86994 hc $ 50 The Many Dimensions of Family Practice North American Symposium on Family Practice 84274 340 pp . hc $ 30 The Technique of Feminist Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Prozan , C. 584 pp . 82689 hc $ 50 Transactions in Families ...



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Spiritual Dimensions of Advanced Practice Nursing

Nurs Stand. https://doi.org/10.7748/ns.2020.e11342 Rogers M, Hargreaves J, Wattis J (2020) Spiritual dimensions of nurse practitioner consultations in family practice. J Holist Nurs 38(1):8–18 Rohr R ... The many meanings of spiritual.


Author: Melanie Rogers

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030714642

Category: Medical

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This book recognises the challenges associated with the concept of spirituality. An awareness of this concept is integral to the provision of person-centred holistic care. However, APNs ability to provide spiritual care is often impeded by time pressures and the prioritisation of clinical tasks. Confusion about the meaning of spiritually and its relationship to religion compound the challenges involved in providing spiritual care leaving APNs feeling ill-equipped to address this area of care. Indeed many APNs view spirituality as synonymous with religion. This book provides clarity with the assumption that spirituality is innate to all of our patients and is related to what gives them hope, meaning and purpose. Fundamentally it is about being human. APNs ability to practice with kindness, compassion and empathy will naturally resonate with spiritually competent practice. It begins with an outline of the definitions of spirituality in addition to the concept of spiritually competent practice. An emphasis on the importance of personal development follows. Case studies from countries across the globe illustrate the benefit of integrating spirituality and provide evidence of the importance and relevance of integrating spirituality into practice. These include discussion and presentations of the related concepts of availability and vulnerability which will give APNs more confidence and competence to integrate spirituality into practice. This book is relevant for APNs, students, educators and researchers.

Family Medicine

lies influence health beliefs, patterns of contagious disease, frequency and pattern of physician visits, compliance, and disease inheritance. It seems obvious that family centered primary care leads directly to higher quality of care ...


Author: John L. Buckingham

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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New material in a new format is contained in this third edition of Family Medicine. The comprehensive text nevertheless remains true to the goal of previous editions in offering a scientific approach to health and illness within the context of the family. Using up-to-date clinical material, the book demonstrates how the family physician may provide comprehensive health care to persons of all ages. The first part of Family Medicine discusses such topics as the conceptual basis of family as discipline and specialty, problem differentiation, family-centered health care, longitudinal care, clinical reasoning, and resource management. The second part explores both problems related to organs and systems and problems related to the person, family and community, including: pregnancy, care of infants, children, adolescents, and the elderly; behavioral and psychiatric problems; emergency and critical care; sports medicine; alcoholism and substance misuse; environmental health; and neoplastic and infectious diseases. Family Medicine, with its greatly expanded in-depth coverage of the most commonly encountered clinical core problems and procedures in family medicine, continues to be a textbook written and edited by family physicians for family physicians.

Lesbians and Gay Men as Foster Parents

In The many dimensions of family practice: Proceedings of the North American Symposium on Family Practice (pp. 112-120). New York: Family Service Association of America. Scanzoni, L. D. & Scanzoni, J. (1981). Gay parenthood and marriage ...


Author: Wendell Ricketts

Publisher: Wendell Ricketts

ISBN: 9780939561094

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Family Medicine

Collaborative training programs wherein family practice programs will be a training site for psychiatry training and ... Russell C. Circumplex model of marital and family systems: I. Cohesion and adaptability dimensions, family types, ...


Author: A.K. David

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781475740059

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Much is new in Family Medicine since the last edition of our textbook. For example, not only is the therapy of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease and the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) much different than a few years ago; the epidemiol ogy of the disease has also changed and more than half of the family physicians in a rural state such as Oregon have already managed patients with HIV disease or AIDS. 1 There are new immunization recommendations for children and new antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections. Computers are bringing medical informatics and on-line consultation into office practice. Medicare physician payment reform is underway and the reality of rationing medical care has been recognized. There has been a recent increase in student interest in a family practice career,2 coincidental with a Council on Graduate Medical Education (COGME) recommendation that at least 50 percent of all residency graduates 3 should enter practice as generalists. Also there is increasing awareness of the need for a 4 Center for Family Practice and Primary Care at the National Institutes of Health. This all-new fourth edition is intended to present the scientific and practical basis of family medicine with special attention to what's new in family medicine. The emphasis is on how the physician provides continuing and comprehensive care for persons of all ages, with clinical content selected from the perspective offamily physicians. The format ofthe book, like the practice of family medicine, continues to change.

Textbook of Family Medicine

Continuity of care in family practice, part 1: Dimensions of continuity. ... Continuity of care: Influence of general practitioners' knowledge about their patients on use of resources in ... “The Importance of Being Different.


