The Bible Society Question in Its Principles and Details Reprinted from the Christian Observer for March and April 1832

Your lordship , as before remarked , has not only been one of the society's most
stedfast advocates on the platform and in print , but you are the oldest of its
episcopal patrons ; and every guarantee that can be required for the fair conduct
of the ...


Author: Samuel Charles WILKS


ISBN: BL:A0023404464



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The state of the negotiation with details of its progress and causes of its termination in the recall of the earl of Lauderdale by C J Fox

... how could the Sovereign refuse to ratify it ? Such was the situation of the
Cabinet of England In this difficulty it was accordingly résolved to send the Earl of
Lauderdale - What remains may now be dismissed – The details of the
Negotiation of ...


Author: Charles James Fox


ISBN: OXFORD:590382934

Category: Great Britain Foreign relations France

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God in the Details

It's notdifferent from my life.It'swhat Ido.It's justwhat's in life... It's just onbeat
everyday” (Guerrero, interview, August 6,1997).In this regard, another rapper
wasstrongly affected by an experiencehe had listening to the advice of KRSOne:
Hesaid: ...


Author: Eric Mazur

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136993121

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Exploring the blurred boundary between religion and pop culture, God in the Details offers a provocative look at the breadth and persistence of religious themes in the American consciousness. This new edition reflects the explosion of online activity since the first edition, including chapters on the spiritual implications of social networking sites, and the hazy line between real and virtual religious life in the online community Second Life. Also new to this edition are chapters on the migration of black male expression from churches to athletic stadiums, new configurations of the sacred and the commercial, and post 9/11 spirituality and religious redemption through an analysis of vampire drama, True Blood. Popular chapters on media, sports, and other pop culture experiences have been revised and updated, making this an invaluable resource for students and scholars alike.

The Devil Is in the Details

wasn't my call, it's the agencies'/courts' fault—i didn't want it to happen that way,”
the constituent will, understandably, lose faith that the government is responsive
to her needs. she may feel that the system is broken. or perhaps policy ...


Author: Rachel VanSickle-Ward

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438449241

Category: Law

Page: 229

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Seeks to explain the causes of ambiguously worded state legislation. The level of detail in a given law can have dramatic consequences for how that law is interpreted and applied. In The Devil Is in the Details, Rachel VanSickle-Ward focuses on the dynamics of social policy construction in the United States in order to better understand why the wording of legislation can range from the specific to the ambiguous. When policies are high salience, the fissures produced by partisan discord, interest group diversity, and pluralistic executive branches promote ambiguous policy. When policies are lower profile, this relationship is more tenuous and, at times, inverted, with contention producing more policy detail. Put simply, on important and controversial legislation, ambiguity serves as a vehicle for compromise when key participants disagree over details. Moreover, fragmentation is a more powerful driver of ambiguity than limits in technical expertise or legislative capacity. This multi-method investigation is the first to measure statute specificity directly. VanSickle-Ward combines comprehensive content analysis of more than 250 health and welfare bills passed in 44 states in the 1990s and 2000s with in-depth interviews of policy-making elites.

Graphic Details

The opening of Escape from “Special” feels like it has a different tone from the
rest of the book, almost like it's a prelude. There's a close-up of Melissa with what
looks to be a tear or a drop of sweat rolling down her face, and her thought
bubble ...


Author: Sarah Lightman

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476615905

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 316

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The comics within capture in intimate, often awkward, but always relatable detail the tribulations and triumphs of life. In particular, the lives of 18 Jewish women artists who bare all in their work, which appeared in the internationally acclaimed exhibition “Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women.” The comics are enhanced by original essays and interviews with the artists that provide further insight into the creation of autobiographical comics that resonate beyond self, beyond gender, and beyond ethnicity.

No Truth Except in the Details

Such a substance absorbs water from the air until its vapour pressure becomes
equal to the partial pressure of the unsaturated vapour “ actually present in the air
. ” Hertz built a simple device to measure relative humidity that employed a ...


Author: A.J. Kox

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0792331958

Category: History

Page: 382

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Beginning with a couple of essays dealing with the experimental and mathematical foundations of physics in the work of Henry Cavendish and Joseph Fourier, the volume goes on to consider the broad areas of investigation that constituted the central foci of the development of the physics discipline in the nineteenth century: electricity and magnetism, including especially the work of Michael Faraday, William Thomson, and James Clerk Maxwell; and thermodynamics and matter theory, including the theoretical work and legacy of Josiah Willard Gibbs, some experimental work relating to thermodynamics and kinetic theory of Heinrich Hertz, and the work of Felix Seyler-Hoppe on hemoglobin in the neighboring field of biophysics/biochemistry. Moving on to the beginning of the twentieth century, a set of three articles on Albert Einstein deal with his early career and various influences on his work. Finally, a set of historiographical issues important for the history of physics are discussed, and the chronological conclusion of the volume is an article on the Solvay Conference of 1933. For physicists interested in the history of their discipline, historians and philosophers of science, and graduate students in these and related disciplines.

