Machete and the Ghost

Lelei Lelei Jnr (aka Machete) and Neil Turnbull (aka The Ghost) came from very different backgrounds but when they eventually found each other they became the 2nd five/centre combination that ruled world rugby.


Author: James Griffin


ISBN: 1988516722

Category: Rugby Union football


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Lelei Lelei Jnr (aka Machete) and Neil Turnbull (aka The Ghost) came from very different backgrounds but when they eventually found each other they became the 2nd five/centre combination that ruled world rugby. On the pitch they were an unorthodox and mostly unstoppable team.

Machete and the Ghost

Humorous, fictional account based on real-life people and events. Two controversial All Blacks nicknamed Machete and The Ghost tell us about their lives both on and off the field.


Author: James Griffin


ISBN: 1988516641

Category: Humor

Page: 224

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Lelei Lelei Jnr (aka Machete) and Neil Turnbull (aka The Ghost) came from very different backgrounds but when they eventually found each other they became the 2nd five/centre combination that ruled world rugby. On the pitch they were an unorthodox and mostly unstoppable team. On their day, when they were on the same wavelength, they were world beaters and very possibly the two best All Blacks ever to play in their positions. Then there were the days -- on and off the pitch -- when they were like fire and ice. Theirs was a passionate friendship/kinship/borderline love affair. Sometimes they were of one mind, other times they would do things so stupid it was like they had only one mind between them. Needless to say, trouble had a way of finding them, following them and even moving in to the spare room for a while. Machete and The Ghost is the book that charts the careers of the two greatest All Blacks who never existed. It chronicles their mythical on-field achievements; tells invented stories about the behind-the-scenes goings on of professional rugby; and also makes up their troubles and triumphs off the field, in their tabloid-worthy private lives. This is the book that takes all the tropes you've read in every other rugby biography and twists and turns them for shameless comedic benefit. Machete and The Ghost -- totally made up, but by people who know and love the game of rugby enough to make all the bullshit sound entirely plausible.

The Andromeda s Ghost

The Cerotivis released another guttural roar and swung his machete. Taren
ducked to the left, ducked to the right, hopped onto a bright yellow slide, and
kicked off it, toward the alien's exposed back. With both hands gripping the
handle of his ...


Author: Becca Fox

Publisher: BHC Press

ISBN: 9781643971117

Category: Fiction

Page: 332

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Fifty years after humanity desperately sought and found a new home on Jurthaan IV, tension with neighboring planet Palnach necessitates a peace treaty as well as the arranged marriage of Princess Kylee Wen Dao to Palnach’s Prince Maju. Taren Platinum is the best—now banished—guard on Princess Kylee’s security team. He’s also in love with her. After crashing the royal wedding, rescuing the princess, and fleeing Jurthaan IV in a stolen spacecraft, Taren finds himself on the run with Kylee, pursued by soldiers from both Jurthaan IV and Palnach. The lovers crash-land on Cartiss, leaving them stranded on a dying planet with targets on their backs. To escape, Taren must repair the ship with the help of a select few trustworthy citizens from the downtrodden city of Hurren. Without an official governing authority, the local gangsters are running Hurren and refusing to spread the wealth. While Taren’s priority is getting off Cartiss and disappearing somewhere safe, Kylee believes he has what it takes to turn things around in Hurren. Drawing attention to himself is the last thing he wants to do, but his princess is right. If there’s one thing Taren can’t overlook, it’s those who threaten the lives of innocents, even when his own life is on the line.

The Ghost of Big Tom

with two of the machetes, leaving the spear Cujo had given him behind. He
quickly searched and inventoried the supplies he'd found. The area was filled
with cloth, food, machetes, spices, dried meat and rum. Kimbo then began his
walk to ...


Author: L. Wayne Daye

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781477203910

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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The Ghost of BIG TOM is a story of a familys saga. Big Tom a slave brought and used as a breeder by his master on a plantation in Murfreesboro, North Carolina... cast a ghost over his ancestors for generations to come. Big Toms legend a virile man who fathered children to feed the slave trade defines the passage of manhood from slavery to modern times amongst the NEWSOMES. Cedric Newsome, Big Toms great-great grandson struggles to overcome the Newsomes definition of manhood which was through their ability to bed women and sire children. Through a process of self-examination, Cedric arrives at a new concept and definition of manhood remodeled with a sense of fidelity, responsibility, and accountability toward oneself and his off-spring. The GHOST OF BIG TOM offers history, suspense, murder, love, and wisdom. Its a must read!

