The Laws of Marriage


Author: John Fulton


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The Philosophic Roots of Law and Order

According to the Catholic position , the State has no right to make laws affecting
the validity of marriages of baptized persons . ( The Church ) recognizes , indeed
, that the State may properly impose certain regulations which do not affect ...


Author: Father Augustine John Osgniach


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Marriage in Canon Law


Author: Ladislas M. Orsy

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Our Sunday Visitor s Catholic Almanac

MARRIAGE LAWS The Catholic Church claims jurisdiction over its members in
matters pertaining to marriage . ... Catholics are bound by all marriage laws of the
Church . ... Church law regarding the form of marriage does not affect non ...


Author: Matthew Bunson


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Annulment the Wedding that was

"The question-and-answer format provides an overview of the marriage law of the [Catholic] church and its practical implications and makes difficult concepts understandable to the nonexpert."--Cover.


Author: Michael Foster

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"The question-and-answer format provides an overview of the marriage law of the [Catholic] church and its practical implications and makes difficult concepts understandable to the nonexpert."--Cover.

The Book of Church Law

Divorce a vinculo is still , therefore , unrecognised by the law of the Church ; and
the marriage union , when validly ... view of marriage than that which regards it as
a civil contract ; and it is certain that it did not in any way affect the terms of the ...


Author: John Henry Blunt


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The Law of Christian Marriage

There is the question of property and temporal interests in connexion with marriage, which fall under the power of the State; and as these are often based on the rules of succession and the principles which determine legitimacy, the ...


Author: Arthur Divine

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MARRIAGE, as an institution of the law of Nature and of the Christian law, is a subject of the greatest importance, and one that calls for careful and wise explanation in every age. Questions regarding it are beset by many difficulties, as they involve the happiness and well-being of the married couple, of their children, and of the community at large. False teaching and theories concerning it strike at the root of the Christian family, and therefore are calculated to undermine the foundations of society and to destroy private happiness, public peace, and public morality, which depend so much for their maintenance upon marital fidelity and domestic purity. It is for these reasons that the Church of Christ has constantly exercised the authority divinely conferred upon her in providing, by her laws, for the due sanctity and protection of marriage. She has taught the world the inherent sacred character of marriage from its first institution: that Christ raised the contract of marriage to the dignity of a Sacrament; she has always maintained its unity and the indissolubility of the marriage tie, and has always reprobated and condemned the law of divorce, that fruitful parent of so many evils which lay, vaste families, deprave the morals of the people, and open out a way to demoralization in public as well as in private life. Outside the Catholic Church questions concerning this sacred institution are raised and discussed and settled, in their own fashion, by the statesman, the social student, and the Christian moralist; and, as regards all these, the only conclusion at which they ultimately arrive is that the contract of marriage is from first to last the creation of the civil law, and that divorce is a mere matter of expediency regulated by statute. According to Christian law, defined by the Church, marriage is not only a natural contract, but one of the seven Sacraments, and therefore subject to a higher authority than that of the State; and divorce is divinely prohibited, and therefore outside all human power. There is the question of property and temporal interests in connexion with marriage, which fall under the power of the State; and as these are often based on the rules of succession and the principles which determine legitimacy, the relations of Church and State in respect to marriage have to be considered and determined. Concord between both these parties is to be greatly desired in the sense laid down by Pope Leo XIII. in his Encyclical on Christian Marriage. He writes: 'No one doubts that Jesus Christ, the Founder of the Church, willed her sacred power to be distinct from the civil power, and each power to be free and unshackled in its own sphere: with this condition, however-a condition good for both, and of advantage to all men-that union and concord should be maintained between them; and that on those questions which are, though in different ways, of common right and authority, the power to which secular matters have been entrusted should, happily and becomingly, depend on the other power which has in its charge the interests of heaven. From these considerations it may be seen that a treatise on the Law of Christian Marriage, such as I have endeavoured to arrange and to put together in the present small volume, may be opportune at the present moment, when, perhaps more than at any former period of the Church's history, Christian citizens in general need instructions concerning the laws of marriage, and directions as to their practical issues. The Christian law of marriage must be founded on the principles taught us by Jesus Christ, as contained in the New Testament, and as explained and applied by the Church which He founded and commissioned to teach all nations.

The Parliamentary Debates official Report

This matter refers to an alteration in the general marriage law of this Kingdom,
and in my humble judgment the course ... The Church of England in its wisdom
may at a later date say, “we want to alter the general law as to divorce; it affects


Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons


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The Persian Gulf Gazette

Church of England ” and “ Anglican ” mean and apply to the Church of England
as by law established ; “ Church of ... in accordance with such provisions shall be
to the law . void ; Provided that nothing in this Law shall affect a marriage which ...


Author: Persian Gulf Political Residency


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Same Sex Marriage and Church Law

Indeed,so closeis it to a marriage service that the Episcopal Church has had to
reiterate that it ismerely a blessing, ... In the short term, I recognise that the
Church of England adopting same sex marriage nationally could seriously affect
the ...


Author: Kevin Mahoney

Publisher: Punked Books

ISBN: 9781908375209

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In this book, layperson Kevin Mahoney argues that Christian churches should embrace same sex marriage. Although many conservative Christians (including St. Paul) reject homosexuality due to the laws of Moses, Kevin points out that very few (if any) of these three-thousand-year-old Mosaic laws are upheld today, and that homophobia is contrary to the spirit and manner of our Lord Jesus Christ. Kevin highlights the many passages in the Bible that support the view that Jesus reformed the covenant that God gave Moses, and that this paves the way for Christianity’s adoption of LGBT rights. Jesus himself never condemned homosexuality; however, He did illuminate the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. Kevin argues that the Pharisees are very much alive today in the form of conservative Christians that proscribe homosexuality. Since most of the laws against homosexuality around the world have a religious basis, then this book's demolition of the conservative Christian argument against homosexuality will also be instructive for non-religious LGBT rights campaigners. Using the Parable of the Prodigal Son as an analogy, Kevin outlines how liberal and conservative Christians can finally agree on the divisive issue of same sex marriage.

The Laws of the State of Nevada Affecting Church Property

They have passed laws exempting from taxation : churches , chapels , buildings
used for religious worship , their ... This statute also excepts marriage chapels
from the exemption , apparently inasmuch as marriage is looked upon more as a


Author: Maurice Laurence Welsh


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Some Aspects of the Development of English Personal Law in the Last Century

The law affecting the formation of marriage was also created and administered by
the Church . Before the Council of Trent in the mid - 16th Century , few formalities
were required ; in general , words of consent spoken before witnesses sufficed ...


Author: Sir Seymour Edward Karminski


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