Creation Lucifer s Rebellion

Following the insurrection of the Crawl uprisings, many who fell victim to the loss of its needless bloodshed grew mad with a vengeful rage. In retaliation, they sought after their ideal vengeance for the injustice that had been thrust ...


Author: Preston Jeremy Cash

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781796080360

Category: Fiction

Page: 246

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This is the untold story about the one who was once the embodiment of perfection, born of the light and praised by it and yet so sinful and rebellious. It’s the story of one who's been neglected and forgotten and now seeks to be whole once again with its other. This is a story about a father who is filled with so much shining pride that it blinds him from seeing the darkness stained truth sitting under his very nose. It’s a story about the first war as well as the first sin, told from the perspectives of those who were there to witness it. See how one person’s cause created a ripple which affected so many things. You may think you know the store but sometimes a story is only as truthful as the mouth of the one who tells it, in this case, not from the mouth of the one whose story we follow, but rather from the mouth of another.

Lucifer s War

Lucifer's rebellion triggered a perfect storm in the cosmos, and the whole world found itself caught up in the crossfire of a cosmic struggle. The problem of evil had a beginning. Why did God not solve it right then?


Author: Linda Rios Brook

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781621360407

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong in Our World Two thousand years after the cross, evil continues to brutalize and pillage in every nation and no one appears able to do very much about it. Why has the church made so little progress? While Satan lost his authority to rule on the earth, he did not lose his power. Failure to recognize this crucial difference has caused us to miss the point as to what the war over the planet is about and therefore, what we must do to win it. Lucifer’s War offers a detailed, historical examination of Satan, the demon gods who are aligned with him, and their ancient struggle with God over humanity. While the church is the only agency on earth authorized by Jesus to deal with evil at its root cause, believers must acknowledge what has not worked and pursue a different strategy that will. This book will change the way you pray, equip you to understand the times we are living in, and prepare you for what may happen next and what you can do about it.

Lucifer s Flood

Before Lucifer's rebellion, there was no concept of evil, so how could we possibly be sure what it was? “It has to be about Lucifer's intent to rule,” one of the others said. I hunkered down a little more and tried to imagine what I ...


Author: Linda Rios Brook

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 9781599797854

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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DIVDIVBetween Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 lies an untold story of war in the heavens. Hear a chronicle of cosmic rebellion and its devastating aftermath from the perspective of a fallen angel! Dreading his coming judgment, one former servant of heaven recounts his wavering conviction---and how he realized too late his mistake in siding with Lucifer. 304 pages, softcover from Realms./div/div

Lucifer Exposed

1 Chronicles 21:1 Lucifer was perhaps the wisest and most beautiful of all God's creatures. But Scripture says his heart was lifted up. ... To counteract the effects of Lucifer's rebellion, God devised an alternative plan.


Author: Derek Prince

Publisher: Whitaker House

ISBN: 9781603744416

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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The fall of Lucifer set up “the battle of all ages.” You are positioned right in the midst of this historic struggle! Satan, the fallen archangel, desires nothing more than to win the loyalty, hearts, and minds of the entire human race—and he won’t quit in his attempt to win you over! Lucifer Exposed reveals these shocking facts: Why Lucifer chose to attack God Why Satan is no longer called Lucifer How he enticed one-third of the angels to follow him What causes Christians to be led astray by him How to recognize his evil spirit in others Prince exposes Satan’s greatest weapon in enslaving the average human into bondage. Satan attempts to seduce Christians from rising to their full potential and distract every human being from following God. Are you—or someone you know—struggling with abuse, pornography, addiction, gluttony, or other issues? Use the mighty spiritual warfare weapons revealed in this compelling book, and victory can be yours!

The Medieval Popular Bible

A curious addition is the legend of a group of neutral angels , who sided neither with God nor Lucifer . ... Often , too , the ( sometimes quite different ) tale of Lucifer's rebellion is told in retrospect , notably in the Vita Adae ...


Author: Brian Murdoch

Publisher: DS Brewer

ISBN: 0859917762

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 209

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The presentation, the use, and the possible reception of the book of Genesis to lay audience largely unable to read the original texts.

Ten Symptoms of the Lucifer Syndrome

We will see that those who have known the depth of God's love, glory, wisdom, and revelation are not given any special consideration or preference. Because they chose to do the things described here (as compared to Lucifer's rebellion, ...


