Harrap s Compact French Dictionary


Author: Patricia Forbes

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From one of the most respected Foreign language dictionary publishers comes three new paperback dictionaries in compact size. The Harrap's Compact French Dictionary has a 15,000 initial print run.

Nouveau Dictionnaire Fran ois anglois Et Anglois fran ois Contenant la Signification Et Les Differens Usages Des Mots De Mr Louis Chambaud Corrig consid rablement Augment Par Lui par Mr J B Robinet

The Euxine and Nuids , Le corps animal eft un lyfte Le peuple , le vulgaire , la multitude . sea is conveniently ... A company of stage : COMMONPLACE - BOOK , 1. ... [ change , exchange ? avoir de liaisons avec les fornicateurs .


Author: Louis Chambaud


ISBN: BL:A0022901020



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A French and English Dictionary Composed by M Randle Cotgrave with Another in English and French Whereunto are Added Sundry Animadversionis with Supplements of Many Hundreds of Words Never Before Printed with Accurate Castigations Throughout the Whole Work and Distinctions of the Obsolete Words Fron Those that are Now in Use Together with a Large Grammar and a Dialogue Consisting of All Gallicismes with Additions of the Most Useful and Significant Proverbs with Other Refinements According to Cardinal Richelieu s Late Academy For the Furtherance of Young Learners and the Advantage of All Others that Endeavour to Arrive to the Most Exact Knowledge of the French Language this Work is Exposed to Publick by James Howell Esq Inter Eruditos Cathedram Habeat Polyglottes

LICI LIE LIE : flebook 2 Lice de charpenterie . ... To lick daintily , feed quaintly , ether . ... A place ; room ; seat , rank ; stead ; one after the other ; also , one that does things ou la chevre est liée faut qu'elle broute ...


Author: Randle Cotgrave


ISBN: IBNF:CF005636084



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A Dictionary of Iraqi Arabic

It's been raining without any right , I'm licked . Etirif Yaani ngilabit . letup all ... What you need is a good yoon kulla . licking . t - tiztaaja basta naašfa . level - 1. mustana pl . -ayaat . ... The book is lying on the table .


Author: Beverly E. Clarity

Publisher: Georgetown University Press

ISBN: 0878401369

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Annotation Originally offered in two separate volumes, this staple of Georgetown University Press's world-renowned Arabic language program now handily provides both the English to Arabic and Arabic to English texts in one volume.

Walker s Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language with the Key and Upwards of 10 000 Additional Words and Phrases in Daily Use Recently Introduced Into the Language

À canonical book of LIBERATION , lib - er - d ' - shûn , s . ... LIBERATOR , 11b ' - er - d - tůr , 8 One who liberTO LEVY , lèv ' - ve , v . a . ... To LICENSE , 11 - sense , v.a. To set at liberty ; LIAISON , le - a - zông , s .


Author: John Walker


ISBN: UCLA:L0070567573

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Merriam Webster s Collegiate Dictionary

OE lapian ; akin to OHG laffan to tending to produce languor < a climate ) 2 : full of or characterized lick , L lambere , Gk laphyssein to devour ) vi ( bef . 12c ) 1 : to take in by languor syn see LANGUID — lan.guor.ous.ly ady ...


Author: Merriam-Webster Inc.

Publisher: Merriam-Webster

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Presents concise definitions, pronunciations, abbreviations, some illustrations, usage examples, and synonyms with ten thousand new words and meanings.

English Swahili and Swahili English Dictionary

( books ) jamii ya vitabu ; lekeo , maelekeo . ... ( moja la adui ) . lice , n . ... -fadhili , -a nia bora , bora . lick , v.l. lamba ; ( one's lips ) lambitia ; A liberal education , malezi ya ki- ( slang ) piga sana ; ( excel ) ...


Author: A. C. Madan

Publisher: Asian Educational Services

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