Internet Use in the Aftermath of Trauma

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in the Aftermath of Trauma Christophe F. HERBERT and Alain BRUNET McGill
University Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Montreal, Canada Abstract.


Author: Alain Brunet

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Reclaiming School in the Aftermath of Trauma

My experience of trauma is this: Being completely unable to track a conversation.
Feeling my skin crawl, just crawl, to the point thatIwanted nothing more than
toripit off and run away. When I camehome from workwhile we were at Chatfield,


Author: C. Mears

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Teachers in schools where students have experienced trauma face particularly difficult challenges, for how is a teacher to promote academic growth and attainment of educational goals in such a situation? Provides advice, understanding, and proven strategies for meeting the challenges that must be faced after a traumatic experience.

Living with the Aftermath

Trauma, Nostalgia and Grief in Post-War Australia Joy Damousi, Professor of
History Joy Damousi ... In the wake of different aspects of brutality and trauma
came yet a further paralysis in the attempt to make some sense of unprecedented


Author: Joy Damousi

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This moving book focuses on the experiences of Australian women who lost their husbands during World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

In the Aftermath

helping strategies that are particularly effective in dealing with trauma, including
working with guilt, setting goals in grief, and developing rituals to structure the
process. There is no doubt in my mind that Americans have been experiencing
grief ...


Author: James Taylor

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Suddenly, last September 11th, many of our comfortable assumptions about our world, our faith, and ourselves came crashing down with the twin towers of the World Trade Center. In the wake of that disaster, we are all re-examining values we once took for granted. 'In the Aftermath' is a collection of reflections from well-known writers and church leaders exploring the political, economic, social, and religious implications of our responses to the events -- to see what these can, and are teaching us about our world, our faith, and ourselves. Among the contributors are William Willimon, professor of Christian ministry at Duke University; Derek Evans, former deputy secretary general of Amnesty International; the Rt. Reverend Bill Phipps, former moderator of the United Church of Canada; Nancy Reeves, Ph.D., clinical psychologist; and Walter Wink, professor of biblical interpretation at Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City.

Queering Acts of Mourning in the Aftermath of Argentina s Dictatorship

Can the rehearsal of trauma bring us pleasure in the present? In the wake of
Argentina's last dictatorship (1976–83), the organisations created by the relatives
of those missing adopted the form of what I have referred to as a 'wounded family'
.1 ...


Author: Cecilia Sosa

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Shows how the experience of violence in Argentina shed light on a new sense of "being together" that goes beyond bloodline ties.

Living with Terror Working with Trauma

Chapter Fifteen An Eye for an Eye: Fantasies of Revenge in the Aftermath of
Trauma Nina K. Thomas Revenge has rarely commanded the attention of
psychoanalysts except as an aspect ofpreoedipal and oedipal dynamics. This
chapter ...


Author: Danielle Knafo

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This book addresses the ways that mental health practitioners can assist survivors of terrorism. Drawing upon the experience of leading practitioners and renowned experts throughout the world, this edited volume explores the most innovative methods currently employed to help people heal - and even grow - from traumatic experiences. It argues for a multi-dimensional approach to understanding and treating the effects of terror-related trauma.

In the Aftermath of Genocide

A small body of psychological literature on the impact of trauma on genocide
survivors has addressed this issue from a different angle. See, most recently,
Antonius C. G. M. Robben and Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco, eds., Cultures under
Siege: ...


Author: Maud Mandel

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DIVJews and Armenians, both vixtims of genocide, and their communities in post WW2 France./div

September 11 health effects in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attack testimony before the Subcommittee on National Security Emerging Threats and International Relations Committee on Government Reform House of Representatives

In addition, people in New York City and across the country were exposed to the
emotional trauma of a terrorist attack on American soil. Concerns have been
raised about the short- and long-term physical and mental health effects of the
attack ...



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Trauma Transformed

As each of these situations evolves and becomes part of our collective reality and
consciousness, professionals from around the world working with children in the
aftermath of trauma are faced with the challenge of sharing knowledge and ...