Author: Ian R McWhinney

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190451523

Category: Medical

Page: 472

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Highly acclaimed in its first two editions, Ian R. McWhinney's Textbook of Family Medicine is one of the seminal texts in the field. While many family medicine texts simply cover the disorders a practitioner might see in clinical practice, McWhinney defines the principles and practices of family medicine as a separate and distinct field of practice. The initial sections cover basic principles and philosophies of family medicine and a later section discusses approaches to common diseases encountered in practice. The discussions not only address these clinical problems, but each is a workshop for incorporating what it means to be a family physician into everyday practice. The new edition is updated throughout with help from a group of reviewers and a new coauthor, Thomas Freeman, Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Western Ontario, where McWhinney is Professor Emeritus.

A Textbook of Family Medicine

need in many societies . ... known for her description of kwashiorkor , became convinced that the answer to malnutrition was family - based health care . ... Continuity of care in family practice , part 1 : Dimensions of continuity .


Author: Ian R. McWhinney

Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019511518X

Category: Medical

Page: 448

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Since the previous edition of Ian McWhinney's text was published in 1989, family medicine has assumed an increasingly important role in the modern health care system. The growth of managed care in The United States and of similar movements in other countries has made it more important than ever to define and conceptualize the discipline and to synthesize its body of knowledge and skills. The author brings to this task a lifetime's experience in family practice and academic family medicine. The first edition was widely acclaimed for its originality, depth of analysis, and elegant style. The book has now been extensively revised, while retaining its original structure. The first ten chapters are devoted, as before, to a conceptualization and description of the field, Much new material has been added on the patient-centered clinical method, illness narratives, the biological basis of family medicine, health promotion, the concept of risk, and the contribution of evidence-based medicine. Chapter 9 now includes an authoritative review of evidence-based preventive strategies. The five clinical chapters exemplify the application of basic principles in practice. These have all been updated with the results of new research. The chapters on the practice of family medicine cover such topics as home care, records and practiced management. The revisions of these reflect many changes that have occurred since the first edition. A new chapter on alternative (complementary) medicine fills the need for reliable information on this topic. The book has been designed to be read as a whole, with fundamental ideas forming a continuous thread which runs through all its sections.

McWhinney s Textbook of Family Medicine

Can health care teams improve primary care practice? Journal of the American Medical Association 291(10):1246–1251. Hennen BKE. 1975. Continuity of care in family practice, part 1: Dimensions of continuity. Journal of Family Practice ...



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ISBN: 9780199370696

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Highly acclaimed in its first three editions, McWhinney's Textbook of Family Medicine is one of the seminal texts in the field. While many family medicine texts simply cover the disorders a practitioner might see in clinical practice, McWhinney's defines the principles and practices of family medicine as a separate and distinct field of practice. The fourth edition presents six new clinical chapters of common problems in family medicine: respiratory illness, musculoskeletal pain, depression, diabetes, obesity and multimorbidity. This new edition also provides information on stewardship of resources, patient information and data, delivery of care in the home, and consultation and referral. The volume also covers continuing advances in the research base of family medicine. Readers will come away with a deeper appreciation for the role of the generalist in healthcare.

New Approaches to Family Practice

Families: What makes them work. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Olson, D. H., Sprenkle, D. H., & Russell, C. S. (1979). Circumplex Model of marital and family systems I: Cohesion and adaptability dimensions, family types, and clinical ...


Author: Nancy R. Vosler

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452248790

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To what extent do economic stresses - such as dual-earner parents, unemployment//underemployment and poverty in the family - affect a social worker's assessment of the families in their care? Families, Work, and Poverty applies a wealth of current research driven by the family systems theoretical framework to social work practice with families in three specific areas: employed-work and family- work; unemployment; and poverty. The book presents chapters on the theory and research in these three target areas, each followed by a chapter on applications and tools for direct practice in that area. Each applications chapter includes a case study, assessment tools, multilevel interventions and evaluations, and strategies for social

Textbook of Family Medicine E Book

Within a few years, however, many patients, physicians, and medical centers became complacent, assuming that the problem ... in the psychosocial dimensions of health care, and in treating the patient in the context of the family, family ...


Author: Robert E. Rakel

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781437721904

Category: Family medicine

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This text has been admired for as long as Family Medicine has been a recognized specialty. Edited by the legendary Robert E. Rakel, MD, this superb 7th edition continues to break new ground. Includes materials to help hone your clinical skills and prepare for the ABFP boards and SPEX exams. Highlights especially important points of diagnosis and therapy in the "case" section of book. Provides "Best Evidence Recommendations" boxes to promote greater reliability of information. Offers a free CD-rom containing video clips of diabetes testing, stress test and all the illustrations from the book! Contains new chapters on complementary and alternative medicine. Takes a fresh new approach to evidence based medicine in clinical practice. Uses a visually appealing, functional 4-color design and a full-color insert.