Messing Around on the Monkey Bars

Presents nineteen poems about daily life in school, including the school library, recess, and boring homework, with each poem designed to be read by two distinct voices.


Author: Betsy Franco

Publisher: Candlewick Press

ISBN: 0763631744

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 45

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Presents nineteen poems about daily life in school, including the school library, recess, and boring homework, with each poem designed to be read by two distinct voices.

Using Poetry Across the Curriculum

Messing Around on the Monkey Bars: And Other School Poems for Two Voices.
Illus. by Jessie Hartland. Candlewick, 2009. George, Kristine O'Connell. ''Two
Voices in a Tent at Night.'' Toasting Marshmallows. Illus. by Kate Kiesler. Clarion


Author: Barbara Chatton

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781591586975

Category: Education

Page: 241

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This comprehensive listing and discussion of poetic works supports the standards of all areas of the curriculum, helping librarians and teachers working with kindergarten through middle school students. * Updates from the first edition include new and different poetry and newer authors than the first edition * Provides numerous lists of anthologies, poems, and poetic prose and meets national standards and areas within those standards * Offers lists of bilingual works in Spanish and English and lists of poems representing various cultural groups both in the United States and around the world * Includes teaching ideas, writing activities, and links for crossing the curriculum

Caring Sharing Getting Along

vos.x0008 MANNERS AND RULES Manners on the Monkey Bars Sally goes first
and then comes Fern . On the monkey bars , they wait their turn . Tom goes next
and then comes Lars . They don't mess around on the monkey bars . Fern and ...


Author: Betsy Franco

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0439201055

Category: Education

Page: 64

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When Sherlock and Amyus Crowe, his American tutor, visit Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in London, what they find shocks both of them to the core: a locked room, a dead body, and Mycroft holding a knife. The police are convinced Mycroft is a vicious murderer, but Sherlock is just as convinced he is innocent. Threatened with the gallows, Mycroft needs Sherlock to save him. The search for the truth necessitates an incredible journey, from a railway station for the dead in London all the way to the frozen city of Moscow—where Sherlock is entangled in a world of secrets and danger. InBlack Ice, the unstoppable teenage sleuth undertakes his third fantastic adventure, as one deadly puzzle leads only to another. Sherlock Holmes: Think you know him? Think again.

Speaking of Animals

Children who monkey around act like the monkeys in the zoo: jumping on the
furniture, climbing the drapes, banging on the walls, throwing knickknacks at
each other, and gen. making a mess of things. ATWS. See also Monkey with.
MONKEY BARS The playground apparatus consisting of a framework of wooden
or metal bars on which children can climb and swing: a jungle gym (q.v.).
WNNCD: 1955.


Author: Robert Allen Palmatier

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313294909

Category: Reference

Page: 472

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Entries include a definition, date of first use, source of the definition, animal on which it is based, and more

The Worley Warrior

nother time, a group of our family was at a family reunion around Toppenish. All
of us cousins were in grade school. We were at a park messing around on the
swings and monkey bars. My cousin James is a few years younger than me.


Author: Frank Bybee

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781463420796

Category: Religion

Page: 132

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Frank Bybees life story. Growing up in Goldendale Washington. Started drinking alcohol age 16. I was sent to a Washington State Juvinile Correctional Facility for a year and a half. Age18 when released. From age 18 untill age 25 was thrown in jail dozens of times for drinking. I became drug and alcohol free in the year 2000, Id been boxing for a year or so. I faught in my first Toughman Contest. I am now a 3x Toughman Champion. Im a Professional Boxer. A single dad to my 10 year old daughter. A College Student, Just living one day at a time now. Doing the best I can.

School Library Journal

I think we need to start with asking questions about a poem : What pictures does
this poem paint in your head ? ... collection of school poems for two voices ,
Messing Around on the Monkey Bars , to encourage children to read poetry out
loud .




ISBN: PSU:000061901599

Category: Children's libraries


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I still felt that interest about boys , but I wasn ' t about to act on it . I had a wife ,
then a daughter , then two . I was a family man , I wasn ' t going to mess with that .
But then , when I started ... Goofing around on the monkey bars . Playing baseball


Author: Scott Campbell

Publisher: Bantam

ISBN: 0553378228

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

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A story of a Midwestern family in turmoil is told in four parts--from the perspective of a twelve-year-old who is being sexually molested, his molester, his molester's wife, and finally the victim fifteen years later. Reprint.

How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum

A history of the colossal diplodocus introduces junior paleontologists to the species' characteristics while tracing the 1923 discovery of a scientifically important diplodocus skeleton through its eventual arrival at the Smithsonian ...


Author: Jessie Hartland


ISBN: 1609050908

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 589

A history of the colossal diplodocus introduces junior paleontologists to the species' characteristics while tracing the 1923 discovery of a scientifically important diplodocus skeleton through its eventual arrival at the Smithsonian Institution. By the author of How the Sphinx Got to the Museum.


... temple , chin , talking mouth — and then he lifted his arm from my shoulder and
jumped from the monkey bars , grunting as he landed . He wiped sand from his
knees while looking up and warned me not to mess around with him any more .


Author: Frances Lozano


ISBN: 039574671X

Category: Academic writing

Page: 431

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A Nightmare s Dozen

And walking along the top of the monkey bars was a boy in knee pants and a
loose shirt like in Tom Sawyer . ... If I was a ghost I ' d rather mess around at
Neverland than hang out alone at some old house just to haunt it , wouldn ' t you


Author: Michael Stearns

Publisher: Laurel Leaf

ISBN: 0440227461

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 239

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Provides middle readers with an illustrated compilation of frightening tales from various well-known authors, such as Bruce Coville, Jane Yolen, and others. Reprint. AB. SLJ.

