Middle School Motivators

These tried-and-true learning structures encourage all students to do their best learning, stay fully engaged, and work with one another in dynamic, purposeful, and respectful ways.


Author: Responsive Classroom

Publisher: Center for Responsive Schools, Inc.

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These tried-and-true learning structures encourage all students to do their best learning, stay fully engaged, and work with one another in dynamic, purposeful, and respectful ways. Discover new ways to meet the developmental needs that young adolescents have for movement and socializing while helping them meet lesson objectives in any content area. Samples of learning structures include: Consensus Mapping: Small groups of students work together to identify and reach agreement on the main ideasDebate Duos: Pairs of students learn to respectfully debate both sides of an issue and consider multiple perspectivesJigsaws: Small groups of students explore content in greater depth and then share their new knowledge with others Book features: Step-by-step instructions for every structureBrief descriptions of each structure in actionExamples of learning goals for each structureVariations and reproducible handouts for many structuresA quick guide so you can easily find the right structure for your lesson

Motivation in Middle School

This study was conducted to explore what middle school teachers report doing to motivate students and what middle school students rate as motivating to them in school.


Author: Kristi Dawn Mitchell


ISBN: OCLC:52589533

Category: Middle school teaching

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What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation

An elementary - aged child might do the work for stickers , but by middle school she may want money or pizza . Then by high school , what do we give her — a ...


Author: Donna Walker Tileston

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The teacher's multipurpose guide to brain-friendly strategies for motivating and challenging even the most resistant students.

Classroom Motivation

Student motivation in middle school: The role of perceived pedagogical caring. Journal of Educational Psychology, 89, 411–417. Wentzel, K. R. (1998).


Author: Eric M. Anderman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000282993

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Classroom Motivation is a comprehensive introduction to the practical applications of research on academic motivation to teaching and learning. Though grounded in theory, the book is uniquely structured around instructional practices that teachers use daily in schools, such as rewards, group activities, academic tasks, student assessment, and parent interaction. This thoroughly revised third edition includes new content on interventions, mindsets, technologies, engagement, and social-emotional learning. Each chapter’s case studies, application exercises, and updated empirical findings will further connect preservice teachers with motivation in practice.

Motivation Techniques for Middle School Students

MOTIVATIONAL ENVIRONMENT TOPIC : TO REWARD OR NOT TO REWARD ????????? THAT IS THE QUESTION ! Students and teachers do deserve a reward for a b כי j . well ...


Author: Barbara Summerville Tohm


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Testing Students With Disabilities

8 Motivation Problems The Input and Information Processing / Retention locks prevent ... STRATEGIES FOR SECONDARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS The Output Lock.


Author: Martha L. Thurlow

Publisher: Corwin Press

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This book is intended to facilitate the meaningful inclusion of students with disabilities in district and state assessments as required by the 1997 amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. First, an introductory chapter offers reasons for including students with disabilities in district and statewide accountability systems. Chapters 2 through 6 address the specifics of including children with disabilities, such as deciding how students participate in district and state tests, eligibility for assessment accommodations, how to decide which accommodations are appropriate for use in assessments, the characteristics of alternate assessments, and including English language learners with disabilities in assessments. Chapters 7 through 10 address using assessment results, how the Individualized Education Program (IEP) can be restructured to promote greater participation in the accountability system, teacher and service provider collaboration, gaining support from administrators, parent involvement in testing decisions, and the legalities of restructuring accountability systems that include all students. Extensive appendices include sample forms and worksheets for participation decision making, IEP development, assessment accommodations, and student feedback; checklists of criteria for deciding about participation, accommodations, and assessment type; a guide to staff development; and a list of Technical Assistance and Dissemination Networks. (Individual chapters identify additional resources.) (CR).

Refocus and Recharge 50 Brain Breaks for Middle Schoolers

Middle School Motivators: 22 Interactive Learning Structures. From Responsive Classroom. 2016. These easy-to-use structures encourage all students to give ...


Author: Responsive Classroom

Publisher: Center for Responsive Schools, Inc.

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These quick, easy-to-learn activities give students much-needed mental and physical breaks, plus safe, structured ways to interact with peers. As a result, students are refocused and recharged and can more fully engage with the content you teach. Some brain breaks, like "In the Bag," are calming and reduce stress; others, like "Twisted Brain," energize bodies and minds. And you can use brain breaks anywhere, anytime! This handy book includes: Clear, easy-to-follow instructionsTips for successSample words and actionsSuggested variationsReproducible handouts

Handbook of Motivation at School

Middle school students' perceptions of teacher emotional support have been related positively to students' perceived academic competence, and values and ...


