Law School Success in a Nutshell

A Guide to Studying Law and Taking Law School Exams Ann M. Burkhart, Robert A. Stein. in order to get off to a good start in your studies. Most professors will expect you to have read and taken notes on the material before class and may ...


Author: Ann M. Burkhart

Publisher: West Academic

ISBN: UCSC:32106017402600

Category: Law

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This product answers questions you may have as you begin your legal studies. It also explains and gives examples of the best methods for studying and for taking exams, providing questions and model answers from actual law school exams. It describes the opportunities that will be available to you during your second and third years of law school, such as law journals, law clinics, internships, joint degree programs, and study abroad. It also provides information about the types of legal practice that are available to you when you graduate.

Strategies for Success in Law School and Beyond

Larry L. Teply, Law School Competitions in a Nutshell (2003), West Group. Law School Inc. & Robert DeV. Bunn, The Law School Admissions Guide: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Admitted to Law School Despite your ...


Author: Charles, D. Cole

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781616639907

Category: Law

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Maybe you've already made it through law school and are about to embark on the real-life art of practicing law. There are a few things you need to know to be successful! A career in law can be one of the most fast-paced and exciting ventures. However, if you fail to lay the proper foundation, you could end up with no evidence to support yourself. Take it from the pros—there is a right way to do things! Join these three legal brains as they come together to give you Strategies for Success in Law School and Beyond.

Law School For Dummies

Study aids are thought by many to be essential to law school success because they help you become familiar with ... Law Outlines ✓ Gilbert Law Summaries ✓ Aspen Publishing Examples & Explanations Series ✓ West Nutshell (Law in a ...


Author: Rebecca Fae Greene

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118068748

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The straightforward guide to surviving and thriving in law school Every year more than 40,000 students enter law school and at any given moment there are over 125,000 law school students in the United States. Law school’s highly pressurized, super-competitive atmosphere often leaves students stressed out and confused, especially in their first year. Balancing life and schoolwork, passing the bar, and landing a job are challenges that students often need help facing. In Law School For Dummies, former law school student Rebecca Fae Greene uses straight talk, sound advice, and gentle humor to help students sort through the swamp of coursework and focus on what’s important–all while maintaining a life. She also offers rare insight on the law school experience for women, minorities, non-traditional, and non-Ivy League students.

Law School Success

Law. School. Success. 1. I graduated from the Univ. of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics. 2. Then received a law degree –not from a top tier school. 3. I remain anonymous because what I say goes against the traditional theory of ...


Author: Elyon LLC

Publisher: Elyon LLC

ISBN: 9780463280638

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Ace law school exams and daily class prep in this 3 page book. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania (B.A. Economics) and entered law school. I almost failed the first semester because I was unaware of how to study. Approximately 5% of law students fail and withdraw every year. Traditional teachers and traditional books will tell you to read each case, brief it (summarize it) to be prepared for class and the teacher's scrutiny. However, unless you first read the commercial law outlines (e.g. Emmanuel's), and read the commercial briefs (specific rule of law to be learned in each case -e.g. Casenotes), you will be lost as to what you are learning and what the teacher is talking about. You will also waste time reading cases upon cases only to find you need to memorize a few sentences of law. Use of speed reading and memory tools (techniques) is also mentioned for exams as well as for the Bar Exam. Law Study Law School Law School Exam Law School Class Law School Study Law School Prep LSAT First Year of Law School 1L 2L 3L Law Outlines Casenotes Canned Briefs Legal Briefs Legal Books for Free Law School Admission Socratic Method Bar Exam Preparation MBE

Stakeholders in the Law School

... law school (although, in combination, LSAT and GPA have a better predictive value than either score alone).28 However, the LSAT's predictive success might owe precisely to a bias in the way law schools examine students' performance.


Author: Fiona Cownie

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847315588

Category: Law

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This collection brings together a distinguished group of researchers to examine the power relations which are played out in university law schools as a result of the different pressures exerted upon them by a range of different 'stakeholders'. From students to governments, from lawyers to universities, a host of institutions and actors believe that law schools should take account of a vast number of (often conflicting) considerations when teaching their students, designing curricula, carrying out research and so on. How do law schools deal with these pressures? What should their response be to the 'stakeholders' who urge them to follow agendas emanating from outside the law school itself? To what extent should some of these agendas play a greater role in the thinking of law schools?

The Practice of Law School

success : namely , testing and grading . Grades do indeed matter in law school , although for reasons that may not be immediately apparent , as potential clients are unlikely to inquire about a student's grades in law school .


