Ivor Gurney s Gloucestershire

Ivor Gurney is perhaps best known as a musician and First World War poet but he also wrote vividly and prolifically about his native Gloucestershire, finding inspiration and joy in walking the countryside and expressing its different moods ...


Author: Eleanor M. Rawling

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Ivor Gurney is perhaps best known as a musician and World War I poet but he also wrote vividly and prolifically about his native Gloucestershire, finding inspiration and joy in walking the countryside and expressing its different moods. This book explores the particular Gloucestershire landscapes--the Cotswolds, the Severn Meadows, and the city of Gloucester--that stimulated his creativity in poetry and music, but the relationship went much deeper. Gurney became increasingly dependent on "being-in" these Gloucestershire places as the source of his identity and well-being. Confined to a mental asylum in Kent for the last 15 years of his life, he still drew on his memories of Gloucestershire, but it was a poetry of absence and loss. This book contains a wealth of Gurney’s poetry with many pieces being published here for the first time. Other features aim to clarify the poetry/place dialogue and include an illustrated color map, in which Ivor Gurney’s Gloucestershire has been interpreted by a map artist working closely with the auth∨ a layered model of Gurney’s relationship with these places; and four walking routes, with accompanying commentaries and poetry extracts. The author is a geographer, literary researcher, and walker. Having been born and brought up in Gloucestershire, she has a passion for its landscapes and places.

Ivor Gurney Marion Scott

When we neared Gloucestershire, the sun broke through almost as if on cue. With Joy as my guide, I saw for the first time Ivor Gurney's Gloucestershire: the ...


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Insightful account of the life and works of two of the most important figures in twentieth-century British cultural life.

The Ordeal of Ivor Gurney

Ivor Gurney, 1905 Gloucester City Public Library The Gurney family Author's collection Marion Scott By courtesy of Mrs. Audrey Priestman Herbert Howells By ...


Author: Michael Hurd

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First published in 1978 The Ordeal of Ivor Gurney is a moving and extraordinary account of a tragic genius penned by the composer Michael Hurd. Born in Gloucester in 1890 Ivor Gurney began writing songs and poems in his teens, taking his inspiration from the Severn Valley countryside where he grew up. Sent to the Western Front during the First World War Gurney experienced desolation and horror that made a profound impression on him. He ended his days in an asylum, but at his death in 1937 he was beginning to be acknowledged as one of England's finest composers. Still, it took several more decades for his work as a war poet to be fully appreciated. 'Hurd compresses into a taut, sympathetic outline the initial optimism and later torment of Gurney's ill-starred life... distinguished by its crisp use of poetic extracts.' PN Review

Ivor Gurney

... viii, 64 Gurney, Dorothy, x, 1 Cold Slad, 33 Gloucester, x, 1 A Midsummer Cushion, 101 Arts and Crafts Movement in the Cotswolds, 43 Gurney, Florence, ...


Author: John Lucas

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Drawing on biographical information, letters, reminiscences and anecdotes, John Lucas pieces together Gurney's difficult, indeed tragic life, in order to show that Gurney's poetry, while undoubtedly affected by his mental problems, his trench experiences in World War One, and his complex relationship to Gloucester, the Cotswalds and London, is the sane utterance of a deeply radicalized writer. There is no suggestion that Gurney's experiences were unique. On the contrary, they were typical, as he well knew, and as he declares in poems which celebrate the implications of comradeship. What is unique is Gurney's ability to turn these experiences into major poetry. Gurney is the greatest of all those poets who fought in and survived the war and his achievement drastically affects our understanding of twentieth century poetry.

The Poetry of Clare Hopkins Thomas and Gurney

Ivor Gurney: Music and Letters by Walter de la Mare, (Gloucester Archives D10500/4/1/9/1), 'Lecture Notes' by Marion Scott (Gloucester Archives ...


Author: Andrew Hodgson

Publisher: Springer Nature

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This book attends to four poets – John Clare, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Edward Thomas, and Ivor Gurney – whose poems are remarkable for their personal directness and distinctiveness. It shows how their writing conveys a potently individual quality of feeling, perception, and experience: each poet responds with unusual commitment to the Romantic idea of art as personal expression. The book looks closely at the vitality and intricacy of the poets’ language, the personal candour of their subject matter, and their sense, obdurate but persuasive, of their own strangeness. As it traces the tact and imagination with which each of the four writers realises the possibilities of individualism in lyric, it affirms the vibrancy of their contributions to nineteenth and twentieth-century poetry.

