Integrity and Personhood

This text examines the dominant ways of looking at patient/clinician relationships in healthcare.


Author: Erich E.H. Loewy

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780306468278

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This text examines the dominant ways of looking at patient/clinician relationships in healthcare. By challenging these dominant views the author can explore presuppositions that are defective. She further explains how they come to be so readily and uncritically held and reinforced; and, why their implications can have such a profound affect on how we think and act. Using the methodology of philosopher, John Dewey, the author proposes an alternative bio/psycho/social approach to understanding the patient/clinician relationship and for resolving increasingly common bioethical issues that arise in healthcare settings.

The Integrity of the Human Person in an African Context

personhood in Africa and in the West : Facing our technoscientific environment
CW du Toit Research Institute for Theology and Religion , University of South
Africa , Pretoria INTRODUCTION The search for personhood in a technoscientific


Author: South African Science and Religion Forum

Publisher: University of South Africa Press

ISBN: UVA:X004956103

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The issue is how integrity is manifested and realized in each person , and how
each instance of personhood can be understood as a resolution of convergent
planes of action , cognition , and constitution . We can speak of individuals , but ...




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Public Integrity

Often it means that instead of being judged by character or skill, people insult
them by judging them on the basis of only one dimension of their selfhood. It
denies their humanity, integrity, and freedom. Human personhood is a rich and
complex ...


Author: J. Patrick Dobel


ISBN: UOM:39015048528270

Category: Political Science

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In this groundbreaking book, J. Patrick Dobel describes and analyzes the elements that constitute integrity in public office. Drawing on case studies, memoirs, interviews, and fiction (e.g., John Le Carre), Dobel addresses such issues as when to resign and when to stay in office. He examines the temptations of power, the relation between private and public life, and the role of honor and prudence in making personal decisions. He applies not only moral theory but also the insights of history, organizational theory, and psychology. Unlike most political ethics books, "Public Integrity" puts personal responsibility at the center of public morality, examining not just the responsibilities of office but also the role of personal moral commitments and promises. This timely book reminds us of the importance of public integrity as well as the demands and challenges that often threaten that integrity, especially in a liberal democracy such as the United States.

Encyclopedia of Values and Ethics

Kindliness is the quality of being kind and implies moral integrity and personhood
. In ordinary language , integrity suggests both honesty and coherence . Integrity
properly denotes both wholeness and soundness ; thus , to have integrity is to ...


Author: Joseph P. Hester

Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated

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Tracing the changes in values during the twentieth century, this volume offers entries for individuals and topics in such areas as concepts, economic institutions, issues, movements, and social/political institutions

Intellectual Property in China

11 The growth of personality rights under the GPCC has strengthened the
institution of author ' s moral rights , as actions for both types of rights are based
on the notion of personal integrity and personhood . In return , moral rights have ...


Author: Peter Feng


ISBN: STANFORD:36105061909482

Category: Intellectual property

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This text covers China's intellectual property laws relating to copyright, patents, trademarks and competition. It is organized around practical and theoretical issues, from a comparative perspective. The volume can be used as a complementary text to Intellectual Property Enforcement in China - Leading Cases and Commentary.


The Quest for Self - Identity and Integrity of Personhood : “ Hippies , " university
students , Christian leaders ( ordained or otherwise ) , professors and
housewives are among those who have moved beyond the mere excitement of
literary and ...




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Customary Practices the Laws and Risky Behaviours

Other rights that are at issue are the woman ' s bodily integrity and personhood . “
the levirate ( euphemistically called ' inheritance ' by some ) is the most extreme
expression of the absence of a concept of respect for the personhood of the ...


Author: Z. E. Hlanze


ISBN: STANFORD:36105132062238

Category: AIDS (Disease) in women

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To be a Person of Integrity

The approach to Bible study in this series is one of involved interaction . Each
reader is called upon to discover his or her own answers to questions about the
meaning of wholeness , personhood , and integrity in an evangelistic life style .


Author: R. James Ogden


ISBN: 0817006788

Category: Bible

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This encounter , which constitutes the individual ' s own personhood , implies an
unconditional invitation to acknowledge “ the other , ” encountered as a person
with his or her own dignity and integrity . Creaturehood and Personhood The ...


