Just a Salford Lad

Just A Salford Lad The story of my life; from the very beginning; to the present day.


Author: David Jim Tommins

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781728384443

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 194

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Just A Salford Lad The story of my life; from the very beginning; to the present day. As a kid I grew up in the streets of Salford; it was very rough and ready. Running with the gangs; then at the age of fourteen, I became a singer in a group on the other side of Manchester, which changed my life completely and I loved every minute of it. It was a life changing move and at the same time the club scene was evolving in Manchester; the most incredibly exciting times imaginable! My life changed directions many times, mostly for the good but sometimes tragically, things do go wrong; sometimes it’s your own fault; but sometimes you can be the innocent victim. Moved to Urmston at age nineteen; a beautiful suburb with great people. Moved to South Africa at age thirty four; a beautiful country. I’ve been lucky so far, I’ve had a wonderful life, full of fun and laughter, but also tragedies and injuries that I wouldn’t like to go through again, but hey, that’s life; and on it goes! Most of my life has been great; which I would gladly relive again with my incredible friends! The music never ends – it’s a passion! Life is an incredible adventure, live it to the fullest – some people aren’t that lucky! Anyway, I hope that you enjoy my story; I’ll hopefully be starting a new chapter in a few months time, when I move to the Philippines!

Punks Not Dead 3

In fact, I write this just under a week after I met drummer Mike Joyce and later
recruit, guitarist Craig Gannon, in Salford, probably just a mile or so from the
Salford Lad's Club. Top geezers. As for Martin's work process, my understanding
is that ...


Author: David Barnett

Publisher: IDW Publishing


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Forget Trainspotting! It's Granarchy in the UK for Sid and Fergie as they hit the rails and head to Wigan Casino to find out how they're connected to each other - and a strange group of dancing pensioners. Little do they know that Dorothy and Asif have the same brilliant idea. Back home, Nat receives terrible news, and hospitalized Oggy receives a horrific visitation.

Jolly Lad

Now, usually at this point any musician hearing this drivel would look
embarrassed and walk away as quickly as possible but Paddy just said, “Yeah
man. Just do it. Come up to Salford and stay with us for a bit at the Mill...” It only
took me a ...


Author: John Doran

Publisher: Jolly Lad

ISBN: 9781907222337

Category: Music journalists

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Music critic and mauvais vivant John Doran is turning his popular and long running MENK column for VICE into a book. Jolly Lad concerns the author's attempts to deal with his life as a recovering alcoholic, to calm his enthusiasm for narcotics, to take control of his wildly fluctuating mental health issues and to curb a tendency toward bleakness in order to become a better father to his young son and less of a meff'. It will also be accompanied by an album of spoken word and music, featuring Manic Street Preachers, British Sea Power and more.'

The End of Aspiration

In some careers, the skills and experiences developed in extra-curricular
activities are not just useful but necessary. Over the ... The officers were people
like me and Graham Brady' [Brady was a stateeducated Salford lad, also now an


Author: Exley, Duncan

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781447348320

Category: Social Science

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Why is it getting harder to secure a job that matches our qualifications, buy a home of our own and achieve financial stability? Underprivileged people have always faced barriers, but people from middle-income families are increasingly more likely to slide down the social scale than climb up. Duncan Exley, former Director of the Equality Trust, draws on expert research and real life experiences – including from an actor, a politician, a billionaire entrepreneur and a surgeon – to issue a wake-up call to break through segregated opportunity. He offers a manifesto to reboot our prospects and benefit all.

Orient express Magazine

In 1836 , just has moved on and Frank Perry 30 years after Napoleon has taken
over , but the original passed this way ... clear practical , Salford lad , he simply
raised his plunge into the sea itself . eyebrows and autographed the admiring ...




ISBN: IND:30000088018936

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Culture Collide Travel with Purpose

PINS: Salford Lad's Club. It's not actually in Manchester, it's in Salford as the
name might suggest. But it's fairly near. It's where The Smiths did that iconic
photo. The Palace Hotel: Oxford Street; Midland Hotel: Peter Street; Salford Lad's
Club: ...


