Lights Colors Tones and Nature s Finer Forces

of light combustion , is developed in connection with some grade of vital action or electricity . This produces light of too fine a quality to give any painful heat sensation . The invisible colors which are beyond the colors usually ...


Author: Ernest J. Stevens

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 0787308447


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1923 Marvelous discoveries, basic and active principles. Functions of electrons, magnetons, atoms, cold-lights, odic, auras and radio. Contents include: Science and Philosophy, Basic and Active Principles and Opportunities in the Realm of Nature and S.

Color Healing

All the colors appear more pure and brilliant as they approach the upper brain , and are far more magnificient in a ... By F. O'Byrne , LIGHTS , COLORS , TONES , AND NATURE'S FINER FORCES - Odics , Auras , and Cold - Lights by Ernest J.


Author: Health Research Staff

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 0787303917


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1956 an exhaustive survey compiled from the works of 21 of the leading practitioners of Chromotherapy, including Edwin D. Babbitt, (Principles of Light & Color); condensed by an authority of color and the human aura. This is the best all around book on.

The Civilization of Ancient Mexico

108 ind . pages , 87 x 11 Mimeographed 4.00 COLOUR MEDITATIONS With Guide to Colour - Healing - A Course of Instructions ... facsimile 10.00 LIGHTS , COLORS , TONES AND NATURE'S FINER FORCES - Einest J. Stevens ( 1923 ) 268 pages ...


Author: Lewis Spence


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Reincarnation Theosophical Manual

5.00 LIGHTS , COLORS , TONES AND NATURE'S FINER FORCES Ernest J. Stevens ( 1923 ) 268 pages , spirals 12.50 THE HUMAN AURA AND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF COLOR - W.J. Colville - 70 small pages , facsimile 4.00 COLOUR MEDITATIONS With Guide to ...


Author: Annie W. Besant

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 0787301035


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Antiquarian Bookman

Historical Color Guide Butler . Substance of Architecture Chevreul . Principles of Harmony . . Colours Clute . ... Laura W. No Time for Tears Stevens , E.J. Lights , Colors , Tones and Natures Finer Forces Goodwill , Anna .




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Catalog of Copyright Entries New Series

May 16 ; A 705465 ; W. M. W. Splawn , Austin , Tex . , and W. B. Bizzell , College Station , Tex . ( 23–8884 ) 2992 Stevens , Ernest Jack . Lights , colors , tones and nature's finer forces . Marvelous discoveries .


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Part 1, Books, Group 1, v. 20 : Nos. 1 - 125 (Issued April, 1923 - May, 1924)

Rarest Blue

The Remarkable Story of an Ancient Color Lost to History and Rediscovered Baruch Sterman ... Lights, Colors, Tones and Nature's Finer Forces. San Francisco: E. J. Stevens Light, Color and Tone Research Laboratories, 1923.


Author: Baruch Sterman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762790425

Category: History

Page: 320

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For centuries, dyed fabrics ranked among the most expensive objects of the ancient Mediterranean world, fetching up to 20 times their weight in gold. Huge fortunes were made from and lost to them, and battles were fought over control of the industry. The few who knew the dyes’ complex secrets carefully guarded the valuable knowledge. The Rarest Blue tells the amazing story of tekhelet, or hyacinth blue, the elusive sky-blue dye mentioned 50 times in the Hebrew Bible. The Minoans discovered it; the Phoenicians stole the technique; Cleopatra adored it; and Jews—obeying a Biblical commandment to affix a single thread of the radiant color to the corner of their garments—risked their lives for it. But with the fall of the Roman Empire, the technique was lost to the ages. Then, in the nineteenth century, a marine biologist saw a fisherman smearing his shirt with snail guts, marveling as the yellow stains turned sky blue. But what was the secret? At the same time, a Hasidic master obsessed with reviving the ancient tradition posited that the source wasn’t a snail at all but a squid. Bitter fighting ensued until another rabbi discovered that one of them was wrong—but had an unscrupulous chemist deliberately deceived him? Baruch Sterman brilliantly recounts the complete, amazing story of this sacred dye that changed the color of history.