Rivers of Britain and Ireland

Forts IRELAND'S FAVOURITE SPORT THE LIFFEY VALLEY carries the main roads and railways from Dublin to the south and ... The Grand Canal follows the course of the Liffey from Dublin to near Naas , where it then heads towards the River ...


Author: Michael Pollard

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'Rivers of Britain and Ireland' takes us on a journey along seven important rivers - The Avon, Yorkshire Ouse, Tyne, Wye, Forth, Liffey and Lagan.

River Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland

Britain and Ireland hold over 4,000 miles of watercourse, depending on how you define a river. From source to babbling brook, down through flood plain to the sea, our rivers are the lifeblood of our landscape, shaping our environment ...


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Rivers and streams sculpt our landscape, and have connected our communities throughout history, from mountain to estuary and to the wide sea beyond. They give us water and food, trade and transport – yet they have a life-force all of their own. In this collection of traditional folk tales from wild rivers, lakes, and streams, Lisa Schneidau retells old stories of danger and transformation, of river goddesses, ghosts and the mysterious creatures that dwell in the watery arteries of Britain and Ireland.

Celtic Ireland West of the River Shannon

Following the execution of Charles I, Cromwell invaded Ireland in 1645 with seventy thousand troops, determined to crush the Irish and obliterate the Catholic religion. The war lasted seven years and, when it ended in 1652, Cromwell had ...


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The reader accompanies the early Irish Celts on their cultural journey down the ages and into the province of Connacht, where the story focuses on the early tribal communities - exploring the developing dynastic families, descendants of once "heroic" warrior societies. The earliest noted Celtic inhabitants of Connacht, collectively called Firbolg, were believed to have ruled much of the province until well into the third century, when they were toppled and driven into tributary status by the expansion and dominance of the Gaels from northern Spain. In Connacht, some thirty petty kingdoms came to figure prominently in Irish history and legend. Among them, the Three Tuaths - Kinel Dofa (O'Hanly country), Corca Eachlinn (MacBrennan country) and Tir-Briuin-na-Sionna (O'Beirne country) - are presented as microcosms of what Gaelic tribal life throughout The Middle Ages was like. This book centers on the rise to power of the Connacht dynasts, their constant warring among themselves, their decline brought about by endless conflict with their kinsmen and invading Normans, their final collapse following confiscation of their lands by the English in the seventeenth century, and the resurgence of Celtic culture and the triumphant return of the Irish Gaels as masters of their own destiny.


Ireland's rivers are another valuable natural resource. They are used as a guide for european standards of water purity. Salmon and trout are fished and farmed, and water power is a valuable source of electricity.


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Learn about the geography, culture, language, and much more in this in-depth overview of Ireland. All books of the critically-acclaimed Cultures of the World® series ensure an immersive experience by offering vibrant photographs with descriptive nonfiction narratives, and interactive activities such as creating an authentic traditional dish from an easy-to-follow recipe. Copious maps and detailed timelines present the past and present of the country, while exploration of the art and architecture help your readers to understand why diversity is the spice of Life.

Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland

Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland ... the monarch Conaire's messenger , is recorded to have tried all the chief waters in Ireland , rivers and lakes , for a drink for his master , and among the lakes is mentioned Loch Foyle .


Author: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland


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Index of archaeological papers published in 1891, under the direction of the Congress of Archaeological Societies in union with the Society of Antiquaries.

The Peerage Baronetage and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland for

RIVERS , Hon . Alice Charlotte Pitt- , dau . of the 4th Baron Rivers ; born of the 1st Marq . of Waterford ; born 1841 . 1783 ; mar . Ist , 1816 , Sir Denis Pack ; 2ndly , 1831 , Sir Thomas Reynell , RIVERS , Hon .


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Library of Congress Subject Headings

UF Engineering , River BT Hydraulic engineering Water resources development NT Dams Rivers — Regulation Stream conservation River Erme ( England ) USE Erme , River ( England ) River Erne ( Ireland and Northern Ireland ) USE Erne , River ...


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Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland

and cross the nine rivers to the Fuchien plain . Following the course of the nine large rivers : from the Jo river you go to Holi , whence the superfluous water flows into the Rolling sands . You trace the Blackwater to Sanwei , where ...




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The Encyclop dia Britannica

... Geology of Ireland , rivers with closely contiguous sources , whicb , however , flow attributes in many cases to the chemical action of the in widely different directions The largest river is the BOA - water on the limestone rocks .




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