Three Way Street

Now you apologise , Agatha , to your brother ; you know he doesn ' t like anyone
messing about with his things . ' ' I wasn ' t ! ... Anyway , what ' s so mysterious
about a black hole ? Black holes are ... 6 . The Monkey Bar The fight with Jack


Author: Bronwen Nicholls


ISBN: UOM:39015035564221

Category: Adolescence

Page: 139

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How the Sphinx Got to the Museum

Recounts the history of how the sphinx of Pharaoh Hatshepsut came to be part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Egyptian collection, from the artifact's carving in ancient Egypt to its arrival in the hallowed halls of the world-famous ...


Author: Jessie Hartland


ISBN: 1609050320

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 829

Recounts the history of how the sphinx of Pharaoh Hatshepsut came to be part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Egyptian collection, from the artifact's carving in ancient Egypt to its arrival in the hallowed halls of the world-famous museum in New York City.

Lost Knots 1 Found Ribbon

... steady himself against the monkey bars and , when he has finally permitted
himself adequate contemplation , staggers ... observes the fresh telltale pattern (
two black mince pies ) , indicating that he is now also messing around with
married ...


Author: Dénes Bolza


ISBN: 1740084381

Category: Westfield Literary Prize Nominations (2007)

Page: 212

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Guns Violence and Identity Among African American and Latino Youth

INT : How about social and recreational activities for kids , like things to do ,
places to play at , monkey bars , swings , stuff like that ? TYRONE : They messed
that up when they changed the projects around man , when they rebuild the front
, the ...


Author: Deanna Lyn Wilkinson

Publisher: Lfb Scholarly Pub Llc

ISBN: UVA:X004706780

Category: Social Science

Page: 299

View: 857

Wilkinson (criminal justice, Temple U.) presents and analyzes the findings of a study of 125 violent adolescent males in two New York City neighborhoods and 306 violent or near violent events they experienced. She seeks to understand youth gun violence by examining the dynamic contextualism of urban neighborhoods; the influence of these social processes on socialization, social control, and behavior; and the role of guns in shaping norms and behaviors. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Roget s 21st Century Thesaurus in Dictionary Form


Author: Barbara Ann Kipfer

Publisher: Delacorte Press

ISBN: 0385316062

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 978

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Contains 450,000 synonyms and over one million word choices that features a revolutionary concept index and more.

Think on Death

A Smyrna pickup was in front of the mess hall , and next to it , watching Ziza and
Tim walk down from the woods , were Naomi Quick and Melody Horn . ... Ziza
pictured a monkey on monkey bars or children scampering around a jungle gym .


Author: David Willis McCullough

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 0140139427

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 812

In the pursuit of profit, some of the inhabitants of Smyrna, New York, are considering turning their town into a theme park. And at least one of them is getting away with murder, or so it seems when two corpses--one of them dead for 20 years, the other quite fresh--turn up in the same place at the same time.

Concise Oxford Thesaurus


Author: Sara Hawker

Publisher: Oxford

ISBN: UCSC:32106018763646

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 941

View: 786

This is a new edition of the Concise Oxford Thesaurus, with updated and improved text, new choices of synonyms, and a new design. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is a comprehensive reference text for the bookshelf at home or in the office. Its usefulness means that it won't stay on the shelf, however. The thesaurus is the perfect tool to use to improve your writing style, whether you are composing a letter, essay or report, or writing creatively. It is also great for finding the word on the tip of your tongue, or for word games. The new centre section in this Concise Oxford Thesaurus contains lists of nouns from illnesses to insects, and vegetables to veins to give you the edge in solving crosswords and word puzzles, as well as being a useful encyclopedic reference. The Concise Oxford Thesaurus also contains Word Links to help you find related words. So, for example, look up the word 'night' and you will find 'nocturnal'; look up 'light', and you will find 'optics'. Hundreds more have been added new to this edition, helping you find the word you need every time. The thesaurus includes 12 months' access* to Oxford's premium online dictionary and thesaurus service, Oxford Dictionaries Online, updated regularly with the latest developments to words and meanings, so you will have the most accurate picture of English available. Find out more about our living language using Oxford Dictionaries Online. Hear how words are spoken with thousands of audio pronunciations, and access over 1.9 million real English example sentences to see how words are used in context. Improve your confidence in writing with helpful grammar and punctuation guides, full thesaurus information, style and usage help, and much more. *Available in selected markets (UK, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa). Terms and conditions apply; please see for information.

The Polish English Dictionary of Slang and Colloquialism


Author: Maciej Widawski


ISBN: UOM:39015040062500

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 361

View: 196

To be able to use colloquialisms appropriately is what separates the fluent speaker from the student. This dictionary provides definitions and usage examples for the most common Polish colloquial expressions.

Oxford Thesaurus of English


Author: Maurice Waite

Publisher: Oxford

ISBN: UOM:39015064868881

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 987

View: 818

The leading single-volume English thesaurus. Explore the richness of the English language with hundreds of thousands of synonyms and antonyms, and thousands of example sentences drawn from the Oxford English Corpus. Express yourself more accurately with `Choose the Right Word' boxes exploring the difference between similar words. Find the word you need quickly with most useful synonyms given first. Broaden your vocabulary and find solutions to word puzzles and crosswords with carefully selected thematic word lists.