Information Technology and Open Source Applications for Education Innovation and Sustainability

This paper aims at proposing a founding manifesto for the International Symposia
on Innovation and Sustainability in Education (InSuEdu). We analyze two
possible interpretations of Innovation and Sustainability in Education: (1)
sustainability ...


Author: Antonio Cerone

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642543388

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This book constitutes revised selected papers from the following SEFM 2012 satellite events: InSuEdu, the First International Symposium on Innovation and Sustainability in Education; MokMaSD, the First International Symposium on Modelling and Knowledge Management for Sustainable Development and Open Cert, the 6th International Workshop on Foundations and Techniques for Open Source Software Certification, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in October 2012. The total of 14 regular papers and 7 short papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 35 submissions. The papers cover the topics related to the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Open Source Software (OSS) as tools to foster and support Education, Innovation and Sustainability.

OECD Information Technology Outlook 2008

A growing number of countries adopt ICT policies to address key issues such as
economic growth, sustainable development, and ... The plan highlights the
leading role of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in applying
such measures. ... and medical research, through co-ordination with ministries for
science and technology, research, higher education, etc. ... Open source


Author: OECD

Publisher: OECD Publishing

ISBN: 9789264055544


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This 2008 edition of the OECD Information Technology Outlook analyses recent developments in the IT goods and services industries, and suggests that the outlook is for constrainted but continued long-term growth.

Towards Sustainable and Scalable Educational Innovations Informed by the Learning Sciences

Sharing Good Practices of Research, Experimentation and Innovation Chee-Kit
Looi, David H. Jonassen, Mitsuru ... project which explored the integration of
information technology into the field-based component of the four-year Education
program ... The Fall 2004 call for proposals invited applications from Faculty who
were interested in integrating technology into ... using the digital camera and
iPhoto to create slide shows to music, exploring Open Source browsers and mail
systems ...


Author: Chee-Kit Looi

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 9781586035730

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One of the basic principles that underpin the learning sciences is to improve theories of learning through the design of powerful learning environments that can foster meaningful learning. Learning sciences researchers prefer to research learning in authentic contexts. They collect both qualitative and quantitative data from multiple perspectives and follow developmental micro-genetic or historical approaches to data observation. Learning sciences researchers conduct research with the intention of deriving design principles through which change and innovation can be enacted. Their goal is to conduct research that can sustain transformations in schools. We need to be cognizant of research that can inform and lead to sustainable and scalable models of innovation. In order to do so, we need to take an inter-disciplinary view of learning, such as that embraced by the learning sciences. This publication focuses on learning sciences in the Asia-Pacific context. There are researchers and young academics within the Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE) community who are concerned with issues of conducting research that can be translated into practice. Changes in practice are especially important to Asian countries because their educational systems are more centralized. That is why there is a need to reform pedagogy in a more constructivist and social direction in a scalable way.

Technology Sustainability and Educational Innovation TSIE

6.1 Big Data Analytics Big Data comprises the large volumes of structured and
unstructured information data, whose ... application offers to analyze large
volumes of data including threats, risks and incidents [26], for which open-source
tools ...


Author: Andrea Basantes-Andrade

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030372217

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This book presents the proceedings of International Conference on Knowledge Society: Technology, Sustainability and Educational Innovation (TSIE 2019). The conference, which was held at UTN in Ibarra, Ecuador, on 3–5 July 2019, allowed participants and speakers to share their research and findings on emerging and innovative global issues. The conference was organized in collaboration with a number of research groups: Group for the Scientific Research Network (e-CIER); Research Group in Educational Innovation and Technology, University of Salamanca, Spain(GITE-USAL); International Research Group for Heritage and Sustainability (GIIPS), and the Social Science Research Group (GICS). In addition, it had the endorsement of the RedCLARA, e-science, Fidal Foundation, Red CEDIA, IEEE, Microsoft, Business IT, Adobe, and Argo Systems. The term “knowledge society” can be understood as the management, understanding and co-creation of knowledge oriented toward the sustainable development and positive transformation of society. In this context and on the occasion of the XXXIII anniversary of the Universidad Técnica del Norte (UTN), the Postgraduate Institute through its Master of Technology and Educational Innovation held the I International Congress on Knowledge Society: Technology, Sustainability and Educational Innovation – TSIE 2019, which brought together educators, researchers, academics, students, managers, and professionals, from both the public and private sectors to share knowledge and technological developments. The book covers the following topics: 1. curriculum, technology and educational innovation; 2. media and education; 3. applied computing; 4. educational robotics. 5. technology, culture, heritage, and tourism development perspectives; and 6. biodiversity and sustainability.

