Irish Houses and Castles 1400 1740

This stunning new work also includes a bibliography of the writings of Rolf Loeber on Irish history, architecture, settlement and literature, featuring over 100 maps, photographs and illustrations.


Author: Rolf Loeber


ISBN: 1846828201

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This volume assembles Rolf Loeber's groundbreaking articles on Irish houses and castles from the late medieval period to the mid-eighteenth century. Read together, these articles, mainly from journals that are not widely available, become a coherent and fresh survey of the theme and the period, marked by Rolf 's trademark archival depth and ability to bring together architectural and cultural history in a rewarding way. This richly illustrated book features one hundred maps, plans and illustrations, redrawn and updated to form a visual panorama of the period.

The Business of Heritage

Irish houses and castles 1400-1740. Dublin: Four Courts Press. Lucas, Gavin. 2001. Destruction and the rhetoric of excavation. Taylor & Francis. UK. Lyttleton, James. 2011. Blarney Castle, an Irish tower house. Four Courts Press, Dublin ...


Author: Darran Jordan

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527554160

Category: Social Science

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Throughout the world, consultant archaeologists are at work on heritage assessments covering a broad range of fields, subjects, techniques, locations and connections. Due to government legislations to protect heritage, an industry has developed where archaeology is inextricably linked to business. The result is the production of a vast amount of material not widely seen, with the result of the heritage work often remaining unpublished. This collection of papers examines how heritage is undertaken as a business, and what this means for the ongoing protection of the past and development of archaeological knowledge. The international connections of a global business structure present an opportunity to approach heritage and archaeological studies with a global ‘one world’ view, parallel with the corporate approach practiced by an international company. This volume collects papers by archaeologists and heritage specialists from around the globe, providing insights into the intentions, processes and outcomes of an international heritage consultancy in operation. From managing heritage structures associated with space exploration at the NASA Ames Research Center, to protecting Roman archaeology in North Yorkshire, and from an industrial landscape in Cornwall to a palimpsest of Aboriginal artefacts in Australia, this book contextualises international consultancy within a broader milieu of archaeological study and documents the way in which an international business contributes to the development of academic knowledge on a world scale.

The Science of Violent Behavior Development and Prevention

Irish houses and castles, 14001740. (K. Whelan & M. Stout, Eds.). Dublin, Ireland: Four Courts Press. (2020). Rolf Loeber, photographs 2007–2017. Berkeley, CA: Edition One. (privately printed) Loeber, R., Campbell, H., Hurley, L., ...


Author: Richard E. Tremblay

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108890267

Category: Psychology


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This book describes the lives of 12 people born in Europe and North America during the Second World War. They became leading scholars on the development and prevention of violent human behavior. From the first to the last page, the book introduces contrasting life-stories and shows how their paths crossed to create a relatively unified body of knowledge on how human violence develops and possible prevention methods. The authors describe the similarities and differences in their family background, university training, theories, and collaborations. Not to mention how they differ in research methods, scientific conclusions, and their influence on the research published today. These comparisons celebrates the diversity of their experience and, in turn, their achievements. By knowing this, you can stand on the shoulders of these giants to look to the future of this subject and potentially contribute to its next steps.

Architecture and Empire in Jamaica

Ulster Journal of Archaeology 3 (1960): 97–123. jope, e. m. “Scottish Influences in the North of Ireland: Castles with Scottish Features, 1580–1640. ... Sojourners in the Sun: Scottish Migrants in Jamaica and the Chesapeake, 1740–1800.


Author: Louis Nelson

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300214352

Category: Architecture

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Through Creole houses and merchant stores to sugar fields and boiling houses, Jamaica played a leading role in the formation of both the early modern Atlantic world and the British Empire. Architecture and Empire in Jamaica offers the first scholarly analysis of Jamaican architecture in the long 18th century, spanning roughly from the Port Royal earthquake of 1692 to Emancipation in 1838. In this richly illustrated study, which includes hundreds of the author’s own photographs and drawings, Louis P. Nelson examines surviving buildings and archival records to write a social history of architecture. Nelson begins with an overview of the architecture of the West African slave trade then moves to chapters framed around types of buildings and landscapes, including the Jamaican plantation landscape and fortified houses to the architecture of free blacks. He concludes with a consideration of Jamaican architecture in Britain. By connecting the architecture of the Caribbean first to West Africa and then to Britain, Nelson traces the flow of capital and makes explicit the material, economic, and political networks around the Atlantic.