Author: Bill Jr. Faught

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781602478015

Category: Religion

Page: 214

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In this in-depth study, The Lucifer Syndrome, by author Bill Faught, Jr., examines the historical biblical text, bringing forth the flaws of Lucifer's character; the reasons for his disqualification and banishment from heaven; and the remedy for his infectious disease infiltrating today's worship and leadership. Informative and insightful, The Lucifer Syndrome is an intriguing and masterful description of eternity's past, present, and future. This astute look into the Scripture will pull a wide range of believers into the real world of heaven and God's love-call to the earth. When every believer stands before the judgment seat of Christ, he hopes to hear, 'Well done. You have not exemplified The Lucifer Syndrome.'

Will the Real God Please Stand Up

While the human family has been unable to physically observe the devil's activities , those angels ( 1 Corinthians 4 : 9 ) , who refused to take part in Lucifer's original rebellion have been continually watching the affairs of earth ...


Author: Warren E. Waterman

Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc.

ISBN: 1572581816

Category: Devil

Page: 245

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From the time of creation, Satan has sought to turn humanity from the worship of the true God by his invention of a counterfeit system which is against God and His people.From the garden of Eden to the second coming of Christ, this in-depth study will lead you through the progressive battle between God, the Supreme Creator, and Lucifer, God's arch-riva, as played out in the drama of human history.

Lucifer Is Not Satan

I then believed that the explosion was a natural reaction by heaven itself to Lucifer's rebellion. Somehow, I felt that it signified a divine repulsion to sin. I also believed that Lucifer, in his folly, thought that it was all a part ...


Author: Elizabeth Derry

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781600346804

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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This book explains in detail by revelation of the Holy Spirit, the motive plan and attempt of a rebellious cherub to overthrow God Almighty. It exposes the heart of sinful man (the heart of Satan) as opposed to that of a Holy God. God has shown me the reality of the fall of this cherub who once took on the name and nature of Lucifer; -the Morning Star, like never seen before. God revealed these truths to me as I was caught up to heaven to witness the spiritual realities of Satan s demise. In this book, life-long probing questions are answered such like: - How did sin originate in Lucifer? - What happened before the fall? - What happened after the fall? and much more. Hold on to your seats as we embark on a spiritual journey which takes us beyond the natural into the supernatural realm, even before time began. Elizabeth prefers to be known as a servant girl who has become the Wife of her Prince Charming-the King of Glory (Jesus Christ). She has served her Lord and King in active full time ministry for more that 20 years and continues to do so faithfully. Her duties have been wide and varied; from exercising her gifts through a Pastoral function to ministering to the Aboriginal tribes in South America; conference and seminar engagements; to her latest passion-writing. This budding author has already written 26 books; Lucifer part 1&2 being the first to be published. Elizabeth and her daughter Christal Claire, a minister in her own rights, consider it a privilege to be eleventh-hour laborers in God's vineyard.


Literature made the pathos and rage of Lucifer's rebellion and doom more vivid than ever before . Such developments were more marked in vernacular literature than in Latin because it was less tied by language and scholarship to theology ...


Author: Jeffrey Burton Russell

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 080149429X

Category: Religion

Page: 356

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Describes the medieval concept of the devil, discusses witchcraft and devil folklore, and examines the depiction of evil in art and literature of the period

Understanding Your Spirit World

After managing to create the rebellion on earth, Lucifer ascended from earth to heaven with the intention of setting his ... God cast them to the earth and destroyed the earth and everything therein because of Lucifer's rebellion.


Author: John Mumba

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781490862651

Category: Religion

Page: 140

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There are dominion forces in our atmosphere that people can be subjected to, and these forces can make them alien to natural and evil forces that dominate human life. This dynamic enablement comes about when a person's soul anchors itself to the real source of life. The soul is a spiritual embodiment of knowledge and emotion in man. A soul is a search engine in man; it seeks a resting place to which it can attach itself so it can draw out the virtues of knowledge and emotion. When a person's soul is changed, everything about that person takes a different route. Man's nature changes only when a complex soul is achieved. The soul draws from blood its ability to unite with another soul to form a complex soul. Without blood the soul cannot find its resting place and cannot be changed. This is why the first requirement in the salvation of man is blood. And the blood of salvation needed to have different contents from the usual human blood on earth. The contents of the blood of Jesus can make people live like Martians in this world. Common human blood is highly wicked and only leads man to unite himself with wicked spiritual forces to form a soul that is dominated by evil.