Lived Topographies and Their Mediational Forces

This collection explores the various forms of narrative, semiotic, and technological mediation that shape the experience of place.


Author: Gary Backhaus

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739105760

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This collection explores the various forms of narrative, semiotic, and technological mediation that shape the experience of place. Gary Backhaus and John Murungi have assembled a wide array of scholars who give a unique perspective on the phenomenology of place.

The Iranian Expanse

Yet, these royal or imperial ideals were actually emplaced through a pointillated “
topography of power” built or ... geometrical space of imperial theorizing, but the
lived and practiced spaces and places, with their rich array of sensory and ...


Author: Matthew P. Canepa

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 9780520379206

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The Iranian Expanse explores how kings in Persia and the ancient Iranian world utilized the built and natural environment to form and contest Iranian cultural memory, royal identity, and sacred cosmologies. Investigating over a thousand years of history, from the Achaemenid period to the arrival of Islam, The Iranian Expanse argues that Iranian identities were built and shaped not by royal discourse alone, but by strategic changes to Western Asia’s cities, sanctuaries, palaces, and landscapes. The Iranian Expanse critically examines the construction of a new Iranian royal identity and empire, which subsumed and subordinated all previous traditions, including those of Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Anatolia. It then delves into the startling innovations that emerged after Alexander under the Seleucids, Arsacids, Kushans, Sasanians, and the Perso-Macedonian dynasties of Anatolia and the Caucasus, a previously understudied and misunderstood period. Matthew P. Canepa elucidates the many ruptures and renovations that produced a new royal culture that deeply influenced not only early Islam, but also the wider Persianate world of the Il-Khans, Safavids, Timurids, Ottomans, and Mughals.


We explored the function of mediation as a spatializing agency in our most recent
volume, previous to this present study: Lived Topographies and Their
Mediational Forces? In this present volume, we engage the notion of geographic
ity in the ...


Author: Gary Backhaus

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 0739114506

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This volume presents the concept of Ecoscape as spatial interrelations, or spatially patterned processes, that are constitutive of an environment_an ecosystem. Contributors investigate environmental issues concerning the human impact on geohistory, food distribution, genetically modified biota, waste management, scientific mapping, and the rethinking of human identity.

Annual Proceedings of Selected Research and Development Presentations at the Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

For the Western Apache , an enduring sense of place comes from " lives spent
sensing places " and a slow accrual of ... We will , in effect , have to follow
Basso's lead and undertake an “ ethnography of lived topographies ” if we are
going to ...


Author: Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Convention


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Resources in Education

(Author/AEF) ED 423 863 Streibel, Michael J. The Importance of Physical Place
and Lived Topographies. Pub Date—1998-02-00 Note—12p.; In: Proceedings of
Selected Research and Development Presentations at the National Convention ...




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The History Antiquities Topography and Statistics of Eastern India

135 mere man . is supposed to have been composed by Sri Harsha , a Brahman
of the degenerate age , who is thought to have lived after Kalidas . The poem is of
an amatory nature . The Magh is a composition of a Raja , who also lived in this ...


Author: Robert Montgomery Martin


ISBN: UIUC:30112086548127

Category: India


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Topography and natural history of Lofthouse and its neighbourhood

Mr . Rowbottom lived there , who , whilst nailing some trees against the high wall
, fell down and was killed . Mr . Dealtry lived there a short time whilst Lofthouse
Hall was rebuilding . Afterwards it became the property of the township , who ...


Author: George Roberts (of Lofthouse.)


ISBN: OXFORD:590845212



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The History and Topography of the County of Clare

The present representative of the branch of the O ' Heynes , who lived in this
castle and also in the castle of Ballybranaghan , at Kinvarra , is a descendant of
John Hynes , son of James , son of John , who lived at Poulaniscé , son of Brian ,
son ...


Author: James Frost



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Round about Kits Coty house an essay in popular topography

Squatting his lean haunches upon rocks out - jutting over the black abysses , or
over or under the waters , this monster - dragon lived through many weary ages
— a sooty fiend , dolorous and lord of the dead wastes of the briny It may be justly


Author: Kits Coty house


ISBN: OXFORD:590566515

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Scripture topography by M F Maude 2 vols Vol 2 is of the orig ed

All this goes to show that the Israelites , when in Egypt , lived much as the
Egyptians do now , and that the land of Goshen probably extended further west ,
and more into the Delta than has usually been supposed . They would seem to
have ...


Author: Mary Fawler Maude


ISBN: OXFORD:590665865



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The History and Topography of the United States of North America

There runs not a drop of my blood in the time , it being now twelve o'clock , the
action continued || veins of any living creature . This called on me for reextremely
hot . The close underwood , and many steep venge . I have sought it : I have
killed ...


Author: John Howard Hinton



Category: Physical geography


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Illustrations of the Topography and Antiquities of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff

In pages 95 - 96 of the same Vol . , a “ John Fraser , in Ardglasse , " which is the
name of one of Lawrence Mercer ' s baillies for execution of the above Precept ,
is proved to have lived in 1516 , and , page 124 same Volume , a Robert Mercer


Author: Joseph Robertson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105005564765

Category: Aberdeenshire (Scotland)


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The History and Topography of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland

The living , a perpetual curacy , has been several times augmented from Queen
Anne's Bounty , and is now worth about £ 80 a year . CURATES . - Robert Walker
, 1735 ; Edward Tyson , 1802 ; Robt . Rolliston , 1854 ; Thomas Anderson , 1857


Author: William Whellan


ISBN: PSU:000013010676

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This volume from 1860 contains a thorough history and overview of the former counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, €which now make up the county of Cumbria and comprise the majority of the Lake District.

History Topography and Directory of Derbyshire

Between Bradwell and Brough , is Edden Tree , which , according to local
tradition , received its name from a king or chieftain named Edwin , who lived in
the time of the Heptarchy . He is said to have been captured in battle here , and
hanged ...


Author: T. Bulmer & Co


ISBN: STANFORD:36105041374468

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History Topography and Directory of Herefordshire

The inland inhabitants are represented as extremely numerous , living in
cottages thatched with straw , and feeding large herds of cattle . They lived mostly
upon milk , or flesh produced by the chase . What clothes they wore to cover any
part of ...


Author: Edward Cassey & Co


ISBN: BL:A0021948641


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The Religious Topography of England

Baxter says , the oldest titles in Britain - a “ I betook myself to live in the royal
grant in 616 . country at Acton , that I might set Albury , Surrey . — In Albury
myself to writing , and do what service I could for posterity , and Park is the
cathedral of the ...


Author: Samuel Rowles Pattison


ISBN: OXFORD:590768658

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History and Topography of the City of York

The rising in the north lived the king iv 1. ... umber was the Cirihusian Priory at ilul
!, coinvoldly called the charger lives , on which the scatturcii is reluin , 1 in uirir
house ; but in 1.335 illi fually suppressol , and -azul wu the very low - lation .


Author: James Joseph SHEAHAN (and WHELLAN (T.))


ISBN: BL:A0024397912

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