she could make it, one felt deeply privileged to be studying with someone who brought so much intuition and intellectual understanding to the contemplation of the human psyche. The humbling part of the conversation came from wondering how to move one's own work towards the paths she was opening up. The purpose of this collection of essays is to show how the work of connecting and finding meaning continues and advances, whether through pictures, objects, dreams or other images and myths. The contributors have in common both a Jungian background and their having made distinguished contributions in their own specialties.

The American Journal of Psychology

The connection of all these with the word “ meaning " is fairly clear : meaning is something to be reached for ... image which represents meaning as found or perceived : all the other images of this class are connected with the process ...


Author: Granville Stanley Hall


ISBN: STANFORD:36105012148859

Category: Psychology


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The Image and the Idea

In the most abstract forms of thought , therefore , image and idea are inseparably connected . Meaning exists as a dynamic function of projection by which further experiences and thoughts are indicated .


Author: Simon Fraser Maclennan


ISBN: PRNC:32101065105445


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Fire Vision

This is a good place to pause and explain another amazing dimension to these images. ... and is to come” through time in relation to these images. The past meaning and connection (who was) for the first “Holy” will be defined in chapter ...


Author: Steven Harrison

Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781643001463

Category: Fiction

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Within the pages of the Holy Bible, the Lord God Almighty used fire in powerful ways to deliver His message. His authority became apparent when He brought or sent fire down. A few excellent illustrations include Elijah and the prophets of Baal, the three young men in the fiery furnace, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Moses at the burning bush and the tongues of fire on the day of Pentecost. Consider also our largest visual source of fire and heat. The solar sun eclipses and blood moons are often considered as key events or signs in God's Word. Flames entered my apartment in 1992 and left behind four distinct burned images with sealed messages from the eternal consuming fire. The amazing images in my bedroom later told the story of my heart attack. The Holy Spirit unlocked these images by His Word through time. The Cokeville miracle story also has a detailed fire image that was burned into the wall. Its message had been well hidden until now. Learn the interpretations for these miraculous images and understand that the same Creator who made these images will be returning someday with His fire vision to judge all things. The single most important and unanswered question for many people today remains a mystery. Ask yourself, "How will the King of kings see me?"

Process Image and Meaning

A Realistic Model of the Meanings of Sentences and Narrative Texts Wolfgang Wildgen ... Table 1.3 The relational square which links form-substance and expression-content Form of content solidarity form of expression selection ...


Author: Wolfgang Wildgen

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027250438

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 281

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The general topic of this book is the development of a “realistic” model of meaning; it has to account for the ecological basis of meaning in perception, action, and interaction, and is realistic in the sense of “scientific realism”, i.e. it is based on the most successful paradigm of modern science: dynamical systems theory. In Part One a model of sentences is put forward. The first chapter outlines the philosophical background of a theory of meaning. Chapter 2 gives a very short summary of recent proposals for a semantic model which considers image-like schemata. In Chapter 3 a realistic model of valence and basic predication is developed in detail. Chapter 4 treats multistability in meaning and the application of chaos theory and dissipative structures in semantics. Chapter 5 outlines the global framework of a stratified universe of meanings, and Chapter 6 prepares the way for Part Two: the analysis of narrative texts. Oral narratives of personal experience are the prototypical form in which experienced events are organized with the aim of remaking a piece of reality. In Chapter 7 a discrete grammar based on vectorial schemata is developed. Chapters 8 and 9 elaborate the “syntax of narratives” in Chapter 7. Chapter 10 progress to conversational dynamics.

Connecting Disciplinary Literacy and Digital Storytelling in K 12 Education

Understanding evaluative meanings in moving images has been enabled by engaging with theoretical perspectives which have described interactions among a range of semiosis in image sequences (Bateman & Schmidt, 2012; Painter, Martin, ...


Author: Haas, Leslie

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781799857716

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 378

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The idea of storytelling goes beyond the borders of language, culture, or traditional education, and has historically been a tie that bonds families, communities, and nations. Digital storytelling offers opportunities for authentic academic and non-academic literacy learning across a multitude of genres. It is easily accessible to most members of society and has the potential to transform the boundaries of traditional education. As concepts around traditional literacy education evolve and become more culturally and linguistically relevant and responsive, the connections between digital storytelling and disciplinary literacy warrant considered exploration. Connecting Disciplinary Literacy and Digital Storytelling in K-12 Education develops a conceptual framework around pedagogical connections to digital storytelling within K-12 disciplinary literacy practices. This essential reference book supports student success through the integration of digital storytelling across content areas and grade levels. Covering topics that include immersive storytelling, multiliteracies, social justice, and pedagogical storytelling, it is intended for stakeholders interested in innovative K-12 disciplinary literacy skill development, research, and practices including but not limited to curriculum directors, education faculty, educational researchers, instructional facilitators, literacy professionals, teachers, pre-service teachers, professional development coordinators, teacher preparation programs, and students.

The Body Image Meaning Transfer Model An investigation of the sociocultural impact on individuals body image

Nevertheless the majority connect with the campaign the bodily satisfaction and happiness, and approve the likeable, easily identifiable look of the typical 'neighbour' from next-door. Similar to group A, participants approved of the ...


Author: Anke Jobsky

Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)

ISBN: 9783954896202

Category: Social Science

Page: 109

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This book deals with the impact of the sociocultural environment on body-image in Western consumer culture. Based on McCracken’s (1986) meaning-transfer model, the author has created a body-image meaning-transfer (BIMT) model. It suggests how cultural discourse and interactions can shape individual consumers’ understanding of socially ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bodies. It emphasizes the notable impact of mainstream advertising, media, and celebrity culture that commonly promote a thin-and-muscular beauty-ideal, and the process of normalization which implies feelings of guilt, anxiety, public observation, and failure. Both can ultimately lead to negative body-images and body-dissatisfaction among individuals. In contrast, alternative campaigns against the current beauty-ideal and towards healthier body-images are introduced. Two focus group discussions among young adults from the UK and Germany provide insight into the timeliness of the topic concerned.

The Psychological Experiences Connected with the Different Parts of Speech

( 2 ) She then felt she would know how to use it , that is , the actual meaning came before ( 3 ) the images unrolled themselves in all their variety in the third stage . In other words , the images in the third stage , seemed sometimes ...


Author: Eleanor Harris Rowland Wembridge


ISBN: STANFORD:36105025704250

Category: Language and languages

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Strategic Place Branding Methodologies and Theory for Tourist Attraction

These connections become their visual image of a place. A prevalent definition of place image is that it represents the sum of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that people have of a place (Kotler et al., 1993).


Author: Bayraktar, Ahmet

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522505808

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 394

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Drawing the attention of tourists to different destinations around the world assists in the overall economic health of the targeted region by increasing revenue and attracting investment opportunities, as well as increasing cultural awareness of the area’s population. Strategic Branding Methodologies and Theory for Tourist Attraction investigates international perspectives and promotional strategies in the topic area of place branding. Highlighting theoretical concepts and marketing techniques being utilized in the endorsement of various destinations, regions, and cities around the world, this publication is a pivotal reference source for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, students, and professionals.

The Meaning of Pictures

memoSuch flights of the imagination as these , you will understand , are connected and associated with “ ries , " of which we shall have something to say further on ; but they are not the less connected with the image - making power ...


Author: John Charles Van Dyke


ISBN: NYPL:33433022919769

Category: Painting

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