Handbook of American Indian Games

other hand, so many of the grown-up Indians lacked what today is called sophistication, though they had a full share ... ADAPTATIONS or ACTUAL INDIAN GAMES The name of a game directly followed by an asterisk (") indicates that it is an ...


Author: Allan and Paulette Macfarlan

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Rich collection of 150 authentic American Indian games for boys and girls of all ages: running, relay, kicking, throwing and rolling, tossing and catching, guessing, group-challenge and many other games. 74 black-and-white illustrations.

Indian Games an historical research

Like the game of dice or platter it was essentially a house game, and like platter it is rarely mentioned by writers who describe the habits of Indians in the south. Lawson describes it, but in slightly modified form, ...


Author: Andrew McFarland Davis

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Indian Games and Dances

Whoever wins all of the one hundred points has the game. ... No other combinations count anything in the game. ... There is a great variety in the games of this class, and five examples drawn from different Indian games of this ...


Author: Alicce C. Fletcher

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Reproduction of the original: Indian Games and Dances by Alicce C. Fletcher

Indian Games and Dances With Native Songs

In this way the game proceeds until some player has won the requisite number of counters and has them all standing in his ... Among the Indians the game, once started, is kept going without halt or break in the song or the movements.


Author: Alice C. Fletcher

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 9781465502315

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Indian Games and Dances with Native Songs

There are players among the Indian women who are very skilful and are able to make the stones fall frequently in the combinations that win ten points . - Guessing Games INTRODUCTORY NOTE . — Games of the “ subjective " class ...


Author: Alice Cunningham Fletcher

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803268866

Category: Social Science

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One day Alice C. Fletcher realized that "unlike my Indian friends, I was an alien, a stranger in my native land." But while living with the Indians and pursuing her ethnological studies she felt that "the plants, the trees, the clouds and all things had become vocal with human hopes, fears, and supplications." This famous statement comes directly from the preface of this book and was later etched on her tombstone. "I have arranged these dances and games with native songs in order that our young people may recognize, enjoy and share in the spirit of the olden life upon this continent, " she wrote. Indian Games and Dances with Native Songs is a collection that conveys the pleasure and meaning of music and play and rhythmic movement for American Indians. Many of the activities here described are adapted from ceremonials and sports. Included is a "drama in five dances" celebrating the life of corn. "Calling the Flowers" is an appeal to spirits dwelling underground to join the dancers. Still another dramatic dance, with accompanying songs, petitions clouds to leave the sky. The Festival of Joy, an ancient Omaha ceremony, is centered on a sacred tree. In the second part Indian ball games and games of hazard and guessing are set forth, as well as the popular hoop and javelin game. Fletcher closes with a section on Indian names. Alice C. Fletcher, the foremost woman anthropologist in the United States in the nineteenth century, is also the author, with Francis La Flesche, of A Study of Omaha Indian Music and the two-volume Omaha Tribe. Both titles are available as Bison Books. Helen Myers is the coauthor of Folk Music in the United States: An Introduction.

Games of the North American Indians Games of skill

Implements ( figure 866 ) for a woman's ball game , in the possession of Mr James Mooney , consist of two balls of ... These implements are models , made and presented to Mr Mooney by Wichita Indians at the Indian Congress at Omaha . in ...


Author: Stewart Culin

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803263562

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"Reprinted from the original 1907 edition published as the Twenty-fourth annual report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1902-1903, Smithsonian Institution"--T.p. verso.

Games of the North American Indians

GAMES OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS This volume is the most complete work ever prepared on the games of the North American Indians . Based on the finest museum collections in the world , on travel and ethnographic accounts , and on the ...


Author: Stewart Culin

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486231259

Category: History

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The most complete work ever prepared on the subject — based on museum collections, travel and ethnographic accounts, and author's own research. Covers over 200 tribes and everything from games of chance and dexterity to such minor amusements as shuttlecock and tipcat. Bureau of American Ethnology report worth a substantial sum in original edition. 1,112 figures.

Games of the North American Indians Games of chance

GAMES OF CHANCE The ultimate object of all Indian games of chance is to determine a number or series of numbers , gain or loss depending upon the priority in which the players arrive at a definitive goal . The Indian chance games ...


Author: Stewart Culin

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803263554

Category: History

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Games figured prominently in the myths of North American Indian tribes, and also in their ceremonies for bringing rain and fertility and combating misfortune. In his classic study, originally published in 1907 as a report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, Stewart Culin divided the games played by Indian men and women into two general types. Volume 1 of this Bison Books edition takes up games of chance, involving guessing and throwing dice. Culin was able to show that the games of North American tribes were remarkably similar in method and purpose. He found that games using dice of various materials—wood, cane, bone, animal teeth, fruit stones—existed among 130 tribes belonging to 30 linguistic groups. The games are described in detail in this volume, and so are the popular guessing games drawing on sticks and wooden disks and involving hidden objects. Volume 2 is just as absorbing in its elaboration of skills like archery and games like snow-snake, in which darts or javelins were hurled over snow or ice. Played throughout the continent north of Mexico were the hoop and pole game and its miniature, solitaire form called ring and pin, here illustrated. With equal authority Culin discusses ball games: racket, shinny, football, and hot ball. He includes accounts of "minor amusements": shuttlecock, tipcat, quoits, popgun, bean shooter, and cat's cradle. Originally published in 1907, Stewart Culin's comprehensive work reveals a side of American Indian culture still only rarely shown. An experienced observer, Culin was curator of ethnology at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and the author of books about games in other cultures.

The Games India Plays

Indian Sports Simplified Amitabh Satyam, Sangeeta Goswami. Many of these games are played on streets. However, considering today's traffic in cities, the players must assess the availability of such spaces for playing. 8.


Author: Amitabh Satyam

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9789354352560

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Glamorous sports such as cricket, tennis and golf require costly equipment and space. Lack of access can dishearten young sports enthusiasts. However, there are games that originated in India such as atya-patya, lagori, gilli danda, nondi and kabaddi that require little infrastructure or gear. The Game India Plays Playdescribes fifteen such games that schools and colleges can integrate into their sports class. Those living in apartment complexes and crowded neighbourhoods can play these games, and sports clubs can use these to organize competitions. With the rise in digital games, many children have not experienced the fun of physical sports played in a group. All the games in this book entail physical activities and ensure that all the players are actively involved at all times. The fun quotient is high as team work. If you don't play sports because you don't have a tennis court or cricket grounds within your reach, why not play right where you live and have ten times more fun?

Report of Special Committee to Investigate the Indian Problem of the State of New York

Q. If some provision could be made , where , when an Indian became educated and became a Christian , he could be a citizen ; how would that do ? ... Q. Do your people have any games , Indian games , that they practice ?


Author: New York (State). Legislature. Assembly. Special Committee to Investigate the Indian Problem


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