Gloucester History You Can See

Ivor Gurney and Gloucester poet and composer Ivor Gurney. He was born on 28 August 1890, the eldest son of David and Florence Gurney, and the family lived ...


Author: D G Amphlett

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Tracing Gloucester’s history from its Roman and monastic remains to the battle scars from the English Civil War and the changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution, this book explores the colourful and fascinating history of Gloucester through the remnants of a bygone age. Taking a fresh look at both well-known and less recognisable local buildings, Gloucester: History You Can See serves as a guide to some of the many statues, sculptures, plaques and other memorials that can be found across the city, and highlights the places connected with the city’s famous – and in some cases infamous – characters, including Ivor Gurney, Charles I, Bishop Hooper, and John Stafford-Smith. Richly illustrated and extensively researched, this is a captivating read for locals and visitors alike.

Collected Poems

1985 11 November: IvorGurney includedin memorial to poets of the First World War ... of the Ivor Gurney Societyat the Three Choirs Festival in Gloucester.


Author: Ivor Gurney

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P.J. Kavanagh's 1982 edition of the Collected Poems established Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) as one of the most original poets of the early twentieth century. His experiences in the First World War and his love of his native Gloucestershire countryside were sources of a unique poetic voice: vigorous, lyrical and passionate. In this new, substantially revised edition, Gurney can be enjoyed in his entirety by a new generation of readers. The poems have been re-ordered to take into account new work on Gurney, the texts corrected from the archive and editorial material substantially revised, while retaining P.J. Kavanagh's extensive original introduction. To many readers, the 1982 edition was a revelation. Re-reading Gurney, writes P.J. Kavanagh, 'is to be reminded how miraculously good he can be: his celebration of the ordinary, his eye for detail, his musical ear that combines traditional rhythms with the unpredictable...'

Collected Poems of Ivor Gurney

26 December Ivor Gurney dies . 31 December Buried at Twigworth , near Gloucester . Service taken by Canon Cheesman , the Rector .


Author: Ivor Gurney

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Poems of Ivor Gurney 1890 1937

John Haines , also one of Gloucestershire's poets , has depicted him : “ After the Peace Ivor Gurney strode over Gloucestershire , a fierce , tall stooping ...


Author: Ivor Gurney

Publisher: London : Chatto & Windus

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The Red Sweet Wine Of Youth

Ivor Bertie Gurney was born in Gloucester on 28 August 1890,5 the eldest son of a Gloucester tailor. Like Rosenberg's painting, Gurney's musical composition ...


Author: Nicholas Murray

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The poetry that emerged from the trenches of WWI is a remarkable body of work, at once political manifesto and literary beacon for the twentieth century. In this passionate recreation of the lives of the greatest poets to come out of the conflict, Nicholas Murray brilliantly reveals the men themselves as well as the struggle of the artist to live fully and to bear witness in the annihilating squalor of battle. Bringing into sharp focus the human detail of each life, using journals, letters and literary archives, Murray brings to life the men's indissoluble comradeship, their complex sexual mores and their extraordinary courage. Poignant, vivid and unfailingly intelligent, Nicholas Murray's study offers new and finely tuned insight into the - often devastatingly brief - lives of a remarkable generation of men.

Dweller in Shadows

A Life of Ivor Gurney Kate Kennedy. Gurney's Gloucestershire Rhapsody would have been a welcome relief for the conservative Brewer, in contrast to the ...


