Mapping It Out

catalog of maps , books , and atlases appeared in ten volumes in 1968 , with
supplements in 1971 , 1976 , and 1986. ... National and Regional Atlases , and
International Maps and Atlases in Print are all useful yet somewhat dated sources
of ...


Author: Mark Monmonier

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226217857

Category: Science

Page: 316

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Writers know only too well how long it can take—and how awkward it can be—to describe spatial relationships with words alone. And while a map might not always be worth a thousand words, a good one can help writers communicate an argument or explanation clearly, succinctly, and effectively. In his acclaimed How to Lie with Maps, Mark Monmonier showed how maps can distort facts. In Mapping it Out: Expository Cartography for the Humanities and Social Sciences, he shows authors and scholars how they can use expository cartography—the visual, two-dimensional organization of information—to heighten the impact of their books and articles. This concise, practical book is an introduction to the fundamental principles of graphic logic and design, from the basics of scale to the complex mapping of movement or change. Monmonier helps writers and researchers decide when maps are most useful and what formats work best in a wide range of subject areas, from literary criticism to sociology. He demonstrates, for example, various techniques for representing changes and patterns; different typefaces and how they can either clarify or confuse information; and the effectiveness of less traditional map forms, such as visibility base maps, frame-rectangle symbols, and complementary scatterplot designs for conveying complex spatial relationships. There is also a wealth of practical information on map compilation, cartobibliographies, copyright and permissions, facsimile reproduction, and the evaluation of source materials. Appendixes discuss the benefits and limitations of electronic graphics and pen-and-ink drafting, and how to work with a cartographic illustrator. Clearly written, and filled with real-world examples, Mapping it Out demystifies mapmaking for anyone writing in the humanities and social sciences. "A useful guide to a subject most people probably take too much for granted. It shows how map makers translate abstract data into eye-catching cartograms, as they are called. It combats cartographic illiteracy. It fights cartophobia. It may even teach you to find your way."—Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, The New York Times

Special Libraries

New York , R . R . ton , D . C . , U . S . Government Printing OfBowker , 1980 fice ,
1970 . Carrington , David K . / Map Collections in the Winch , Kenneth , ed . I
International Maps & United States and Canada : A Directory . Atlases in Print .




ISBN: UCAL:B4111245

Category: Special libraries


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Also includes 1st-5th SLA triennial salary surveys.

IASLIC Special Publication

comprehensive list of maps atlases published in all the countries of the world , a
document has recently been brought out by M / s . Bowker & Co . , London . It is -
named ...


Author: IASLIC (Association)


ISBN: UCAL:B4197656

Category: Libraries


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Collection of ongoing conference papers of Indian Association of Special Libraries & Information Centres; with reference to India.

Multimedia Information Resources

Australian maps , National Library of Australia , Canberra , ( Annual , 1961 to
1989 ) . The entries in this publication were ... 1976 , International maps and
atlases in print , 2nd ed . , R . R . Bowker , London . This comprehensive general


Author: Paul Terence McNally

Publisher: Macmillan Education AU

ISBN: 0732940923

Category: Audio-visual library service

Page: 210

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Libraries have incorporated multimedia resources into their collections and make them accessible to users. This book provides practical guidelines for librarians and educators for developing, organising and managing a multimedia collection. Chapters cover collection development, bibliographic organisation, storage, user access, hardware and copyright. The book also examines specific media, including new technologies of the past decade. Practical advice is given on selecting and organising multimedia collections.

Printed Reference Material

London : Bowker and Stanford , 1976 . Winch provides a ready means of
identifying available map series , maps and atlases published all over the world .
Entries giving ...


Author: Gavin Higgens

Publisher: London : Library Association

ISBN: UIUC:30112018540598

Category: Reference books

Page: 520

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Selecting Materials for Libraries

The other good source , like Geo Katalog in offering worldwide coverage , more
or less , is International Maps and Atlases in Print , edited by K . L . Winch , 2d ed
. ( London & New York : Bowker , 1976 , 866 p . ) , a “ carto - bibliography ” with ...


Author: Robert N. Broadus

Publisher: New York : H.W. Wilson Company

ISBN: UCAL:B4379501

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 469

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Offers guidelines to help librarians select books, films, periodicals, and recordings for small to medium-sized public libraries

Library Guide

An international listing of atlases published since 1950 . Metuchen , N . J . , 1971
. Bibliographie cartographique internationale . Vol . 23 ( 1970 ) - , Paris , 1973 –
British Museum . Catalogue of printed maps , charts and plans .


Author: University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies. Library


ISBN: UOM:39015036788381

Category: Area studies

Page: 91

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CD ROMs in Print

... international maps in several styles and map projections . It is designed to be a
resource for professional graphic artists and advertising art directors . Multimedia
Content : images Audience Level : professional Subject : Maps and Atlases ...




ISBN: UOM:39015046817436

Category: CD-ROMs


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A Geographical Bibliography for American Libraries


Author: Association of American Geographers, Washington, DC.

