Literary Translation Reception and Transfer

Au seuil du Livre des ruses : la stratégie politique des Arabes, René Khawam affirme l'apport psychologique, historique et politique grâce auquel le lecteur, comme celui des Contes arabes d'Antoine Galland près de trois siècles plus tôt ...


Author: Norbert Bachleitner

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The three concepts mentioned in the title of this volume imply the contact between two or more literary phenomena; they are based on similarities that are related to a form of ‘travelling’ and imitation or adaptation of entire texts, genres, forms or contents. Transfer comprises all sorts of ‘travelling’, with translation as a major instrument of transferring literature across linguistic and cultural barriers. Transfer aims at the process of communication, starting with the source product and its cultural context and then highlighting the mediation by certain agents and institutions to end up with inclusion in the target culture. Reception lays its focus on the receiving culture, especially on critcism, reading, and interpretation. Translation, therefore, forms a major factor in reception with the general aim of reception studies being to reveal the wide spectrum of interpretations each text offers. Moreover, translations are the prime instrument in the distribution of literature across linguistic and cultural borders; thus, they pave the way for gaining prestige in the world of literature. The thirty-eight papers included in this volume and dedicated to research in this area were previously read at the ICLA conference 2016 in Vienna. They are ample proof that the field remains at the center of interest in Comparative Literature.

The Practice of Everyday Life

Le Livre des ruses. La Stratégie politique des Arabes, ed. R. K. Khawam (Paris: Phébus, 1976). 18. In this respect, science would be the generalization of a ruse: the artifice is no longer located in the use of ordinary language (with ...


Author: Michel de Certeau

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Michel de Certeau considers the uses to which social representation and modes of social behavior are put by individuals and groups, describing the tactics available to the common man for reclaiming his own autonomy from the all-pervasive forces of commerce, politics, and culture. In exploring the public meaning of ingeniously defended private meanings, de Certeau draws on an immense theoretical literature in analytic philosophy, linguistics, sociology, semiology, and anthropology--to speak of an apposite use of imaginative literature.

Strategic Planning in the Humanitarian Sector

... of strategy are excellently summarized in Le Livre des ruses: La strategie politique des Arabes (Khawam 2010). 4. For specific examples, consider the investments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Smith 2018, p.


Author: Eilidh Kennedy

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This book provides humanitarian practitioners and policy makers with a manual for how to apply foresight and strategy in their work. Drawing on extensive research, the book demonstrates in practical terms how embedding futures-focused thinking into practice can help humanitarian actors to enhance their impact and fit for the future. The book provides readers with a step-by-step guide to an innovative combination of tools and methods tested and refined over the course of several years. However, it also goes beyond this, by grounding the approach within the broader ambition of making humanitarian action more effective. Overall, the analytical and strategic processes outlined in this book will accompany a decision maker through every stage of creating a robust, agile and impactful long-term strategy. This accessible guide will be an essential point of reference for practitioners and decision makers in the humanitarian ecosystem, as well as students studying humanitarian affairs, global development, conflict studies and international relations.

The Consumption Reader

16 See Fernand Deligny , Les Vagabonds efficaces ( Paris : 24 Le Livre des ruses . La Stratégie politique des Arabes , ed . R.K. Maspero , 1970 ) ; Nous et l'innocent ( Paris : Maspero , 1977 ) ; Khawam ( Paris : Phébus , 1976 ) .


Author: David B. Clarke

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This reader offers an essential selection of the best work on the Consumer Society. It brings together in an engaging, surprising, and thought provoking way, a diverse range of topics and theoretical perspectives.

The Everyday Life Reader

M. Détienne and J.-P. Vernant , Les Ruses de l'intelligence . See S. Toulmin , The Uses of Argument ( Cambridge : Cambridge ... Le Livre des ruses . La Stratégie politique des Arabes , ed . R. K. Khawam ( Paris : Phébus , 1976 ) .


Author: Ben Highmore

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Using primary materials, Highmor brings together a wide range of thinkers to provide a comprehensive resource on theories of everyday life. Highmore's introduction surveys the development of thought about everyday life.

War and Religion

The manuscript was rediscovered by a scholar who translated it and published it in French as Le livre des ruses: La stratégie politique des Arabes, trans. René R. Khawam (Paris: Phébus, 1976). 34. Ibn Khaldūn, Muqaddimah, 126. 35.