Author: Kathryn Wentzel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135592929

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The Handbook of Motivation at School presents the first comprehensive and integrated compilation of theory and research on children’s motivation at school. It covers the major theoretical perspectives in the field as well as their application to instruction, learning, and social adjustment at school. Key Features: Comprehensive – no other book provides such a comprehensive overview of theory and research on children’s motivation at school. Theoretical & Applied – the book provides a review of current motivation theories by the developers of those theories as well as attention to the application of motivation theory and research in classrooms and schools. Chapter Structure – chapters within each section follow a similar structure so that there is uniformity across chapters. Commentaries – each section ends with a commentary that provides clear directions for future research.

Handbook of Competence and Motivation First Edition

Contemporary Educational Psychology, 25, 68–81. Wigfield, A., & Eccles, J. S. (2002). Children's motivation during the middle school years.


Author: Andrew J. Elliot

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 9781462514724

Category: Psychology

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This important handbook provides a comprehensive, authoritative review of achievement motivation and establishes the concept of competence as an organizing framework for the field. The editors synthesize diverse perspectives on why and how individuals are motivated in school, work, sports, and other settings. Written by leading investigators, chapters reexamine central constructs in achievement motivation; explore the impact of developmental, contextual, and sociocultural factors; and analyze the role of self-regulatory processes. Focusing on the ways in which achievement is motivated by the desire to experience competence and avoid experiencing incompetence, the volume integrates disparate theories and findings and sets forth a coherent agenda for future research.

Development of Achievement Motivation

Failing at fairness: How America's schools cheat girls. ... Student motivation in middle school: The role of perceived pedagogical caring.


Author: Allan Wigfield

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080491127

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This book discusses research and theory on how motivation changes as children progress through school, gender differences in motivation, and motivational differences as an aspect of ethnicity. Motivation is discussed within the context of school achievement as well as athletic and musical performance. Key Features * Coverage of the major theories and constructs in the motivation field * Focus on developmental issues across the elementary and secondary school period * Discussion of instructional and theoretical issues regarding motivation * Consideration of gender and ethnic differences in motivation

Tackling the Motivation Crisis

These worries are completely justified once students' self-motivation has been crowded ... Then, at some point during elementary school or middle school, ...


Author: Mike Anderson

Publisher: ASCD

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Packed with practical strategies you can use to create a culture of self-motivation in your school! Teachers use traditional incentive and reward systems with the best of intentions. We're trying to support students' positive behavior and learning. We're hoping to motivate and inspire students to work hard and do well in school. If everyone behaves, we'll have a pizza party. The more books you read, the more stickers you'll receive. On the surface, these systems seem to make sense. They may even seem to work. But in the long term, they do not foster intrinsic motivation or a love or learning. In fact, they often have the opposite effect. In Tackling the Motivation Crisis: How to Activate Student Learning Without Behavior Charts, Pizza Parties, or Other Hard-to-Quit Incentive Systems, award-winning educator and best-selling author Mike Anderson explains * The damage done by extrinsic motivation systems and why they are so hard for us to give up. * What intrinsic motivation looks like and the six high-impact motivators--autonomy, belonging, competence, purpose, fun, and curiosity--that foster it. * How to teach the self-management and self-motivation skills that can make a difference for kids. * How to use intrinsic motivation in curricula and instructional strategies, feedback and assessment, and discipline and classroom management. Ultimately, our job as teachers is not to motivate our students. It's to make sure that our classrooms and schools are places that inspire their intrinsic motivation and allow it to flourish. Anderson shows how you can better do that right away--no matter what grade level or subject area you teach.

Advances in Motivation Science

Negative effects of traditional middle-schools on students' motivation. Elementary School Journal, 93, 553–574. doi:0013-5984/93/9305-0008$01.00.


Author: Andrew J. Elliot

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128196359

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Advances in Motivation Science, Volume Seven, the latest release in Elsevier's serial on the topic of motivation science, contains interesting articles that cover topics such as Moving from Research on Message Framing to Principles of Message Matching: The Use of Gain- and Loss-Framed Messages to Promote Healthy Behavior, 35 Years of Research on Students’ Subjective Task Values and Motivation: A Look Back and a Look Forward, The Motivational Potency of Nostalgia: The Future is Called Yesterday, Adaptive Self-Regulation, Subjective Well-Being, and Physical Health: The Importance of Goal Adjustment Capacities, and much more. Presents new research in the field of motivation science and research Provides a timely overview of important research programs conducted by the most respected scholars in psychology Gives special attention to directions for future research

Motivational Interventions

Making the grade: A self-worth perspective on motivation and school reform. ... Negative effects of traditional middle schools on students' motivation.