Encyclopaedia of Chronology

73-75 , ) Glendalough , ( Glandalagh , ) in Ireland , – 488-480 . of , united with the sce of Dublin ... about 1769 — member of Helvetic claims the throne of Wales , 1400 - narrowly Directory , 1798 - envoy to Paris , 1800—0 . in ...


Author: Bernard Bolingbroke Woodward

Publisher: London, Longmans

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The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland

Dr. Beaufort , view , be regarded as identical with the south - west estimating its area at 346,000 Irish acres ... certain portions of land where- Michael of Exeter , 1289 ; William Fitzjohn , 1302 ; on they speedily erected castles .




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Ireland : a general and regional geography . 4th ed . 1320,1326 French , Anthony Philip . ... 1400 Gordon , I. Herbert . Canoe back . ... 1400 Grice - Hutchinson , Marjorie . Early economic thought in Spain , 1177-1740 .




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Books Ireland

The results of the study are presented as the first step in a major new research progamme designed to investigate this fascinating period of Ireland's past . Themes considered include the role of castles as country houses and manorial ...




ISBN: MINN:31951P009610205

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Manuscript Sources for the History of Irish Civilisation

Antrim , County : Antria , County : Dublin : Royal Irish Academy : N8 , 24 Q 22 : Historical collections relating to co , Antria from the ... relating to co , Antrim ( mainly Carricktergus ) and other places in Ireland , 1568-1740 .


Author: National Library of Ireland


ISBN: UOM:39015079641075

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The Concise Encyclopedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England Scotland and Ireland 1639 1660

Shot ( inches ) 772 38 • Bagot , Richard Jones Vaughan Ormonde Irish Retreat ... 52 26 340 1600 12 70 French Cannon 714 12 6500 7 46/2 2314 360 1740 Old Demi - cannon 634 1144 6000 61/2 36 20 370 1800 6/2 10/2 5600 61/4 32 18 350 1700 .


Author: Stephen C. Manganiello

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

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Presents an alphabetical arrangement of historical topics specific to this time period, with entries on political,military and religious leaders, nobles, battles, treaties, locations, and events.

American Book Publishing Record

Saint Donat's Castle ( Wales ) I. Title . published : Cork , Ireland : Collins Press , 1999. ... Federalism and Enlightenment in Germany , 1740-1806 / Maiken Umbach . ... Richard II , King of England , 1367-1400 .




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The Military Revolution Debate

C. M. Cipolla, Guns and Sails in the Early Phase of European Expansion, 1400–1700 (London, 1965). However the demise of the old-style castles did not occur overnight. In many areas where artillery could not easily be brought in, ...


Author: Clifford J Rogers

Publisher: Routledge

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This book brings together, for the first time, the classic articles that began and have shaped the debate about the Military Revolution in early modern Europe, adding important new essays by eminent historians of early modern Europe to further this important scholarly interchange.

Official Railway Guide

... 1935 2035 2035 0545 0807 0904 0935 1030 1035 1130 1135 1230 1235 1330 1335 1430 1435 1530 1535 1630 1637 1727 1740 1825 1842 1924 1940 2054 2142 2142 1000 1200 1400 1630 1804 1910 2008 2210 1040 1239 1439 1639 1843 2047 2250 Sundays ...




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Lands and Peoples of the World

... The , district , Ireland , 769 - Morocco , 1548 -musicians , 2012 Palermo , 1512 Pedlar , 1127-39 Phodang - marpo ... 1502 , 1503 Peloponesus , gypsy castles , 1911 Pied Piper , house in Hameln , 1990 --threshing , 992 Peloponnese ...


Author: Sir John Alexander Hammerton

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The Oxford English Dictionary


Author: Sir James Augustus Henry Murray


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