G W Leibniz und der Gelehrtenhabitus

... interests of state should 74 Lucien Bély: Les secrets de Louis XIV. Mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu, Paris 2013, p. 241. 75 Wallis to Finch, 4/[14] August 1689, London, British Library Add. MS 32499, f. 45v. 76 Wallis to Finch, ...


Author: Wenchao Li

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„Lithuanus“, „Caesarinus Fürstenerius“ und „de la Vallée“ sind nur drei der Pseudonyme, unter denen Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz reiste, korrespondierte und selbst politisch brisante Schriften publizierte. Dass es sich nicht um eine speziell Leibnizsche Praktik der Maskierung, sondern vielmehr um ein zentrales Muster des gelehrten Habitus um 1700 handelt, thematisieren die Beiträge dieses Sammelbandes. Sie rücken dabei die Kultur der Dissimulation, wie sie etwa in Deutschland, Großbritannien oder Italien gepflegt wurde, ins Zentrum ihrer Betrachtung. Der thematische Bogen spannt sich dabei von Dechiffrierungstechniken über Selbstrezensionen bis hin zu bürokratischen Praktiken den Briefwechsel Leibniz‘ betreffend.

Spies Espionage and Secret Diplomacy in the Early Modern Period

Bély, Lucien 2013 : Les secrets de Louis XIV. Mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu, Paris. Bély, Lucien 2015 : « Louis XIV et le plaisir de l'information », in : XVIIe siècle 269/4, 671–684. Bély, Lucien 2016 : « La surveillance des ...


Author: Guido Braun

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Approaching early modern spies, espionage and secret diplomacy as central elements in (wartime) communication networks, the thirteen contributions to this volume examine different kinds of espionage (economic espionage, political espionage etc.), identify different types of spies – diplomats, postmasters, court musicians, cooks and prostitutes – and reflect the multiple meanings and functions of information obtained through the many practices of spying in the early modern period. Drawing on examples from a wide range of states and empires, the volume looks into recruitment strategies and cryptography, highlights processes of professionalization and traces the reputation of spies ranging from the "honourable" to the "villain".

King of the World

Espions et ambassadeurs au temps de Louis XIV. 1990. Bély, Lucien, ed. La Présence des Bourbons en Europe: XVIe–XXIe siècle. 2003. Bély, Lucien. Les Secrets de Louis XIV: mystères d'Etat et pouvoir absolu. 2013. Benoît, Jérémie.


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Winner of the Franco-British Society Book Prize 2019 'The ultimate biography of the Sun King' Simon Sebag Montefiore Louis XIV dominated his age. He extended France's frontiers into Netherlands and Germany, and established colonies overseas. The stupendous palace he built at Versailles became the envy of monarchs all over Europe. In his palaces, Louis encouraged dancing, hunting, music and gambling. He loved conversation, especially with women: the power of women in Louis's life and reign is a particular theme of this book. Louis was obsessed by the details of government but the cost of building palaces and waging continuous wars devastated the country's finances and helped set it on the path to revolution. Nevertheless, by his death, he had helped make his grandson king of Spain, where his descendants still reign, and France had taken essentially the shape it has today. King of the World is the most comprehensive and up-to-date biography of this hypnotic, flawed figure in English. It draws on all the latest research to paint a convincing and compelling portrait of a man who, three hundred years after his death, still epitomises the idea of le grand monarque.

Louis XIV Outside In

La filiation étrangère du roi dans l'historiographie française du XIXè siècle', Littératures classiques, 23:6 (2011), 31–40. 21 Lucien Bély, Les secrets de Louis XIV. Mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu (Paris, 2013).


Author: Tony Claydon

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Louis XIV - the ’Sun King’ - casts a long shadow over the history of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe. Yet while he has been the subject of numerous works, much of the scholarship remains firmly rooted within national frameworks and traditions. Thus in France Louis is still chiefly remembered for the splendid baroque culture his reign ushered in, and his political achievements in wielding together a strong centralised French state; whereas in England, the Netherlands and other protestant states, his memory is that of an aggressive military tyrant and persecutor of non-Catholics. In order to try to break free of such parochial strictures, this volume builds upon the approach of scholars such as Ragnhild Hatton who have attempted to situate Louis’ legacy within broader, pan-European context. But where Hatton focused primarily on geo-political themes, Louis XIV Outside In introduces current interests in cultural history, integrating aspects of artistic, literary and musical themes. In particular it examines the formulation and use of images of Louis XIV abroad, concentrating on Louis' neighbours in north west Europe. This broad geographical coverage demonstrates how images of Louis XIV were moulded by the polemical needs of people far from Versailles, and distorted from any French originals by the particular political and cultural circumstances of diverse nations. Because the French regime’s ability to control the public image of its leader was very limited, the collection highlights how - at least in the sphere of public presentation - his power was frequently denied, subverted, or appropriated to very different purposes, questioning the limits of his absolutism which has also been such a feature of recent work.

