Marijuana Impaired Youths

Many adults, especially those who were youths during the sixties, tend to view
marijuana as not harmful or less harmful than other drugs, we cannot discount
the dangers of the genetically re- engineered brands of marijuana as new
research ...


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Marjorie Johnson¹s poems have appeared in several small, brave naked-light-bulb publications. She gives readings of her poetry in bookstores, coffee houses, libraries, garden clubs, summer camps and dormitory lounges at home and abroad.

Marijuana and Youth

Is there an association between marijuana use and athletic injury or impaired
athletic performance ? ( 1 hypothesize a positive correlation in both
circumstances . ) 4 . Are the cardiovascular effects of marijuana detrimental or
dangerous in the ...




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Youth at Risk

decreased motivation in adolescents . In particular , adolescents who use
marijuana before or during the school day impair their desire and ability to learn .
According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse ( Substance Abuse
and ...


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The fourth revision of this text offers both tested prevention strategies for work with diverse at-risk populations and counseling techniques that address the complexities of destructive behavior from individual, family, school, and community perspectives. Drawing on the wisdom of 24 experts, this book provides concrete advice for creating and maintaining environments in which children and adolescents can flourish. Chapters include: (1) "Defining Youth at Risk" (D.R. Gross and D. Capuzzi); (2) "Prevention: An Overview" (D. Capuzzi and D.R. Gross); (3) "Resilience" Individual, Family, School, and Community Perspectives" (R.E. Lewis); (4) "The Impact of Dysfunctional Family Dynamics on Children and Adolescents" (V.E. Appleton and C. Dykeman); (5) "'Who Cares What I Think': Problems of Low Self-Esteem" (S.S. Meggert); (6) "Preventing and Treating Depression and Bipolar Disorders in Children and Adolescents" (B.T. McWhirter and J.J. Burrow-Sanchez; (7) "Stress and Trauma: Coping in Today's Society" (R.D. Miars); (8) "The Secret and All-Consuming Obsessions: Eating Disorders" (K. Wright); (9) "Children Having Children: Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood" (M. Haley and A. Sherwood-Hawes); (10) "A Future in Jeopardy: Adolescents and AIDS" (L.A Gray, D.A. Champeau, and R.M. House); (11) "'I Don't Want to Live': The Adolescent at Risk for Suicidal Behavior" (D. Capuzzi and D.R. Gross); (12) "'I Am Somebody': Gang Membership" (S.C. Burnham); (13) "Counseling Queer Youth: Preventing Another Matthew Shepard Story" (F.J. Gutierrez); (14) "Death in the Classroom: Violence in Schools" (A. Finn); (15) "'I Can't Live Without It': Adolescent Substance Abuse" (C.J. Gagliardi, A.M. Gloria, S.E.R. Kurpius, and C. Lambert); (16) "Nowhere to Turn: Homeless Youth" (M. Stormont); (17) "'This Isn't the Place for Me': School Dropout" (M.A. Hermann). Each chapter contains extensive references. (GCP).

Marijuana and Youth

contain large enough samples of non - alcohol impaired drivers to examine this
issue . One study of drivers arrested for reckless driving who were not alcohol
impaired did find that half of these individuals tested positive for marijuana (
Brookoff ...


Author: Rosalie Liccardo Pacula


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This paper contains the first estimates of the price sensitivity of the prevalence of youth marijuana use. Survey data on marijuana use by high school seniors from the Monitoring the Future Project are combined with data on marijuana prices and potency from the Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Intelligence or Intelligence Division. Our estimates of the price elasticity of annual marijuana participation range from 0.06 to 0.47, while those for thirty day participation range from 0.002 to 0.69. These estimates clearly imply that changes in the real, quality adjusted price of marijuana contributed significantly to the trends in youth marijuana use between 1982 and 1998, particularly during the contraction in use from 1982 to 1992. Similarly, changes in youth perceptions of the harms associated with regular marijuana use had a substantial impact on both the contraction in use during the 1982 though 1992 period and the subsequent expansion in use after 1992. These findings underscore the usefulness of considering price in addition to more traditional determinants in any analysis of marijuana consumption decisions made by youths.

Self destructive Behavior in Children and Adolescents

An altered and often enhanced perception of visual , auditory , tactile , and
gustatory stimuli is described by users . ... This is controversial , though it is likely
that in predisposed young people marijuana does contribute to an impairment of
goal ...