Author: Lucien Richard


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Category: Religion

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A major theologian develops here a complete and systematic Christology that integrates the divine acts of creation, liberation, incarnation and redemption with the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Exploring Personhood

His very ability to forge such meaningful relationships presupposes the integrity
of the self . In Lauder ' s reckoning , the Confessions " presents us with a theory of
self as a dynamic center of activity , unfolding and developing by experiences ...


Author: Joseph Torchia

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 0742548376

Category: Philosophy

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Explores the metaphysical underpinnings of theories of human nature, personhood, and the self. This book moves from the Pre-Socratics to Postmodernism, assessing what transpired during the intervening 2500 year period, with a focus on the contributions of the Aristotelian/Thomistic tradition of inquiry.

Personhood in Advanced Old Age

Whereas ideal integrity for Erikson necessitates a reminiscence process that
includes " timeless love ” for significant others , for us this is not at all essential .
What is essential is a sense of coherence and wholeness that can be achieved ...


Author: Sheldon S. Tobin

Publisher: New York : Springer Publishing Company

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It was when my value as a person had been called into question that I felt that my
personal dignity was at stake , and this was the reason for my doubts about Mr
Barnes ' moral integrity . Hence , as far as I was concerned , personhood , dignity


Author: Anita Jacobson-Widding

Publisher: Uppsala Universitet

ISBN: UCSC:32106018156056

Category: Social Science

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Author: John T. Chirban

Publisher: Praeger

ISBN: UOM:39015037762559

Category: Religion

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Creates a forum for dialogue between traditional Christian understandings of the nature of the person and modern studies in medicine, psychology, and religion.

The Quest for Humanity in Science and Religion

Technoscience and the Integrity of Personhood in Africa and in the West Cornel
du Toit The greatest challenge any scientific enterprise or religious quest can
face is that of the integrity of the human person . Integrity in this sense refers to
the ...


Author: Augustine Shutte


ISBN: UVA:X030273936

Category: Humanity

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These essays by a group of South African researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds - bring to light a transcendent dimension of our human nature that is often overlooked in the international science-and-religion debate. This is a dimension of our humanity that transcends what the sciences are able to study because it is what enables us to be the creators and judges of science. It is also what endows us with the freedom and responsibility of deciding which, if any, religion to follow. These essays bring together insights, drawn from both European and African traditions of thought, that illuminate this ultimately mysterious dimension of our humanity.

Philosophy of Law

cal integrity that he implicitly and inevitably claims for himself . 121 This
conception of the right to life and health derives from the notion of personhood
that is presupposed by the concept of moral action . So too do the right ' s natural
limitations ...


Author: Joel Feinberg

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

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Category: Law

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This leading anthology contains legal cases and essays written by the finest scholars in legal philosophy, representing all major points of view on central topics in philosophy of law. Its primary focus is to relate traditional themes of legal philosophy to the concerns of modern society in a way that invigorates one and illuminates the other. This classic text is distinguished by its clarity, balance of topics, balance of substantive positions on controversial questions, topical relevance, imaginative use of cases and stories, and the inclusion of only lightly edited or untouched classics. This revision is distinguished in its inclusion of many articles relevant to women's issues and a greater emphasis on concrete legal problems.

Confronting Male Power with Integrity

In contrast , the word integrity refers an roll to " an original unity from which no
part can be taken away - - thus an original wholeness of personhood not divided
by sex - role definitions . " She associates integrity with " the power of be - ing ...


Author: Cindy Jenefsky


ISBN: WISC:89094747946


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Abortion Rights and Fetal personhood

Wade , protects the personhood of the woman by protecting her bodily integrity
and her personal autonomy . One of the dangers of focusing on the question of
the personhood of the fetus in a conference like this is that it gives us the illusion


Author: Edd Doerr


ISBN: STANFORD:36105061707126

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The federal reporter

... is an entire field of tort law that is believe is part of a larger constitutional
related to the right to bodily integrity in right of “ personhood . ” 1 The right of priva
- the doctor ' s office . cy , first recognized by the Supreme Court Although
compulsory ...




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Bodies of Integrity

There is a telos , an aspiration to being , as well , and it is grounded in the
concept of personhood . The articulation of morality and personhood requires an
adequately developed anthropology of morality . The three sections that follow
address ...


Author: Jeffrey Wescott


ISBN: UCSD:31822009432493


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