Ghost Eye Master

Immediately afterwards, Li Xiangyang raised the machete in his right hand high
up and aimed it at a small tree that was as thick as an arm. His eyes widened as
he held his breath, and the machete quickly slashed at the small tree.


Author: Ye GuHun

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781637072233

Category: Fiction


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The human left the human and the ghost left the ghost. No matter if it's a person or a ghost, if you take the wrong path, I, Li Xiangyang, will come and take you in. After a class reunion, Li Xiangyang's business was in full swing. All sorts of demons and monsters, come to my bowl!

HPI Chronicles Volume II Ghost Stories and UFOs

face with a machete. The professor learns at a later time, that someone actually
did hack his face with a machete! The man with his hands tied behind his back
was Richard Hague. A few hours before, Richard and his wife Quita were taking
an ...


Author: Paul Dale Roberts


ISBN: 9781105157202

Category: Ghosts

Page: 182

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Ghost Warrior

The scar is a result of a machete accident when he was a boy. Probably about
twelve or so. From what we know he was playing in a field with a neighbor boy
and they were swinging this machete. As a result, the boy struck him accidentally
on ...


Author: H. Richard Slichter

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468570991

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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This book of stories takes us from the most primitive of villages, in the deepest parts of the Colombian Jungles, to Miami, Fl. where battles between good and evil are waged. The Ghost Warrior puts you into the mind of a CIA sniper who is charged with the assassinations of the most evil of the world’s villains. How could this untrusting, trained killer live in a world of death and destruction and still enter into the boundaries of emotion and tenderness, quite comfortably, without renouncing his chosen career? Perhaps some answers are found in his relationship with his adored Angelita. When a person saves you from certain death, does he or she become your Guardian Angel? This is a novel of good versus evil and how one man who never believed he would allow himself to enter into a close personal relationship, did just that. The book contains seven stories which follow a sequence of events. It begins with Raul Lightfoot’s unsuccessful attempt to parachute into a jungle where a vicious drug lord has hidden. He faces a situation of imminent death, which soon becomes a very unexpected rescue by a woman who comes to be regarded by this trained assassin as his very own ‘guardian angel’. The book moves quickly through life and death situations on the battlefields of the jungles to the streets of Miami. This trained killer not only brings violence and death with his presence, but also brings an emotional closeness to a special woman, that only gets stronger as the stories progress. This, coupled with an unexpected sense of humor, makes for fast-paced and action-packed reading.

The Ghost Boy of El Toro

machete , a fearful weapon , sharp as a razor . Thank heaven Carlos had not
used one on him last night ! “ No doubt he spared me , being fond of me as he is ,
” Jason said to himself . He grinned but not very wide . His face still ached .


Author: Ida Chittum

Publisher: Herald Publishing House

ISBN: 0830902015

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 169

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Jason's summer running a tropical island clinic brings him into touch with a witch doctor, superstitious villagers, a ghost boy, and a monster.

The Ghost and the Darkness

There is a machete - like sound as we CUT TO A BUNCH OF WORKMEN , led by
SAMUEL , chopping down branches . They do it with care — these are claws —
CUT TO - STARLING , in charge of another area , and he ' s not hanging back ...


Author: William Goldman

Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema

ISBN: UOM:39015040990981

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 174

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This story of high adventure on the African plains follows Lt. Col. Patterson as he stalks the man eating lions of Tsavo in 1898.

Ghost Sickness

... knee - deep in weeds , flinging our lemon water . This was my chance . I turned
to start the fight when they arose : thin Indians up from the fields silent sprouting
men ghost flowers simply there . In each fist a silver - bright machete . Cold 70.


Author: Luis Alberto Urrea


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173006303939

Category: Poetry

Page: 95

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Luis Urrea confronts head-on the ghosts and contradictions of his being -- his father, a dark and crazy macho Mexicano who Luis admired and dreaded as a young boy; his proud and lonely Anglo mother, so out of place in the heat of Tijuana; and the conflict of cultures and languages in his psyche. Ghost Sickness drives into that confusion with the same kind of intensity that goaded Luis' father when he drove his 1966 Rambler into the Sonoran desert on his fatal journey.

The Ghost

... tries to cut his head off with a machete . Fortunately she only wounds him in the
neck . Then she runs into the bathroom with her boyfriend , who ' s shooting at
Harry the whole time . Harry ends up firing ten shots — " “ Eight , ” Harry said .


