Kiss Em Goodbye

In Kiss Em Goodbye, I share not just this only known image of an Elizabeth Resolutes player in uniform, but also the story of the Resolutes' strange twenty-three-game journey as a major league baseball team.


Author: Dennis Purdy

Publisher: ESPN

ISBN: 9780345520470

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 384

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The fascinating sports history of defunct teams in baseball, hockey, basketball and more! THEY’RE GOING, GOING, GONE. . . . Their names roll off the tongue, a litany of the damned: the Providence Steam Roller, the Wilmington Quicksteps, the Cincinnati Porkers. They are the lost squads of professional sports history—teams forsaken by fans, fleeced by owners, or forgotten by time. Until now. Kiss ’Em Goodbye unearths the real stories of dozens of vanished teams that once graced—and often disgraced—North America’s big leagues. Like the St. Paul Apostles, the only major league team never to have played a home game; Card-Pitt, the NFL’s World War II doormat; and the Philadelphia Quakers of the NHL, a team owned jointly by bootleggers and a retired boxer who climbed back into the ring to help meet payroll. In obituaries for both big-city franchises that skipped town (the Baltimore Colts, the Brooklyn Dodgers) and small-town teams that had their brief moment of glory (the Tonawanda Kardex, the Pottsville Maroons), Kiss ’Em Goodbye commemorates mysterious fires, waterlogged basketball courts, fields tended by goats (“cheaper than mowers!”), and uniforms that broke team budgets. It’s all here in a fascinating, hilarious, page-turning celebration of teams that prove it’s not whether you win or lose, but that you once played the game.

Don t Kiss Them Goodbye

Allison dedicated Don 't Kiss Them Good-Bye to dads. I had no idea that when my father passed in 1990 that he would join forces with me in pursuing the research questions I deal with today. Could science prove that there is an ...


Author: Allison DuBois

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781847395887

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Allison DuBois first realised her abilities at six years old when she saw her great-grandfather - after his funeral. For many years she learned to downplay her talents but while working for the county attorney when at law school, her gift took a distinct and miraculous turn. As she handled evidence from murder cases, Allison began to 'see' the crimes as they had occurred, providing vital information such as the location of bodies and unidentified perpetrators. She then decided to dedicate her life to ease the pain of those who have lost loved ones. Allison has helped solve numerous crimes. She has also been studied at three universities and her accuracy has amazed scientific researchers. DON'T KISS THEM GOODBYE is the fascinating account of a devoted wife and mother who combines a normal life with the ability to communicate with the dead.

Kiss Them Goodbye

Kiss them goodbye: a novel / by Joseph Eastburn. Edition December 2015 ISBN 9780062490322 ISBN 9780688045982 (Hardcover) ISBN 9780062444028 (Paperback) 1. Police—New York (State)—Fiction. 1. Title. PS3555.


Author: Joseph Eastburn

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780062490322

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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Sitting atop a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside, the Ravenhill School is a bastion of exclusivity, offering the children of the nation’s first families a magnificent education and a refuge from the harsh realities beyond its ancient cloisters—until the first student is found dead, upside down in a campus garbage can. When the body count rises, it becomes clear that Ravenhill has been invaded by a serial killer with a particularly gruesome appetite for display, each successive slaying more grotesque than the last. As the clues multiply, panic grips the environs of Ravenhill, and expert Nick Fowler is called in from out of town to break the case. From the school’s administrator who wants to keep the crimes under wraps to the police who resent an outsider’s intrusion, Nick’s investigation isn’t sitting well with the locals. As Nick draws closer to penetrating the killer’s twisted mind, he soon becomes a target. And when the murderer plants a series of taunting clues for Nick, he must tread carefully if he hopes to avoid a psychopath’s deadly trap. “Latches on to you . . . and won’t let go. . . . Eastburn has a truly diabolical mind . . . this book funnels you to death and horror with the frightening inevitability of a physical law.”—D. Keith Mano, author of Topless

Kiss Them Goodbye

—Fern Michaels on Kiss Them Goodbye “If you haven't read Stella Cameron, you haven't read romantic suspense.” —Elizabeth Lowell “Stella Cameron is sensational!” —Jayne Ann Krentz Kiss Them Goodbye Stella Cameron.