Nanotechnology and Global Sustainability

9.3.1 Open Information Both technical and nontechnical information on
nanotechnology should be openly available for all to ... to re-create a technology
be detailed enough for reproduction, otherwise that technology cannot be truly
open source. ... The content ranges from simulation tools to education material
and uses a user-rating system to review submitted ... this allow people to access
basic tools to become user-developers, it would but also increase the speed of


Author: Donald Maclurcan

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439855768

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The rise of collaborative consumption, peer-to-peer systems, and not-for-profit social enterprise heralds the emergence of a new era of human collectivity. Increasingly, this consolidation stems from an understanding that big-banner issues—such as climate change—are not the root causes of our present global predicament. There is a growing and collective view that issues such as this are actually symptoms of a much more vicious, seemingly insurmountable condition: our addiction to economic, consumption, and population growth in a world of finite resources. Nanotechnology and Global Sustainability uses nanotechnology—the product of applied scientific knowledge to control and utilize matter at atomic and molecular scales—as a lens through which to explore the interrelationship between innovation, politics, economy, and sustainability. This groundbreaking book addresses how stakeholders can actively reshape agendas to create positive and sustainable futures through this latest controversial, cross-sectoral technology. It moves beyond issues of efficiency, productivity, and utility, exploring the insights of 22 contributors from around the world, whose work spans the disciplines of science and the humanities. Their combined knowledge, reinforced with various case studies, introduces an exciting prospect—how we can innovate without economic growth. This new volume in the Perspectives in Nanotechnology series is edited by Dr. Donald Maclurcan and Dr. Natalia Radywyl. Dr. Maclurcan is a social innovator and Honorary Research Fellow with the Institute for Nanoscale Technology at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Dr. Radywyl is a social researcher and Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is also an Adjunct Research Fellow in the Faculty of Life and Social Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. This book is written for a wide audience and will be of particular interest to activists, scholars, policy makers, scientists, business professionals, and others who seek an understanding of how we might justly transition to sustainable societies.

International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education

eLearning and free open source software: The key to global mass higher
education? International Seminar on Distance, Collaborative and eLearning:
Providing Learning Opportunities in the New Millennium via Innovative


Author: Joke Voogt

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387733159

Category: Education

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The major focus of this Handbook is the design and potential of IT-based student learning environments. Offering the latest research in IT and the learning process, distance learning, and emerging technologies for education, these chapters address the critical issue of the potential for IT to improve K-12 education. A second important theme deals with the implementation of IT in educational practice. In these chapters, barriers and opportunities for IT implementation are studied from several perspectives. This Handbook provides an integrated and detailed overview of this complex field, making it an essential reference.

E Learning Technologies and Evidence Based Assessment Approaches

He is heavily involved in the development and evaluation of a range of
innovations in teaching and learning in the health care area and has ...
Biography; Theory and History of Environmental Rhetoric; Empirical Research
Methods; Technology and Education. ... Robert S. Friedman is Associate
Professor of Humanities and Information Technology at New Jersey Institute of ...
and Technology, at Anglia Ruskin University, specialing in networking Linux,and
Open Source applications.


Author: Spratt, Christine

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781605664118

Category: Games & Activities

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"This book aims to provide readers with a variety of contemporary solutions to identified educational problems of practice related to the assessment of student learning in e-learning environments"--Provided by publisher.

