Jordan Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891

Reproduction of rare catalog features over 1,000 late-Victorian articles of fashionable wearing apparel for men, women and children, plus other domestic articles. Royalty-free designs.


Author: Jordan, Marsh and Company

Publisher: Dover Publications

ISBN: UCSC:32106010819073

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Reproduction of rare catalog features over 1,000 late-Victorian articles of fashionable wearing apparel for men, women and children, plus other domestic articles. Royalty-free designs.

Jordan Marsh New England s Largest Store

Jordan Marsh Company. Fortieth Anniversary History, 1851–91. Boston. Jordan,
Marsh Illustrated Catalogue of 1891. N.p.: Dover Publications, 1991. Jordan
Marsh, the Story of a Store: A Brief Record by Word and Picture Showing the ...


Author: Anthony M. Sammarco

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781467137904

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Jordan Marsh opened its first store in 1851 on Milk Street in Boston selling assorted dry goods. Following the Civil War, the store moved to Winthrop Square and later to Washington Street between Summer and Avon Streets. The new five-story building, designed by Winslow & Wetherell, unveiled the novel concept of department shopping under one roof. It attracted shoppers by offering personal service with the adage that the customer is always right, easy credit, art exhibitions and musical performances. By the 1970s, it had become a regional New England icon and the largest department store chain in the nation. Author and historian Anthony Sammarco reveals the fascinating history of Boston's beloved Jordan Marsh.

The Greenwood Guide to American Popular Culture Editorial cartoons through illustration

... from “ Petit Courrier des Dames , 1830–34 . New York : Dover , 1991 . Johnson
, Kim K. P. and Sharron J. Lennon . Appearance and Power . New York : Berg ,
1999 . Jordan Marsh , Co. Jordan Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891 ( Abridged ) .


Author: M. Thomas Inge

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: 0313323682

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Contains fifty-eight articles that provide information about various forms, genres, or themes of popular culture, and includes illustrations, photo essays, a chronological survey of each topic's history, and a comprehensive index.

Victorian Review

Inclusion in this list does not preclude the possibility of a future review . Biagini ,
Eugenio . Liberty , Retrenchment and Reform : Popular ... Jordan , Marsh
Illustrated Catalog of 1891 . New York : Dover P , 1991 . x + 118 . $ 8 . 95 US (
paper ) .




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Feminist Studies

Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press , 1991 . Pp . xiv , 453 . Paper $ 17
. 95 . Jordan , Marsh & Co . Jordan Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891 : An
Unabridged Reprint . Philadelphia : Athenaeum of Philadelphia , 1991 . Pp . x ,
118 .




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By The Book

... Card Designs (Carol Belanger Grafton); The Art of Tarot Cards (Alan Weller);
Bloomingdale's Illustrated 1886 Catalog; ... Places (Charles Hogarth); Jordan,
Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891; Men: A Pictorial Archive from Nineteenth-
Century ...


Author: Diane Schoemperlen

Publisher: Biblioasis

ISBN: 9781927428825

Category: Fiction

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New from the Winner of the Writers' Trust of Canada Marian Engel Award and the Governor General's Award for English Fiction Once touted as compendiums of human knowledge, the encyclopedias and handbooks of bygone eras now read quaintly, if not comically—yet within their musty pages are often found phrases of uncanny evocative power. Scrupulously stitching such fragments together, in a sequel to the Governor General’s Award-winning Forms of Devotion, By The Book is a collection of verbal and visual collages whose alchemies transform long-dead texts into tales of enduring vitality. With her visually witty full-colour artwork and stories like “What Is A Hat? Where Is Constantinople? Who Was Sir Walter Raleigh? And Many Other Common Questions, Some With Answers, Some Without,” and “Consumptives Should Not Kiss Other People: A Handy Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Your Family’s Good Health,” Schoemperlen’s irreverent and ironic brand of nostalgia combines vintage kitsch with comic, creepy, unexpectedly moving yarns. Praise for By The Book “Diane Schoemperlen's By The Book is a bravura performance. Fragments, collage, assemblage, found poetry - none of the conventional words cover it for they miss the fantastic wit, the energy of humour, the divine ability to find comedic ore in the print detritus of our culture. She doesn't rescue texts; with her wicked sense of irony, she actually puts thought where there was none. She infects the banal with the virus of her own brain and makes it into art. Then she makes a picture of it—oh, dwell upon the details; there are whole novels lurking in the details.”—Douglas Glover Praise for Diane Schoemperlen "Schoemperlen's inventive language and narrative structures encourage readers to be free 'from the prison of everyday thinking."—New York Times Book Review "Lovely, clever [and] imaginative."—Wall Street Journal “Cuttingly witty ... Schoemperlen could almost form a school of piquant and inventive fiction with Julie Hecht, Janet Kauffman, and Lydia Davis.”—Booklist "There is no mistaking a Schoemperlen story—devoted to form, faithful to the mysteries of the everyday."—The Globe & Mail

Chosen Capital

See the reprint of the Jordan Marsh Illustrated Catalogue of 1891 (New York:
Atheneum of Philadelphia/Dover Publications, 1999), 93—116. 41. There was
also an important gender difference, as German Jewish immigrant women rarely