Author: Marian Bussey

Publisher: Columbia University Press

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Whether it's physical, psychological, social, historical, or ongoing, trauma is a universal experience, and this book provides professionals with the approaches necessary for successful and empowering interventions across the trauma spectrum. Part one examines the steps individuals take to heal their traumas. Nicolas survives an attack by his own dog; Tay rebuilds her life after years of incest; Claire speaks out about being molested by a program participant at her mental health clinic; and Erma copes with the shattering memories of childhood abuse. Part two focuses on interpersonal dynamics. Frank is held accountable for his violence toward his wife; Erin and her mother confront the reality of bullying and victimization in schools; Beth faces discrimination because of her sexual orientation; and staff members at a transitional housing shelter deal with the death of a client. Part three recounts stories of resilience and healing at the social and community level. Salome and her family process the historical trauma of the massacre of her American Indian ancestors. A group of boys who became fatherless after 9/11 respond to experiential ways of coping with their grief. Jennifer and Kim live daily with the social trauma of poverty. Three Liberian families survive torture, flight, refugee camps, and resettlement. Amory struggles to find meaning and move on from his experience as a combat veteran, and the story of Angelina Batiste epitomizes the loss and resilience of those who lived through Hurricane Katrina. Trauma Transformed provides insight into the psychological and spiritual resources practitioners need to help victims move forward and improve upon their circumstances. Readers will also learn to strengthen their sense of self to prevent secondary trauma.

The Aftermath of Death

Clearly there is a greater need for the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder to be
more fully addressed by these organisations with a view to establishing correct
procedures to deal with not only the physical aftermath of trauma, but also the ...


Author: Hugh Selby

Publisher: Wm Gaunt & Sons

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Collection of papers on aspects of the coronial system; includes references to Aborigines; paper by Biles on Deaths in Custody annotated seperately.

The Aftermath

Recent years have witnessed the increasing recognition of lasting , debilitating
effects of trauma such as child abuse , rape , natural disasters , assault , as well
as the systematic persecution inherent in genocide. Conventional wisdom has ...


Author: Aaron Hass

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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A detailed examination of the psychological impact of the Holocaust on its survivors discusses survivor guilt, the absence of mourning, the psychological characteristics of survivor families, their view of God, and feelings about the German homeland. 10,000 first printing. UP.

The Aftermath of Partition in South Asia

He recalled how Pakistan had to face aggression when it had just begun its
journey and declared that the nation, having survived the trauma of its birth and
the obstacles thereafter, had now become invincible.4 The following morning at a


Author: Gyanesh Kudaisya

Publisher: Routledge

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This book draws upon new theoretical insights and fresh bodies of data to historically reappraise partition in the light of its long aftermath. It uses a comparative approach by viewing South Asia in its totality, rather than looking at it in narrow 'national' terms. As the first book to focus on the aftermath of partition, it fills a distinctive niche in the study of contemporary South Asia.

In the Aftermath of War and Torture

as the shock - related effects of these technologies ( railways , canons , etcetera )
, while the direct violence done to people by their fellow human beings goes
ignored in regard to its role as a possible trigger of trauma . Also of interest is the




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In today's armed conflicts, it is civilians that suffer the most. As a result, the rate of traumatization is very high among migrants driven to flee from such conditions. The violent experiences the they encounter have a lasting effect. The circumstances in receiving countries make coping difficult, and not even their secure stay means an end to their traumatization. It is there two major question arise: What possibilites have victims in coping with such traumas themselves, and what responsibility do societies share in this process? This anthology is devoted to the issues of torture and war traumatizations.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Group Psychotherapy

These most certainly are salient features in the definition of what is traumatic for
many trauma survivors. However, intervention with uniformed personnel or
combat veterans, suggests that while they may be quite traumatized in the
aftermath of ...


Author: Jeffrey L. Kleinberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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A user-friendly guide of best practice for leading groups in various settings and with different populations, which incorporates the latest developments in today's mental health marketplace. Features multiple theoretical perspectives and guidelines for running groups for diverse populations, in the US and worldwide Offers modern approaches and practical suggestions in a user-friendly and jargon-free style, with many clinical examples Includes a major component on resiliency and trauma relief work, and explores its impact on clinicians Accompanied by an online resource featuring discussions of psychotherapeutic techniques in practice

Proceedings of the 5th Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Conference

Abstract The medical-model as it applies to psychological trauma and its
resolution follows that of addressing physical ... a brief, practical and clinically-
relevant measure of well-being that can be used in the post-traumatic aftermath
will be ...