God in the Details

All of the planes and their crews have been neutralized except one : Leper
Colony , the renegade B - 52 piloted by Pickens . Over the drop site its bomb -
bay doors jam . To free the bomb , Pickens throws himself atop its steely back .
With a ...


Author: Eric Michael Mazur

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415925649

Category: Social Science

Page: 326

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Seeking to explore the blurred boundary between religion and pop culture, God in the Details offers a provocative look at the breadth, diversity, and persistence of religious themes in contemporary American consciousness. Representing a diverse range of disciplines, the contributors criticaly assess the ways in which American popular culture reappropriates traditional religious symbols to serve the purposes of particular communities.

It s in the Blood

A. 9. Changing. guard. at. Buckingham. Palace. lice and I disagree on some of
the details of first saw the in Knightsbridge but was not well acquainted with
London, sodidn't Changing guard at Buckingham Palace.


Author: Lawrence Dallaglio

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755319572

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 315

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As a Premiership, World Cup and Grand Slam winner, no one better embodies the charisma and the colour of English rugbys greatest era than Lawrence Dallaglio. He has some story to tell, not just of the formidable exploits on the field, but an extraordinary life off it. His only sister, Francesca, was the youngest to perish in the Marchioness disaster and her death at 19 remains the great sadness of his life. In addition to this and his much-talked about England exploits, he also led his club Wasps to the summit of European rugby, winning two Heineken Cups and three consecutive English Premiership titles. Full of drama, controversy and great sadness, Lawrence Dallaglios story the last of the great World Cup heroes is the one every rugby fan has been waiting to read.

Views in Philadelphia and Its Vicinity

OWING to the destruction by fire of the early records of this venerable building ,
the precise date of its erection cannot now be ... had been kept in view by its
projectors as far as respects some of the details of its external and interior
distribution .




ISBN: BSB:BSB10220631

Category: Philadelphia

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Combating Terrorism U S Government Should Improve Its Reporting on Terrorist Safe Havens

IRTPA4 requires State to include a detailed assessment in its annual Country
Reports on Terrorism of each country ... details regarding the knowledge of and
actions taken to address terrorist activities by countries whose territory is being
used ...


Author: Charles Michael Johnson, Jr.

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9781437986907



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Denying safe haven to terrorists has been a key national security concern since 2002. Safe havens allow terrorists to train recruits and plan operations against the U.S. and its interests across the globe. As a result, Congress has required agencies to provide detailed information regarding U.S. efforts to address terrorist safe havens. This report assesses the extent to which: (1) the Dept. of State (State) has identified and assessed terrorist safe havens in its Country Reports on Terrorism: and (2) the U.S. government has identified efforts to deny terrorists safe haven consistent with reporting requirements. To address these objectives, the report analyzed country-level plans for the Philippines, Somalia, and Yemen. Illus. A print on demand report.

A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye and Its Appendages

I may , however , remark , that in order to insure so favourable a termination , it
will frequently be necessary to employ active depleting and other measures , and
I do not enter more minutely into the matter inasmuch as the details of its ...


Author: Richard Middlemore


ISBN: BSB:BSB10391583


Page: 844

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Murder is in the Details

I looked up and saw a small dog loping down the road, its hind legs walked to the
side of its body. Jeanne called mother to come look. Mother looked and then
darted back through the house. “I've left Red out,” Jeanne cried, “I'll be right back,


Author: Corlyss Morrel Disbrow

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462891825

Category: Fiction

Page: 48

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Red Fear was inspired by an actual event that happened when she was four years old. A rabid dog was spotted walking down the street in front of her home. Her mother, Jane, kept calling this mad dog back from where their own pet dog was penned. The last time that Jane called the rabid dog away, it ran under their house where it was shot by her father, Peyton Morrel. Ta, Ta, Tootsie, Bo-Bo, is quite loosely based on her friendship with her late business partner. His mother had pet-named him Tootsie Bo-Bo. The conflict in her relationship with Tootsie led to this short story. Perhaps we all feel some animosity in relationships. These feelings often develop over time. In the case of Goodbye to the Wheelman, she usurped some incidents from a close friend’s marriage, which had ended. Disbrow has a long memory for stories, and she embroiders them to fit the story.

