Amazing Surfing Stories

An eclectic mix of exciting stories every surfer will love This eclectic mix has something for everyone, from classic tales of monster waves and epic battles to stories of when life among the breakers goes wrong.


Author: Alex Wade

Publisher: *Wiley Nautical

ISBN: 1119942543

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 224

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An eclectic mix of exciting stories every surfer will love This eclectic mix has something for everyone, from classic tales of monster waves and epic battles to stories of when life among the breakers goes wrong. There are accounts of death and disaster, as well as bravery and triumph. The bizarre and the extreme rub shoulders with perfect breaks and beautiful beaches. Be thrilled by legendary surfers like Laird Hamilton and Shane Dorian as well as learning about local heroes who never made the headlines. Epic battles among pros like Rob Machado and Kelly Slater are recounted alongside stories of weird waves and secret surf spots. There are fascinating encounters with surfing's true characters, men like Dave Rastovich and big wave world record holder Garrett McNamara; appearances by deadly sharks; stories of big wave surfing by night; and an account of how Agatha Christie's famous disappearance for 11 days in December 1926 might just have been because she was on a surf trip. Travel from giants like California's Maverick's and Maui's Jaws to tales of Dungeons, dolphins and the derring-do of a man like Colonel 'Mad Jack' Churchill. Turn the pages to flick between the left and rights of Britain, Europe, USA, Australia and many strange places in between. Each compelling tale has been chosen to stoke the fire of armchair surfers and hardcore wave-riders alike, and some are illustrated with colour photographs.

Incredible Waves

Incredible Waves has just won Illustrated Book of the Year at The British Sports Book Awards! Beautiful, unique, kaleidoscopic, geometrically exquisite...perfect waves are some of Mother Nature's most alluring and mesmerizing creations.


Author: Chris Power

Publisher: Orca Publishing

ISBN: 0956789331

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 128

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Incredible Waves has just won Illustrated Book of the Year at The British Sports Book Awards! Beautiful, unique, kaleidoscopic, geometrically exquisite...perfect waves are some of Mother Nature's most alluring and mesmerizing creations. Incredible Waves is a stunning coffee-table book of photographs that capture the beauty and majesty of the world's most awesome waves. This breathtaking volume is a collection of the best recent work by 20 top surf photographers including Clark Little, Brian Bielmann, Chris Burkard, Russell Ord, DJ Struntz, Tungsten, Jeff Flindt, Ray Collins and Andrew Shield. Among the most spectacular shots are images of big-wave breaks such as Pipeline, Cloudbreak, The Right, Teahupoo and Jaws â?? waves which are as dangerous as they are enticing, for photographers as well as surfers.The stories behind the most dramatic shots are revealed in the accompanying text, along with essays and discussions about current trends in surf photography.Readers interested in improving their own photographic skills will benefit from the technique sections throughout the book which offer tips and advice for getting better shots. Everything from basic composition to underwater photography is covered, along with tips for getting the best from board-mounted miniature cameras such as the GoPro.The photos in Incredible Waves are guaranteed to thrill surfers, longboarders, kite surfers and bodyboarders fact everyone who loves looking at images of the ocean at its most spectacular.

Simply Incredible Bulletin Boards

WAVES : Enlarge waves onto dark blue craft paper . Outline design in white
pencil . Mix a few drops of green tempera paint into white tempera paint . Sponge
paint onto top of waves . Let dry then cut out waves . Staple waves to board
leaving ...


Author: Amy Vangsgard

Publisher: Upstart Books

ISBN: PSU:000033350080

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 87

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Bulletin board designs feature twelve famous children's authors and illustrators and eight major historical periods.

Chasing Waves

Soon everyone had a shot glass of tequila in front of them and we were toasting
the waves, the jungle, and pura vida. Just when it seemed like the trip couldn't get
any better, we went to Witch's Rock and Ollies Point, two incredible waves ...


