Improving Online Teacher Education

"This practical guide explains and shows how to incorporate the most helpful digital tools and apps in a course design framework to design to produce highly engaging, collaborative learning, grounded in evidence based practices for ...


Author: Rachel Karchmer-Klein


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"This practical guide explains and shows how to incorporate the most helpful digital tools and apps in a course design framework to design to produce highly engaging, collaborative learning, grounded in evidence based practices for effective teaching and successful learning, and is the only online teaching guide written specifically for instructors in the field of education, teaching, and educational leadership"--

Teacher Education Programs and Online Learning Tools Innovations in Teacher Preparation

So how might teacher education institutions make a more deliberate effort to support online instructors and quell the ... On an even larger scale, launching discussions or ventures related to improving online teacher education quality ...


Author: Hartshorne, Richard

Publisher: IGI Global

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While online learning has become pervasive in many fields in higher education, it has been adopted somewhat slower in teacher education. In addition, more research is needed to empirically evaluate the effectiveness of online education in teacher preparation. Teacher Education Programs and Online Learning Tools: Innovations in Teacher Preparation presents information about current online practices and research in teacher education programs, and explores the opportunities, methods, and issues surrounding technologically innovative opportunities in teacher preparation. It presents empirical evidence of teacher candidate learning and assessment in the context of various online aspects of teacher licensure.

Reforming Teacher Education for Online Pedagogy Development

Krashen claims that acquisition “requires meaningful interaction in the target language,” which, interms of teaching online, would be interaction with the technology in a practice or teacher training scenario (p. 1).


Author: Scheg, Abigail G.

Publisher: IGI Global

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"This book creates the argument for more sufficient online teacher preparation in higher education and is geared toward all members of higher education including faculty, administrators, and educational affiliates"--Provided by publisher.

Online Teaching

Online education has grown at an ever-increasing rate since the internet gained wide access in the early 1990s. Since that time, instructors have worked to make the transition from face-to-face to online instruction.


Author: Mike Casey

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

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The purpose of this book is to equip online educators with tools, techniques, and tips to conduct a successful online learning experience, encompassing preparation, design, and facilitation of effective outcomes that benefit learners and educators. It is structured to guide and support the online educator from design and development to delivery.

Training Spirit Filled Local Church Leaders for the Twenty First Century

Karchmer-Klein and Fisher, Improving Online Teacher Education, – ; Kelsey, Between Athens and Berlin, – . ose involved with the formation of spiritual leaders must always be aware of the inherent tendency to dri away from the Athens ...


Author: Ray Miller

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

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Who decides what your church (local or denominational) will look like twenty-five or thirty years from now? How can you ensure that your church will continue to fulfill its God-given purpose in the next generation? What can be done now to reverse negative trends in ministry such as pastoral burnout? Much of the answer to these questions about pastors and other local church leaders is tied to the training they receive. Training Spirit-Filled Local Church Leaders for the Twenty-First Century encourages all stakeholders in ministry training--educators, pastors and other local church leaders, church members, and those who sense God is calling them to ministry--to prayerfully consider the foundational issues that determine the effectiveness and relevance of a ministry training program. These foundational issues are: -What is the local church, really? -What is spiritual leadership? -What is ministry training? -What is the role of the Holy Spirit in all this? -What did effective training look like in the past, and what might it look like in the twenty-first century?

Models for Improving and Optimizing Online and Blended Learning in Higher Education

Web 2.0 how to for educators. Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education. Song, L., & Hill, J. R. (2007). A Conceptual model for understanding self-directed learning in online environments.


Author: Keengwe, Jared

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"This book examines the benefits and costs associated with the utilization of technology-mediated instructional environments, recognizing that instructional technology could offer alternative means of communication for understanding"--Provided by publisher.

Online Learning Communities and Teacher Professional Development Methods for Improved Education Delivery

Methods for Improved Education Delivery Lindberg, J. Ola, Olofsson, Anders D. collaborative environment: tools for learning design, guidance, and access to relevant resources to support teachers in their discovery of new forms of ...


Author: Lindberg, J. Ola

Publisher: IGI Global

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"This book features innovative applications for the integration of technology into everyday teaching practices"--Provided by publisher.

Professional Development in Online Teaching and Learning in Technical Communication

Drawing on these data, we describe how we address teacher training and professional development as we continue improving our online TPC programs. Finally, we draw implications and present challenges for ...


Author: Beth L. Hewett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429683756

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Technical communication instructors need professional development opportunities that will aid them in creating their online courses; in developing curricula; and in teaching in what may be a new environment. Although instructors can turn to instructional design teams for assistance in using Learning Management System and its functions, they specifically need their own first-hand, immersive learning within their pedagogical training. In other words, teachers need to learn in an online context like the environment that their students will use; such direct training helps instructors to facilitate student learning in a technologically distributed classroom. Beyond learning technological skills to facilitate a course, these teachers need to learn to use the technology effectively to keep students on track and to teach them skills and material. This collection—which includes three contributions from 2007 and 10 from 2017—focuses on the types of professional development instructors need to be successful in the online technical communication classroom. Formed as a 10-year retrospective of the field and its advances in online education professional development, the book offers instructors theoretical and practical suggestions for creating and teaching successful online courses and managing entire online technical communication programs. This book was originally published as a special issue of Technical Communication Quarterly (TCQ).

Using Data to Improve Teacher Education

Professor in Education at East China Normal University in Shanghai, China, and coaches early-career deans as part of the Deans for Impact ... Her research interest includes issues in teacher education, online teaching, and gender.


Author: Charles A. Peck


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"A collaborative effort between researchers and practitioners, this volume presents lessons learned to assist teacher educators who are engaged daily with the challenges of making data useful and used in their programs. Readers will see how the work carried out in "high data use" teacher education programs strengthened local program identity and coherence"--

Improving the quality of teacher education in Sub Saharan Africa

10training modules were produced and put on the online training platform for continuous teacher training for primary ... to become online learning facilitators 400 assistant teachers received training on how to improve their classroom ...


Author: UNESCO

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