A Tratise on the Discases of the Eye and Its Appendages

I may , however , remark , that in order to insure so favourable a termination , it
will frequently be necessary to employ active depleting and other measures , and
I do not enter more minutely into the matter inasmuch as the details of its ...


Author: Richard Middlemore


ISBN: ONB:+Z167979408



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Microprocessors And Its Applications

... displays to microprocessor systems is to use a dedicated keyboard and display
controller 8279 , designed by Intel . IC 8279 independently keeps display refresh
and scans the matrix keyboard . In the next section , we will see the details of ...


Author: D.A.Godse A.P.Godse

Publisher: Technical Publications

ISBN: 8184314280


Page: 1014

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8085 CPU 8085 Architecture, Instruction set, Addressing modes, Timing diagrams, Assembly language programming, Counters, Time Delays, Interrupts, Memory interfacing, Interfacing, I/O devices.Peripherals Interfacing Interfacing serial I/O (8251), Parallel I/O (8255), Keyboard and Display controller (8279), ADC/DAC interfacing, Inter Integrated Circuits, Interfacing (I2C Standard), Bus : RS232C-RS485-GPIB.8086 CPU Intel 8086 Internal Architecture, 8086 Addressing modes, Instruction set, 8086 Assembly language programming, Interrupts.8051 Microcontroller 8051 Microcontroller hardware, I/O pins, Ports and circuits,External memory, Counters and Timers, Serial data I/O, Interrupts, Interfacing to external memory and 8255.8051 Programming and Applications 8051 instruction set, Addressing modes, Assembly language programming, I/O port programming, Timer and counter programming, Serial communication, Interrupt programming, 8051 Interfacing: LCD, ADC, Sensors, Stepper motors, Keyboard and DAC.

No Day Without a Line

Because it's in fact hard to call a carpenter , consult with him , describe to him
exactly what I have in mind . ... be the other way around the book that has
impressed us enough to be read more than once should be remembered in all its
details .


Author: I︠U︡riĭ Karlovich Olesha

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810113821

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 249

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"First published in 1965 and reprinted many times in the Soviet Union and Russia, Yury Olesha's No Day without a Line is a series of thematically assembled journal entries which together form an unusual and extremely engaging personal memoir." "Ranging from Olesha's prerevolutionary childhood, to notable cultural figures, to Russian and Western literature, the entries are artfully composed units in which an image is developed, a memory precisely delineated, or an apercu elaborated. Occasionally, the units coalesce in a chain of reflections on a common theme, such as Olesha's memories of the 1905 Potyomkin mutiny, his recollections of the poet Mayakovsky, or his discussion of the writings of Tolstoy or Hemingway." --Book Jacket.

Transactions of the American Dental Association at Its Annual Session

It would be a stimulus which would greatly promote rapid growth of the
Association , and add greatly to its success and ... The scheme which your
Committee have in view has not yet been wrought out in all its details , and
further time is ...


Author: American Dental Association


ISBN: UOM:39015055643095

Category: Dentistry


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Perception and Its Modalities

The details of its phenomenology can be readily found on the Internet. Three or
four years ago I was privileged to experience this for the first time— privileged,
because mine was a purely optical (but not ocular) migraine without the ferocious


Author: Dustin Stokes

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199381616

Category: Philosophy

Page: 352

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This volume is about the many ways we perceive. In nineteen new essays, philosophers and cognitive scientists explore the nature of the individual senses, how and what they tell us about the world, and how they interrelate. They consider how the senses extract perceptual content from receptoral information and what kinds of objects we perceive and whether multiple senses ever perceive a single event. Questions pertaining to how many senses we have, what makes one sense distinct from another, and whether and why distinguishing senses may be useful feature prominently. Contributors examine the extent to which the senses act in concert, rather than as discrete modalities, and whether this influence is epistemically pernicious, neutral, or beneficial. Many of the essays engage with the idea that it is unduly restrictive to think of perception as a collation of contents provided by individual sense modalities. Rather, contributors contend that to understand perception properly we need to build into our accounts the idea that the senses work together. In doing so, they aim to develop better paradigms for understanding the senses and thereby to move toward a better understanding of perception.

Frank Leslie s Popular Monthly

whether a picture without “ details ” could be so interest- | into the life of the
people , ' its vivid sketches of past maning as he seemed to think it . And thus I
was led into ners and customs , came as a surprising and a welcomo some
general ...


Author: Frank Leslie


ISBN: MINN:31951000968250N



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The National Corporation Reporter

The action of such agency , being of necessity almost entirely confidential in all
its departments and details , the said R. Dun & Co. shall never , under any
circumstances , be required by the subscriber to disclose the name of any such
servant ...




ISBN: CORNELL:31924087642983

Category: Corporation law


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