Author: Rebecca Kobrin

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813553290

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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At which moments and in which ways did Jews play a central role in the development of American capitalism? Many popular writers address the intersection of Jews and capitalism, but few scholars, perhaps fearing this question’s anti-Semitic overtones, have pondered it openly. Chosen Capital represents the first historical collection devoted to this question in its analysis of the ways in which Jews in North America shaped and were shaped by America’s particular system of capitalism. Jews fundamentally molded aspects of the economy during the century when American capital was being redefined by industrialization, war, migration, and the emergence of the United States as a superpower. Surveying such diverse topics as Jews’ participation in the real estate industry, the liquor industry, and the scrap metal industry, as well as Jewish political groups and unions bent on reforming American capital, such as the American Labor Party and the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, contributors to this volume provide a new prism through which to view the Jewish encounter with America. The volume also lays bare how American capitalism reshaped Judaism itself by encouraging the mass manufacturing and distribution of foods like matzah and the transformation of synagogue cantors into recording stars. These essays force us to rethink not only the role Jews played in American economic development but also how capitalism has shaped Jewish life and Judaism over the course of the twentieth century. Contributors: Marni Davis, Georgia State University Phyllis Dillon, independent documentary producer, textile conservator, museum curator Andrew Dolkart, Columbia University Andrew Godley, Henley Business School, University of Reading Jonathan Karp, executive director, American Jewish Historical Society Daniel Katz, Empire State College, State University of New York Ira Katznelson, Columbia University David S. Koffman, New York University Eli Lederhendler, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Jonathan Z. S. Pollack, University of Wisconsin—Madison Jonathan D. Sarma, Brandeis University Jeffrey Shandler, Rutgers University Daniel Soyer, Fordham University

Creating the New Egyptian Woman

... 206; Miller, Bon Marché, 45, 48–51, 167–74, 218; Appel, Advertising, 41;
Leach, “Transformations,” 323–26, 329; Jordan Marsh Illustrated Catalog of 1891
: An Unabridged Reprint (Philadelphia: Athenaeum of Philadelphia, 1991).


Author: M. Russell

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781403979612

Category: Social Science

Page: 237

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A "New Woman" was announced in Egypt at the turn of the nineteenth century. With a new genre of prescriptive literature, new products, a new education, and a physically changed home, she increasingly emerged in public life. This book discusses and debates the place of Egyptian women, while focusing on consumerism and education. Russell sheds much-needed light on the struggle for identity in Egypt at a time of considerable flux and tension and provides a powerful angle to explore changing concepts of social dynamics and broader debates of what it meant to be "modern" while retaining local authenticity.

Descriptive and Visual Dictionary of Objects


Author: Louise Bernard

Publisher: Canadian Government Pub Centre

ISBN: UCBK:C061256029

Category: History

Page: 315

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This publication provides a classified list of objects, based on the object's original function and on the objects in the Parks Canada national collection of over 50,000 historic objects. This particular volume includes standardized terms, in English with French equivalents, for three broad categories of objects: structures (buildings, components, site features, other structure), furnishings (bedding, floor coverings, furniture, household accessories, lighting devices, plumbing fixtures, temperature control devices, window or door coverings), and personal artefacts (clothing, adornment, footwear, accessories, personal gear, toilet articles). Information given for each term includes an illustration, description, other designations used for the object, Parks Canada nomenclature code, and other terms not to be confused with the entry term. Includes index of terms.

The Cumulative Book Index




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A world list of books in the English language.

Survey of Historic Costume

3 SELECTED FOOTWEAR FOR MEN : 1870 - 1900 Balmorals Jordan Marsh
Illustrated Catalog of 1891 . Philadelphia : Athanaeum of Philadelphia . Illustrated
Table 14 . 3 SELECTED FOOTWEAR FOR WOMEN : Oxfords Tennis shoes ...


Author: Phyllis G. Tortora

Publisher: Fairchild Books

ISBN: UCSC:32106011379317

Category: Art

Page: 556

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"The best-selling 'Survey of Historic Costume' covers the history of Western dress from the ancient world to the mid-1990s. The costume of each period is viewed within its historical, cultural, and economic context. Perfect for anyone interested in historic costume, fashion, textiles, drama, and design, this beautifully illustrated book is full of interesting facts and commentary. Features include: detailed descriptions of garments, footwear, accessories, hairstyles, hats, and cosmetics; recurring themes through the ages related to the study of dress; highlights of revivals of popular styles from each period; illustrations of objects from the fine and applied arts for each time period; colorful commentary by writers from each period; extensive bibliographies, pronunciation guides, and an index which includes glossary terms; and 20 pages of full-color photographs, plus more than 550 black-and-white photographs, pictorial tables, and illustrations.". Part One: The Ancient World: The Ancient Middle East 3500-600 B.C., Crete and Greece c. 2900-300 B.C., Etruria and Rome c. 800 B.C.-A.D. 400; Part Two: The Early Middle Ages c. 300-1300, The Late Middle Ages c. 1300-1500; Part Three: The Italian Renaissance c. 1400-1600, The Northern Renaissance c. 1500-1600; Part Four: Baroque and Rococo c. 1600-1800: The Seventeenth Century 1600-1700, The Eighteenth Century; Part Five: The Nineteenth Century 1800-1900; Part Six: The Twentieth Century 1900-1996; The Edwardian Period and World War I 1900-1920 (1910), The Twenties, Thirties, and World War II 1920-1947 (1930s, 1940s); The New Look and Beyond 1947-1964 (1940s, 1950s, 1960s); The Vietnam Era 1964-1974 (1960s, 1970s); The Decades between 1975 and 1996 (1970s, 1980s, 1990s).

Books in Print




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