Author: Carl F. Wells

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The Education and Treatment of Socioemotionally Impaired Children and Youth

havior ” is common in “ normal ” adolescents depending on one ' s definition .
Over a third of twelfth graders were using marijuana , had engaged in premarital
sex , and had serious problems relating to drinking ! Grieger and Richards ( 1976
) ...


Author: William Charles Morse


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Press Summary Illinois Information Service

This information , coupled with striking new evidence from researchers that
marijuana is pbysically addictive and can cause neurological impairment to
children in the womb , warrants close allention . Nationwide and in Ilinois ,
marijuana is the ...


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21 There is broad support for the conclusion that marijuana use can cause
cognitive impairments such as a slow ... Critics point out that even if marijuana
use is safe for a healthy adult , it may be risky for youth , because their brains are
still ...


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Discusses whether marijuana is harmful, how it affects society, and whether it should be legalized.

Youth and the Law

VOLATILE CHEMICALS Glue Gasoline When used for mind - altering effects ,
generally produce a " high " ( euphoria ) with impaired coordination and
judgment . PSYCHEDELICS LSD Mescaline Psilocybin THC in cannabis (
marijuana ...


Author: Irving J. Sloan


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Reality Check

General Audience Young people are beginning to use marijuana at very early
ages — even as early as elementary ... Survey on Drug Abuse , marijuana use
among 12- to 17year - olds has more than doubled since 1992 . impairments in ...




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Delinquency and Youth Crime

This study was seriously flawed in numerous ways ( see Goode , 1972 ) , and
from a scientific perspective , it did not demonstrate any basic relationship
between marijuana use and psychiatric impairment . However , this study has
been cited ...


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A Generation at Risk

Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs, Weapons, Violence, and Pennsylvania's Youth ...
This marks the first time the percentage of marijuana impaired drivers reached
that of alcohol impaired drivers as reported in this statewide survey . In addition to




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Youth and Drugs

In the World Drug Report ( 1997 ) it is 17 per cent of youth indicated having tried
cannabis once . estimated that some 30 ... Ecstasy ” became popular for its
association with health effects of cannabis use as including impairment of major
trends ...




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Substance Abuse Among Youth in Genesee County

user of marijuana not only frequently turns to " pot , " but uses it to such an extent
that meaningful social life is likely to be severely impaired . Table 3 . 1 : Number
of " joints " smoked contrasted with frequency of use in the past 30 days . Number


Author: R. John Kinkel


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At risk Youth

Marijuana impairs perception and judgment , for example , but it is not
physiologically addictive when used in moderation ( although its ability to
become psychosocially addictive is quite high ) . To focus exclusively on the short
- term effects of ...


Author: J. Jeffries McWhirter

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This timely book addresses one of the biggest single problems facing society today--at-risk behavior in one quarter of our nation's youth--and provides strategies for prevention and treatment that can be implemented in the schools, in the homes, and by helping professionals in a variety of settings. Whether the term "at risk" is associated with a local school district's problems with child and adolescent suicide and school dropouts, the correction system's concerns about juvenile delinquency, or the health system's concerns with teen pregnancy, child abuse, and AIDS, the individuals labeled at-risk need the ongoing help of professional--and this book can set the stage.

Ego Impaired Children Grow Up

Fifty - five percent reported they had used marijuana at some time . The
frequency of usage was consistent across the first three Quarters with insufficient
clients representing the most recent Quarter . Those clients from the third Quarter
who ...


Author: John B. Mordock


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Drug Use by Adolescents

Marijuana and hashish may also be baked in edible goods , such as cookies ,
and then eaten . ... misperception of time ; an increase in pulse rate and some
reddening of the eyes ; deficits in attention and impaired shortterm memory . 2 .


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This publication assembles review papers by leading researchers in the field of youth and drugs, and is intended to provide front-line professionals with an overview of current findings in adolescent development, drug use, assessment, and intervention strategies. The first two chapters address background issues and research findings in the areas of adolescent development and youth substance abuse, covering such topics as health risk behaviours, characteristics of users, and problem-behaviour theory. Legal issues in the assessment and treatment of alcohol and drug problems are explored in depth in chapter 3. Areas covered include principles of consent to treatment, the concepts of confidentiality and privilege, reporting and record-keeping obligations, and the potential criminal liability concerns for professionals that may arise in the course of treating drug users. The final three chapters review identification and assessment methods, along with intervention strategies including family counselling.

Red Voices




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Youth Problems

agree that pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid marijuana and all
other drugs . Opinion is divided as to whether ... Heavy marijuana use does not
necessarily lead to impairment of mental functions . That was the conclusion of a


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