Last Chance in Manchuria The Diary of Chang Kia ngau

sense of impending disaster , for Chang realizes that as long as the Soviets delay their withdrawal from Manchuria , conditions there can only become more unfavorable to the Nationalists . The longer the Soviets stall , the less likely ...



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The Battle for Manchuria and the Fate of China

In Gillin and Myers, Last Chance in Manchuria, 1458. Gillin, Donald G. and Ramon Myers, eds. Last Chance in Manchuria: The Diary ofChang Kia-ngau. Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution, 1989. Glantz, David. Soviet Operational and Tactical ...


Author: Harold Miles Tanner

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In the spring of 1946, Communists and Nationalist Chinese were battled for control of Manchuria and supremacy in the civil war. The Nationalist attack on Siping ended with a Communist withdrawal, but further pursuit was halted by a cease-fire brokered by the American general, George Marshall. Within three years, Mao Zedong's troops had captured Manchuria and would soon drive Chiang Kai-shek's forces off the mainland. Did Marshall, as Chiang later claimed, save the Communists and determine China's fate? Putting the battle into the context of the military and political struggles fought, Harold M. Tanner casts light on all sides of this historic confrontation and shows how the outcome has been, and continues to be, interpreted to suit the needs of competing visions of China's past and future.

Constructing Empire

Gillin and Myers, Last Chance in Manchuria, 72. Heinzig, Soviet Union and Communist China, 319–35, 351–56; Francis C. Jones, “Recent Developments in Manchuria,” Journal of the Royal Central Asian Society 44, no. 2 (1957): 119.


Author: Bill Sewell

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Civilians play crucial roles in building empires. Constructing Empire shows how Japanese urban planners, architects, and other civilians contributed to constructing a modern colonial enclave in northeast China, their visions shifting over time. Japanese imperialism in Manchuria before 1932 resembled that of other imperialists elsewhere in China, but the Japanese thereafter sought to surpass their rivals by transforming the city of Changchun into a grand capital for the puppet state of Manchukuo. This book sheds light on evolving attitudes toward empire and perceptions of national identity among Japanese in Manchuria in the first half of the twentieth century.

Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria

Major studies of the civil war include Steven I. Levine, Anvil of Victory: The Communist Revolution in Manchuria 1945–1948 (New York: Columbia University Press, 1987); and Donald G. Gillin and Ramon H. Myers, eds., Last Chance in ...


Author: Norman Smith

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For centuries, some of the world’s largest empires fought for sovereignty over the resources of Northeast Asia. This compelling analysis of the region’s environmental history examines the interplay of climate and competing imperial interests in a vibrant – and violent – cultural narrative. Families that settled this borderland reaped its riches while at the mercy of an unforgiving and hotly contested landscape. As China’s strength as a world leader continues to grow, this volume invites exploration of the indelible links between empire and environment – and shows how the geopolitical future of this global economic powerhouse is rooted in its past.

A Partnership for Disorder

the CCP's situation in Manchuria to press Chiang Kai - shek to make further concessions . ... ed . , Last Chance in Manchuria : The Diary of Chang Kia - ngau ( Stanford , CA : Hoover Institution Press , 1989 ) , and ZZSC , 7 ( 1 ) ...


Author: Xiaoyuan Liu

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This study unravels some of the complex origins of the postwar upheavals in Asia.

Mao Stalin and the Korean War

See Gillin and Myers, Last Chance in Manchuria, pp. ... After the defeat of Japan in World War II, the South Manchurian Railway and the Chinese Eastern Railway came under joint Soviet–Chinese administration, through the Sino-Soviet ...


Author: Zhihua Shen

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This book examines relations between China and the Soviet Union during the 1950s, and provides an insight into Chinese thinking about the Korean War. This volume is based on a translation of Shen Zihua's best-selling Chinese-language book, which broke the mainland Chinese taboo on publishing non-heroic accounts of the Korean War.The author combined information detailed in Soviet-era diplomatic documents (released after the collapse of the Soviet Union) with Chinese memoirs, official document collections and scholarly monographs, in order to present a non-ideological, realpolitik account of the relations, motivations and actions among three Communist actors: Stalin, Mao Zedong and Kim Il-sung. This new translation represents a revisionist perspective on trilateral Communist alliance relations during the Korean War, shedding new light on the origins of the Sino-Soviet split and the rather distant relations between China and North Korea. It features a critical introduction to Shen's work and the text is based on original archival research not found in earlier books in English. This book will be of much interest to students of Communist China, Stalinist Russia, the Korean War, Cold War Studies and International History in general.

The Korean War

In 1937, Japanese forces in Manchuria drove southward and started the second stage of the Sino-Japanese War. On the Japanese surrender in 1945, Manchuria ... Last Chance in Manchuria: The Diary of Chang Kia-ngau (1988). Chao, Kang.


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First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

China s Civil War

Chang, Last Chance in Manchuria, p. 15. Dai Sijie's spell-binding novel Once on a Moonless Night (2007) is, in part, about the search for one of the treasures lost from PuYi's collection. 13 George Moorad, Lost Peace in China (New York: ...


Author: Diana Lary

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A new social history of China's Civil War, 1945-9, which brought dramatic political and social revolution to China.

The Korean War in Asia

CONCLUSION This chapter has examined aspects of the social and economic change in Manchuria resulting from the Korean War. ... See, for example, Donald G. Gillin and Ramon H. Myers, eds., Last Chance in Manchuria: The Diary of Chang ...


Author: Tessa Morris-Suzuki

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This book takes a fresh look at the Korean War by considering the conflict from a Northeast Asian regional perspective. It highlights the connections of the war to earlier conflicts in the region and examines the human impact of the war on neighboring countries, focusing particularly on the ways in which the Korean War shaped regional cross-border movements of people, goods, and ideas (including hopes and fears). It also considers the lasting consequences of these movements for the region’s society and politics.