Author: George W. Doherty

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

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Recent years have seen an extraordinary number of major disasters, critical incidents and other events that have had major impacts on our world. The 2004 tsunami, hurricanes Rita and Katrina, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan affect millions of lives daily. Potential events such as Avian Flu pandemic, global warming and the increasing threats of spreading unrest in the Middle East are concerns that weigh heavily on us all. November 8-11, 2006, the Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute held their Annual four-day Disaster Mental Health Conference. The theme of the conference was "TAKING CHARGE IN TROUBLED TIMES: Response, Resilience, Recovery and Follow-up." This edition contains the major papers presented at the conference and summaries of additional presentations. They address some of the major crisis events confronting our societies in recent years, namely, large disasters such as hurricanes Katrina and Rita; case studies such as Abu Ghraib, and traumatic events such as a night club suicide bombing, the role of cultural sensitivity and ethics in disaster settings, resilience, and the importance of planning, education and taking care of our first responders and mental health professionals. An additional concern with information includes information about preparation of communities and families for deployment and return of military personnel. The importance of planning for how mental health personnel can respond in the event of an Avian Flu Pandemic is also discussed. Presenters are drawn from researchers and responders from Wyoming, the United States, and the United Kingdom. http: // The Rocky Mountain Region Disaster Mental Health Institute is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization

Shattered Assumptions

... there are particular difficulties that arise in even the best of close relationships
in the aftermath of traumatic life events. Role Strain and Ambivalence Traumatic
life events may produce considerable role strain in relationships between the ...


Author: Ronnie Janoff-Bulman

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 145160372X

Category: Psychology

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This book investigates the psychology of victimization. It shows how fundamental assumptions about the world's meaningfulness and benevolence are shattered by traumatic events, and how victims become subject to self-blame in an attempt to accommodate brutality. The book is aimed at all those who for personal or professional reasons seek to understand what psychological trauma is and how to recover from it.

Movies in the Age of Obama

While most survivors feel a compelling need to communicate their experience of
the event in the aftermath of trauma, the autobiographical account of catastrophe
is both an exposure to and recoiling from the traumatic real, which also figures ...


Author: David Garrett Izzo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781442241305

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This collection of essays looks at how films in the last few years have reflected and juxtaposed the ascent of Barack Obama and his administration. The films examined here include The Help, Django Unchained, Lincoln, The Mist, Invictus, Black Dynamite, and The Great Gatsby.

Fruits of the Cotton Patch

This is the case for the “aftermath” of historic trauma as well. In relationship to
multigenerational trauma, “aftermath” refers to the institutions, laws, political and
economic structures, as well as the official story conveyed and enforced by a ...


Author: Kirk Lyman-Barner

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630874155

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In honor of what would have been Clarence Jordan's one hundredth birthday and the seventieth anniversary of Koinonia Farm, the first Clarence Jordan Symposium convened in historic Sumter County, Georgia, in 2012, gathering theologians, historians, actors, and activists in civil rights, housing, agriculture, and fair-trade businesses to celebrate a remarkable individual and his continuing influence. Clarence Jordan (1912-1969), a farmer and New Testament Greek scholar, was the author of the Cotton Patch versions of the New Testament and the founder of Koinonia Farm, a small but influential religious community in southwest Georgia. Fruits of the Cotton Patch,Volume 2 contains Symposium presentations that interpret Jordan's storytelling and the meaning of his prophetic voice in the areas of peacemaking in the context of historical harms, the future of the affordable housing movement, and the direction of the New Monastic movement. These essays and others invite the curious, the student, and the teacher alike to experience the life and work of Clarence Jordan and its powerful connection to the present.

Beyond Testimony and Trauma

... screenings, launches, round-table discussions, workshops, inter-generational
dialogues, audio walks, installations, and exhibitions, and an interdisciplinary
conference entitled “Beyond Testimony and Trauma: Oral History in the Aftermath
of ...


Author: Steven High

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774828956

Category: History

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Survivors of terrible events are often portrayed as unsung heroes or tragic victims but rarely as complex human beings whose lives extend beyond the stories they have told. The contributors to Beyond Testimony and Trauma consider other ways to engage with survivors and their accounts based on valuable insights gained from their work on long-term oral history projects. While the contexts vary widely, they demonstrate that through deep listening, long-term relationship building, and collaborative research design, it is possible to move beyond the problematic aspects of “testimony” to shine a light on the more nuanced lives of survivors of mass violence.