Author: Christen Civiletto Carey

Publisher: ALM Publishing

ISBN: 1588521109

Category: Law

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This handbook for aspiring lawyers coaches them to make the most of law school by taking charge of their education and burgeoning careers early on. It provides current and future law students with invaluable information about the law school application process, financing law school, selecting classes, evaluating study groups, developing effective exam-taking strategies, choosing extracurricular activities and summer jobs, preparing for the bar exam, and balancing school with family life. Demonstrated are the ways in which students can begin to think like practising lawyers and attain experience in law school that is relevant, practical, and essential to practising law in the real world.

A Guide for Minority Law School Candidates

Paul Bergman, Cracking the Case Method: Legal Analysis for Law School Success (2012) Cracking the Case Method cover Peter T. Wendel, Deconstructing Legal Analysis: A 1L Primer (2009). Rebecca Greene, Law School for Dummies (2003) ...


Author: Oliver Enrique Rodriguez

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781483438702

Category: Law


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A Guide for Minority Law School Candidates serves as a step-by-step tool for the application process and challenges the reader to explore the many avenues a journey towards higher educational attainment will lead to. Securing an acceptance into a competitive law school is a rigorous process – with this manual the reader will have a focused resource to achieve admission into a ranked program. “The most practical insight for law school admission; particularly for minority students!” – Abimbola Obisesan, Esq., Associate at Dykema Gossett PLLC, Michigan State Law ‘09 “Not only does “A Guide for Minority Law School Candidates” bring transparency and clarity to the very real and often underestimated challenges confronted by many minority law school candidates, but it also tells the inspiring story of Oliver Rodriguez, who overcame those challenges. I would have been so much more informed if I had this guide when I applied to law school!” – Ebony Wheaton, J.D., Howard Law ‘11

J D Lifeline A Law School Guide for the New Legal Economy Pre Law Edition

Zen Truth #6: Your success in law school will depend equally on academic and non-academic factors. Game Plan #6: Create your own rankings list and methodology for evaluating the factors most important to your personal happiness and ...


Author: Zenovia N. Evans

Publisher: Lifeline Legal Media LLC

ISBN: 9781450725231


Page: 150

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Law School in a Can

You've been accepted to law school. You earned good grades in college, scored well on the LSAT, and maybe even landed a scholarship to help with eye-popping tuition costs. Your friends think you're a success, your parents are proud, ...


Author: Christy Baker


ISBN: 9780557383801

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"Maybe you've heard law school compared to medical school. Maybe you've heard it compared to war. Meet someone who has experience with either, and you'll learn that law school is much easier than both." Join recent law school graduate Christy Baker as she lifts the veil on law school. You'll learn what to expect from professors, other students, and classes. You'll also get an overview of first year courses, in language that's accessible and easy to understand. So crack open a cold one and get comfortable.

Excelling in Law School

Preface LAW SCHOOL SUCCESS MEANS DIFFERENT THINGS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE. To some, it is just a high GPA. To others, perhaps most students, it is all about getting “the job,” and everything else is just a tool to achieve that.


Author: Jason C. Miller

Publisher: Aspen Publishing

ISBN: 9781454824350

Category: Law

Page: 172

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Written by a recent law school graduate with an extraordinary success story, Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach transcends merely surviving the experience, demonstrating how to earn high grades by working smart, excel in extracurricular activities, publish, and land top jobs. The author aced his first year at a fourth tier law school and transferred to a top-10 school from which he graduated, magna cum laude. Now, he shares his insights and his experience, surpassing expectations set by his less-than-lustrous LSAT scores. Miller relieves some of the anxiety about law school by conveying proven strategies that will appeal to today's tech-savvy law student. He outlines the available resources and study-aids and shows how to effectively use new technologies such as websites that distribute outlines, companies that provide MP3s of detailed lectures on first year courses, student-maintained outline banks, recorded lectures, professor podcasts, and PowerPoint slides. Students learn the specific, unique skills required to approach law reviews and scholarships and to hunt for jobs. Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach observes successful tactics used by other students and guides readers in selecting the strategies and resources that best fit each personality. Features of Excelling in Law School: A unique book written by a recent law school graduate with a stunning success story Goes beyond the basics of surviving law school earning high grades excelling in extracurricular activities publishing landing top jobs Helps students excel shows how to work smart relieves some anxiety about law school conveys proven strategies Designed for today's tech-savvy law student Showcases the study-aid market and effective use new technologies websites that distribute outlines companies that provide MP3s of detailed lectures on first year courses student-maintained outline banks recorded lectures professor podcasts PowerPoint slides Reveals effective, specific skills and unique approaches law reviews scholarships job-hunting Outlines available resources Illustrates the author's personal success, one that can be tailored for any law school student how the author personally aced each area strategies and tactics observed in use by other students how to select the strategy and resources that best fit the reader's personality