Author: Kate Kennedy

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"Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) was a composer and poet. Originally a student of music, he took up poetry in the trenches of the First World War, and was working on what would be his first volume of verse when, in 1917, he suffered wounds to the shoulder; and it was just before publication of this volume, Severn & Somme, that he was gassed at Passchendaele. After his return to Britain he resumed his musical studies, availing himself briefly of the tutelage of Ralph Vaughan Williams, and quickly found outlets for his compositions. There is some debate about whether or not his subsequent mental illness was a consequence of the horrors and sufferings of the war; but mental illness marked the rest of his life, and indeed from about 1922 until his death he was institutionalised. In his last years he literally believed that he was William Shakespeare. He nevertheless continued to produce poems and musical compositions in prolific fashion, and his works in both areas are read and performed, respectively, to this day"--

Symphony and Song

Ivor Gurney was a composer and a poet, wounded during the Battle of ... Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) was born in Gloucester, and his talent won him a scholarship ...


Author: Victor Kennedy

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

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Symphony and Song takes its title from Coleridge’s poem “Kubla Khan,” and explores the relation between words and music from a variety of critical and practical perspectives. The contributors to this volume apply recent theoretical approaches ranging from the “Mozart Effect” in cognitive psychology, through stylistics and conceptual metaphor, to transtextuality in the analysis of a range of songs, song lyrics, poetry, ekphrastic prose, and instrumental music. Topics explored here include opera and pop music from around the world, Australian Aboriginal oral poetry, political instrumentalization and censorship of song lyrics, and teaching foreign language using songs.

Encyclopedia of British Writers 1800 to the Present

224 Gurney, Ivor Bertie pleasures and hedonism of homosexual love. ... (1890–1937) poet, composer Born in Gloucester, England, Ivor Gurney attended the ...


Author: George Stade

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Profiles the finest British poets, novelists, playwrights, essayists, and other writers of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries, including essential details about the author's life and work and suggestions for further reading. Writers from Ireland and nations of the British Commonwealth are also included.

Poetry of the First World War

Ivor Gurney, poet and composer, was born into a Gloucester family of modest means. ... Among his Gloucestershire friends were the poet F. W. Harvey and the ...


Author: Tim Kendall

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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A new anthology that combines generous selections from well-known soldier poets such as Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon with work by civilian and women writers. A general introduction places Great War poetry in its contexts and the work of each poet is prefaced with a biographical account that explains the circumstances of composition.

Literary Strolls Around the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean

... was a lifelong passion of Ivor Gurney , the Gloucester - born poet and composer ... Gurney's musical ability , revealed while a chorister at Gloucester ...


Author: Gordon Ottewell

Publisher: Sigma Press

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Features routes less than three miles in length and spread right across the delightful Cotswold countryside. This book aims to encourage strollers to find out more about the area through the discovery of its many-faceted literary associations. It is suitable for lovers of literature and landscape.

Gloucester s Military Legacy

Ivor Bertie Gurney (1890–1937) Gurney was a poet and composer who was born in Gloucester. Having initially been rejected by the army because of his poor ...


Author: Christine Jordan

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 9781526707727

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From the establishment of Gloucester as a Roman colonia, a colony of retired military veterans, the city has held a strategic position, being close to the easiest crossing over the River Severn and into Wales. The Romans began building the city's defences, including the city walls and bastions, which were further enhanced by the great warrior Aethelflaed and which would become invaluable in the Siege of Gloucester during the Civil War in 1643. These walls would be destroyed by Charles II as a punishment for the city's role in the conflict. In the twelfth century, Gloucester's first motte and bailey castle were built and used by a number of kings as a garrison to prepare attacks against the Welsh and the Irish. The formation of what would become known as 'The Glorious Glosters', in 1782, led to a number of notable military campaigns, including the battles of Alexandria, Quatre Bras, the Second Boer War, including the Siege of Ladysmith, both World Wars and the Korean War. Christine's book will take you on an historic journey, uncovering on the way the city's military legacy.

Collected Letters

Collected Letters Ivor Gurney Robert Kelsey Rought Thornton. G.70.56 445 To the Mayor of Gloucester October 1922 Barnwood House , Gloucester To the Mayor of ...


Author: Ivor Gurney

Publisher: Ashington [England] : Mid Northumberland Arts Group

ISBN: UOM:39015021988053

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Secret Gloucester

teacher in born in Lydney, Gloucestershire. ... He was in the same class as Ivor Novello. ... He was also friends with Ivor Gurney, ...


Author: Christine Jordan

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Gloucester is a city of secrets, from its hidden architectural gems to its alleyways and statues, every corner is a delight. This book will reveal all.