Author: Alan Miller

Publisher: Culture Collide



Page: 132

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Travel With Purpose is a collection of stories from the road, travel tips, and ephemera from our favorite artists all over the globe. This is a travel guide like no other. Inside our premier issue bands such as Twin Shadow, El Perro Del Mar, The Black Lips, Angel Olsen, Chromeo, and Man Man (we're dying to share this one) clue you in on hidden gems and tried-and-trues in their own 'hoods. Gain insight into the hottest destinations (Seoul, Korea; Reykjavik, Iceland; Calgary, Canada) from a music perspective. See the world — and hear its sounds. CultureCollide.com

Our Old Man

That was the Salford lad speaking — the lad who would have decorated just as
gladly had he still lived in James Street instead of at Manchester town hall . He
liked a bit of royalty . But it struck me as something of a circus , for I saw the
Hunger ...


Author: Millie Toole


ISBN: WISC:89097348015


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The North Will Rise Again

Everyone has got this picture of him as a depressed person and he was , but only
at the end of his career . Most photos you ... Barney and Hooky were just Salford
lads - they were the kind of bastards who would give you a wedgie . Ian had a ...


Author: John Robb

Publisher: White Lion Publishing

ISBN: STANFORD:36105124203089

Category: Rock music

Page: 394

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- The real story of the Manchester scene in the words of the musicians, promoters, club owners, managers and pundits - Compiled by Manchester music authority John Robb, author of the bestselling The Stone Roses and the Resurrection of British Pop ISBN 978-0091878870 - Robb has been at the frontline of the Manchester music scene for 25 years and has direct access to all the key players - The Manchester scene is of perennial interest to book buyers, e.g. Touching From a Distance ISBN 978-0571239566

The Manchester Salford District Congregational Magazine

it was only after reaching the top , when we began to go down hill , that our
longer limbs gave us some advantage over him . Boldly and ... What was it that
made this little Swiss lad as good a guide for us as the strongest man ? I think it
was ...




ISBN: OXFORD:590649307

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Fighting Chance

Apart from anything else, it is more convenient for Hatton, who lives just up the
road, and he is the main man. Graham started ... You can take the lad out of
Salford, but you cannot take the harsh Salford accent out of the lad. This lad is 47
and ...


Author: Derrick Allsop

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781780573267

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Few sports polarise public opinion as boxing does. Some contend that it is repugnant and barbaric, for others a legitimate, regulated contest of skill, strength and willpower. What cannot be denied is that the fight game has produced some of sport's greatest icons. Many more are content to make a decent living or at least supplement their income by stepping into the ring. Fighting Chance gets up close with those involved in everyday British boxing. It goes behind the scenes at shows and into gyms to meet champions such as Ricky Hatton, starry-eyed young men dreaming of world titles, hard-nosed pros surviving another pay day and veteran trainers who have seen it all and sometimes wish they hadn't. Many of them say this brutal trade has saved them from a life of crime and drugs, and given them an opportunity to find self-esteem. All recognise the possible cost - Paul Ingles, for example, almost lost his life in the ring - but maintain it is a risk worth taking. Martin Jolley attempted suicide in his darkest hour but survived and sought a kind of refuge as a journeyman boxer, taking fights at short notice and then returning to his day job as a printer. Michael Jennings' brother was killed by an addiction to drugs and he is convinced the sport has spared him the same tragic fate. Others, however, are always tormented by their demons. Michael Gomez, once held on a murder charge, was hailed as a future world champion until he went off the rails, plunging his private life into turmoil and leaving his career on the brink. Brian Hughes, one of the best-known and most successful trainers in the country, admits his love of boxing has been eroded by the 'stinking' side of the business. Often shocking, sometimes humorous, always gripping, Fighting Chance is an odyssey through a world few will have encountered. It gives a candid insight and many of its compelling characters.

Parliamentary Papers

Only the large mills are interested in this question , as the small mills worked hy
water - power do not come under the Factory Act , 20 , 332 – 333 . Only the flax ...
Employ one lad in thai business , 20 , 860 ; who is at work after the men are gone
until between half - past 6 and 7 , 20 , 870 - 871 . Do not kuow ... FACTORIES :
Has been sub - inspector in Salford district nearly three years , 9889 - - 90 . Has
not ...


Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: HARVARD:32044106501786

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British Medical Journal

Just as he was losing consciousness from loss of blood , and they refused to
place the lad in the infirmary or in the Darenth ... Salford , 20,7 ; Huddersfield ,
LAW ...




