Invisible Darkness

A definitive true-crime account unravels the facade behind the unsettling case of Paul and Karla Bernardo and the couple's seemingly storybook marriage, which involved kidnapping, imprisonment, and the murder of high-school girls to satisfy ...


Author: Stephen Williams

Publisher: Bantam

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A definitive true-crime account unravels the facade behind the unsettling case of Paul and Karla Bernardo and the couple's seemingly storybook marriage, which involved kidnapping, imprisonment, and the murder of high-school girls to satisfy their sexual cravings. Reprint.

Invisible Darkness

So it must be something else , though it is fairly obvious that there was dark blood in Jean Toomer's ancestors . Toomer was raised as a white person . Sociologically and culturally that is what he considered himself to be until the ...


Author: Charles R. Larson


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Invisible Darkness


Author: Stephen Williams

Publisher: Boston ; Toronto : Little, Brown and Company (Canada)

ISBN: 0316949914

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Conceptual Controversy

The darkness that is in you is of the INFINITE SPIRIT that has created you. ... The INFINITENESS is taught as invisible, darkness minus light. ... The darkness and invisibility of spirit comes to EQUALNESS be/cause of the SAMENESS.


Author: Gilbert Lee Zeno

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

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Conceptual Controversy By: Gilbert Lee Zeno In this literary work you will stop asking God “why.” We commit murder, rape, torture, embezzlement, drug abuse, fraud and every act of devilment that is known against God! How can this be when we say we love God? We need to quit lying, for it is for certain: Thy kingdom is not coming until Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven! The only way that will happen is if you quit asking “why” when you have committed the very evil you are asking deliverance from. Overstand what you say you understand. This is the only way to love God and bring His kingdom to earth.

Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine Aesthetic Experience

God himself is beyond being and necessarily 'rises above the contradiction between finite and infinite'.131 'Intangible and invisible darkness', according to Pseudo-Dionysius, is for this reason a befitting attribute 'of that Light 126 ...


Author: Dr Nadine Schibille

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781472447944

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Paramount in the shaping of early Byzantine identity was the construction of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (532-537 CE). This book examines the edifice from the perspective of aesthetics to define the concept of beauty and the meaning of art in early Byzantium. Byzantine aesthetic thought is re-evaluated against late antique Neoplatonism and the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius that offer fundamental paradigms for the late antique attitude towards art and beauty. These metaphysical concepts of aesthetics are ultimately grounded in experiences of sensation and perception, and reflect the ways in which the world and reality were perceived and grasped, signifying the cultural identity of early Byzantium. There are different types of aesthetic data, those present in the aesthetic object and those found in aesthetic responses to the object. This study looks at the aesthetic data embodied in the sixth-century architectural structure and interior decoration of Hagia Sophia as well as in literary responses (ekphrasis) to the building. The purpose of the Byzantine ekphrasis was to convey by verbal means the same effects that the artefact itself would have caused. A literary analysis of these rhetorical descriptions recaptures the Byzantine perception and expectations, and at the same time reveals the cognitive processes triggered by the Great Church. The central aesthetic feature that emerges from sixth-century ekphraseis of Hagia Sophia is that of light. Light is described as the decisive element in the experience of the sacred space and light is simultaneously associated with the notion of wisdom. It is argued that the concepts of light and wisdom are interwoven programmatic elements that underlie the unique architecture and non-figurative decoration of Hagia Sophia. A similar concern for the phenomenon of light and its epistemological dimension is reflected in other contemporary monuments, testifying to the pervasiveness of these aesthetic values in early Byzantium.

The Equinox

In the Name of the Lord of the Universe and by the Power of mine own Higher Soul and by the Aspiration of Thine Higher Soul I conjure thee , O shroud of darkness and of mystery , that thou encirclest me , so that I may become invisible ...




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Good Roads

( N. B. --They have in suggested that all lights be put out , and Kentucky a sovereign remedy , which never then it was dark , — just the blackest kind fails on such occasions , and those of our of invisible darkness . If the darkness ...




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Outer Darkness

It stood in a dark corner of the room, having an affinity for the darkness. Equally invisible in the dim light of the room as it was in bright light, the entity's presence was still somehow evident to it's intended victim.


Author: Bart Brevik


ISBN: 9780615165370

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What would you do if your family was under attack by a violent Satanic cult? That's the position Jim DiMario is in - but has he found out too late? A successful pastor of a large suburban church, Jim's life unravels when he investigates an animal mutilation that has taken place in his quiet, upscale community. Seemingly by chance, he meets two strangers in his quest for the truth - each of whom have their own reasons to investigate the grisly mutilations. Jim soon finds himself in too deep when problems arise for his friends & family. His world spinning out of control, Jim discovers that he is the focus of a Satanic cult - the shadowy Temple of Anubis, who's true motives are more sinister than mere animal sacrifices. With time ticking away before Samhain, the most unholy night for the occultists, Jim and his allies face a desperate gamble to save his daughter's life from the Satanists who have abducted her. Will he realize too late that his worst enemy is part of his own inner circle?

Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus Understanding Empowerment and Solutions for College Students

Furthermore, the one-drop rule's contention of invisible blackness happens only in the United States (Sweet 2005, 269). In Sweet's (2005) Legal History of the Color Line: The Notion of Invisible Darkness, five major areas of data are ...


Author: Eric J. Bailey

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440854583

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Can today's college students confront race relations issues directly and make positive changes? Yes, they can. This book provides students with a fresh, practical approach to address these serious issues—as individuals and as members of groups—and set off a new positive revolution in race and ethnic relations. • Presents brand-new race and ethnic relations solution strategies for college students and universities in the United States • Carefully investigates several theoretical frameworks to provide readers with a better understanding of the numerous issues associated with race relations • Discusses a number of culturally sensitive topics associated with race and ethnic relations, such as race and intelligence, affirmative action programs, discrimination, Black Lives Matter, and immigration policies