Discovery and Innovation

Conserving and promoting sustainable use of biodiversity is one of the
challenges that African countries have ... Application of scientific , technological
and innovative approaches will certainly change the continent ' s landscape in ...
Furthermore , the information technology infrastructure of African higher
education is poorly developed and unevenly distributed . ... education is the
innovation in the development , maintenance and support of free and open
source software ( FOSS ) .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105123444312

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Interdisciplinary Research in Engineering Steps towards Breakthrough Innovation for Sustainable Development

Their future work showed that groups of children with access to computer and
related technology were capable of ... Scripting in education is regarded as a
method designed externally by others, used for structuring collaborative learning,
with the ... so that intelligent applications/software could easily collect information
from various sources, process it, or exchange data ... The remaining alternative is
to Innovation for Sustainable Development extend the functionalities of the
existing ...


Author: Aurel Vlaicu

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9783038261667

Category: Technology & Engineering

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Interdisciplinary field of engineering and applied sciences forms the base of a sustainable development philosophy for all economic and social fields. Design, development and innovation of processes, technologies and products that meet the needs and requirements of customers and society in a sustainable framework, constitute the focus of this book. Results of over 69 postdoctoral researcher papers of engineering related to information society technologies, sustainable development, energy and environment, as well as innovative products, processes and materials are included. Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).

Connected for Development

Information Kiosks and Sustainability United Nations. Dept. of ... Application of
such open - source knowledge system is being discussed under the initiative of
Global ICT Education Program led by leading universities both from developed
and ...


Author: United Nations. Dept. of Public Information

Publisher: United Nations Publications

ISBN: STANFORD:36105121962851

Category: Business & Economics

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The digital divide is a significant component of the development divide and that ICT can be a factor in responding to the new challenges of globalisation and addressing longstanding issues of inequality. However the evidence is that top-down initiatives never work unless they are fully endorsed at local level. This book is a resource to help the spread of community access points. It covers five themes: enabling an environment for the development of information kiosks; characteristics of success; measuring impact; new approaches to ICT for development; selected case studies.

Web based Education

Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications Information Resources
Management Association. In education, e-learning is emerging as the focal point
of rising interest in open-source applications (Wheeler, 2004a; Yanosky, ... and
advancing the frontiers of innovation are the dual challenges for application
software in higher education. ... Developing sustainable economics: e- learning
as enabling technology for the implementation of e-education a virtual campus,
for example.


Author: Information Resources Management Association

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781615209637

Category: Computers

Page: 1905

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"This comprehensive collection offers a compendium of research on the design, implementation, and evaluation of online learning technologies, addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with the creation and management of Web-based applications and communities, instructional design, personalized learning environments, and effective educational delivery"--Provided by publisher.

Electronic Globalized Business and Sustainable Development Through IT Management Strategies and Perspectives

"This book provides fresh ideas on how IT and modern management can contribute to societal and economic objectives and the significant role of IT for global challenges and international collaboration"--Provided by publisher.


Author: Ord¢¤ez de Pablos, Patricia

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781615206247

Category: Computers

Page: 286

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"This book provides fresh ideas on how IT and modern management can contribute to societal and economic objectives and the significant role of IT for global challenges and international collaboration"--Provided by publisher.

Information Technology Applications in Industry III

When studying the open systems, it is of great importance to consider
environmental characteristics of the system. The complexity of environmental
uncertainty is an important source of system complexity. ... of social policy factors
on economic systems and the shock of the social environment on culture and
education. ... However, it is still limited that its significance only appear in the
academic theories and methods of innovation as a research base for effectively
social management.


Author: Su Fen Yang

Publisher: Trans Tech Publications Ltd

ISBN: 9783038266235

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1546

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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2014 3rd International Conference on Information Technology and Management Innovation (ICITMI 2014), July 19-20, 2014, Shenzhen, China. The 294 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Computation Methods, Chapter 2: Mathematical Methods and Information Technologies in Power and Electronics Engineering, Chapter 3: Sound, Image, Signal and Video Processing and Technologies, Chapter 4: Sensors, Testing, Detection, Measurement and Monitoring Technologies, Chapter 5: Control and Automation Technology, Modeling and Simulation, Chapter 6: Communications Technology, Chapter 7: Computer Network and Information Security, Chapter 8: Database Systems and Software Development, Chapter 9: E-Commerce, E-Government, Internet Technologies, Chapter 10: Management and Decision Support Systems, Chapter 11: Information Technologies in University and Education

E Learning for Geographers Online Materials Resources and Repositories

Hugh Davis is the head of the Learning Technology Research Group within the 5
* research School of Electronics and ... in the applications of hypertext for
learning, open hypertext systems, and architectures for adaptation and
personalisation. ... Department of Geography, DiBiase manages its online
master's of geographic information systems degree program. ... awards for
educational innovation from Penn State, the Association of American
Geographers, Environmental Systems ...