Author: Amy Waeschle

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 1594853797

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

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* Sales benefit the Surfrider Foundation * First surfing adventure narrative by a woman With a fresh voice and surf-saturated daydreams, this author celebrates the joys of traveling to feed an addiction Amy Waeschle became a surf addict shortly after catching her first wave more than seven years ago. To her, surfing is more of a feeling than a sport, combining the mental quest for exploration with the physicality of riding a wave. Hunting down waves in remote corners of the world, from Morocco to Fiji to Canada, Waeschle has found unique and fascinating cultures that have changed her views and fostered her surfing mission. Chasing Waves is her collection of interrelated stories based on these adventures and a chronicle of her evolution from nervous newbie to self-confident and skillful surfer. Anyone who has ever longed for a daring diversion from day job and doldrums will connect with these tales of wanderlust, vagabonding, and riding the surf.

The Global Sea

These really are incredible waves . Their wave height in deep water is probably
no greater than two or three feet ; their wave length , however , is usually more
than 100 miles , and the wave period varies between 15 minutes and one hour .


Author: Harris Bates STEWART


ISBN: UCAL:$B186576

Category: Oceanography

Page: 126

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The Incredible Planet

Aarn ' s three greatest inventions were to receive their first tests — the antigravitor
, the transpon beam , and the momentum - wave drive . The antigravitor made
possible their " aggie ” coils , storing the tremendous power their projected ...


Author: John Wood Campbell (Jr.)


ISBN: UVA:X001474559

Category: Extraterrestrial beings

Page: 344

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Incredible Mysteries and Legends of the Sea

The seas swept in across the deck , and almost every successive wave claimed
its human victim . Soon there were only ten men aboard the ship . Those ten
survivors , watching their chances , decided to let themselves down into the surf
in the ...


Author: Edward Rowe Snow


ISBN: PSU:000004014461

Category: Sea stories

Page: 266

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Now You Re Cooking with Latin Flavors

We went to two beautiful beaches with incredible waves. One was called
Pochomil and the other La Boquita. The waves were incredible near the shore.
They were 4 feet high. If you just swim a little bit farther out, the waves were easily
8 feet ...


Author: Arlen M. Castillo

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450260800

Category: Cooking

Page: 108

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Julio Fuentes, President of the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce says Each recipe is an explosion of fl avors, a culinary fireworks display. Lorena Castillo, Chairwoman of the Coalition of Hispanic Instructors in Support of Parental Awareness (CHISPA) says, This book is a must read and gives it an A+. Chef Denis Hernandez of Canada says, If you really want to give your taste buds a culinary delight, try any recipe in this book. For those ready to expand their palate and broaden their culinary horizons, Now Youre Cooking with Latin Flavors! shares one familys collection of simple and inexpensive recipes sure to help both novice and experienced cooks create a lifetime of memories and mouth-watering cuisine in the kitchen. Husband-and-wife team Arlen Castillo and Laz Mur combine their love of Latin food with colorful ingredients and zesty spices in order to provide food aficionados with the basic tools needed to cook a comforting meal without breaking the family budget and relying on fast food outlets for dinner every night. From a bowl of hearty homemade chicken soup served with a thick slice of warm Cuban bread to fried green bananas with Carne Asada to tequila three-lime pie, Castillo and Mur share easy-to-make recipes without a lot of complicated ingredients that encourage families to not be afraid to be creative in the kitchen and remember that cooking is an art rather than an exact science.

Marvel Dots Lines Spirals Waves Coloring Book

Within the unique book, you will find delightful realm you may never see before. If you are a huge fan of Marvel, you will completely get lost with joyfulness in this amazing book.


Author: Alex Davis


ISBN: 9798674634607


Page: 108

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Are you a true fan of Marvel? This perfect combination of spine-chilling scenarios and Marvel superheroes is guaranteed to bring you an incredible dots lines spirals waves coloring book. Within the unique book, you will find delightful realm you may never see before. If you are a huge fan of Marvel, you will completely get lost with joyfulness in this amazing book. Moreover, activity like coloring will not only uplift individuals' mood but also expanding their imagination and lead you such fantastic and magical lives. Just get ready and take part in the awesome strange world! Highlights and Features: High quality paper with single-sided pages to prevent bleed Reasonable size with 8.5"x11" Lots of high quality and lively designs of Marvel with detailed backgrounds Various levels of difficulty to develop your skills and work well with any art supplies

The Thomas Edison Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments

ETHERIC FORCE : RADIO WAVES But the tube wasn't Edison's only contribution
to radio . He made another important discovery . This one concerned electrical
energy radiation . In working with an electromagnetic vibrator ( similar in principle


Author: Thomas Alva Edison Foundation

Publisher: Dodd Mead

ISBN: UOM:39076000861174

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 146

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A collection of science and engineering projects and experiments covering such areas as magnetism, electricity, electrochemistry, chemistry, physics, energy, and environmental studies.