Author: Stuart Karabenick

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 9781784413088

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This established book series is designed to reflect current research and theory concerned with motivation and achievement in work, school and play. Each volume focuses on a particular issue or theme and the series has a special goal of bringing the best in social science to bear on socially significant problems.

Making a Difference

Studying effective motivators for middle school students seemed a natural choice. I was interested in how and why some students were intrinsically motivated ...


Author: Micki M. Caskey

Publisher: IAP

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Volume V of The Handbook of Research in Middle Level Education highlights action research in middle grades education. As a method of inquiry, action research compels educators to take action and think reflectively about those actions in order to effect positive educational change (Mills, 2000). Teachers, administrators, university professors, and other professionals conduct action research in different ways to examine classroom practices and school issues. Educational action researchers initiate their inquiries in various contexts: alone, in small peer teams, or larger faculty groups (Zeichner, 2001). Using individual and collaborative approaches, educators gain insights into teaching and learning processes. As evidenced throughout this volume, action research in the middle grades occurs in a variety configurations. This volume examines the dynamic ways that preservice and inservice teachers, school administrators, university faculty, and educational consortia use action research.

Igniting Intrinsic Motivation

"All teachers strive to ignite motivation within their students. This research explores studies that focus on what motivates people to learn and do well. The study looks at extrinsic and intrinsic motivators in a variety of settings.




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"All teachers strive to ignite motivation within their students. This research explores studies that focus on what motivates people to learn and do well. The study looks at extrinsic and intrinsic motivators in a variety of settings. By finding common motivators, teachers may be able to tap into what intrinsically motivates students to better serve them in the classroom. The use of extrinsic rewards used to motivate students is discussed. Early works from experts in the field of motivation research; Deci, Ryan, Wigfield, Eccles and Kohn is reviewed to give some historical background on motivation research along with current studies relating to the topic. This research also looks at motivation as it is affected by family, relationships with peers and teachers and how supportive the classroom environment is."--Leaf 4.

Middle Grades Research Journal

motivation spent. letting saw naïve For 0 beyond time Mrs. to or theory them O ... She identified strongly with middle school and understood that motivation ...


Author: Frances R. Spielhagen

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 9781681234274

Category: Education

Page: 109

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Middle Grades Research Journal (MGRJ) is a refereed, peer reviewed journal that publishes original studies providing both empirical and theoretical frameworks that focus on middle grades education. A variety of articles are published quarterly in March, June, September, and December of each volume year.

Teaching Reading in Middle School

HOW MOTIVATION RESEARCH AFFECTS YOUR CLASSROOM 长 Here are some practical , research - based suggestions to incorporate into your reading program that can ...


Author: Laura Robb

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0590685600

Category: Education

Page: 318

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In this resource, you'll get the "big picture" of teaching reading in the middle school, including research, as well as the practical details you need to help every student become a better reader. Veteran teacher Laura Robb shares how to: teach reading strategies across the curriculum; present mini-lessons that deepen students' knowledge of how specific reading strategies work; help kids apply the strategies through guided practice; support struggling readers with a plan of action that improves their reading motivation; helps kids choose books that are at their instructional level; organize a reading-writing workshop, and much more. For use with Grades 5 and Up.

Motivation for Reading Individual Home Textual and Classroom Perspectives

... and middle school contexts. Research in Middle Level Education, 17. 1—25. Oldfathcr, P., & Wigfield, A. (1996). Children's motivations to read.


Author: Allan Wigfield

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135490140

Category: Education

Page: 82

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Based on research from the National Reading Research Center (NRRC) at the Universities of Georgia and Maryland, this issue presents the contributors' sythesized work on reading motivation and engagement. Articles are devoted to the following topics: * the general motivation constructs related to reading; * home influences on reading motivation; * readers' responses to different types of text; * influences of classroom contexts; and * types of assessment on children's motivation.

Empowering Struggling Readers

Many studies, however, find that reading motivation declines for students as they move from elementary to middle school. The reasons are complex, ...


Author: Leigh A. Hall

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781609180249

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 238

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This book provides classroom-tested methods for engaging struggling middle grade readers--even those who appear to have given up--and fostering their success. The emphasis is on constructing respectful, encouraging learning environments that incorporate students' diverse literacies, cultural interests, and prior knowledge and skills into instruction. Chapters outline effective, innovative strategies for instruction and assessment in comprehension, vocabulary, text-based discussion, critical reading, and other core areas. Realistic classroom examples are included throughout, including applications of nontraditional texts. Other useful features include reflection questions at the end of each chapter. Winner--Literacy Research Association's Edward B. Fry Book Award