Publisher: Assn of Amer Geographers

ISBN: UCAL:B4534263

Category: Reference

Page: 437

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The purpose of this extensive annotated bibliography is to assist libraries in the United States, Canada, and other countries to identify, select, and secure publications of value in geography that are appropriate for the purposes and resources of each library collection. More than 2900 entries, published between 1970 and 1984, are arranged by general categories with numerous subdivisions: general aids and sources; history, theory, methodology, and geography; the physical geography; the human geography; applied geography; regional geography; and publications suitable for school libraries. Although publications in other languages have not been excluded, works in English have been emphasized. Basic information provided in each entry includes author, title, place of publication, publisher, publication date, number of pages, identifying numbers, price, Library of Congress card number, and a brief annotation. Where appropriate, translation information including translator and original language are provided. (LH)

Reference and Subscription Books Reviews

The set has no use as an in - print source because most of the titles would be
listed elsewhere . ( Jan . 1 , 1978 , p . 773 ) 016 . 6864 ' 3 Reprints ( Publications )
— Bibliography ( OCLC ) 77 - 475318 International maps and atlases in print .


Author: American Library Association


ISBN: UOM:39015036929845

Category: Reference books

Page: 230

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International Dictionary of Library Histories

Graphic materials: 16,000; incunabula: 260; manuscripts: 5,000; maps and
atlases: 4,000; musical scores: 8,000. areas of Concentration: bibles;
bookbinding; history of books and printing; illustrated books Holdings (1999):
special Collections: ...


Author: David H. Stam

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136777851

Category: Reference

Page: 1100

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Following the format of Fitzroy Dearborn's highly successful International Dictionary of Historic Places and International Dictionary of University Histories, the International Dictionary of Library Histories provides basic information for each institution - location and holdings - followed by an extensive (1,000-5,000 word) essay on its history as well as a Further Reading list. In addition, the dictionary includes introductory articles on the history of various types of libraries and a library history in various regions of the world. The dictionary profiles more than 200 institutions from around the world, including the world's most important research libraries and other libraries with globally or regionally notable collections, innovative traditions, and significant and interesting histories. The essays take advantage of the growing scholarship of library history to provide insightful overviews of each institution, including not only the traditional values of these libraries but their innovations as well, such as developments in automated systems and electronic delivery. The profiles will emphasize the unique materials of research in these institutions - archives, manuscripts, personal and institutional papers. The introductory articles on types of libraries include topics ranging from theological libraries to prison libraries, from the ancient to the digital. An international team of more than 200 leading scholars in the field have contributed essays to the project.

Perthes World Atlas

The NEW World Atlas for Higher Education and College Geography Level teachings. This new atlas uses the Klett-Perthes high quality map print details as known from their Wall Maps.


Author: Klett International

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0073290734

Category: Science

Page: 315

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The NEW World Atlas for Higher Education and College Geography Level teachings. This new atlas uses the Klett-Perthes high quality map print details as known from their Wall Maps. Features over 350 pages of detailed maps, statistics, glossary and information to teach higher level geography education.

An Atlas of World Affairs

This edition provides guidance through all these recent changes (and many more). This book offers up-to-date coverage of all regions in great detail.


Author: Andrew Boyd

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134222148

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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The economic, social and environmental systems of the world remain in turmoil. Recent years have seen possibly irrevocable change in the politics of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. This entirely revised and updated 11th edition describes the people, factions, and events that have shaped the modern world from the Second World War to the present day. International issues and conflicts are placed in their geographical contexts through the integration of over one hundred maps. The political context provided for current events will be invaluable to all those uncertain about the changing map of Europe and Africa, conflicts in the Middle East, and the appearances in the headlines and on our television screens by al-Qaeda, Chechnya, the Taliban, Mercosur, Somaliland, Kosovo, AIDS, OPEC, and Schengenland. Critical new issues are covered including the war on terrorism, nuclear proliferation, European Union expansion, and the pressing environmental concerns faced by many sovereign states. This edition provides guidance through all these recent changes (and many more). This book offers up-to-date coverage of all regions in great detail. It contains an objective and concise explanation of current events, combining maps with their geopolitical background. It provides a clear context for events in the news, covering the Middle East, Korea, China, the European Union, east Africa, and every other part of the world. Revised and in print since 1957, An Atlas of World Affairs continues to provide a valuable guide for the student, teacher, journalist and all those interested in current affairs and post-war political history.

The International Guide to Legal Deposit

The Biblioteka Narodowa received four copies of all printed works, two copies of
all periodicals, newspapers, maps, atlases, leaflets of less than four pages and
music scores, and one copy of the following: all standards and patents, artistic ...


Author: Jan T. Jasion

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429788871

Category: Political Science

Page: 210

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First published in 1991, this volume aims to take a close look at the laws of 27 countries to locate what others value in the realm of legal deposit and heighten our awareness of its importance for free access to information. It responds to the great concern over the freedom of the press, the end of censorship and absolute government secrecy, and guaranteed public access to information. The term ‘legal deposit’, known in the UK and several former-British Empire countries as ‘copyright deposit’, originated in France in 1537 and has spread throughout the world, though the definition of the term remains questionable. Jan T. Jasion examines this through three parts: various aspects of legal deposit, comparing legal deposit worldwide and a detailed examination of the laws of 27 countries to compare the various national interpretations of legal deposit.

Printing and Publishing

Revised U.S. Tariff Schedules for Printed Products and Printing Plates , Including
Rates Effective August 16 , 1971 Column ... of international transportation or
commercial insurance services Music in books or sheets Printed globes ... Maps ,
atlases , ond charts ( except tourist and other literature provided for in item
270.70 ) .




ISBN: STANFORD:36105210309030

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