Author: Marc Olden


ISBN: UCSC:32106012280613

Category: Fiction

Page: 313

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Rosalind "Ross" Magellan, an experienced New York undercover detective, has always trusted her partner, Harry Earles, nicknamed "the Ghost," until Harry starts stalking Ross, threatening her with a secret from her past. 20,000 first printing. Tour.

Ghost Works

hands , palms of the man sliding down the tree so fast , who with one blow of his
machete offered us a drink - sweet , slurped from inside glistening walls , split to
the light , of coconut well . July 28th Dear Cille , . . . It ' s not so much a holiday as


Author: Daphne Marlatt

Publisher: Newest Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105016049640

Category: Fiction

Page: 187

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A collection of works by one of Canada’s outstanding women writers. Marlatt uses a hybrid of literary forms—prose poems, letters, journal entries, short-line poems, and travel books—to produce captivating poetic narrative,

Atomic Ghost

Praise to the ninety - eight boats of the Coast Guard come to clear your way , like
a farmer who hacks down brambles with a machete to clear the way to an
abandoned outhouse . Praise to the red stripes on the Coast Guard boats , Praise
to ...


Author: John Bradley


ISBN: UOM:39015033319032

Category: Poetry

Page: 330

View: 919

Gathers poems by Toge Sankichi, Adrienne Rich, Gregory Corso, Denise Levertov, Richard Wilbur, Barbara Kingsolver, Paul Zimmer, Galway Kinnell, Maxine Kumin, and Allen Ginsberg

The Accusing Ghost

... been collected to work rubber . " Cut this child's head off " he say , and he did
so . ' “ ' How did the Indian cut the child's head off ? ' “ ' He held it by the hair and
chop its head off with a machete . It was a little child walking behind its mother .


Author: Alfred Noyes


ISBN: IND:32000001925546

Category: Trials (Treason)

Page: 191

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The Creole Ghost

The arrows evoke the ghosts of the native population , pointing from the sugar
cane , emblem of plantation slavery , towards ... of folklore : the Maroon leader
plans an attack " wile hog a spit grease / pon machete crease / sharp as fire
release .


Author: Seanna Sumalee Oakley


ISBN: WISC:89081085052


Page: 334

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The Ghost Road

They didn ' t carry knives either , though on an island covered in dense bush a
machete would have been useful . Nothing that could possibly be mistaken for a
weapon . And they went barefoot , as ns W the natives did . Harmlessness was ...


Author: Pat Barker


ISBN: UOM:39015055109733

Category: English fiction

Page: 277

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This book challenges our assumptions about relationships between the classes, doctors and patients, men and women, and men and men. It completes the author's exploration of the First World War, and is a timeless depiction of humanity in extremis

The Teed off Ghost

Sonny picked up a bed knife and walked toward Ben , brandishing the razor -
sharp tool like a machete . “ Put down the crowbar , dude , before I give you a
haircut you ' ll never forget . ” “ I see , ” Ben said . He turned and gently hung the ...


Author: Lee Tyler

Publisher: Daniel & Daniel Pub

ISBN: 1564743896

Category: Fiction

Page: 205

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The Ghost and the Darkness

He was taking less care than the others , swinging away with his machete ,
moving in between bushes . Transported to the Muslim area , the thorn trees
began to find their use . A boma fence was taking shape . Starling , in charge of
the thorn ...


Author: Dewey Gram


ISBN: 0671003054

Category: Africa, East

Page: 212

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Two mysterious lions, one black and one white, are preying on the workers building a railroad in Africa.

Ghost Fleet of the Truk Lagoon Japanese Mandated Islands

... powder used as body paint to take with him . With his homemade machete ,
fashioned long ago from a piece of scrap steel , he ran to the thatch canoe house
along the shoreline He filled the boat with several green drinking nuts and
silently ...


Author: William H. Stewart


ISBN: WISC:89069275493

Category: History

Page: 132

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St James Guide to Horror Ghost Gothic Writers

When Laurie ' s gay lover is found murdered , with a machete , like some of the
other victims , Laurie is initially suspected of this , and of a similar murder which
occurs soon after in the premises beneath the firm . There are many twists in this


Author: St James Press

Publisher: St James Press

ISBN: UOM:49015002922251

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 746

View: 973

Provides background information and a critical evaluation of authors of horror, ghost and gothic fiction, and lists each author's works in these fields and in other genres.