Author: Stella Cameron

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9781408914458

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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Murder changes everything...

Wisconsin Traffic Safety Reporter

نا KISS ' EM GOODBYE The upand high risk insurance for up to three years . It will If you're caught driving drunk in Wisconsin , you can kiss your driving privileges goodbye on the spol . Under the new Administrative Suspension Law your ...




ISBN: WISC:89102806221

Category: Traffic safety


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TIMELESS ROMANTIC TROPES Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell Tess of the d Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

She impulsively whispered to him— “Will you kiss 'em all, once, poor things, for the first and last time?” Clare had not the least objection to such a farewell formality—which was all that it was to him—and as he passed them he kissed ...


Author: Gustave Flaubert;Margaret Mitchell;Thomas Hardy

Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan


Category: Fiction

Page: 1701

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This Combo Collection (Set of 3 Books) includes All-time Bestseller Books. This anthology contains: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell Tess of the d'Urbervilles: A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

A Duty to Kill

In a replay of the Blitz, thousands made plans to evacuate their children and squeezed them into overflowing ... 'Yeah, I'll come to kiss 'em goodbye, I'm going to miss 'em terrible I am, but it's better they're safe an' away from ...


Author: Stephen Davis

Publisher: Peakes Place Publications

ISBN: 9780995542358

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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There is nothing more deadly than an ambitious and desperate man. Even as the Allies inch ever closer to winning the war from within the dying embers of the Third Reich, a monstrous plot is hatched to restore Nazi Germany to world prominence. Major Michael Tagleva is flown to France on a top secret mission and soon finds himself in the thick of the fighting to liberate Paris. He becomes embroiled in a desperate race against time to protect his country from a web of intrigue and at the same time save the Tagleva banking empire from its enemies. Before the end, exhausted and despite personal tragedy, Michael comes face to face with the creator of the plot who will stop at nothing to win his prize. Can he find and eliminate the source of catastrophe before it overwhelms everything he holds dear. In this long-awaited completion of the Tagleva saga, Stephen Davis has once again uncovered true historical fact to create a gripping adventure, which treads the murky corridors of the intelligence services in London and Berlin, pulls back the veil of Switzerland’s secret banking system and ends with a truly shocking revelation from within the very heart of the Vatican.

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye

I felt his passion for his work and after spending time with him I knew what my writing ability would help achieve. The story behind Na Na, all his songs, his accomplishments, and his Life!


Author: Mary Rose Scinto

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781477225370

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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When I was a teen I had played the Na Na Record on my stereo quite often. I think that the vinyl wore out at some point. Who would ever know that I would have the privilege to write Gary's Biography. As I entered Gary's studio I immediately felt the energy surrounding the room. Keyboard, guitar, lyrics to a new song, memorabilia and awards lined the walls. Gary immediately welcomed me into his world of music. Sharing with me thoughts of upcoming projects and his appearances that are coming soon. His passion, creativity, and knowledge beaming through. I felt his passion for his work and after spending time with him I knew what my writing ability would help achieve. The story behind Na Na, all his songs, his accomplishments, and his Life!

Little Altar Boy

He liked to read at breakfast, and I always let him, even though it's not really polite. ... He felt like he was supposed to be a big boy, and I guess he thought big boys don't let their mothers kiss them goodbye. He was only eleven, ...


Author: John Guzlowski

Publisher: Kasva Press

ISBN: 9781948403177

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

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On a snowy Thursday night in Chicago, there is a knock on Detective Hank Purcell’s door. Sister Mary Philomena has seen something terrible at Saint Fidelis Church?—?a violation of all she holds sacred. The next Monday, she is found murdered in the convent basement, next to a furnace stuffed with old papers and photographs. And Margaret, Hank’s teenage daughter, has disappeared. Hank and his unconventional partner Marvin Bondarowicz try to force their way through a wall of ecclesiastical silence to find the killer, while their search for Margaret takes them from swank lakeside flats to drug dens to south-side basement blues clubs…and the snow keeps falling.