Author: Rees, Philip

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781599049816

Category: Business & Economics

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"This book provides a useful reference to the latest advancements in the area of educational technology and e-learning"--Provided by publisher.

Library Information Science Abstracts

Usage analysis ; LI05667 Disabled people Access to digital information for
disabled people in university libraries : a question of ethics ... LI05563 Planning
and implementing an EDMS : how information technology enhances government
innovation ... to sustain distance training and education ; L105640
Moodlelearning management system as a tool for information ... Education
Teaching of information technologies and open source programs ; L105497
Education for librarianship and ...




ISBN: UOM:39015079680461

Category: Information science


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Environmental Education and Information

TABLE 2 : Accepted uses for landfill tax credits ( Source : HM Customs and
Excise , 1996 ) 1 . ... Research and development , education or collection and
dissemination of information about waste management practices , the ... of new
umbrella bodies ) and industry - focused research projects centred on new
technologies and innovative applications ( Catto , 1996 ) . The field is wide open
for imaginative companies who wish to help to improve the environment (
Romanski , 1996 ) , and ...




ISBN: UOM:39015046250604

Category: Ecology


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Sustainable Industries Journal

SU Marketplace provides timely information on sustainable businessthemed : •
Funding Opportunities • RFPs and Contracts ... innovative or experimental
applications , technologies , methods or approaches to reducing diesel
emissions as part of the ... A consultant that has demonstrated experience in the
area of environmental education , with an emphasis on ... in - a - box offers a set
of peer reviewed and selected Free and Open Source software tailored to the
needs of nonprofits .




ISBN: IND:30000125141543

Category: Industries


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Environmental Technology

BOX 5-1 : EPA's Technology Innovation Strategy EPA's Technology Innovation
Strategy applies to EPA's own activities and ... incentives for and remove barriers
to innovation in regulatory , permitting , compliance , and enforcement programs
at ... Provide technical assistance , training , education , and information
management ... and ( strengthen ) environmental ... test beds , and
demonstrations that may help open markets for innovative technology in cases
where technology users ...




ISBN: UIUC:30112112949604

Category: Environmental protection

Page: 58

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CURRENT Occupational and Environmental Medicine 5 E

These applications are linking patients with their medical care teams across that
nation. They allow for ... By using these technologies, surveillance, education,
and care can now reach remote areas of developing nations. Projects such as ...
Another innovative use of this technology is RapidSMS, an open-source
framework developed by UNICEF. RapidSMS is a ... Kellermann AL: What it will
take to achieve the as-yet-unfulfilled promises of health information technology.
Health Aff ...


Author: Joseph LaDou

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9780071808163

Category: Medical

Page: 864

View: 608

A thorough, concise, up-to-date guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common occupational and environmental injuries and diseases A Doody's Core Title for 2019! Coverage includes: Chapters on how to conduct an occupational and environmental medical history, examine the patient, evaluate exposures, and prevent further injury and illness New methods of disability management and the important role that physicians can play in preventing disability Practical information on the toxic properties and clinical manifestation of common industrial materials Techniques to prevent acute and cumulative workplace-related injuries Detailed discussion of international occupational and environmental health, and issues of worker migration An appendix that concisely introduces the important topics of biostatistics and epidemiology LANGE The definitive overview of common occupational and environmental illnesses NEW CHAPTERS on electronic health records, the management of chronic pain, violence in the workplace, terrorism preparedness, disease surveillance, and chemical policy Valuable to practicing physicians as well as students and residents