ISBN: MSU:31293008916342

Category: Medicine


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Reports from Commissioners

Only the large mills are interested in this question , as the small mills worked by
water - power do not come under the Factory Act , 20,332–333 . ... Employ one
lad in that business , 20,869 ; who is at work after the men are gone until between
hulf - past 6 and 7 , 20,870-871 . ... HOARE , C. C. W. , MANCHESTER ; SUB -
INSPECTOR OF FACTORIES : Has been sub - inspector in Salford district nearly


Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


ISBN: OXFORD:555101395



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Report of the Inter departmental Committee on Physical Deterioration

Salford school boy is only an inch shorter than a public facturer altering his plant
? —There is conflicting testimony school boy , so that you have an argument
against pressing upon that , but most experts say that it would not involve the
point ...


Author: Great Britain. Inter-departmental Committee on Physical Deterioration


ISBN: MINN:31951002383925X

Category: Degeneration

Page: 44

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The Listener

I can only try , with a flash here and there , to re - create the feel of this autumn
sadness . ... a well - cut though somehow always dishevelled suit ; Mr Eden
bouncing about with the desperation of an aging candidate for the role of
Principal Boy . ... when it seemed miraculous to get a Labour candidate elected to
the Salford School Board , sitting by the radio in 1931 and , almost in tears ,
saying : ' If Arthur ...




ISBN: STANFORD:36105007794626

Category: Radio addresses, debates, etc


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The Children s Hour Along blazed trails

But someone had to stay and take care of the farm . There ' s only us two now . ” “
Well , you ' re a fine , strong lad , ” Mr . Salford said . “ I ' m sure your mother
depends on you a good deal . ” Sam asked the way to the nearest polling place .


Author: Marjorie Barrows


ISBN: UCAL:B2932694

Category: Children's literature


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A selection from the great children's literature of all time.

Post Fandom and the Millennial Blues

'Hooligan (Monitor Mix)" B-side of Just Try Me' (Salford lads' street wisdom'). "Oh
No Not Football' (a common sentiment set to music). Back in the DHSS. Back in
the DHSS Again. The Peel Sessions. "Friday Night and the Gates are Low on ...


Author: Steve Redhead

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134821136

Category: Social Science

Page: 176

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Soccer fandom has traditionally been seen as an important part of adolescent, generally male, identity making. In Post-Fandom and the Millennial Blues , Steve Redhead shows how this tradition of youth culture of fandom has been eroded in the last years of the twentieth century by the more fleeting, style conscious allegiances inspired by television, films and music. The clubs that young people follow are determined by advertising and popular music; the games that they watch are brought to them by the globalized culture of television, as in the world cup staged in America; even their fears of so-called soccer hooliganism are determined by media-engendered moral panics at a time when the phenomenon itself seems to be dying away.

The Autobiography of the Working Class

637 PRESTON , Jack , Memoirs of a Salford Lad ( Neil Richardson , Swinton ,
1983 ) , pp . 27 . Illustrated . ... Other members of the family had died before the
author was born and he remembers only 2 brothers and 2 sisters . Brother , a
dock ...


Author: John Burnett


ISBN: STANFORD:36105040004272

Category: Autobiographies

Page: 435

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Kill Switch

Not only was I incredibly cold but whenever I did doze off, I woke at the slightest
sound. I've always been a ... Painfully shy, I didn't think a rough Salford lad like
me stood a chance with someone so popular and goodlooking, but I was wrong ...


Author: Bill Shaw

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755362486

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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From surviving a horrific terrorist attack in Northern Ireland, to the violence of the Gulf War and an assault course of harrowing experiences in Iraq, Bosnia and Columbia, Major Bill Shaw had seen it all. But Bill's strength and courage was tested to its absolute limits when he was arrested for a crime he did not commit. Posted in Afghanistan after two years in Iraq, Bill was responsible for the safety of four hundred men in a full-scale danger zone in one of the most dangerous countries in the world. The married father and grandfather, who had risen through the ranks to become a commander of men and an MBE, had long accepted that each day could be his last. But he never expected to find his own life at risk under a corrupt legal system. Thrown into prison and forced to share a cramped, vermin-infested cell with sixteen Afghans, among them members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, Bill had no idea when, or even if, he would see his family again. This is the incredible true story of a brave soldier who survived some of the toughest war zones in the world only to face the nightmare of being wrongfully imprisoned a very long way from home. Gritty and gripping, this powerful military memoir is an eye-opening account of life on the frontline.