Author: Arnaud Blin

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The resurgence of violent terrorist organizations claiming to act in the name of God has rekindled dramatic public debate about the connection between violence and religion and its history. Offering a panoramic view of the tangled history of war and religion throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, War and Religion takes a hard look at the tumultuous history of war in its relationship to religion. Arnaud Blin examines how this relationship began through the concurrent emergence of the Mediterranean empires and the great monotheistic faiths. Moving through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and into the modern era, Blin concludes with why the link between violence and religion endures. For each time period, Blin shows how religion not only fueled a great number of conflicts but also defined the manner in which wars were conducted and fought.

Theology and Society in the Second and Third Centuries of the Hijra Volume 5 Bibliography and Indices

Khawam , R .: Le livre des Ruses . La stratégie politique des arabes . Paris 1976 . -Khayyāt , Abū l - Husayn ' Abdarraḥīm : -Intişār , edited and translated by A.N. Nader . Beirut 1957. ( Recherches ILO 6 ) .


Author: Josef van Ess

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Theology and Society is the most comprehensive study of Islamic intellectual and religious history, focusing on Muslim theology. With its emphasis on the eighth and ninth centuries CE, it remains the most detailed prosopographical study of the early phase of the formation of Islam. Originally published in German between 1991 and 1995, Theology and Society is a monument of scholarship and a unique scholarly enterprise which has stood the test of the time as an unparalleled reference work. The volume consists of a separate Bibliography, a General Index, an Index of Names, an Index of Works and an Index of Other Sources.

Machiavelli Islam and the East

(1976), Le livre des ruses: La stratégie politique des Arabes (Paris: Phébus): 450: “Ce livre, écrit cent ans avant Machiavel, est à sa façon (non la moins divertissante) la meilleure réponse aux Occidentaux étonnés qui découvrent ...


Author: Lucio Biasiori

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319539492

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This volume provides the first survey of the unexplored connections between Machiavelli’s work and the Islamic world, running from the Arabic roots of The Prince to its first translations into Ottoman Turkish and Arabic. It investigates comparative descriptions of non-European peoples, Renaissance representations of Muḥammad and the Ottoman military discipline, a Jesuit treatise in Persian for a Mughal emperor, peculiar readers from Brazil to India, and the parallel lives of Machiavelli and the bureaucrat Celālzāde Muṣṭafá. Ten distinguished scholars analyse the backgrounds, circulation and reception of Machiavelli’s writings, focusing on many aspects of the mutual exchange of political theories and grammars between East and West. A significant contribution to attempts by current scholarship to challenge any rigid separation within Eurasia, this volume restores a sense of the global spreading of books, ideas and men in the past.

Media Studies

Le Livre des ruses. La Stratégie politique des Arabes, ed. R. K. Khawam (Paris: Phébus, 1976). See Jean Baudrillard, Le Système des objets (Paris: Gallimard, 1968); La Société de consommation (Paris: Denoël, 1970); Pour une critique de ...


Author: Sue Thornham

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Why are some people more capable than others? What are the reasons for someone gaining unusual abilities or special expertise, or being especially creative? What has to happen in order for a young person to become a child prodigy or genius? How can we help today's children to reach high levels of ability, and to shine in the arts or the sciences, in sports or games, or to excel in other fields of expertise? The Psychology of High Abilities explains how, when, and why people acquire such special expertise, and illuminates ways to make it possible for larger numbers of young people to extend their capabilities. Examining how and why people differ in their capabilities, it investigates the actual causes underlying impressive accomplishments and achievements. The volume reveals the kinds of influences that contribute to high abilities and provides practical insights into the most effective ways for extending the abilities of young people and creating higher levels of expertise.

Corporate Talent Detection and Development

[KER 12] KERSAUDY F., Churchill contre Hitler : Norvège 1940, la victoire fatale, Editions Tallandier, 2012 [KHA 76] KHAWAM R.R., Le livre des ruses : La Stratégie politique des Arabes, Editions Phébus, 1976. [KIM 01] KIMURA D., ...


Author: Yves Richez

Publisher: Wiley-ISTE

ISBN: 9781786303578

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Talent is not a matter of status, nor a sub-component of personality, nor a commodity that can be quantified or measured. This book consists of two parts. The first offers a fertile resource (epistemological and theoretical) to consider the notion of talent, as well as notions of potential, intelligence and business skills. The second part, in turn, investigates ten major families of talents (or “Natural Operating Modes”). From Marie Curie to Walt Disney, Hans Zimmer, Gabrielle Chanel and Claude Lévi-Strauss, the illustrations and examples are intended to be precise and demonstrative. Skills relating to observation, evaluation and elucidation are developed in detail and complemented with concrete examples. Both managers and employees can use this book to acquire the solid bases required to potentiate and develop their talents within their respective company and beyond.