The Secret World

Bayly, C. A., Empire and Information: Intelligence Gathering and Social Communication in India, 1780–1870 (Cambridge: ... 1990) —, Les Secrets de Louis XIV: Mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu (Paris: Tallandier, 2013) Bennett, Gill, ...


Author: Christopher Andrew

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ISBN: 9780241305225

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The history of espionage is far older than any of today's intelligence agencies, yet the long history of intelligence operations has been largely forgotten. The first mention of espionage in world literature is in the Book of Exodus.'God sent out spies into the land of Canaan'. From there, Christopher Andrew traces the shift in the ancient world from divination to what we would recognize as attempts to gather real intelligence in the conduct of military operations, and considers how far ahead of the West - at that time - China and India were. He charts the development of intelligence and security operations and capacity through, amongst others, Renaissance Venice, Elizabethan England, Revolutionary America, Napoleonic France, right up to sophisticated modern activities of which he is the world's best-informed interpreter. What difference have security and intelligence operations made to course of history? Why have they so often forgotten by later practitioners? This fascinating book provides the answers.

Beyond Ambassadors

L. Bély, Espions et ambassadeurs au temps de Louis XIV (Paris: 1990); idem, Les secrets de Louis XIV: mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu (Paris: 2013); M. Sennelart, Les arts de gouverner. Du “regimen” médiéval au concept de gouvernement ...


Author: Maurits A. Ebben

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This volume focuses on the question of how and why non-state actors - consuls, missionaries, and spies - could play a role in premodern diplomatic relations. It highlights their multiple loyalties, their volatility, and the porous boundaries of diplomatic activity.

Queen of Versailles

Madame de Maintenon, First Lady of Louis XIV's France Mark Bryant. Cléron d'Haussonville and Gabriel Hanotaux. 3 vols. ... Paris: Fayard, 1990. – Les Secrets de Louis XIV. Mystères d'État et Pouvoir Absolu. Paris, 2013. – Louis XIV.


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Explores the life and court career of Madame de Maintenon. A study in queenship, it reveals how the dynamics of power and gender operated within the realms of early modern high politics, church-state affairs and international relations while providing unique insights into the Sun King and his court.

Stars and Spies

Redefining Stalinism (London: Frank Cass, 2003) — and Oleg Gordievsky, KGB: The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations ... 1990) —, Les Secrets de Louis XIV: Mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu (Paris: Tallandier, 2013) Berry, Herbert, ...


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A vastly entertaining and unique history of spying and showbiz, from the Elizabethan age to the Cold War and beyond. 'Perfect...read as you settle into James Bond on Christmas afternoon' Daily Telegraph Books of the Year 2021 Throughout history, there has been a lively crossover between show business and espionage. While one relies on publicity and the other on secrecy both require high levels of creative thinking, improvisation, disguise and role-play. This crossover has produced some of the most extraordinary undercover agents and, occasionally, disastrous and dangerous failures. Stars and Spies is the first history of the interplay between the two worlds, written by two experts in their fields. We travel back to the golden age of theatre and intelligence in the reign of Elizabeth I and onwards into the Restoration. We visit Civil War America, Tsarist Russia and fin de siècle Paris where some writers, actors and entertainers become vital agents, while others are put under surveillance. And as the story moves through the twentieth century and beyond, showbiz provides essential cover for agents to gather information while hiding in plain sight. At the same time, spying enters mainstream popular culture, in books, film and on TV. Starring an astonishing cast including Christopher Marlowe, Aphra Behn, Voltaire, Mata Hari, Harpo Marx, Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene, Noel Coward, Alexander Korda, John le Carré and many others, Stars and Spies is a highly enjoyable examination of the fascinating links between the intelligence services and show business.


Los orígenes de la burguesía de El Salvador: el control sobre el café y el estado, 1848–1890. ... La fanfare du Négus: les Arméniens en Ethiopie: XIXe–XXe siècle. ... Les secrets de Louis XIV: mystères d'État et pouvoir absolu.


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Every year, the Bibliography catalogues the most important new publications, historiographical monographs, and journal articles throughout the world, extending from prehistory and ancient history to the most recent contemporary historical studies. Within the systematic classification according to epoch, region, and historical discipline, works are also listed according to author’s name and characteristic keywords in their title.

Linguistic and cultural foreign policies of European States

Simon, Fabien, 'Utopie et régulation sociale: l'espace social européen des concepteurs de langues universelles ... He is the author of several recent books, including: Les Secrets de Louis XIV: mystères d'état et pouvoir absolu (Paris: ...


Author: Karène Sanchez-Summerer

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The internal language policy pursued by European monarchies and European states has been widely studied. But their linguistic and cultural policies in territories outside their own borders and beyond their control have, to date, been relatively under-researched. This volume fills this gap and distinguishes and analyses several types of linguistic and cultural foreign policies. Such policies tended not to be proclaimed officially, but had a lasting impact both linguistically (dissemination of a royal or national language outside its area of mandatory use) and culturally (dissemination of beliefs and values, arts, manners, fashions, courtly values).