An Incredible Evening of Chemistry

|just call it fun, and no matter what you've heard, Just cause you like science,
doesn't mean that you're a nerd WAVE MOTION (c) Michael Offutt 1988 CHORUS
Wave motion, Jueta elmple oscillation, Wave motion, It's a good vibration, Wave ...


Author: Robert Becker (Chemistry teacher)


ISBN: CORNELL:31924094763467

Category: Chemistry

Page: 38

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Sky Waves

The Incredible Far East Broadcasting Company Story Gleason H. Ledyard. of
NoN | 2 No \ro : o o \ o o 19)% § of o o - - ū J4] GośāHINo THE OHIO STATE
UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES SKY WAVES The Incredible Far East Broadcasting
Company ...


Author: Gleason H. Ledyard


ISBN: OSU:32435012378501

Category: Radio in missionary work

Page: 208

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Those Incredible Women of World War II

Called Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service ( WAVES ) , this corps
, like the WAAC , had very high standards . Applicants had to have a college
degree or two years of college and two years of professional experience . Also ,
in ...


Author: Karen Zeinert


ISBN: STANFORD:36105019569081

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Describing the heroic efforts of the many women who served during the Second World War, a collection of personal accounts relates their participation in the military, medicine, journalism, and in volunteer efforts, and notes their impact on women's equality.


The Pipeline breaks over a shallow coral reef and can be a death - defying wave
to ride . At Ekuhai Beach itself , many ... This beach is Oahu ' s classic winter surf
spot with incredible waves and challenging breaks . It ' s such a big name you ...


Author: Glenda Bendure


ISBN: WISC:89066069022

Category: Travel

Page: 618

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A guide to the Hawaiian Islands offers travel information on hotels, restaurants, points of interest, and activities

Undersea Adventure


Author: Chris Madsen

Publisher: Red Bird Press

ISBN: 1902626117

Category: Marine animals

Page: 19

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Secret Spots on Celluloid $49.95 Discover the ultimate Hawaiian dream wave,
plus seldom ridden reef breaks. ... Session Impossible $39.95 Two years in the
making, this film features incredible adventure and discovery at Panama, Puerto




ISBN: UCSC:32106009059483

Category: Surfing


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Bud Llamas , who's always a threat when the waves get big , was collecting huge
roars from the crowd with his vertical , tail - throwing ... Towards the end of the
final Kelly started to run away with it , grabbing wave after incredible wave .




ISBN: UCSC:32106019439253

Category: Surfing


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Junk Drawer Physics

50 Awesome Experiments That Don't Cost a Thing. Step 10: After you have
mastered getting the Swinging Wave Machine to swing, watch it from the end
after you get it ... You are creating one of the most incredible waves you will ever



Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 9781613749203

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 208

View: 501

There's not need for expensive, high-tech lab equipment to perform physics experiments-you probably have all you need in your home junk drawer. Turn a plastic cup into a pinhole camera using waxed paper, a rubber band, and a thumbtack. Build a swinging wave machine using a series of washers suspended on strings from a yardstick. Use a cork, string, and water-filled plastic bottle to create a simple accelerometer. Or construct your own planetarium from an empty potato chip canister, construction paper, scissors, and a pin. Physics teacher Bobby Mercer provides readers with more than 50 great hands-on experiments that can be performed for just pennies . . . or less. Each project has a materials list, detailed step-by-step instructions with illustrations, and a brief explanation of the scientific principle being demonstrated. Junk Drawer Physics also includes sidebars of fascinating physics facts: did you know the Eiffel Tower is six inches taller in summer than in winter because its steel structure expands in the heat? Educators and parents will find this title a handy resource to teach children about physics topics that include magnetism, electricity, force, motion, light, energy, sound, and more, and have fun at the same time. Bobby Mercer has been a high school physics teacher for over two decades. He is the author of The Flying Machine Book, The Racecar Book, and Smash It! Crash It! Launch It! and lives with his family outside of Asheville, North Carolina.